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  1. Yep. Hard to see something when you're not looking.
  2. The above comments suggest the owner got away with his illegal construction. Perhaps everyone needs to look at the photo. The owner WAS treated the same as everyone else. Why is that so hard to understand? The building is demolished. Look.
  3. He probably flashed his lights. What more could he do. Stupid elephant not knowing what that meant - I'm coming through so fast I can't stop.
  4. In my village a man shot a kid dead for stealing fruit from a tree on his land and the police didn't get involved. Just the way it is here.
  5. 11 passengers injured as bus crashes into tree

    No. He blamed the tyres. It wasn't his fault at all, poor chap. It never is, is it. Ever. About anything.
  6. Millions laughing at chairs so badly made that they collapse when you sit on them tells you a lot about the intelligence level of Thais. Like the daytime comedies they love where the same thing happens several times a day.
  7. Family almost wiped out as two pick-ups collide in Krabi

    It's utterly impossible to reason with a Thai. Don't even try. Their brain is wired differently to ours.
  8. Family almost wiped out as two pick-ups collide in Krabi

    I don't think they don't know. They simply don't care, don't think it will happen to them and if does then it's just fate. Absolves them of all responsibility.
  9. Woman robbed, injured by Bangkok taxi driver

    And why is she wearing a red skirt in one photo and what appears to be grey shorts in another. The dried blood is presumably in a later photo. But where did the shorts come from, Watson! Questions must be asked.
  10. And nor did the people complaining and posting it on FB, I assume. A quiet word to the 'guilty' would probably have resulted in an embarrassed apology. Even if those upset knew no English it would be easy to get the message across. I once stood and stared at a girl who had been talking loudly on her phone for 40 minutes on a train in Austria. I didn't say a word, but she apologised and hung up.
  11. Family almost wiped out as two pick-ups collide in Krabi

    Not only in the past. Smokers could be placed in the same group. They know the risks but ignore them, and certainly not through ignorance.
  12. Just the usual Thai 'Me First' attitude. They simply have no consideration for others. 'I'm going to park here and I don't care if you can't get out of your home'. Lovely people.
  13. Same thing happening in the West with the over-reaction to women earning a living as hostesses. The Puritans have taken over and turned the clock back centuries.
  14. And her orientation was totally irrelevant to the report and what happened to her.