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  1. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    Their way of saying don't come here. I will give this about the same amount of time to blow up in their face as their last brilliant idea that blew up in their face.
  2. Encrypted files, what better argument for encryption could there be.
  3. Interestingly enough there was a court ruling in Italy on a similar case. Someone made a post about a restaurant but as it would be the post was made the day before the restaurant opened for business. The judge ruled that that the overall trend should be considered one not one single post. So in other words the judge said trolls are people without a life who have nothing better to do than try to make other people miserable so they don’t feel so alone and useless.
  4. So it will be a 3.5 hour trip it seems.
  5. Stickman Bangkok packs it in after two decades

    Wow, don’t you people know a game of poker when you see it. There is way too much money invested in the Stickman website. Stick was not getting paid so…… run the math. I think he will be back fairly soon before the website devalues too much.
  6. The prospect of 25 million angry Thais suddenly making a visit to government offices was not desired.
  7. This is interesting, identify and thrown a now known pedophile back on the street to let a mob at him. I think there is Karma in there someplace.
  8. Only because I can't seem to find it anyplace, what is the last day of the 30 days of mourning?
  9. "Nutty female driver" attacked ambulance in Pattaya!

    Meth! Classic if you think of all the symilar reports. And they want to make it legal?
  10. It is because of thugs like that I don’t bother going to Pattaya anymore. The last time I was there I was waiting for a friend of mine to arrive from out of town and I spent a few hours in Baccara on Walking street to kill the time. After about an hour of waiting, two biker guys showed up and it as clear the bar manager knew who they were. They looked so out of place as compared to the rest of the people in that bar it was hard to forget them. One of the had a goatee and tattoos, and if I was to place money on it, it is the same thug in the video.
  11. This is clearly one of those Thai things that has not been thought out to conclusion. There are so many other comments here that simply point to common sense and the lack of it. I think it is fair to assume the next forward move on this topic will involve a curve of at least 180 degrees once they think past the second step of the idea.
  12. I guess this may be the expected outcome. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/may/07/north-carolina-transgender-bathroom-shakina-nayfack
  13. I still don’t have a problem with them. I get in and don’t get out until they do their job. In other words I own that cab. It may take them a few minutes to figure it out and every one of them acts like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum. I also say I will only pay what is on the meter. Had so far about 40 bad cabs so far (lost count), and everyone except one who had a genuine problem with the car. Also about 10 free rides when they discovered I was going to use that wonderful bad boy taxi APP or post it on Facebook. There is Karma in there some place. The advantages of being an Alpha male I guess.
  14. It is looking like this would be a good time to buy stock in companies that manufacture biometric devices. I suspect this will be a global trend and not just in Thailand.
  15. This is all about someone wanting to make a name for themselves, no more no less. Even the Song “One night in Bangkok” talks about this. It will pass just like everything else. Now going back to addressing motorbikes driving on the sidewalks is a worthwhile go after topic.