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  1. Simply an unsophisticated political style of "good cop bad Cop"
  2. " The simple fact is that many in Scotland see that a parliament where 90% of the representatives are from what they consider another country, they do not believe that the interests of the Scots are being met by Westminster, " replace Scots with UK and Westminster with Brussels and the above could easily apply to the brexit sentiment. So independence from the EU is good but independance from the UK is not? As an American I have being reading the replies from both sides simply to get a handle on your situation, and as someone looking in from the outside, and being able to see the whole forest rather than just trees, I think if Brexit proceeds it will not end good for the UK I think it was Alexander the Great who said "Divide and conquer " and Abraham Lincoln who said " A house divided against itself cannot stand. " Regardless of which side in this brexit debacle wins, there will be a significant percentage of the population disenfranchised. You all need to re-vote this thing and get significant consensus, Otherwise as I said, this will not end good for the UK.
  3. Absolutely right my friend! Some westerners visit other countries and behave as if they are visiting Disney World , and the sites are attractions there for their entertainment. They don't realise that these sites are also functioning local institutions . Ignorant , disrespectful behaviour is not only directed at the site but also at the people who hold these sites sacred, and/or in other ways important to their identity, The look at the Thai woman's face says it all.
  4. I used to own a jewelry store in the US , and wholesale silver jewelry, Ex-wife still owns the store. My heart was never in it, (more of ex-wifes dream) that's why I am no longer in that line of work , but still know a bit about it. I met my present Thai wife while here at a Trade show. When purchasing jewelry at a trade show (such as Vicenzaoro) for general consumption ( jewelry that does not derive value from specialty such as designer name, historical value etc) There are two components to the price. Gold price and labor! You can not expect to pay just gold price, on a filigree piece of jewelry that weighs very litle but has hours of intricate work. and you can expect to pay less for machine made chain,but more for Italian chain, and less for Chinese chain because of technology differences (my info is dated,I remember chinese chain quality increasing and should be close or the same by now) There is a third component when it comes to Thai jewelry for domestic consumption. Most Thais buy jewelry more for its investment than it's ornamental value and as such concentrate on its gold content than they do on its labor component . Jewlers in Thailand make just as much from buying back jewelry as they do from selling it, For many Thais jewelry was the equivalent of a savings account.
  5. The UK is still a member the EU and an attack on an EU member is an attack on the EU , as such it was wrong for Junker to congratulate the person accused of orchestrating such attack for being reelected . Having said that , it is also wrong to say that " the UK is is the enemy to EU not Russia " as others have pointed out Junker is not the EU, and others in the EU have condemned Russia over the incident , also Rusia is and has being a danger to both the EU and the UK, hanse the Creation of NATO of which regardless of Brexit the UK would remain a member. Trump also congratulated Putin on his election, does that make the US an enemy of the UK?
  6. Loud music from ad

    As I said we all get different ads based on our internet surfing , once I typed this I realised a stop gap solution is to clear Cookies, and once I did this and reloaded TVF the targeted ad was gone and replaced with a set of generic ones. I am sure another one will return, and U guess I can keep deleting surfing data and Cookies. A permanent solution would be for TVF to filter such ads via ad filtering system.
  7. Loud music from ad

    Thank you for the prompt reply I think the adverts are targeted and we all get different ones depending on searches we do on the internet, I once had one that was generated by an ad from the winter olympics and went away when the olympics were done. I will check the security checkings as suggested but if that is available it might also shut the sound on venues where it is desirable I think the best course of action would be for TVF to restrict such ads via their programing.
  8. Loud music from ad

    ^^^^^ Tried clicking each ad I could find on the page off, but the loud music persists . Three options I can think of. Turn the sound on my computer of (not viable) turn the adblock on and wait 10 seconds every time I navigate to a page , (also not viable) Or Endure the annoying music (unendurable ) So I guess this Forum is unusable to be until the situation is resolved.
  9. Loud music from ad

    I understand the need for revenue from advertising to support the forum , but lately every time I navigate to a page a loud music starts playing, no words just music, I am sure it is from one of the many advertisements but I don't know which one, thus providing no benefit to the ad since it does nothing to draw my attention to it, since i don't know which ad it emanates from, So the loud music is of no benefit to the ad . no benefit to me since it forced me to activate my adblocker, and have to wait 10 seconds for pages to load, and no benefit to TVF because it deprives it from ad viewing A lose. lose, situation
  10. There is no right or wrong

    This is where one exercises the ignore option
  11. There is no right or wrong

    You are being obtuse In this forum and in any civil discussion we make claims, and we provide evidence to support our claim , we don't reference a particular content and then say "you go and find it" There are hundreds of Treads in this forum, how can I look at all of them? in what subforum is it? and even if I found one, How do I know that the one I found is the one you are referring too?????? Ridiculous!
  12. There is no right or wrong

    I don't want you to search for me, only to point out the one you know. You do know one, don't you?You said you did.
  13. There is no right or wrong

    None of your links seem to work
  14. There is no right or wrong

    Married to my Thai lady for over seven years now, we have owned a house for a few years and just finished building a new one. Being coming to Thailand for about 13 years, Joined this forum 10 years ago, I think I have a pretty good handle on Thailand by now. I know a few expats in my area, all very nice people, happily married, contend with the good and the bad of Thailand. Are There any bad ones? I am sure there are some, but not most. I dont move in their circles and they don't move in mine. As far as this forum is concerned, as I said a 10 year member , never had a problem.Many good people here. Many avatars I recognise, and regardless of the subject I click to see what they have to say because over the years I know them to be at the very least interesting. One needs to know how to participate, and if necessary deflect or ignore. I will say it again, people don't get flamed for saying they are leaving, they get flamed for trying to make those who stay feel like there is something wrong with them for not leaving also. When people come in this forum and instead if talking about their particular issue as it pertains to them , start putting all Thai women down, or Thai Children, or Thai people in general ,, HEY!! this is my wife you are talking about, my children, my inlaws! Don't be surprised if you get slammed.
  15. There is no right or wrong

    Please point out the post where someone got abused for simply saying that he was leaving Not sure about lots, but I am sure there are some nasty expats in Thailand, but I am confused, is there any reason why they should not be walking around?