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  1. They have - it's called "Business Class"
  2. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/violence.aspx no smoke without fire......
  3. These so-called "BigWigs have missed out. What they should do is invite Jonathan Head to come to Pattaya and do a serious documentary for the BBC to show how wonderful Pattaya is .
  4. if it sounds like an arms race, and it smells like an arms race, and it looks like an arms race.........
  5. well if Random Vehicular Manslaughter is not a terrorist act - maybe the Germans could declare it a new Olympic sport, then everyone will feel so much better.....
  6. the dark-skinned maid who gets slapped by the mistress of the house?
  7. " Someone asked me why nobody did this before. " Tokyo has had public electric (battery) bicycle racks for 10 years or more..... but they have traffic discipline........
  8. " Siam had one trump card - the personal friendship cultivated between King Chulalongkorn and Tsar Nicholas II. " Just as well because the book(s) and the movie(s) which we are not allowed to read or watch tell a different story about the diplomatic skills of King Rama IV and his great influence on history before this period.
  9. Samrong BTS station to open in April

    So they must have decided who owns Samrong.. is it Bangkok or Samut Prakan?
  10. "Whale meat again.... don't know where, don't know when.....
  11. How about: "Amnesty International is not my father."
  12. Surely the owners need to import a THAI manager to make everything right.........
  13. A taxi driver with a ponytail and one of those lovely loud exhaust pipes - a true enthusiast for his job.
  14. " The minister said a civil aviation bill is being finalized and will be promulgated soon, adding that it will likely boost the ICAO’s confidence in Thai aviation industry. " Yes and if that doesn't work we will need to form a new committee. As a last resort we could employ outside quality control experts....oh wait....