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  1. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    Great photos. I’m always amazed how green the rice is
  2. StreetCowboy

    Pubcycle 2018

    One shop has offered us three bikes already - one new and two needing a bit of a clean-up...
  3. Sometimes sarcasm can be too subtle
  4. Sometimes sarcasm can be too subtle.
  5. StreetCowboy

    Live Rugby League

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to miss the Super 8s when they go back to simple relegation and promotion. I think the Top 8 would have been enhanced by going straight to a knockout format, or post-division points count double. The Qualifiers are great, and even if they don’t get promoted, give the best teams in the Championship exposure to Superleague standards. I reckon Toronto will go up this year, and maybe one of London or Toulouse.
  6. Speak for yourself. I owned up for my corticosteroids straight away.x Apparently alcohol is also banned, although it used to be used for its pain-killing properties, but in the 60s the UCI thought it might be a stimulant; it’s certainly a motivation. Anyway, Pubcycle 2018 Le Tour de Sid’s V is not regulated by the UCI.
  7. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    Today’s ride was not so photogenic. Rod was on hunger-strike until our company starts paying consultants again; he managed the first 60 km fine, even the hill I was a bit worried about. Coming down the other side on the way home, I was hunched down over the handlebars focussing on my speedometer (66 kph) and he flew past, legs spinning like billy-o (apparently 73 kph) but the last 10 km home were tough for him. And for me.
  8. Maybe where you come from. Cycling is the most rigorously tested sport.
  9. That’s also a possibility. I think we are pretty well prepared for a post-Brexit future where everything works well. I think for people in the UK, the most important requirement is that we don’t prevent the import of essential goods and products. And for the EU, they need to find alternative markets.
  10. "Spazz force"; I thought that although he meant well, it was a bit 'un-PC'; better to call them 'Special' forces, for a 'special' president
  11. Let's face it; the real question is not membership of the EU; it is sovereignty. Should that rest with the government appointed by the crown with the support of parliament, or ad hoc plebiscite referenda driven by social media? If I was to offer an opinion on this, I would say "Boaty McBoatface"
  12. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    Terowong Penchala - it's like the Time Tunnel, taking you from the modern high-rise suburb of Mont Kiara to Kampung Penchala, which is like KL thirty years ago - on the brink of disappearing under high-rise development
  13. When a union ignores the opinion of one nation in favour of that of another within the union, there is a risk to the union.
  14. StreetCowboy

    Limited use of arms and hands

    You might also get helpful advice in the TV medical forum
  15. Judge. Everyone’s a judge