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  1. This company rented a taxi to a driver who was a serial rapist and unlicensed and is fined 3000 baht. Where I come from the company would be closed down and the owner jailed. No wonder they don't care about breaking the law here when the punishment means nothing at all. Is that a day's income for the company? An hour maybe?
  2. The rest of the world simply doesn't care about what goes on in Thailand. It is already famous as a cesspit of corruption, prostitution and unelected governments, as well as a centre of accusations of child and forced labour. And what action does the rest of the world take? Zero. So why should it now care about a rich boy tearaway. What happens in Thailand is of absolutely no concern to the world. The country can stew in its own juice as far as other countries are concerned. Those countries also know that Thailand doesn't give a rat's fart about what anyone else thinks, because they claim that foreigners don't understand Thailand.
  3. Just another day in the Land of Smiles.
  4. It is usually Americans who claim extra terrestrial expetiences. Aliens seem to largely ignore the rest of us.
  5. I'm sorry, but now you're making yourself look like an idiot. Here's another website (also with false info, no doubt, if you are to be believed). And another I can find more if you like. I suspect you are afraid that with so many flights landing and taking off - 48 a day - you might have trouble selling your place near the airport. But carry on digging your hole deeper and deeper if you wish. And carry on claiming that all these websites that show arrivals are wrong. Jeez. But just to be sure I'm not being misled by all these websites I'll check for myself when I'm there on Tuesday. If all these websites are found to be wrong then I'll apologise. You might like to do the same if you pop up there from your nearby dwelling and find that there are indeed many flights at regular intervals throughout the day, and not in 'blocks'. Maybe you just don't hear them (face saving excuse).
  6. Okay, so the link I posted is wrong because that shows regular flights with the biggest time gap between flights of 1.45. I personally wouldn't call that four time slots and I wouldn't call 24 flights in less than 14 hours "so few planes" but of course you are entitled to your opinion.
  7. Flights arrive pretty regularly throughout the day:
  8. The PM wants the law enforced? Now there's a novel idea in Thailand. Imagine the confusion and bewilderment that could cause.
  9. Not as strange as the US, where you can be old enough to die for your country in the military but not to buy a can of beer. Very weird.
  10. The 10 minute service doesn't apply to the airport route, which is sometimes only every 90-120 minutes. So I can't see many/any using that. Who is going to want to wait well over an hour, maybe two, for the bus. It is hard to see who that is meant to appeal to.
  11. I think the answer to that is yes and no. The live stuff is at the right time, but the 'catch-up' isn't. I have to click along the time scale ruler-looking thing along the bottom of the screen at roughly when the programme was shown until I find it and then double left-click to see it from the beginning. I managed to watch the first FA Cup semi that way and I also go back to watch or record Masterchef on BBC 1 that is shown at around 1.30 am here. It's all a bit hit and miss, but the stuff is there to be found. The really odd thing is there is no way to contact the people behind the service, and that it is free. Why? Who? But it's great. I personally mostly just watch the news and football, and I'm happy with the BBC football preview shows so have no need to pay for Sky on internet tv, and I pay a few hundred baht a month for True's football package for all the matches I want. ITV is showing all the England WC matches, and even friendlies. So, 600 a month gives me all I need.
  12. Thanks. "Getting information on this bus service" answers my question. It is doomed to failure, just as the one in Bangkok was years ago that was seemingly operated in secret to avoid the inconvenience of having to deal with passengers.
  13. - also includes England matches live on ITV except for a five minute delay, and no buffering. Even has playback if you don't want to stay up.
  14. It is very well known that Thais have the ability to fall asleep anywhere, but far too many do so when they're driving.
  15. In your opinion, but you might have noticed that it appeals to a huge number of others. So although the rules won't affect you,. they affect tens of thousands of others.