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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think AirAsia starts the nonstop DMK-VTE service on 01JUL16
  2. I think this has been discussed before - but could she in theory get the migrant worker permit - and formally work for OP?
  3. You can get a multiple entry non-o visa if you can show 100k baht in the bank. Your previous entry history will have no effect on getting the visa. Thanks ubonjoe, that sounds very promising! I will report back on the outcome.
  4. Sorry for bumping up this old thread; I am wondering about my chances of getting a Multiple Non-O at the Thai consulate in Penang next month. - Have Scandinavian passport and have several visits with "Visa exempt" during the last few years. No Visas for several years. - Got warning some time ago when entering DMK airport with my partner and our children, and asked to get a proper visa. - Have entered BKK several times since on "Visa exempt", without too much hassle. - Can transfer funds into Thai bank account if needed. - I am the father of our 2 children, and was planning to bring birth certificates (where my name is on) and "Tambien baan" and passports. - Not married (but planning on bringing copy of partners ID-card) Appreciate any insight.
  5. As I often have too much free time, I find it interesting to compare prices in Thailand, to try to understand a bit of "the market". For me - it seems like the competition is generally very tough, with very comparable prices in i.ex TescoLotus/BigC/ 7/11 / FoodLand / Tops Villa. My idea is that if there were high margins, someone would be undercutting the competitors to get the sale. Or the prices are quite "controlled" by powerful players in the market. In Europe you would pay i.ex THB70 for a Coke 0.33l in 7/11, while in a Supermarket it might be THB20-25. Here it might be THB14 in 7/11 while it is the same or maybe a baht less. It tells me the consumer is quite price conscious/sensitive, and 7/11 is not able to charge a higher price. Then again there are some quite large differences in prices, an example I bought a 60ml bottle of Tabasco in FoodLand for THB55 (which I find very reasonable compared to US or EU prices) while the same bottle was THB79 in Tops. Another example I bought a few bottles of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon in FoodLand for THB625 per bottle, while it was THB899 in Tops. I understand the import duties are relatively low for most kind of "general groceries", but could also imagine there is a lot of "grey/parallel" import to Thailand. Guess the shops are trying to "confuse" the customer to make it difficult to compare the overall cost (in my opinion something similar to the mobile phone operators). Would be interesting to know if anyone has some insight or would like to discuss this.
  6. Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? Would love to buy Dong at the "right price". I see Superrich is buying and selling them at a quite tight spread.
  7. What could be the tax implication for such a setup? I would imagine you might pay income tax in Singapore now? Wouldn't normally income taxes be higher in Thailand (assuming you might spend more than 180 days / year in Thailand)
  8. Another strong fan of Bumrungrad Hospital. Had our first child in June (girlfriend Thai) and it was overall an amazingly nice experience at the hospital. In fact we enjoyed it so much we stayed for an extra day to get some more advice and just to enjoy it. Price was a mentioned 64,900 baht for CS. I think the additional day was around 10,000 extra. In this package price you get the "Standard single room" which was VERY nice (4,5 - 5,0 star hotel standard). They have several room categories, the most expensive being "Royal Suite" around 25,000 baht per day (I think 17,000 - 18,000 more than "Standard single room". Lots of nice food for proud father down in the restaurants. Very nice pizzas and noddles (moo daeng / moo krob) as well