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  1. Riding on the street questions

    If I’m turning right, generally I’ll move over toward the centre of the road, to allow straight-on traffic to pass on my left. At traffic lights, I’ll stop centrally in front of the turning lane, to block people going straight ahead from that lane, but making sure that they’ve seen me. Then I’ll move off straight but drifting right in the lane, to allow space for traffic to pass on my right (I take the turn ‘wider’ or ‘squarer’ than they do, heading over to the far kerb before I turn. This is extremely dangerous if the road you are turning into still shows a green light to through traffic from your left, or if traffic from your left runs the red light. On multi-lane roads, I prefer to hug the right-hand centre kerb than find myself in the middle of the road with fast moving traffic on both sides. But the worst of all is finding yourself approaching the confluence of two multi-lane highways; I’ve stopped, dismounted, and run for the safety of the left-hand kerb on more than one occasion. It’s hard to give general advice; each junction is unique. On one of my regular routes, I always stop first: “Right, lads - Safety Briefing. We’re approaching a busy roundabout and we’ll be turning right. Hammer it fast as you can, every man for himself” SC
  2. Cost to put together

    Do you have all the components already? If not, I think you will be better off buying a new bike that suits your requirements, and asking the shop to swap your frame in. bike prices are much more competitive and low margin than components, and the bike manufacturers pay a lower cost than distributors for their components, I think
  3. undertaking...

    Until people learn to keep left except when overtaking it is inevitable. When someone drives in the right hand lane, then the person passing on the left is following the rule that you can pass on the left when in queuing traffic moving at different speeds. The person on the right is forming queuing traffic, and if one chooses to move to the empty queue in the left hand lane, then why not? Or would you preferto stay behind them in the left lane, in their blind spot?
  4. Live Rugby League

    After a disappointing World Cup for the Northern Hemisphere teams - Lebanon and Ireland being the only Northern teams to exceed expectations (and I'm not sure just how 'Northern Hemisphere' Lebanon are) - we have nothing to look forward to but next season. The Challenge Cup kicks off in the last weekend of this month; Strathmore Silverbacks of Forfar, the Scottish champions, travel to Cumbria to meet Millom, the oldest amateur rugby league club in the world, if their Wikipedia page is to be believed. Superleague starts the following weekend with Warrington hosting Leeds and Hull FC taking on Huddersfield. Toronto start their season with a journey to Leigh - the drama, the excitement is palpable. SC
  5. Now you're selling it! I love Weetabix.
  6. Buying a bike for the little one.

    Bear in mind that at age five he's going to grow quickly, and he's going to learn quickly, so his biking needs are going to change quickly. He'll grow out of the bike in 2 or 3 years, so unless he's got a little brother / sister, then don't worry too much about the durability. If your budget is 5,000 and you buy a cheap 2,000 baht bike that only lasts him a year, that's 3,000 towards the next bike already, Maybe better to have a bike that fits than a sturdy one that lasts until its far too small. The frustrating thing about the cheap bike will be that it is probably all non-standard components and things that you could, on another bike, fix and repair, might be very difficult.
  7. We may not be alone

    I think it's pretty clear Trump is an alien

    Ah'm fine, hoo's yersel'?
  9. POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    But nobody would pay, so they released him
  10. POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    Sorry. I'm catching up as best I can
  11. POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    It was set in Edinburgh
  12. POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    You can't stir porridge with a silver spoon
  13. POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    For a dreadful minute there I thought he was a Scouser
  14. POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    I can send a picture of one of my brother's lawnmowers, if that would help