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  1. Unless they are walking through a minefield, in which case they walk 2 to 3 meters ahead
  2. Much of the Oil coming from Italy is suspect because of the influence of organised crime on the industry. I am lucky enough to have contacts in Greece, Me and the wife will be spending a week there on my way to the US from Thailand next month, and will bring back as large a tin container the airline will allow me to check in. I love a tomato and cucumber salad with an olive oil and vinegar dressing , sprinkled with oregano. A nice crispy italian bread with sesame seeds and some feta cheese on the side. Dipping the bread in the Tomato, Oil and vinegar juice is heaven.
  3. Over the years I have followed your posts .Always in good humor, informative. helpfull . unassuming. Same for many other posters. You, and they, have earned my respect , and as such I trust your opinions. Respect is earned, and with respect comes trust. If you say something I dont believe, I give you the benefit of doubt because I trust you. Our Thai wives took a big chance when they hitched their wagon to our horse for s better life for them and their families. We often hear of horror stories about Thai women, Well there is an other side to the coin, and trust me , many farangs are no price. Me and my wife have personally rescued two Thai ladies from abusive relationships here in the US. As we do with them, they also have reason to be apprehensive with us. My wife did not always trust me, how could she, she really did not know me.but over the years I have proven my self to her and she to me. I have seen the wall slowly come down. Even when she does not believe me (which is often the case) , she trust me and I try to prove her right to trust me. So The OP should not worry, He does not need her to alway believe him, all he needs is for her to trust him.
  4. Perhaps that's how she can verbalise it But two people that spend time together, enjoy each others company , have fun with each other, and have developed an intimacy that they don't have with others, cant help but develop an emotional bond I don't need to ask my wife if she loves me, I can see it in the way she can't wait for me to come home, how we always spend all our off time together, the things she does for me even when she don't have to, all the little things. You can see it in the same things too, no need to ask.
  5. Get some english language comic books and casually leave them around , don;t tell him he has to read them, just let him look at the pictures. maybe explain to him who the super heroes are and read him a short passage. Maybe his curiosity will get the better of him , and he would want to know more. Then read more with him.
  6. The gang that could not shoot straight isn't Sekulow Trump's defence lawyer, who last week claimed that if there was something nefarious with with Trump Juniors's meting with the Russians the secret service would not have allowed it ? even though Junior was not under Secret Service protection at the time , end even if he was , that's not the Secret Service's role Great defence, he should go to court with that
  7. because people who live in glass houses should not throw rocks. Interesting conundrum . All these people are players. and they have a lot of skeletons in their closets. Even though the investigation might not uncover any actionable infractions concerning its scope, What does one do with all the other bodies they uncover while looking in the closet?
  8. I have a galaxy S6 , I went in my computer , new email, attached picture from file, then send email to my own email address. Opened email on my phone, and saved picture in my gallery. Now the picture is in my phone to share via text
  9. That's why Trump wants to know whether he can pardon staff, family, self
  10. Yes . everything is rosey , that's why the fed has scaled down their next year three interest rate hikes down to possible one.
  11. She went to the doctor complaining that everything looked 27 times bigger.
  12. Personally I Prefer PNDs (Personal Nuclear Device ) the assurance of mutual destruction would virtually eliminate these incidences, and a few other things.
  13. Trump;s new weapon against ISIS being tested?
  14. except for the apartheid parts of Israel the rest is not apartheid