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  1. I know there was one about a year ago, but I wonder how they happen, do they occur spontaneously? or are they organised ? overtly or covertly Not to the extend where people are actively recruited, but to the extend where they are encouraged by spreading false rumors. And I am not ascribing blame, It could be the republicans to create an emergency and motivate the base or the democrats to shame Trump and motivate their base. Don't think agent provocateurs don't exist. or that political operatives are above such behaviour. I wouldn't put it above either parties. It just feels funny to me that this would occur as early voting just started and general voting a couple of weeks away.
  2. sirineou

    Heading back home after 5 years

    I have a plan for the OP Take the storage cost for three years plus the proceed from the sale, Put it in a three year CD. In three years you will have more than enough to replace your things , they will be new and modern, you will have no headache , and the money will be there for you if you need it, or if you don't come back
  3. Excellent attitude and life plan, but dont let the litle things bother you. All's well that ends well, in this case well enough. I know things like this can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but things like these will always happen , all part of Thailand. like everything else in life , with all the good there will be some bad. I did pretty much the same as you. Was in Thailand, then went back to the US, put in my time in, pay my dues, save money, build a pension , and when the time comes do it right. Like you, have being coming to Thailand every year with the wife. Little by litle we bought property then we build a house there, Don't own a penny to anyone. No questions from me like "can I live in Thailand for 3,000 bht/month", or"embassy icome letters" IMO that's from people that put the cart before to horse. Will be retiring next spring, coming to Thailand with eyes wide open, no unrealistic expectations, and enjoying the rest of what I hope to be a long life.. You are young, and sounds like you have great attitude. and a good plan. Chok Dee Krap
  4. It could not have being pleasant to say the least, In what should have being a the happy occasion of your return. I understand you being upset .As you said, it was part your fault for not checking, but I can see how any of us could have not checked also. You have a limited time on your vacation here, in which I am sure you are investing more than 5,000 bht. Pay the 5,000 bht, chalk it up to experience, and enjoy the rest of your visit. Life is too short. lose some fights to win the war. Welcome back
  5. Thank you I wanted to ask the same question but felt it to be too cynical. Why the caravan, why now? I wonder if anyone is looking at this issue . I get the economic and the violence issues in these countries, but these issues did not just happen, they have being there for a long time, So why the caravan just before the midterms?
  6. Immigration policy options run the spectrum from do nothing, to shooting them at the border. With many sensible options somewhere in the middle. I don't think any extremes will do any good, for anyone's polls regardless of political affiliation.
  7. I think Khashoggi, has accomplished in death that which he was trying to do in life. RIP Khashoggi
  8. Yes indeed, the optics of shooting poor families at the border would do miracles for the republican prospects of holding on to congress. Can you spel , Articles of impeachment?
  9. All humans have a moral obligation. The US government represents its citizens which I assume are humans and as such by extension also has a moral obligation.
  10. sirineou

    Do Thais know about the blind spot?

    An other ,"Ha Ha Ha, Thai people stupid , we very smart fellas " thread. IMO not very smart (funny thing for people claiming to be so smart) for guest to insult their host at every opportunity. , at some point the host might get angry, or an enterprising politician use it as a wedge issue to gain power. It's not the first time it has happen. They might even try to force embassies not to issue income letters they cant verify. It could happen
  11. You mean. the US has no Legal obligation , but it does have a moral Obligation.
  12. sirineou

    Khon Kaen

    Sorry for the late reply, somehow I missed the post reply until now. The lot is 36m wide by 25m deep, there is a small house on one side we build for my wife's sister about 8 years ago, and we build this house on the other side last year, We bought the lot about ten years ago, and I won't tell you how much because you will cry. Property values sure have gone up since then. I think you will pay a million bht for a lot like that now. I love where we are , It is right outside the village so close enough for a quick scooter ride to the local store for convenience goods, but quiet, and if you did not know how close you are to a major city you would swear you are in the deep country. The beauty of the ring road with Mittraphap rd (did I spell it right?) and other spoke roads, ,15 minute ride to almost anywhere in Khon Kaen I think the best way to find land is to let Thai relatives know you are interested in finding some, and if the price and location is right buying it, There is always someone who needs the money and might be willing to part with a lot.That's how we got ours. Good luck with selling you house, let as know how it went. PS: as far as biggest cost building, I would say Roof, followed by kitchen. We went for the elevated plan because I like outside time, (i spend as litle time as possible inside), price all in (excluding appliances and land) 1.7 mil . I believe 1 to 1.5 mil will build you a nice one floor house.
  13. sirineou

    Heading back home after 5 years

    It will cost you 36,000 for two years. plus the headache of paying every month, and your things will get old, and could get damaged from the humidity. on the other hand, keep the 36,000 plus the money you will get from selling it, minus the headache from storing it. IMO a bird in the hand..........
  14. Yes I noticed you said "access" and not AFFORDABLE ACCESS
  15. sirineou

    New pick up time 2018--help needed

    What's your range on a full tank of gas?