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  1. Beach ravaged by overnight storm.

    You don't understand Thainess. If they have to keep repairing it then it means more work and more money for everyone involved. Fix it properly and then what? No income.
  2. 'Officials mumbled general acknowledgement of the wiring problem, but offered no firm commitment or timeframe.' And there you have it. Nothing at all will happen.
  3. I think you'd find they are Thai citizens. They have a long history of being in the country. Like the Chinese, but the Indians are easier to spot.
  4. It is the evil influence of foreign-made gangster movies and foreign-made video games that made them do it. If it wasn't for them Thais would never do such a thing
  5. We finally have the key to unlock Bangkok traffic chaos

    And many of the roads it does have are cul-de-sacs. Many of the roads off of Sukhumvit, for example, are not through roads, unlike the norm in cities in other countries,
  6. We finally have the key to unlock Bangkok traffic chaos

    And times that by, say, one million commuters each day. That is one hell of a lot of wasted hours.
  7. How wonderfully original. Did you think that up all by yourself, or just copy and paste what we see on here from other original thinkers 10 times a day.
  8. Amazing Thailand - Police Checkpoint is everywhere

    Whenever we've seen a check point all they appear to be doing is checking whether our tax disc is up to date and we're waved through without stopping. My wife was stopped for speeding outside Khon Kaen, caught with a radar gun and paid up a receipted 300 baht, but they always set up in the same place so you know to expect them next time. Sure enough, there they were the next time we came that way.
  9. 3BB and International

    I use CAT, which I believe rides on the back of 3BB - or vice versa. Soon after we upgraded to 50/20 we were getting much slower speeds that when we had 30/10, and when my wife contacted the local engineer using LINE, the only means by which he would communicate, he told us that it due to work being carried out on the line somewhere between Bangkok and us in Kalasin. Might have been bullsh*t or not, but if that was the case then there is a hell of a lot of potential for things to slow down the service. That is even without Somchai driving into a pole and knocking it down anywhere along the way. Much of the time now we reach the paid-for 50 and sometimes even more, and most of the time get up to 30-50 upload instead of 20. Having said that, I'm currently getting 2/4!!!
  10. If they can't afford to have children and/or are in the wrong environment then it might be a good idea to show a sense of responsibility and not have any. It is always the innocent child that suffers.
  11. And in most countries it is the mother and father who bring up their own child. But in Thailand it is the culture for the father to flee the scene or be thrown out of the house for drinking/whoring and the mother is left to fend for herself. Far from being a nation of close-knit families as is painted by those who wear rose-coloured glasses and ignore reality, there are a massive number of single parents who have little or no choice but to rely on grandma.
  12. High speed in a built-up area. Perfectly normal in Thailand, and perfectly dangerous. Why are Thais always, always in a tearing hurry to get anywhere. Very strange behaviour from what are supposed to be easy-going people.
  13. My wife found it far easier to get a Shenghen tourist visa, and didn't even have to pay as I am a UK citizen. The UK charged for a visa when she visited the UK.
  14. Yes I AM barred, unless I desert or divorce my wife. That isn't hyperbole, it's fact. The income rule is based on MY income, not hers, so whether she meets visa requirements or not (she does) is entirely irrelevant.