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  1. They have. But how many okays are signed without the check being done? This is Thailand, where maintenance is considered a waste of effort as there is nothing wrong. If something then does go wrong, it's fate. Absolves everyone of any responsibility.
  2. When you drive you are supposed to be concentrating on what you are doing with what is effectively a deadly weapon. If you are concentrating you do not fall asleep. Simple as that.
  3. Temperature dips sharply in Isaan

    During the 2016 hot season we in Isaan had 10 days or so of over 40 degrees. Tough. Since then we've had a decent wet season, a pleasant winter, a within reason 2017 hot season and a record-breaking wet season. As soon as that ended we've had low humidity (for Thailand anyway, at about 40 percent) and low 30s with a few cloudy and cooler days. At least, that has been my experience in Kalasin province. Magnificent.
  4. This is a local rule, also applying to several other beaches (once) popular with foreigners. It is not, as far as I know, a law that has been passed by parliament. Therefore it is all pie in the sky. As far as I know, only the courts, under direction of laws passed by parliament, can impose fines or jail time. Or perhaps this is Thailand where anyone can say and do as they wish, threaten and intimidate and exploit, merely by saying it's the law. When it isn't.
  5. Why would the public be scared about a bus going to the wrong terminal? Presumably the story has lost something in translation.
  6. And nor can they. They give up on any campaign within a few days
  7. They can stop people writing, but they haven't yet found a way to stop people having an opinion and talking in private.
  8. Two students killed, two injured in Roi Et crash

    Isn't riding in the back of pick-ups illegal, because people can get killed? I guess the school doesn't care, the driver doesn't care and the parents don't care. Let's take a chance, hmm?
  9. On Nut BTS this morning Nov. 21st ???

    I should have added, as the shiny new airport is mentioned, it was so badly planned by Thais that it suffered so severely from overcrowding that the old airport had to be re-opened at enormous expense to handle the overflow, and that still wasn't enough to handle the numbers. Brilliant.
  10. On Nut BTS this morning Nov. 21st ???

    You mean the system the Thais built that was not designed to cope with demand from a city of over eight million, and is overcrowded all day long and which people have to fight to get on during the peak hours and/or let several trains go by because the trains are too short? That one?
  11. Now doubt the kids were sitting, illegally, in the back of the pick-up....
  12. The best way to deal with these thugs if they are caught is to do the same to them. Give them a beating and then set them alight. Why not.
  13. The population of Bangkok, London and New York are approximately the same. London usually has eight cars, New York 12. Bangkok? Four or at the max six. Rather than force people to stand, how about adding more cars. Sure it costs money, but the companies must be making vast profits from so many passengers. If they aren't then they need to replace the management with people who know how to turn passengers into profit.
  14. Man falls to death from condominium in Chon Buri

    I think he means that 'jumped' would have been a more appropriate word to use.
  15. Driver missing after fatal bus crash in Phitsanulok

    True. Not very Buddhist of them is it.