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  1. Ahhh well, now it's of no use getting her phone number
  2. I use to work in Thailand 3 year ago. Now I live and work in my home country. I visit Thailand atleast twice a year on tourist visa (VOA) with max stay ranging from a week to 10 days. So lets say by now I have about 7 or 8 VOA stamps in my passport, will I be refused entry?
  3. what are the prices like??
  4. Feel sad for the kids, I hope something positive comes through for Emmy. Good luck Child. God Bless
  5. This is what I hate the most while driving in Thailand. Thai drivers love to tailgate other vehicles in front of them specially on the highways and the expressways. They put everyone in danger and just a slight tap on the break paddle by the vehicle in front results in a crash due to such idiots.
  6. This lady will be playing the blame game soon, her pic is released online without her consent which made her to loose face "as per thai society traditions"
  7. 2 legged one's get on 4 legs from time to time
  8. Safety is always compromised here in Thailand for almost all the adventure activities. Its never on the mind of the organizers and is always ignored. No action taken on this ever.
  9. The stories and videos of walking street are getting way too entertaining than ever before
  10. Will these happy zone's happy cams will be available through live streaming
  11. So what's next? Entry fee for Soi Nana and Khao san road??
  12. The victim didn't knew the attacker but the families are meeting today?? Something fishy here.