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  1. Sad to say, but I agree, it's a lost cause trying to fight the Thais. The odds are against you from the start, during, and after the battle. If you've got copious amounts of money to pay the right people you might have some success.....but if you have that much money you probably wouldn't be worried about one house.
  2. ross163103

    What was your biggest medical bill and why?

    Just looked at the profile of this doctor; same doctor I had a few years ago for a bone spur in my shoulder. I can vouch for him; he told me what the problem was, explained what the operation would entail, performed the operation and everything came out just as expected. If I have any problems in the future I'll use him and I can definitely recommend him to anyone with orthopedic issues.
  3. Countries need to be careful of the Chinese, they're looking out for themselves, not anyone else. Yes, the countries gain some things short term but there's a price to pay--like what's happening in Sihanoukville, and in the long term the price will be even more immense. The Malaysian prime minister saw this happening with a project called Forest City, basically the Chinese were building it and marketing it for the Chinese, not Malaysians. Now the PM has seen the light and banned foreigners from buying any of the properties. It's good to see some world leaders can see through the short term financial gains that the Chinese offer and look ahead to the future. The belt and road initiative is a dangerous thing IMHO; as time goes by the belt gets tighter and tighter.
  4. ross163103

    What was your biggest medical bill and why?

    Bone spur in shoulder (keyhole surgery), around 123,000 baht, Bangkok Pattaya.
  5. Agree totally! It's not about them having alarm clocks, apps or whatever to tell them the time to pray--that would be too easy, it's about influencing the infidels--their word not mine, around them to accept the fact that this area is muslim; it's all psychological.
  6. Singapore got it right on this issue many years ago. You can be whatever religion you want, as long as it doesn't disturb other people.......like wailing out the call to prayers; not muslim bashing, just an example.
  7. If they have a p***y Thai guys aren't going to overlook them, be serious!
  8. ross163103

    PM Prayut worried after Chinese tourist attacked

    That's funny, I've never heard the general worried about--(insert any other nationality besides chinese here).....funny how that works. What's that Meja song(?), It's all about the money, money, money..............
  9. ross163103

    One year Visa Renewal

    I'm glad some people have patience on this forum.........me, not so much, I'm outta this thread.
  10. The more things change, the more they stay the same in Pattaya! The ineptitude just keeps rolling in like the tide!
  11. ross163103

    September storm drowns Pattaya … again

    That's pretty funny! I don't see much relief or a system!
  12. ross163103

    September storm drowns Pattaya … again

    Same s**t different day....nothing to see here, move along.
  13. ross163103

    Waterfront crane removal proceeds

    Good start........when's the rest of this eyesore coming down?
  14. Agree with this totally, China is in it for the long run and the end goal; it's not about the individual projects they fund in the many different countries right now, it's about many many years into the future.
  15. Be careful of belts, they can tightened to where they're uncomfortable to wear.