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  1. I am confused about all this Makkasan thing... I don't know where Makkasan is and I don't want to get off there. Does the Airport Link take me all the way to Phayathai BTS Station, where I can change trains and go to Chong Nonsi? Without changing at Makkasan?.... Thank you all.
  2. How often does the train go? How long does the journey take? Are the trains usually crowded?... I need to get to Chong Nonsi BTS station in Bangkok. I have read that the airport train goes to Makkasan - I have never been there. Is there a BTS station there?... Thank you.
  3. I would very much appreciate any information/advice on the Airport Rail Link. For the past few years I have been travelling to Thailand with an elderly person in a wheelchair and we always ended up taking an expensive airport limousine... I am now coming alone and I would prefer to save money if possible. Thank you very much in advance!