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  1. Ricardo

    success pizza - near dukes riverside

    But that's why it tastes so good ! Munch munch munch.
  2. Perhaps I should just move, to be within land-access of Swampy (Bangkok or Pattaya or whatever), or to be living on Koh Samui, where there is a good (dep 06.00) early-morning connection ? Or, just maybe, someone in Marketing at the airlines might realise that they're missing-out, by not serving people who want to be in Bangkok/Swampy by 07.30, from Chiang Mai or Phuket ? I wish ! Regarding staying in a hotel near the airport, I really don't like Bangkok much, I just want to climb on a plane at CNX, and then be on-my-way to my final destination. But once again, thanks for the recommendations. It's also not-great for the fruit/herbs in my hold-luggage, to complicate the trip any more than it already is, a three-sector 24-hour door-to-door journey. I guess I'm lucky not to need a further domestic-transfer in the UK. Anyway, my next trip will be the regular late-afternoon connection down to Swampy, then a mid-evening departure for farangland, and not the morning-flight last time. With a short stop in BOM/Mumbai, oh joy !
  3. FWIW, Sleeping at the airport overnight, we found an area near Burger-King, where there were plenty of sofas so had an OK-night. There were plenty of others doing the same thing too !
  4. Maybe "simples", but you would still need to estimate the load-factor you're going to get, the future-cost of fuel & all the other cost-elements, exchange-rate changes and so-on, up to a year ahead. Hedging fuel-contracts & currency-exchange & fixed-price contracts with suppliers helps, but doesn't entirely eliminate the variations, . Managing a fleet so that down-time for scheduled-maintenance, and matching aircraft-types with different configurations/capacities optimally-matches seasonal-demand, also complicates things just a little bit.
  5. "without evidence they were simply unable to convict him" On a point of fact, without the fugitive criminal there in court to hear the charges read, they were unable to try the several other case lined up, that's considerably different from the "unable to convict him" which you claim. And the reason he isn't in court, is that he did a runner, which is fairly indicative of whether he thinks was innocent of the charges, or not.
  6. Or, even better, three medals ! Isn't 'Thainess' fun !
  7. It used to be the case that, when a Thai national had been living overseas for more than a year, they were allowed one import-duty-free sea-container plus one air-shipment free. Details of my wife's sea-shipment, from her in the UK to her at our new address in Thailand, were entered in her passport during clearance. But I later managed to blag a couple of extra hold-luggage bags through customs, at my local airport, by saying that it was our free air-shipment. This might help with clearing the valuable air-freight through Thai-customs, on the other hand they usually find some way, to take a 'service charge' from you. Mai pen rai, if so !
  8. Ricardo

    Thai TV host sued for contaminated rice claim

    On that note I would just like to say that no matter what anyone else says or how it looks and tastes Thai rice is the best in the world And so is Cambodian rice, provided that it's smuggled across the border & repackaged, not that this ever happens, of course !
  9. What sort of major government-to-government export-deals would require 1460 cheques to settle, drawn on local banks ? Surely you export a million tons of rice, and you get a bank-transfer or two from overseas, job done ? Or are these deals not actually g2g as represented by the government, but via agents, with all sorts of commissions or other fees involved ? Only when they declassify these 'national-secrets' will the Thai public, and Moody's, be able to see what's really going on here.
  10. One coup in twenty years, with power returned 15-months later to an elected government, suggests that things may be slowly improving IMO ? I do hope so. Yes in theory, the military should be subservient to an elected government, but this hasn't yet been true here, I think you just have to accept that's part of Thailand's culture, that the military are a law unto themselves, whatever democratic-theory says. And things have been holding quite well for two years now, why would PM-Yingluck or PTP wish to risk upsetting the military, by trying once again (like Thaksin) to post their own nominees in the annual promotions, they really would have to be very desperate or very stupid to attempt that. Perhaps this latest protest is merely a reminder to the politicians not to think they have unlimited powers, especially with Thaksin demanding to return, and the unwanted future-event ?
  11. Especially with BAAC having to borrow further, to fund payout under the rice-pledging scheme, since the government is slow to reimburse them, and weren't there problems at a couple of other banks too ? Let's hope China's banks & property-bubble don't run into difficulty, it could cause a regional problem with confidence, and confidence is everything !
  12. ... hope it's not the lull before the storm coup ?
  13. Easiest way to do it, build more houses with red/blue roofs, then their emissions are 'Red House' & 'Blue House', so don't count towards 'Green House emissions'. Simple, innit !
  14. When elected, PM-Yingluck asked for six months to show what they can do, it's now been two years with five reshuffles, just how much more time does she expect ?
  15. One can only assume that the recent conference to decide how to boost high-end tourists to 40% finally saw sense, and that the TAT has done a U-turn, and will in future try to boost those parts of the market which actually work, rather than continuing to live in Amply-Rich Elite-HiSo La-La Land ? In which case good for them, it's a far better plan, they must have been reading Thai-Visa !