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  1. This seems like a much easier way to disable the US government than all that old-fashioned cold war nuclear weapon stuff. Someone, somewhere, must be chortling with glee and smug conceit of a job well done.
  2. I hope to see you out and about with your bike - we’ve been Short of great photos in the Cycling forum
  3. StreetCowboy

    Bringing A Bicycle Into Thailand

    My Mondraker was assembled in Thailand.
  4. StreetCowboy

    Cycling and Health

    It's embarrassing alighting while stood up.
  5. StreetCowboy

    What if...

    When I worked in the zoo we taught one of the chimpanzees to read. We gave him the Bible, and Darwin's 'The Origin of Species', and he couldn't work out if he was his brother's keeper or his keeper's brother. SC
  6. American standards (well, NFPA, which is all I use) are now metricated, with the archaic measures in brackets
  7. One anti-semitic slur, and one post querying it. At the moment, there is no forum for racist slurs, though perhaps if you asked, the mods might set one up. I think the Argentinians would be aghast at someone invading the Falklands, and would support restoration of the status quo immediately, but I doubt they would lend us military support.
  8. I'd look askance at anyone that fed dodgy beer to starving African children
  9. StreetCowboy

    How aggressive are the thieves here?

    Insurance just encourages thieves, because the owners care less.
  10. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    You may recall I have been chortling with glee and anticipation and rubbing my hands to boot at the prospect of today's ride. I should have been trembling in fear and dread, and searching for excuses. The first 63 km were fine. And this doesn't look so bad. But it goes on like that (more like that /) for 2.5 km. It seems that the gradients have broken Stava, as I can't revisit the ride for more information. It was a hard ride, 20 km into KL city, 20 km out to a village over the hills and beyond, some beautiful countryside, and then the fiercest bastard hill I have ever had the misfortune to come across in my life, unless you count ladders or staircases. The other side was great, though. My mate, who is a better descender (and climber) than I got over 70 kph on the way down, I was happy to get close to 60. "It almost makes it all worthwhile for the descent" I suggested, when we stopped for lunch, The looks told me I was not reflecting a consensus. Before the start, it was interesting to see the bike racks at the station It seems most cyclists prefer to leave their bikes under cover Next week will be a softies' ride - on Sunday at least. My colleague called me up on Saturday "You up for a beer? Can't stop long, you'll see why...." Obviously, I was across the road like a rocket, pausing momentarily whether it would be quicker to take the bike or not, and concluding he was probably looking after his bairn, deciding against it. I was wrong, and he wanted to show off his bike, which he'd had re-tired with 45 mm rain slicks. Nice! Then my cycling buddy called me to say he was stopping in a pub nearby that was not walking distance, but only 10 minutes by bike... so I think we all had a lucky escape there. Looking homeward, and fantasising about alternative routes
  11. StreetCowboy

    How aggressive are the thieves here?

    You can be sat watching your bike, and someone can jump on it and be off faster than you can chase them; but you can be off giving them a bit of a boxing before they've got their bolt cutters back in their bag if it's locked.
  12. StreetCowboy

    Where buy liquid CO2 in balloons ?

    Will the CO2 not freeze as it comes out the valve and seize up the valve? Why do you want to dispense the liquid CO2?
  13. This forum has been like a morgue recently, so I thought it was time for a cryptic thread. Post a cryptic description of where your bike’s been, and let others describe the photo; please quote the original description, as I fully anticipate there will be loads of challenges running in parallel.... then a week later, or sooner, or later, as you see fit, post the photo.