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  1. Carrying that logit to an extreme then one could say that jumping in front of a speeding train will not shorten your lifespan because you really didn't know how long you were going to live . I would say that if one did not engage in risky behaviours one has a reasonable expectation to live with in the parameters of universally accepted statistics. So IMO it is reasonable to ask the question of whether moving to CM provided a considerable risk that could adversely affect your expected lifespan.
  2. it is not a Bathility room it is a Utilibath Strangely enough spell check found "Utilibath" wrongly spelled and underlined it with red, but did not find anything wrong with bathility ! What kind of world is this where Bathiliti is a word but Utilibath is not??? I am filing a formal complaint with the world wide federation of made up words
  3. In the US we don't or should judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. As Dr King so eloquently stated. Any definition that fails to consider the above will only achieve the best result for some, and certainly fail to achieve the best possible result for all .
  4. and what difference does it make by who it was paid for? When Trump was a candidate for the nomination the republicans funded the investigation because they did not want him to be the nominee, when he became the nominee all of a sudden the investigation was abandoned because the wanted their Nominee to become president, they did not care about the truth of the allegations. At which point the investigation was taken over by the Democrats for obvious reasons. I am not only targeting the Republicans, I truly believe that if the situation was reversed the Democrats would be doing the same thing. Obstructing investigations by the opposition and promoting theirs. The two party system has become big business, and this is not personal Just business. Before this became business it seems to me that both the Clintons and the Trumps were totally unaware of their shortcomings and were best buddies. But we are , or should be Not Republicans, Not Democrats, but Americans first , and as such we should put Country over party first, And our business is not Trumps and is not Hillarie, our business is the business of the country. We should cut the crap and let the chips fall where they may.
  5. The same people who complain about severity of the fine , in another thread about the destruction of wildlife in Thailand would complain that there is lax enforcement. For some, nothing done in Thailand by Thais can ever be right.
  6. I agree , If it wasn't for that 61% of fake americans who disapprove of the job he is doing his approval rate would be sky high.
  7. We can't all be as flexible and progressive as Klingons
  8. I have also build several homes in Florida and run a successful C21 franchise with a Florida real estate brokers licence for several years , (million dollar producer every year of my involvement) had the opportunity to be involved in many pre closing inspections conducted by home inspection professionals . None of them ever concluded such soffit vent arrangement to be inadequate. It has also being my personal experience having owned and lived in ,and is currently living in one for them to be perfectly adequate. My position seems to be supported by others in my community where every other home constructed in the last 18 years has a similar arrangement of soffit vent combined with ridge and or gable vents. All of which are passively ventilated.. But as you said if indeed they prove to be inadequate for Thailand, where I have limited experience, It would be a simple and inexpensive matter to retrofit with larger soffit vents. PS: I hold a Bachelor's degree in science (properly acronymed BS LOL) and have a good understanding of Thermodynamics and the laws governing such interactions.
  9. It is if you think "the best people" only come from white countries.
  10. It certainly does not impede it. though the individual holes might be smaller there a lot more of them thus the volume of air entering the system is the same or more, Furthermore they are dispersed over a larger area allowing for a more uniform convection process. PS: I have a similar system in both my Florida and New York homes and I have no problem in neither place. This type of arrangement is standard at most homes in the US. Though in the US they use mostly perforated vinyl soffit rather than the cement board used in Thailand. Smaller slots spaced evenly every a few feet also make it easier to protect against criter infiltration IMO
  11. Moving right along They are doing the Soffits, with perforated board to promote ventilation in the attic Covering the drop ceilings with water resistant drywall (green color drywall is water resistant) and tiling upstairs bathroom , there will be a partial wall with glass block separating the shower . and downstairs utility/bathroom in a concession to Nam I did not tile the ceiling or use the "hello kitty" tiles. Perhaps now he will use my bathroom and not pee on my trees LOL.
  12. even in the US she is only entitled to property attained while married and is not entitled to anything you got on your own before you got married. and since you are married only for 1 year.......
  13. He is lite because he is full of hot air.
  14. Amex Card in Thailand

    I speak from experience. Not many places accept AMEX in Thailand.
  15. Fair enough I agree, "expect" and "will" have entirely different meanings.