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  1. kjun12

    Winter Beer Gardens around Siam - When?

    No one has replied yet so it must be a big secret.
  2. He should be put on a leash and dragged around town for a week. Then whipped with a cane pole until he suffers the pains of hell.
  3. kjun12

    xmas in hua hin

    Hua Hin is, perhaps, the most boring place in Thailand.
  4. Suthep is a truly despicable human.
  5. You are right on. 100% correct. Indicative of what is wrong with Thailand.
  6. Perhaps not industrial but certainly a governmental estate with nothing to do. Besides, if you leave you risk missing your place in line. What then? Start over?
  7. Are you saying that it took only 20 minutes at immigration to do this?
  8. Do you speak Thai fluently? Just wondering.
  9. Yesterday I had the non pleasure of visiting the Bangkok immigration office for a visa extension. It was my worse time there in 14 years I have had to go there and I was there from 9 AM until 4 PM. At one time there were only only two agents working desks and at least 500 people waiting to get visa extensions. Not until after the lunch break were all desks maned and working. The new head of Immigration is supposed to be getting things working better but he has certainly done nothing to speed things up. Also, I had to sign three new papers and I have no idea what they said because they were all in Thai with no English Translation. In addition I had to draw a map to my residence. The agent spoke no English so she could not tell me anything about why I needed the new documents or map.
  10. Wrong, wrong and wrong. His demeanor has everything to do with being a good or poor or even bad jurist. And, again, where do you get this information about your allegations about a "stellar" performance.
  11. How did you reach these conclusions? Especially that bit about him being such a better jurist than Sotomayor and Kagan. I think that your right-wing mind-set is at play here and no real knowledge.
  12. Am I misunderstanding what you said or are you an Nazi sympathizer?
  13. kjun12

    Bangkok raid finds 21 wild animals

    I'm sure they will spank him.
  14. kjun12

    Wiring money from USA to Thailand

    Why do you feel compelled to comment on this topic when you obviously know nothing about the subject?
  15. kjun12

    How unlikely hero helps stray dogs in Pattaya

    My feeling is that you are the one who is nuts and hateful and cruel. If this woman wants to spend her time and money taking care of these dogs why don't you put your money where your big mouth is and have a few of these soi dogs neutered.