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  1. those who made you minus your passport will heftily hinder you to rush anywhere...
  2. which would, however, not be normal for a Thai female in Pattaya
  3. thurien

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Lee Kuan Yew former PM of SIN smelled this rat umpteen years ago and coined his point of view about this class of (white) foreigners
  4. Confusion? don't think so; it is solely up to the magazine scribblers to invent percentages, places, people - it all depends on the back cheques...
  5. possibly the same guys (in the big shopping malls) who also unlook your foreign mobile phone
  6. arlo guthrie's "MotorCicle Song": luckily I did'nt drive into the mountain - I went over the cliff...
  7. surely not: it was a complaint about 2 nicked golden fountain pens (higher brand), duly taken note of -- at that time, no other wrongdoings or niceties were reported to them
  8. it'll be a few round of ever- weakening Tit For Tats, the filthy tabloids won't be interested anymore / no more fat cheques, the "victim" fears to be dragged to court suddenly pennyless without anybody in sight to cough up court expenses, Thai lawyers will have a short feast, the case (which never really was one...) will be closed and disappear in mud
  9. damaging the reputation of Pattaya is next to impossible
  10. "...that allows passengers to get social": put a comfy sofa, a few drinks and a pack of condoms aboard...
  11. "Looking for advice on how to extend a stay (based on retirement) every year if continuously travelling around the country and changing hotels and provinces every month. Thanks in advance" Are you an express train driver on Thai Rail?
  12. do I see a trifle of envy?
  13. e.g.: Once you "subscribe" with one of the influential, prosperous NGOs in PnomPenh next thing you get is a Toyota Land Cruiser (6cyl., big thing) and sufficient funds for hanging out every night at Riverside, sipping red wine, going for Cambo chicks...good life, indeed. Seen plenty of these French passport holders (port of origin: Algeria, Tunesia and the like)