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  1. Never thought it would come to this

    now look, swissie: Thais were never too fond of chumming up with members of foreign nations; that goes for the village, the small town and - much more of course - for a touristy craphole like Pattaya where visitors, tourists change by the day and challenge the few Thais left in Pattsy (most are from Khmer, Lao, Burma, India and other "special" countries anway these days) with an ever-changing imbalance of feelings. It is easy for visitors to challenge the mood of a Thai: I never saw such a fine collection of foreign bums, ass-holes, drunks, criminals and the like as in Pattsy...
  2. Facebook uproar over nude coffee shop waitress in Sattahip

    'coz too many family members working there and similarly seedy other locations
  3. Facebook uproar over nude coffee shop waitress in Sattahip

    " This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed, or the privacy settings of the post may have changed" no wonder - the photo already shows 2 local customers typical to Satthahip (with all that Thai navy, army, police activities around the place)
  4. I think this will go especially from now onwards for the provinces with the highest %age of dangerous international criminals: Phuket, Prachuap, Chonburi, BKK, Pathum, Rayong mostly. Consequently, gangs and gangsters will move to RoiEt, Nonkhai, and - foremost - to the southern Moslem provinces: Nobody there gives a s..t as to governmental decrees!
  5. normally, you get this once over the age of 75...
  6. looking at the map on thread start there is a few places only "highly ethical" left in this world - they are the most difficult and expensive ones to invest in...
  7. no worries, authorities know those places darn well, it is their guarantee of income...!
  8. don't forget that he meanwhile enjoyed a lengthy mental overhaul in a temple - do not punch s.b. who recently majored in Buddhism
  9. ....and: She knows well how to sit down gently and mannerly
  10. confirmed, goes for me as well. The only reason I am still with them is a rented valuables box in my home branch - difficult these days to get a vacant box with any one bank
  11. Job Offer THB250k

    I would start small, somewhere on the outskirts of a (which?) city: 5k thb would suffice for a family of three. Make sure your wife has a bus stop somewhere near your shack
  12. step A: let the "Peter principle" sink in first, further steps will follow in a while once the overall thinking continues to improve
  13. Faing Em Sahai -- now, this is a very unique German name
  14. he might have asked for something very unusual, unknown to the girl: "guy on top, girl under guy (facing him)"
  15. what about some defty pork meals over a few months?