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  1. you're wrong here: They got everything in orderly focus: "pay first serve last"
  2. Belgian dies after hitting tour bus

    an expat (and still working? company pickup?) in Thailand should fully know about the potential traffic dangers and drive defensively - other people almost stop in their right lane once they smell a situation like here...why not slow down to 20km and have a look what is going to happen next?
  3. I would love to install a camera ONCE it is a model/gimmick without all these cables dangling in front of my face in the driver's cabin: any model where the tiny camera could e.g. be fixed outside, cable leads to the main camera device box somewhere inside( but cables out of my sight)?
  4. I need to print 100 pages!

    there is a very good, cheap place in Khorat (centre): thb 0,5 /page: how can they contact you?
  5. you don't have any eperience in life - ever heard about "corrupted, totally broken-up families"?
  6. Can anyone translate this for me

    activated charcoal preperations just like "Greater Ca-R-BON" by Greater Pharma Man. Co.Ltd. are ultima ratio, a somehow natural product, too, and to be had anywhere nation- wide ... inexpensive
  7. a question with a surely not-expected answer: The guy was run over / hit / flattened out etc. by a car
  8. <Most attendees were families who had booked via websites and social media, he added Source: Sophon Cable> this is the biggest BS I ever heard about an International Boat Show per se and especially about the one in filth and thicket of Pattaya: No overseas skipper ever comes here with wife and kids! The boats are HIS hobby and for sleazy, sticky Pattaya nights he prepared plenty of cash to get a leg over... that might, however, not go for a few Ivans and Abdullahs...
  9. they can't...they're assuming it is that much but not really knowing...why they always fish them out via "crack downs" and never go to the doors of these villains? they don't who they are and where they are
  10. I think I saw them ghosts all over Th. already - near intersections, of course, but much more then straight behind the wheel !
  11. sorry, but nobody calls that dreadful slab of garbage- polluted sand and mud "BEACH"
  12. where will all the BR girls be during the days of the show? any GPS data?
  13. the "German" is a disguised Jordanian moron (see post #9)
  14. Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    and we should not forget that in all Maharaj hospitals in bigger cities like Udon, Khon Kaen, Khorat they employ doctors who also work in private hospitals such as Bangkok H., St Mary H. and some University clinics