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  1. People have invested so much of their hopes in this man they find it difficult to admit they were so wrong so they engage in all short of intellectual gymnastics in order that they rationalist the situation. My neighbor in the US, a very good man but not the brightest light bulb on the Christmas tree. had a Trump flag on his front yard. he quietly took it down. As have many in this forum. Very quite from the Trump camp in this forum , except for some lone ineffective voices, all you can hear are crickets.
  2. Dont let the door hit you on the arse.
  3. First let me say that I love the look and feel of wood, second, the house plans we chose to build would also not look right (IMO) with white UPVC or alum windows. These are the window that the plans call for, and some one else that build the same house has used. I agree that wood windows can be made well if some one is willing to pay for it, but just because some one pays more it does not guaranty that you get a better product, So the question is, How does one go about getting better wood window? especially some one who does not know a lot about wood windows in Thailand, and does not have a lot of time to invests ( very busy with work) but dont mind paying a little more. When In Thailand we are in Khon Kaen and plan to start building in property we own, this Fall . I appreciate any and all advice PS: not to hijack this thread, which is about UPVC or alum windows, perhaps a PM with advice might be more appropriate.
  4. Unless they democratically chose the Muslim brotherhood, then a good old military coup is in order
  5. There is more here that meets the eye. I suggest you Google "Kara sea Tillerson"
  6. Oh yes. The great democracy of Afghanistan ,
  7. you mean the US installed government in Iraq and Afghanistan has asked the US to stay. LOL Amazing some don't seem to understand this.
  8. Using the rule of 70,to double your money in two years you would need a return rate of 35% plus expenses
  9. Every one is quick to play the race card when it comes to relations between races, but the truth of the matter is that there are cultural differences between between races for no other reason other than that, people for many reasons live with in their own group, and because of it develop cultural differences or a subculture. Some differences are positive, and we are quick to embrace , and some negative. IMO it is important to foster the positive but also recognize the negative , with out being called a racist, and take steps to diminish. This attitude of denial does a disservice to all.
  10. because signs cost less.
  11. The Russians have taken Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, as much as the US has taken Iraq and Afghanistan. in fact more so. ,
  12. Khon Kaen zoo and water park, nice place to spend the day.
  13. Same situation here , a couple of months ago I was called to appear for Jury duty in Flagler county Florida. I called talked to a very nice girl in the flagler county clerk of court office, explained that I was a construction manager involved in a project at NYC , was asked how long , I said at least a couple of years, and they gave me an one year reprieve. I was very surprised because they did not ask for any proof of what I said was true. Perhaps different counties have different rules , or it depends who you talk to. To the OP, simply call the clerk of courts in your county and I am sure they will understand.