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  1. No one, no one will learn from this.
  2. Disagree. I left a laptop at Suvarnabhumi. The next day I went to lost and found and it was turned in. Now if this couple of slime balls found it, I doubt it would have been turned in.

    Is Opera VPN any good?

    I use it from the US. No complaints
  4. Depending how deep the well is, the one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the check valve at the bottom of the well. My pump started cycling on and off. No leaks found anywhere. pulled up the plumbing from the well and replaced the check valve and that solved the problem. Been 8 years now and still works fine. As most people said, first check for leaks and water logged bladder tanks. Check valves are normally maintenance free so when all else fails, maybe its the check valve.
  5. Yes she did. Actually she compared the copies of my passport pages to what was in my passport.
  6. That is correct. I handed her both forms and she immediately handed them back saying no need for them because she has all the information in the computer. I was surprised. Now this is at Sirinthon, Ubon may be different.
  7. Went for a visa extension and re-entry permit. Went in at 11:00 and was done by 12:00. No need for any forms. Just copy of all passport pages, departure card and house book and two pictures. One for the visa and the other for the re-entry permit. Pol Sen Sgt Maj Jindarat was friendly, smiled a lot, joked a little and spoke English very well. Very pleasant visit.
  8. A few years ago I wrote about an accident that involved two young girls that were killed while riding their motorbike going the wrong way and of course no helmets' They came upon a car that was parked along the shoulder and when they went around it, they met head on with an eighteen wheeler. I assigned blame to the girls driving like they were, parents for allowing the girls to operate a motorbike with no training, police for not enforcing laws and the government for not forcing the police to enforce the laws. It all boils down to no one cares. They all talk a big line but no one cares.
  9. I was told I would need a cavity check. I was expecting to be sent to a dentist. Boy was I surprised. 5555
  10. TPUBON

    Splitter for satellite

    Thanks, after I googled what a LNB is, I now understand. Like I said, the LNB that is there now has two leads coming off of it. If I'm lucky, maybe there is a third. Any idea of the cost of a LNB or would another dish be a better deal?
  11. TPUBON

    Splitter for satellite

    I have a dish with two cables coming from it to allow two TV's to be connected to it. I put a splitter in one of the cables to run a third tv. It works but doesn't get some of the stations it used to get. Sometimes it will and other times it won't. The question is does it take a certain type of splitter or it just can not be done?
  12. This is good news. Now you can go into a 7/11, purchase a bottle of water and not have to worry about that little piece of plastic polluting the environment. Then they throw the bottle into a plastic bag and you are on your way.