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  1. thurien

    Pink ID Card. Benefits?

    same for me - positive. The non-plus-ultra would be a magnetic strip or else to the card to make it machine- readable
  2. yes, surely disguised and being a PRIVATE now
  3. how to keep using a blocked toilet?
  4. thurien

    Farangs Flock to Study Thai Cobras

    lead a twosome life with your sweet without sweat an' fear
  5. "do you agree with the crackdown on illegals?" YES
  6. I would suggest the girl to simply go for crowd- funding: Anybody in a miserable situation (mostly self- inflicted) does today. It is the easiest way to overcome your own mental shortcomings and in many a case even present you with an unexpected bonus
  7. I see the majority in the deadly combination "under the influence of" and sunburn ... the pale-skinned Brits look like boiled prawns in Brighton already on an overcast July day with the temp. shooting up to 22 °C...the Thai sun must be aweful on them
  8. thurien

    Noisy Pit Bull Next Door

    ask a Cambodian to "help" you with this issue...
  9. thurien

    Traffic chaos as city’s roads turned into klongs

    psychological and logistics, financial, military grounds are set already to move to the future capital of Khorat
  10. thurien

    Bank charges

    and then these 9k thb people withdraw 200 baht at a time...
  11. never ever an insider - would have friends and keys and codes and the like and take the loot the smart & clean way. I'd rather suggest some Arab friends who knew about the 2 (!) heists in different rooms
  12. thurien

    What can you buy for 1,000 baht in Thailand?

    I am sure he did not find out yet another nice way of spending: 2 hrs really professional oil massage followed by a "special"...errr... that is another thousand, though (fine if you do it every other day)
  13. thought so, too: in Thai society you normally do not wai freely to anybody clearly your junior (age, social status, job position or else) and this jackaroo who just got shop-lifted is ever so cuddly with that lowly criminal
  14. to be frank: I never looked at the FACE so far...