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  1. BugJackBaron

    VIDEO: Beg-packers descend on Hua Hin

    There's nothing new about this really. Back in the 70s there was a book called Europe on 5 dollars a day....essentially tourism by begging.. even back then it wasn't a great way to see Europe.. Having said that, at least they haven't become "English Teachers" :)
  2. BugJackBaron

    To concentrate

    So in the context of a classroom...Let's say a math teacher wants to say to a not so diligent student.."You're not concentrating" as the student pretends to work on a problem in class.... In Thai , what would be natural to express this in this situation? Mai Dai Lian? Dong Jai Keang gwa? Sorry about the transliteration..I'm still learning the Thai writing...
  3. BugJackBaron

    To concentrate

    "Concentrate on your work ".. As a Canadian I can assure you that this is correct.