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  1. I use for 380 a month, and that includes all the UK news and sports channels and others, and has catch-up on some. For example, I watched the ITV documentary on Princess Diana the next morning a couple of days ago that was shown at 3am Thai time. I also use a free service called FirstOne which has less channels but if you register (free) includes BT Sport (but not Sky). The HDPrime website isn't particularly easy to understand - you pay first and then choose a package, and at the moment they pretty much only accept payment with TrueMoney vouchers that you can buy at any 7-11 and you scratch off the silver on the back like a phone card and input the number there. They are very helpful if you need to contact them. If you can attach a computer to your tv with an HDMI cable (I use an old spare laptop) then you're good to go.
  2. Interesting news about Sky. But at the moment I guess if you are mostly interested in the EPL then True have by far the best price. And it's 100 percent reliable (except sometimes when it rains, but that applies to the internet too).
  3. I have a satellite and took the EPL package last year for 299, having expected they'd only make it available on a top-level package to recoup their outlay/so everyone could be ripped off. But it had to be treated as an add-on to another package, which I'd kept going anyway while I used CTH for the footy, rather than cancel True altogether. That is also 299. I'm happy with that. Is that still the deal, or is it possible now to have only the EPL?
  4. They've obviously been paying attention in their How to Point class. Well done. A gold star to them all.
  5. I often wonder how Thailand manages to function at all, They never seem to anything properly. Listing them would be a new topic which I can't be bothered to start as I'd be accused of Thai-bashing by people who happily accept the lower standards here. The country will forever be stuck at developing nation status as long as they refuse to learn from the experience that foreigners can offer. And introduce a meaningful education system.
  6. It is even more stupid to know there is a worldwide demand for their output but they have no means of selling it. The only people who 'sell' it are dubious internet TV services. That is exactly what happened with the music business and Napster a decade and more ago. Then, the music business caught up and supplied the product legally. Maybe eventually the BBC and others will catch up too.
  7. I doubt very much that a bank would be prosecuted for the action of one employee. They investigated, the employee was charged and is probably facing jail time, and the bank offered the customer his missing 40,000 back. The customer wanted blood but has now come to his senses and accepted the situation was the action of a rogue employee. All remarkably sensible, really.
  8. My wife has said to me on occasion that it's the Thai way, and I've replied, "Yes. that's the problem."
  9. I assume that most expats living in Thailand have a wife and probably kids. It isn't easy to uproot those and take them off to Farangland, and it also isn't fair to demand that the Thai wife leave her other, birth family which always take precedence with them. I would leave in a heartbeat if it wasn't for having family here. To those who might say then I or others should not have come here in the first place, it is impossible to really get to know any place unless you have spent a considerable amount of time there. With my experience, what I would advise anyone to do now is spend a week watching Thai tv in the evening, or in fact at any time of day, to gauge the mentality, to spend a week reading the English language media to witness the endless tales of incompetence and corruption, and to spend a couple of hours by the roadside watching how people drive. Those things would tell you all you need to know about Thailand.
  10. What utter nonsense. Those who buy the fakes are never going to buy the originals, so the amount lost is zero.
  11. Was watching the documentary on Princess Diana on ITV catch-up this morning, and the channel went off line mid-morning/programme. Hopefully I can finish watching it later.
  12. Very funny how Benz owners in Thailand are seen as hi-so or rich, yet in Germany the car is a simple taxi. Oh, the shame. The loss of face if they knew.
  13. The original post stated that the aunt had said the marriage wasn't valid outside Thailand and my response is based on that. The stuff about the will followed on from that. So I stand by what I wrote - the aunt is misinformed and will certainly not be corrected by anyone, let alone a foreigner.
  14. Presumably this girl was aware of his reputation, and he had been abusive to her before, and yet she chose him as her boyfriend and stayed with him. It might have finally dawned on her now that she has shown ill judgement.
  15. You have over 7000 posts and don't know anything about Thailand's libel laws? You cannot accuse anyone of anything here, companies included, if it damages their reputation. It matters not at all that what you write is true, or/and you have evidence. Funny old country.