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  1. I remember many years ago when a military man double-parked on Rama 4 Road and a security guard asked him to move his car. The military man shot him dead. Nothing changes. Just the way it is in the Land of Smiles, where a wrong word to the wrong person over nothing at all can get you killed. Such a wonderful place.
  2. It wasn't a regular taxi.
  3. CCTV can usually expose the guilty these days. I've seen stories of cops being caught out that way, and even a shopkeeper who installed it and then was caught by her own CCTV stealing from a customer's bag while they were trying on a dress in the changing cubicle
  4. Indeed I do. Rarely feel the need to get drunk. Life is fine as it is.
  5. The taste also varies, which is about as bad as it can get when you produce a beer. Several times I've had both draft and bottled which is nowhere near the right taste, and other people I know have said the same. If you are buying a beer you do so because of the taste. When the taste isn't guaranteed, why bother. Drink something else. I've never heard anywhere else of beer being brewed inconsistently. Bad taste from bad storage (cask ales), but not straight from the factory.
  6. Isn't that exactly the kind of place where illegals might hide? I'd say that's pretty smart of him. He has though targeted schools around the country.
  7. Or, he is broadcasting loud and clear that lawbreakers are no longer going to get away with whatever and had better get legal or get out. The warning could not be louder or more serious. Nothing wrong with publicising that.
  8. Bangkok Barry

    Jealousy may have triggered Bangkok murder

    I think not.
  9. At least one story a day about a rejected male assaulting or killing an (ex) wife or girlfriend. But what does anyone expect when males are brought being treated as princes that can do no wrong and believing that they can have whatever they want. You know, like cavemen thousands of years ago, dragging their woman by the hair (as this neanderthal did). Or, in a slight twist, another of today's stories is about a Thai male who, instead of attacking the girl, killed her new boyfriend. As they say here, same same but different.
  10. Bangkok Barry

    Teacher probed after Buri Ram boy allegedly beaten

    In the Real world, the police and not the school (which of course has a vested interest in finding nothing wrong) would investigate the assault of a minor. But in Thailand no-one really expects the police to lift a finger to investigate anything. In the Thai way of thinking it's already happened and investigating it afterwards is a waste of time and effort. My brother-in-law is a police inspector. I asked my wife what he actually does and she had no idea. Sums it up rather well.
  11. Bangkok Barry

    Man arrested after shots fired at pickup truck

    The whole point is that he didn't kill or injure anyone. Which is why he was only charged with firing at a vehicle. In Thailand, even if not in your country, that is regarded as a criminal offence. Correctly, in my opinion.
  12. Bangkok Barry

    Man arrested after shots fired at pickup truck

    Firing a gun at a vehicle isn't a criminal offence in your country. Really? Are you sure, Give it a try and see what happens.
  13. Bangkok Barry

    Video: Bike racer pays with his life in motorcycle accident

    No, not a chance. Across the road from me, a young lad ripped half his head off speeding and crashing into a roadside pole. Next day I saw his brother racing off on the wrong side of the road, speeding, no helmet. Really, these people are beyond any help.
  14. Bangkok Barry

    Video: Bike racer pays with his life in motorcycle accident

    Thailand isn't the US. Different rules apply. Not that there ARE any rules other than everyone does exactly as they want without any thought of the consequences. That needs at least a minimum amount of intelligence and doesn't exist in far too many Thais. And it has nothing to do with education, but everything to do with common sense - in this case, if you ride so close to someone at high speed then common sense dictates that you might collide and one or both of you could die or be seriously injured. But that obviously never entered their empty heads. If they don't care, why should we?