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  1. Wandering

    Tot & Smtp

    Hi, I am trying to send (SMTP) my loxinfo email using TOT (silvercyber). (Everything works great when I use dialup and mail.loxinfo.co.th) I have tried using: totadsl.th.com smtp5.totonline.net smtp-adsl.totonline.net tot.pacific.net.th smtp.totonline.net I've even tried using specific ip addresses like I have tried using port 587 as well as 25 of course. I have tried "My server requires authentication" I have tried "Logon using secure authentication"
  2. Wandering

    Alcohol Control Bill Rejected - Party Time!

    Oh My... A meeting of ministers to come to this obvious conclusion ? We agree that this "non" decision is a good move... But, frankly, if you think about it : it's as scary as usual. They talk and act before they think. I live in ChiangMai and know lots of people (mostly hill tribes people Karen and Lahu) who don't have ID cards even though they were born in Thailand. This could be what they were refering to.
  3. Wandering

    Lots Of Complaints From Arrivees !

    Just a note from the board's resident language pedant. 'khii nok' means grubby, dirty or worthless. It does not, however, imply 'stupid'. That would be 'farang seu beu' (honest to the point of stupidity), 'farang ngoh' (thick, brainless), or 'farang lawk ngaai' (easily duped farang) When a Thai person snickers and says 'khi nok' towards a foreigner, they mean more than just the definition which is 'bird poop' It is true that while they are implying grubby dirty or worthless, they also mean dressed poorly -either sexy or like a hippy- It also means that this person is so stupid to come to our country and not know how we do things here, like dress appropriately. Hey, fellow shop-keepers, lets gouge this pathetic tourist, they clearly don't know any better or they wouldn't be dressed that way. Ignorant 'bird poo' fallangs are 'khii lawk' (consistently easily duped).
  4. Wandering

    Lots Of Complaints From Arrivees !

    kinda begs the question ..... ~~Bangna--airport--Bangna~~ ... now long was the wait? but still ... $20USD ... not insane What do you mean $20 USD ... not insane. Are you insane? 20 bucks to go 5 miles. This could dramatically inflate the ecomomy even worse. You can rent a songtaew elsewhere in the country for that much for half a day. Westerners (or at least those with Western mindsets and wallets) destroy the economy by willingly paying too much for goods and services. This means that taxi's and shop keepers only want to provide services to stupid (khii nok) farrangs. It means that the majority of the population (living on 3000 b/month) either have to pay their life savings on piddling things or ... well there isn't much alternative is there because the MRT doesn't go all the way to thei airport yet. In the end, silly Westerners who thought they were being generous, wound up inflating the economy beyond control. Soon we will see greedy restarsunt owners only paying their employees with the tips they receive the way it works in America.
  5. Wandering

    Charity Workers Must Get Work Permits

    New information! Recently Travel agents have been offering a tourist package with a special - help those poor trunami victims - 2 day package. You only have to pay the tour operator a few thousand baht for the privalege. Counteracting this is what the new law is about. For those of you who are already assisting or wish to assist as a part of a recognized charity or mission work then don't worry you are safe. Thai laws often seem to be created with more harshness than how they are enforced. Many people would like to go and help, but really only those who can speak at least some Thai would be able to offer any help of long term benefit. Unless, of course, you have a bunch of money and somehow know how to best direct it.
  6. Wandering

    Mosquito-repellent Scent Mats Harmful?

    I've ejoyed watching several 18 year old, "I'm invincible" types, touch the metal inside the electric tennis rackets, just to see what would happen. Well after the loud shock and their shocked faces, the result was a room fool of joyous laughter. We do love to laugh at pain here in Thailand.
  7. Wandering

    How Does A Farang Stay Over 2½ Years In Thailand?

    "concerned falang" This scared young guy received many helpful posts about a situation that most have agreed on was authentic. So why would you presume that he was lying. Even though he doesn't speak Thai, too many elements of this story are too deeply woven into the culture to be false. I have lived here for 10 years of my life so I might have some suggestions. He did ask a couple of questions that went unanswered or unexplained. q: what does "apec, apec, apec" mean a: a woman abandoned her child durring apec (The Apec Orphan). and your g/f was saying that she didn't want her child to wind up orphaned that way. suggerstion: she was probably lying to get you to commit. later she can say she miscarried. very common touching brother: who was he and what was he doing. A: gay? perhaps... A: He may have been offering you a subtle warning. (even if you were to get free of her you may not be free of the family.) A: I most strongly suspect that he is really her husband or lover. He mught have been checking out the competition. It is very common, so don't discount this. You bring in the money and/or property until they can one day be reunited. Thai Police- should they be called in? I think someone else will have to help with this advice. Most Thai police are wonderful, but some are corrupt. Could be potentially dangerous to involve them. Will probably cost you money They might have someone who can translate your side. Not really necessary, the family is taking you for a ride. They clearly know your side. Despite what it may seem like. I appreciate that "concerned falang" sees the Thai side of the story and wants to make the family happy with a gradual departure. Although, this family does not represent Thailand or Thai culture, so you don't have to be overly culturaly senstive with such people. As with ever single other posting received. Flee urgently. Do not wait.