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  1. Basic tools you need for a bicycle?

    I bought a Lezyne multi-tool which I thought was brilliant; I brought it down the pub to show off to my mates. But the bulk of the tool made it difficult to access some of those hex socket screws on the brakes; and after three years in my sweaty backpack its rusted something dreadful. I've just spent five minutes with a tin of WD-40 to free up the movement. When I first bought the bike I asked my brother to send over a bike spanner, only to discover there's not a hex-head bolt or nut to be found on a modern bike...,
  2. Fat bikes any good?

    I think its the pressure rather than the size that creates the drag; so mine are pumped up to the upper limit of their rated pressure - 85 psi, compared to 110 psi that my buddies ride on 25 mm tyres. Before I got the floor pump with a pressure gauge, I think I was running about half that pressure, and I was plagued with punctures. Now, less than one in 1,000 km I would say SC
  3. I felt bad about boasting about the new corrugated iron roof on my lean-to. It’s stolen from a construction site. I just don’t Have the imagination to invent stories that other people would find interesting
  4. Fat bikes any good?

    I have the same tyres on my road bike as on my mountain bike - 35 mm, running at 85 psi because I'm a fat bas****
  5. Cheap GPS?

    How is the battery life? Do you need to charge for every ride? I have enough trouble charging my phone and my lights. I can easily do a five hour ride on the phone, and if I make sure its fully charged and don't over-use the screen, I can do a 100 km + ride quite happily (six or seven hours elapsed). I don't get pulse rate monitoring, but if I saw my pulse rate it would probably give me a heart attack. SC
  6. Check the travel arrangements to the office for the next day, check the travel arrangements for getting back to the air port on the way home, then off to the bar for a couple of beers and chat with colleagues re preparation for the morning.
  7. Live Rugby League

    I hadn't realised Scotland were in one of the Big Boys' Groups this year - Group B, 3 out of 4 qualify for the Quarter-Finals, so we just need to finish ahead of either one of Samoa or Tonga - or go one better against the Kiwis and beat them for the first time in any code of rugby. It seems like Lebanon really got the shitty end of stick, with Australia, England and France in their group. I've got to fancy Wales to go through ahead of Ireland or Papua New Guinea, but USA - Italy - Fiji should be drama all the way SC
  8. I think mass extinction is a disproportionate response to ill manners. You could always stop, and allow them to blunder into you, in the hope that they might learn, or you could scythe their legs from under them and cry "Concentrate, Dolt!", depending on how confrontational you want to be.
  9. Live Rugby League

    So roll on The World Cup. A host of stars from New Zealand and Australia have sworn allegiance to Tonga, so that pool, with New Zealand, Scotland and Samoa should be a cracker; both teams will have a point to prove after Scotland's Four Nations draw with New Zealand. Chortling with glee and anticipation and rubbing my hands to boot does not describe the half of it; and at sensible times in the day as well SC
  10. Live Rugby League

    I fell asleep before the end of the game, but luckily, I woke up for the coaches' interviews, which I think will be on the edited highlights. castleford were frustratingly far below their best; I think that was a Castleford problem, not outstanding opposition, and I am sure that if Castleford had played better, then Leeds would have played better as well. I wish the League Leader's Shield was given higher priority; Castleford has made this season with their exciting rugby, and trounced the best opposition in the league; but as Powell said;" We saved the worst till last".
  11. Live Rugby League

    They'll need to put their velcro gloves on and hang on to the ball and complete their sets. Anything could happen in the next forty minutes
  12. Live Rugby League

    Seems like they've put too much butter on the ball. I've never seen so many knock-ons and dropped balls. Leeds 7 - 0 Castleford at half-time
  13. Live Rugby League

    Sorry I'm late, lads, I was stuck watching S Africa 24 - 25 New Zealand with the Astro boys
  14. Live Rugby League

    Am I the only one chortling with glee and anticipation and rubbing one's hands to boot at the prospect of the Superleague Grand Final overnight on Saturday night -Sunday morning? Cas won the League Leaders Shield by a country mile, but Leeds are always one of the strongest teams at the pointy end of the season. Sure, and we'd all love Castleford to win and put a new name on the trophy, but how many of us are secretly hoping that Brian McDermott might be tempted into cracking a smile? Just to hear what it sounds like... SC