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  1. That's the headline, but the report says no such thing: Taxis offering rides from Bangkok's main airport will demand that the 50 baht service charge is increased to 75 baht. More wonderful reporting skills. Here's some help for re-writing the headline: Suvarnabhumi taxi drivers demand fare increase.
  2. I've lived here for 25 years and never once seen any evidence of common sense. It really is remarkable how a race can survive without it. Well, some don't, like this child.
  3. No-one has written that it is. but this is a Thai-centric forum.
  4. That is the number one thing that really pisses me off about Thailand. Well, after the level of driving 'skills'. You never know where you are in dealing with any official as they all make up their own rules, and some try to be as difficult and obstructive as they can, because they can and no matter what the rules are. I once spent 15 minutes trying in vain just to get a local official to sign a form saying the person in a photo was me. I gave up in the end and walked out, much to the annoyance of my wife who still wai-ed her for taking the piss because she wore a uniform and therefore had to be respected.
  5. If the UK and France are serious about making a stand over human rights and democracy, here are a couple of suggestions: Ban all citizens from those countries from visiting Thailand. Ban all imports of Thai goods, which far outweigh trade in Thailand's direction. Will they take action, any at all, instead of saying "It would be really nice if Thailand could...." No, I don't think so.
  6. Bangkok Barry

    Beware Beer Vendor Fraud!

    Red Horse is 6.5 I think.
  7. Bangkok Barry

    Any BTS cards I can top up online?

    And do it at a station other that Asok, which is always chaotic. Phrom Pong is quieter, for example.
  8. More lazy reporting. And maybe the reporter hasn't got a clue how it works either and couldn't be bothered to find out.
  9. Bangkok Barry

    French Fries. Standard cut or thick cut?

    Sprinkled with chilli powder, I hope
  10. Bangkok Barry

    Motorcycle taxi guy stole gold from farang's Thai wife

    What made him say it was that he is an idiot with nothing intelligent to add to the topic.
  11. Bangkok Barry

    French Fries. Standard cut or thick cut?

    When items are published in the twice-daily news headline emails there is no way of knowing on what forum they originated. Maybe you haven't noticed that.
  12. Not including your wife in this, but you can always tell who hasn't taken/passed a test or is drunk when you come up against someone creeping along at 30kph
  13. I think Big C have it on 'sale' at 189 at the moment. Softens the blow for awhile.
  14. YOU may not need to watch it, but the locals do. They haven't been driving since 1976. They have never had a licence. And they have probably never even driven on a road in traffic before.
  15. Many Thais have no self-control over anything. And that is why, alone among SE nations, gambling is banned to protect them from themselves. Doesn't work of course, but perhaps limits the opportunities a little.