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  1. I guess some people just want a yes / no answer. More specifically, a yes answer. Personally, I don't think that there is much benefit in reading opinions that are the same as your own. My dear old aged parents are getting on a bit now and perhaps I should do more to help out. I recall my dear old mother's resentment in having her mother stay with us for a year or two, which turned out to be fifteen. It probably benefited me more than my mother, and I am glad of the link to the past, though I didn't think so at the time (Ref. my other thread on that topic, more or less). SC
  2. In my condo, I don't take my shoes off till I get inside my apartment. In hotels, I don't take my shoes off till I get to my room.
  3. It's fortunate that we don't need a fat old whore-mangers sub-forum. As Adam said, when God gave him a willy "You mean I can piss wherever I want?"
  4. I put my phone away when I'm in company. I was Down At The Doctor's (you'll have to YouTube that yourself, it's too difficult for an auld geezer like me to post links from my phone) and there was a charming little girl playing and smiling while her parents were focussed on their phones.
  5. Beer sponsor sorted Proposed route, to check practicality this weekend. Date agreed. Now to finalise the runners and riders. "it's no' a race, Cowboy" Except for the boat races at the end...
  6. There's been numerous threads on this forum on the passing of the good old days, which many of us appreciate, and lament. But what have you done to stem the tide? Are you part of the problem, or do you take up arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them? For my part, I have made sure my son can sing the Z-Cars theme tune, and The Archers. What have you done? Dee de deeee de dee dee deeedle, de dee deee, de deedum deee... spellcheck made are that harder than it needed to be
  7. Thanks, PG. i look back at the places I used to go, and I think - what have I done to help them? Remember when ? my fault - I never taught my son to cure conkers with vinegar or in the oven. If I told him a Dragon's Eye was worth less than a Cat's Eye he'd think I'd lost my marbles- which I have, and a bag of steelies. You can't blame young people for the loss of traditions - that is the fault of their elders, who should have known better
  8. Rawhide's my favourite, after Suzie Wong's
  9. I feel bad now about having my shoe rack inside the front door. Sometimes I don't take my shoes off till after I've wheeled my bike over to the balcony - I feel like such a barbarian. at least I try to pretend like I'm not a judgemental <deleted>, though I appreciate that I'm kidding no-one but myself. We all have to pretend we have some virtue, Or at least a vice that we lack
  10. Despite the win, they'll still be in the Middle 8, fighting to stay in Superleague. Should be a good competition, with derbies at Leigh and Widnes, and maybe two trips to France if Toulouse can squeeze their way in.
  11. "Thailand is legendary for its nightlife..." and this forum is posting about oatmeal and fruit juice for breakfast. Oliver Reed would be turning in his grave, if the coffin was not so tight. does no-one else swallow down a little bile for breakfast, as they struggle to find a taxi and their trousers (OR- should've said "OR their trousers")
  12. He might get hit by a bus. Imagine the humiliation of dying young in a tragic accident after a lifetime of restraint, moderation and abstinence? It would be like a short life, half-lived. Luckily, I've lived life enough that if I die tomorrow, I'll not be leaving much on the table, health wise. Of course, there is always the risk of not dying tomorrow, but I'll burn that boat when I get to it. JT: cup of instant coffee with milk, as often as not with a cup of cartonned fruit juice. From time to time I'll have curry at the chapatti shop, if I'm on a samosa run, and if I have a long bike ride, I'll stop at Subway near the metro for a sandwich
  13. I'm back to scouting for our annual charity pub ride. It's getting difficult to find new and different routes. first step, though, is to confirm the principal pub sponsor. If the sponsor changes, we'll inevitably have a different route
  14. I've always thought reversing positions are slightly deviant