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  1. So I've been given a 2 year work contract after years and years of getting a one year contract. My employer tells me that this entitles me to get a 2 year work permit but I will still will only be able to get a 1 year visa. Is that right?
  2. Has anyone got a copy (PDF) or even a photo of the "5 diseases" health form (apparently was introduced on March 1st)? The one I've got for my visa has 6 diseases listed so it must be some other form... I can't rely on my clinic's doctor as he is in his late 70s and not up on these types of things...
  3. Gaccha

    Hard Drive Recovery in Bkk

    I've had this happen twice in 10 years. The second time, the computer was destroyed by a power surge that caused it to smoke and make a loud bang. The power wouldn't even turn on. Yet I still recovered all the data on the hard drive... because I went to Pantip Plaza. Pantip Plaza has a few places that can deal with it. Give each place the chance to recover the data. If they can't, move to the next stall. You'll have to pay for a new hard drive, perhaps 800 baht in total. Cross your fingers.
  4. Gaccha

    Bad Parts Of Bangkok

    That park is closed. It was concreted over for the Royal funeral and is now inaccessible. But it is true that around that area with very few residents there is an unusually high crime rate. The BKK police rated it as a Top 10 robbery area.
  5. I notice at Swampy that the sign at Immigration states that the Thai line is for 'Thai Passport Holders and Registered Foreigners with residence in Thailand'. I asked the staff and they said 'Thai passport holders only'. Now obviously we all know this is not true; foreigners with Thai wives etc routinely use the Thai passport holders line. So I don't have much faith in their level of knowledge. But I'm intrigued by the 'Registered Foreigners with residence in Thailand' part of the sign. I don't recall seeing this before and it doesn't appear to be referencing the Privilege Cards etc. In many countries, foreigners with 1 year+ visas are often allowed to use the home country passport line. Has Thailand quietly changed its position?