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  1. sirineou

    U.S. federal judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional

    And can't leave our jobs from fear of losing health insurance , especially if one has a pre existing condition. And then there is the other side of the "most of as"
  2. sirineou

    Miss USA thought everyone spoke English—and the internet is not amused

    I don't get it also Nowhere did she claim that everyone speaks English ,only that the common language among all the international contestants was English (does anyone disputes this?) That Ms Cambodia did not speak English (also true) and that since no one spoke Cambodian she felt bad that the Cambodian contestant was isolated ,a compassionate attitude IMO.
  3. sirineou

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    If they have small wieners they must be extremely coefficient users since there are so many of them.
  4. sirineou

    Strong Smell of Gas

    Sorry, I know it is a hustle , but it is the only viable long term solution. Get a small grinder with a diamond blade, cut the grout out if the surrounding tile/liles, remove the tile , break the cement. The hard job is now done Install , trap, replace cement and install tile back. Or if vent extend pipe. Or better yet , pay your local builder/ handyman to do it, grab a beer and watch . There will be a lot of quick fix solutions suggested, but IMO , do it right and forget it.
  5. sirineou

    Strong Smell of Gas

    If it is a drain , Install a trap, the water in the trap will keep gas from escaping If it is a vent , try extending it to above you roof line
  6. IMO Chris Christie will accept and be offered the position. He has no reputation left to protect. Well he does have reputation but its all bad, a stint at Trump's administration is sure to add to that.
  7. You might have something there. Initially it was about the gas tax, a bad tax IMO. because a tax on gas is a tax on everything , since everything has to be transported by gas using trucks, adding an additional cost to the final product that would eventually be passed along to the consumer. But by now I am afraid, the movement has being usurped by the fat right , and is being used to bring down the Macron government. You can guess for what goals.
  8. sirineou

    Container home in Thailand

    Containers might be a good idea in a high labor cost market, not for Thailand.In Thailand You can build a container size room for less than the cost of a container and to your size specifications. Could not agree with you more! And in the end you will have a conventional home you could posible sell. As far as moving a container home, as some have said. Good luck once you weld them together, cut doors, run electric and plumbing , brother it ain't moving..
  9. China needs to realise that the cowboy days are over, they were looked at the other way while China was allowed to grow and enter the family of nations. Now that its has grown it is time to be held to grownup standards.
  10. Thank you for that! I often don't understand why posters can not say "fair enough" , "I did not understood", or "I was wrong". and enter into considerable mental gymnastics trying to defend the indefensible. Is it like we never misunderstood, or were wrong, or we will not misunderstand or be wrong again? Your ability to admit that you didn't understand says a lot about you, all good!
  11. Ghosn was an example, the particular to his case are inconsequential except to the point you made concerning politics. Of course politics are involved ,no doubt about that, It would be a foolish politician that does not use all leverage available to him/her, as necessary. Politics do not detract or add to the basic facts concerning the case,politics are simply leverage means to a separate goal, The fact remains that Huawei was licensed technology, and allegedly abused itls licensing agreement. If China had licensed technology to the US and the US had abused their licence China would have every right to pursue remedy. Otherwise what is the value of any agreement?
  12. sirineou

    Khon Kaen walking street red cross market

    It is the silk festival I am out of the country for work, sorry I missed it, IMO great fun. There is always a big Teak furniture display with good prices , I was looking forward to finding a nice coffee table and chairs for the covered area by the koi pond. Oh well maybe next year.
  13. A nice looking note , as far as notes go! Though not earth shaking news, a positive for Thailand. Well done!! The fact that no one has a good thing to say about such,positive, innocuous event says more about them than for Thailand.
  14. What nonsense. Other countries nationals are detained all the time for alleged crimes they have committed. Carlos Ghosn Renault's CEO .a French national is arrested in Japan for allegedly violating Japanese tax laws. France did not threaten Japan to release him with . He will have his day in court and if innocent release him with his name cleared. China is not excluded from international laws, if Meng Wanzhou is guilty as a good world citizen China should support her prosecution and if not guilty look forward to clearing her name and China's reputation.