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  1. sirineou

    How to deodorize your ride?

    Yes but were you constantly hungry for a nice oil and vinegar dressing salad? Seriously doesn't vinegar have a strong smell it's self?
  2. sirineou

    Smell from toilet ONLY after heavy rain.

    I can understand not wanting to lift the toilet, it is a pain in the ass job, but if the smell is coming from the toilet bowl it means that a positive seal between the toilet and the drain pipe has not being accomplished with a wax ring. Sealing around toilet base with silicone will prevent water and smell from entering you bathroom but not from soaking your bathroom floor slab and could eventually cause some concrete damage especially if there is slab mesh steel nere by. The proper way IMO is to lift the toilet place a proper size wax ring and seal between the Toilet bowl and the drain pipe.
  3. Why would anyone need a plant from the jungle fo a near death experience? driving with my wife behind the wheel in BK traffic always does it for me. Dont anyone tell her I said that, 'cause that would be a certain death experience fo me
  4. "For the life of me, I can't figure out why these people avoid telling the truth or just keeping their mouth shut when they really have nothing to hide. " It is this type of logic or lack of, that leads people to support Trump. Nothing to hide? why do you think they made a deal with Papadopulos ? He lied because lying to the commision was less dangerous to him than telling the truth and he thought he would not get cought. In case you still think he had nothing to hide , the answer to the above question is , they made a deal with him so that he would reveal all the things he was hiding.
  5. A very difficult job to balance the politics of all member nations ,get things done and stay on the right side of history, a job he did admirable with grace , style, and dignity. The world is a worst place without him! RIP
  6. Actually it would have the opposite effect. Legalising marijuana will remove the need to associate with criminals to get it. Those "criminals" who sell marijuana often also deal in other illegal drugs . I remember when I was a kid and we would go buy a dime bag of weed (I am dating myself LOL) and the dealer would ask as if we also wanted some mesk, black beauties, ets. Most of as were smart enough to say no, but not all.
  7. sirineou

    Which car / brand should I choose?

    Is the Thailand Motor Forum moderated? I Have a 2014 Michu Mirage we bought a couple of years as an inexpensive car while visiting Thailand (sold our pickup when we left and tired of renting every time we return) We will be returning to Thailand next spring full time again and we will be in the market for a more substantial vehicle, we will keep the Mitsubishi for around town and sister in law to drive. So I see the title of this thread "Which car / brand should I choose?" and i think to myself, perhaps i can get some inside on opinions from those who are there and have dealt with the choice. After all these years on TVF I should have known better. Five pages on which color is cooler in the sun. I know talking about cars is fun and I don't mean to be a stick in the mud and a party pooper, but how about some self moderation. If we are all interested in color and its effect on heating up a car how about we start a new thread, I might even jump in with my personal preference on paint job,solving the whole controversy. PS : if anyone says " yes but the roof is white" I will personally come over and beat you senseless with a stalk of lemongrass
  8. sirineou

    FORD Ranger Raptor Worth 1.7M?

    I think the point is that buyers in Thailand don't consider what is available in the US simply because they might not know what is available in the US, and even if they did it would be an exercise in futility since they are not in the US but in Thailand where they have to content with what is available here.
  9. Sorry to hear of your predicament , but the result was predictable, I would had being surprised if she got the visa. all the interviewer wants to know is that she will return and is not trying to circumvent the immigration process by traveling on a tourist visa and when there overstay or do a change of status. For that she has to provide compelling reason to return. From your description her situation is not very different than the general population in Thailand and if she could get a tourist visa, than most everyone else would, and half the people in Thailand would leave for the US on a tourist visa. When asked the reason for going there if she mentioned anything about you would almost certainly be grounds of rejection because the would think that she was trying to circumvent the K1 visa process and when she got there you two would get married and apply for a change of status . It seems to me that if you want to get her there, apply for a K1 visa, (fiance) when she gets there you have three months to marry (you dont have to) if you two don't get married she has to return, but be advised that if you do that it might make it difficult for her to get an other K1 visa in the future.
  10. sirineou

    Building a wooden house

    It is called by many trade, or manufacturer names but the correct name is Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) https://www.google.com/search?q=aac+blocks&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS736US736&oq=aac+block&aqs=chrome.0.35i39j69i57j0l4.6334j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. sirineou

    What is this port please? (Photo)

    telepathy port! Try sitting close to it and concentrating very very hard Staring at it intensely helps some times helps
  12. sirineou

    Currency exchange shops won't take my old U.S. $100 bills

    Try different places you might get lucky. I had the same problem a few years back, I learned my lesson and now before I come to Thailand I go to my bank and ask for new hundred bills. I explain to them why and they understand. Banks in Thailand also have to exchange the bills with US institutions and they have the same problem that you are having and that's the reason they don't take them. When I had that problem , I went to a few different place until finally Super rich in khon Kaen exchanged them for me , and as it turned out they also had the best rate.
  13. sirineou

    Laminate flooring or tiles

    "My gut feeling is that we should not do tiles as it doesnt last as long " Tile would last longer, especially in a commercial application. "what if we need to get under the raised floor to check the pipe system. " I assume you have concrete floors. in which case tiles would be easier if you needed to get in to the floor to fix a pipe. Laminate is interlocking , (one piece locks on the next) so depending on the location of the repair, you might have to remove a large section of the floor or most of it With tiles you just remove the ones on the location of the repair , then close the hole with cement and put the tiles back. If you go the tile way, make sure you buy some extra for later repairs because even if you could find the same ones later on they will not be exactly the same shade, Tiles are done in lots ( oven firings) and every time they do a firing there is a slight difference in the color shade. If you go with the laminate, make sure you get a commercial grade to handle the traffic of the clinic, and the cleaning it would require from the increased use.
  14. Sorry if I attributed a post to you, sometimes I do lose track of who said what.. I am sure The US government enters in to conspiracies, and I am sure many can post examples of what they think are conspiracies, But not everything is a conspiracy.
  15. sirineou

    Turkey is a 'target of economic war', Erdogan says

    Why the son in law, the nephew was not available?