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  1. Luckily the social-media are, to some extent, by-passing the media which all governments are happy to monitor and regulate & control, with luck this may eventually increase peoples' awareness & freedom-of-speech. But I'm an optimist. I think the OP makes the case for turkeys voting against Christmas, or politicians against transparency, the real question is can they do anything about it ? China might suggest not. We shall see.
  2. I think it's your definition of "summer" which is awry, the hot-&-dry season is March/April/start-May, and the relevant rice-crop is already-planted or going-in right now. July is definitely into the monsoon-season, hot-&-wet, with September/October being the wettest months.
  3. Classic example of land-encroachment in a Thai National-Park ! " Ko Lipe was one of the most beautiful islands in entire Thailand but due to unregulated development nearly 90% of the beaches are currently occupied by long-tail boats and the whole Island seems to be a constuction site. Like else where in the country, resorts built on the beaches. Another lost paradise with other words. " https://www.thainationalparks.com/tarutao-national-marine-park
  4. This might help the Dems to return, in a Suthep-free version, in much the same way that PTP might become Shin-free, but my guess is that neither will happen.
  5. Ricardo

    Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    I rarely go that far South, but had to collect my son & a friend from the Kad-Farang Outlet-Mall (they're fashion-victims) last week, and had a very good meal at the Thin-Thin Pizza shop, about 20m from Rimping-supermarket, across from Pizza Hut. Three pizzas (Hawaian & Salami & Tuna), soft-drinks & two plates of fries came to about B670 in-total. They were doing 3-for-2 on their cheapest pizzas, prices from B110 upwards, the sauce was herby & garlicky & tasty and we'll certainly make a point of returning, if I ever get that far again which, knowing the boys, I might well ! Imust admit that my own experience of the Arizona-Joe site, a year or two back, was not encouraging.
  6. Ricardo

    Advice on MaeJo traffic

    Traffic was very-heavy on Sunday, Monday mid-morning seemed to be running more-easily, but it can change again when the poo-yai convoy is coming !
  7. I recall reading about a similar business in India, economy-flight with full sound-effects, in an old decommissioned fuselage, but charging a premium-price & making it First-Class, that's a good twist on the theme !
  8. Ricardo

    Protests planned to demand poll in 2018

    It will be interesting to see how the government now reacts, to people who are only calling for something to happen, which the PM has already promised the World ? Perhaps it may encourage him to deliver on what he has promised. One can only hope so.
  9. Ricardo

    U-tapao Airport to see a big jump in visitors

    Erm ... not much help, when the extension-terminal is at Swampy ?
  10. No recent problem with at-gate checking on domestic-flights, they're keen to get the plane loaded and away at that point, I've been using online-check-in & carry-on only (a daypack & a laptop-bag) for recent flights, thus bypassing the check-in desks. If you're OK on weight, and only marginally over on size, I'd have thought you should be OK, even on an international-flight. Nok-Air were however checking bags after the boarding-gate at Chiang Mai 10-days ago,I was inbound on a Bangkok Airways flight, and they were partly-blocking the arrivals-corridor, for other flights !
  11. Living with/on borrowed-time ?
  12. Ricardo

    U-tapao Airport to see a big jump in visitors

    The new third-runway at Swampy is much-more urgently needed, IMO. They're currently handling approximately 60- million people, with a supposed-capacity of 45-million, and construction of the new extension-terminal has been underway for over a year. Where will those planes land/take-off ? Even if the forecast numbers at Utapao do materialise, the current runway can cope for at-least another decade, as business ramps-up (or doesn't). Then again, one airport is owned by the military, the other isn't, lets hope that isn't relevant.
  13. Quite agree, we really need a democratic-system which includes MPs, who are elected-by & represent overseas British-citizens ... never will happen of course, the UK is too democratic for advanced thinking like that.
  14. Ricardo

    Brighter Butts, Darker Futures

    I've long believed that it's because, only richer people can afford long winter-sun holidays to exotic-places like the Carribean/Thailand, so the opposite of the apparent Asian logic, that darker-skin means you work long-hours in the agricultural-industry ?
  15. Ricardo

    CM Airport Parking - How Difficult Now?

    The small northern-extension of the exisiting car-park,completed a few months ago, appears to have made little difference to the existing problems parking at CNX. There certainly does seem to be an urgent need for seperate staff-parking, and a longer-term off-site car-park with connecting shuttles, to free-up existing space for genuine short-termers dropping-off/picking-up passengers. And the completion of a fully-public road through the military land, would also help with access ? More parking was included in the longer-term development-plans which I saw a year-or-two back, but I haven't heard anything about short-term timings, has anybody else ? http://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/news/airport-expansion-planned-up-to-34-flights-per-hour-to-support-up-to-20-million-per-year/