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  1. Sorry - I read your quote with the wrong accent
  2. Don’t jump to conclusions Always be polite Good advice is always appreciated, whether relevant or not
  3. Hopes of Brexit transition deal face Irish barrier

    Is this quiz going to be a long one?
  4. Why would You?

    I’m guessing the OP is just jealous of his dad because he hasn’t got a girlfriend himself. Get a life, man! Get a wife!
  5. Hopes of Brexit transition deal face Irish barrier

    Stereo-typing is when you attribute the characteristics of the category to its members, without consideration for their individuality, not when you attribute personality traits to a country. That would be anthropomorphism.
  6. Excellent. That will be so much easier if we don't have to work as part of a team with the French, Germans, and dozens of other supporting countries. I'm surprised that the French, the Germans and the rest of them have allowed themselves to be so left behind and not set something up - maybe a European Space Agency, or something like that. SC
  7. Please can you make it clear which cases of murder on British soil we should be concerned about, and those we should not? Which employees of MI5 or MI6 deserve our protection within the law, and which do not?
  8. Tapper Beer at 7 11

    Tinned beer was the foundation of Empire.
  9. Hopes of Brexit transition deal face Irish barrier

    There are many who relish the prospect of a more divided and weaker Europe, and you can see some of their employees hard at work even on tHe’s threads, I believe. if it is true that the EU is a monster, then we should get on its back and tame it, not challenge it to do its worst. We have no choice but to follow the standards of our customers; I would prefer to have some say in the development of their standards. Europe may develop a common foreign and defence policy; I would wish my country to help steer that. perhaps, like Switzerland, we can establish a position as the amoral money-launderers for the world, in a position of neutrality. That’s not what I aspire to.
  10. I think that if we were out of the EU, the EU might say it’s not a matter of EU policy, so it’s up to individual countries. I would hope our fellow NATO members would look adversely at an attack on UK residents using nerve gas, but as far as I know, the EU does not have a defined position on disputes between two third parties.
  11. Hopes of Brexit transition deal face Irish barrier

    Your kids will probably be working as illegal immigrants in Lithuania, while you are looked after in your dotage by Eritreans on a reserve set up by the Russians for indigenous Britons somewhere in the valleys North of Cardiff
  12. Hopes of Brexit transition deal face Irish barrier

    My understanding is that it was not enshrined in law I.e. not legally binding. Like you, after I’ve taken a wrong turning, I hate turning back, but sometimes, eventually, you have to admit that the best way forward is back the way you came
  13. Missing home

    Put a hands-free earpiece in your ear and talk to yourself - Great idea!
  14. Why would You?

    An easy option, and you’ll be sharing the jackpot with loads of others. I reckon he’s planning bizarre eugenics experiments
  15. Hopes of Brexit transition deal face Irish barrier

    An honest mistake might be more easily forgiven. In the future, people won’ttalk About Brexit. They’ll keep quiet about how they voted, and children whose parents were Brexiteers will claim to have been adopted, or kidnapped, or accidentally swapped at birth.