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  1. Fine them for polluting our air.
  2. This story doesn't add up. A wild elephant from a national park won't allow itself to be 'walked home' like this. It must be a domesticated elephant.
  3. So the police make a video encouraging people walking on footpaths to hold on tight their belongings and remain vigilant and attentive at all times. Its a dangerous place, they warn - one of the motorcycles going past you could easily be a snatch thief! ...But wait, isn't it against the law to ride a motorcycle on the footpath? And which agency is responsible for enforcing those laws? Oh yes, RTP. Go figure.
  4. There's nothing quite like a few sheep to get the camera's clicking :)
  5. bluegum

    PM Prayut named “Man of the Year 2016”

    Oh no! Don't bring anything so dysfunctional as the US electoral system into this conversation! 555 Dusit Poll's 2-decimal point descriptions of Thai public opinion is excruciating enough. Actually, we need to be clear that this is just an opinion poll and can't really be compared to an election. For the record, open-ended questions are quite often used in quantitative surveys. Dusit Poll preferred not to use them in this case it seems.
  6. bluegum

    PM Prayut named “Man of the Year 2016”

    I see your point. But in my view, any poll worth its salt should at least give a 'none of the above' option or an open-ended 'other' line to fill in (I know, TIT). It seems that wasn't the case here and its really a farce if respondents were only given the choice of 3 individuals - head of the junta, coach of the national football team and the current hip rockstar. C'mon, Dusit Poll...
  7. bluegum

    PM Prayut named “Man of the Year 2016”

    I noticed exactly the same thing. 80.69 + 10.12 + 9.19 = 100.00 The same can be observed from the top 3 male politicians - the percentages add up to exactly 100.00 % What are the odds of this happening from a sample set of 5,964? I'm guessing it was a closed answer affair - i.e., respondents could only choose from the options printed on the survey. Alternatively, the results were massaged to make them ready for publication. Either way, it seems remarkable that a national leader of a diverse and conflicted society would garner 80% plus of a popularity vote. I would like to know the selection method that Dusit Poll used to choose their respondents. I initially laughed heartily at the headline for this 'survey', but now reflecting on the narrow response and double digit accuracy, I feel a little chilled.
  8. It doesn't exactly blend in with the surrounding landscape. But it will come to define that landscape. This is called progress.
  9. Hard to believe that police would continue with a chase when they know the van is full of passengers. It only increases the chances of a fatal accident. And what use are roadblocks when a vehicle can get through them? Thirteen very fortunate people to emerge from that van...
  10. This makes me mad as hell. Some marketing a$$#^&s thought that this creature would make a nice decoration at the torch ceremony! What a waste of the life of such a majestic animal. Juma should now be the mascot of the Olympics, to highlight all that's wrong about this wretched and corrupted event.
  11. Roomuck: "They do have safety ads on TV re speeding, texting, drink driving. Here is one." OK, thanks for sharing, and others too. To be honest I keep clear of Thai television at home as much as I keep clear of minivans on the road
  12. Once again, a tragedy like this shines the light on 2 glaring inadequacies in Thailand - education and regulation. I grew up with a simple mantra for driving - Speed Kills. It really is as simple as that. TV adverts like this one have had an effect on me. Could they be used to good effect in Thailand? [media] [/media]
  13. Large numbers of day-trippers will ravage the fragile ecosystems up there.
  14. I believe that since the coup and the red-tape that accompanied it, that the military have extended powers which certainly would extend to manning checkpoints to nab drunk drivers. But it doesn't matter if its police or soldiers on the ground doing the job, the sanction of losing your car for a couple of days is still not enough. It needs to be something like a B10,000 fine for first offence plus 6 months loss of license, with greater punishment to come if caught driving whilst disqualified. That will make the idiots think again.
  15. yes - its working again for me after being down for a couple of days. With IE, not Edge or Chrome. Make sure you enter your DOB in full format, "1978" rather than "78". Good luck all.