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  1. To offer a heads up (I'm guessing these topics haven't been covered). My computer is too advanced for Internet Explorer, and the 3 IE add-ons for Firefox no longer work. Internet Explorer had been the only programme that actually worked to go through the whole online application. But I found that Firefox worked for the whole application. But the printout for the pending application was not possible. (For some unrelated reason Edge as a whole is not working on my computer,) But I found that Chrome worked smoothly for even the printout. So there was presumably some upgrade on their end. There are a few minor graphic changes. Interestingly, Firefox warned me that the Thai immigration site is a known virus site.
  2. I've waited years for this but I still can't find any TV series (on YouTube etc) that has transcription Thai subs. That is, Thai subs that are an exact transcription of the spoken dialogue. There are loads of Eng subtitles for Thai dramas, but it would be more useful for a Thai language learner to have Thai subs. Anyone aware of any for any Thai TV drama series? Anyone have a native Thai friend who is one of those devoted Eng subbers and can persuade them to carry out the easier task of putting up Thai subs? My Thai stalled three years ago. I want to get learning again. Thanks.
  3. Finding Japanese cuisine that matches up with the authentic, everyday, rustic cuisine of Japan in Bangkok is tough. Way too much here has a high-end, fake feel to it or really bad taste (sometimes in order to attract Thais to it). Azuki on soi 11 was simply superb with a mostly Japanese clientele with a great meal for 350 baht. But with its sudden destruction where else is there to go for a similar experience (with the tatami mats) with tasty, reasonably priced, centrally located Japanese grub? I'm particularly interested in hearing from people who have lived in Japan.
  4. Update on 90 days online submissions: the lady at the desk at Chaeng Wattana on 12th July giggled when I told her the online version wasn't working and said "I know as much as you do... sorry.... ". There were 543 people waiting on 12th July (a Wednesday). A 4 hour wait. I have turned up at the same time in the past where there were only 2 or 3 people waiting.
  5. Ok... I'm baffled. There seems to be a brand new website under construction that even has a little tab for the 90 days, but which is currently 'under construction'. Then on the old site the 90 days online access has vanished. And going straight into the extranet doesn't work... So what is the current situation. Is it merely down today or are they moving it to the new website or... something else? is anyone getting access?
  6. Well. I haven't used immigration for around 2 years now... Is it still possible to do the 90 days at Major Hollywood Susawad 1st Floor or Imperial Ladproaw 5th Floor (these were both allowed during the protests that seized Chaeng Wattana)? Or even Chamchuree Square Building, Floor 18 , Phatumwan, Bangkok (that was allowed during the floods and until about 2009 for anyone for 90days only)? Or is Chaeng Wattana the only option for residents of Division 1?
  7. I just can't find any Whitening cream for White leather shoes. I bought the shoes at a Central but they only had cleaners. I'm currently using an expensive Japanese cleaning fluid and toothpaste and a toothbrush to get a lot of the dirt off... but the shoes are gradually losing their whiteness. They don't look good. If you know any place in the centre (near a BTS/MRT) that sells something like this. I want to hear from you. Thanks!