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  1. A few years ago I wrote about an accident that involved two young girls that were killed while riding their motorbike going the wrong way and of course no helmets' They came upon a car that was parked along the shoulder and when they went around it, they met head on with an eighteen wheeler. I assigned blame to the girls driving like they were, parents for allowing the girls to operate a motorbike with no training, police for not enforcing laws and the government for not forcing the police to enforce the laws. It all boils down to no one cares. They all talk a big line but no one cares.
  2. I was told I would need a cavity check. I was expecting to be sent to a dentist. Boy was I surprised. 5555
  3. Splitter for satellite

    Thanks, after I googled what a LNB is, I now understand. Like I said, the LNB that is there now has two leads coming off of it. If I'm lucky, maybe there is a third. Any idea of the cost of a LNB or would another dish be a better deal?
  4. Splitter for satellite

    I have a dish with two cables coming from it to allow two TV's to be connected to it. I put a splitter in one of the cables to run a third tv. It works but doesn't get some of the stations it used to get. Sometimes it will and other times it won't. The question is does it take a certain type of splitter or it just can not be done?
  5. This is good news. Now you can go into a 7/11, purchase a bottle of water and not have to worry about that little piece of plastic polluting the environment. Then they throw the bottle into a plastic bag and you are on your way.
  6. Immigration queues

    Arrived on Jan 28th at midnight. The queue was full. 30 minutes later I was waiting to claim my luggage.
  7. Really like the shoe's in the queues. Good idea.
  8. The “Gangs of Urban Turkeys” Terrorizing Massachusetts

    My son was driving in Michigan when a turkey hit his windshield. Didn't break through but crazed it pretty good.
  9. Just had that type of work plus a new rear bumper done on my truck. Took about 4 days. Insurance paid the 15,000 baht bill. Just so happened our insurance renewal was due a week later. The insurance called and said we needed to add 2,000 baht the payment.
  10. Totally sick. Burnings, acid, shootings, fights over nothing. What the he'll is going on? Where is this coming from?
  11. Yingluck sentenced to five years in jail

    Submarine, aircraft carrier, blimp. I would be very nervous. Sent from my SM-T560NU using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Spinning mop buckets parts

    I installed it. Works good. Now to see how long it will last. Sent from my SM-T560NU using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Spinning mop buckets parts

    It took about 2 hours but it was experimenting. Learning. Practicing. If 2 hours are spent every time this part was needed to be made, it wouldn't be worth it. Now that it is in the program, it's just a click. Sent from my SM-T560NU using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Spinning mop buckets parts

    Won't know until I try it. That will be later today. The original part is made from nylon. This is made from plastic, so it's not as strong. Maybe it will work or maybe not. Sent from my SM-T560NU using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app