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  1. Haggis suppers; back in the day, back in the Old Country, I’d not touch a haggis supper with a pickled onion skewer, but now it’s my first culinary stop whenever I repatriate
  2. I can get beer on credit, I’ll pay for it in the morning
  3. Swear never to drink again. Same as the driver. Or sleep. Ditto
  4. If we’d have qualified, we could’ve won it
  5. StreetCowboy

    genetic testing part 2

    Don’t try Eugenics on yourself
  6. I didn’t watch the football last night
  7. Excellent irony! To avoid accusations of failing to keep on topic: “one more, then I’m off home”
  8. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    The view from Rawang Bypass. There's a better view from the next "Stopping Forbidden" sign, but I didn't want to stop again. Rawang bypass is so high up I thought we'd need oxygen, but it was nothing compared to the hill on the way back past Ulu Yam. I'll not be doing that again in a hurry. We could scarcely claim to have been hurrying on Sunday, either, stopping for a bit of a wheeze and a gasp. "If you collapse, I'm not giving you mouth to mouth resuscitation" my mate said. "If we're within sight of the top, I'll make it, and if we're not, I don't want resuscitated."
  9. Most people that know what they are talking about are dishonest fraudsters. The only people you can trust are those that are proud of their ignorance.
  10. What Trump is saying is "I don't care about children, I don't care about civil liberties, I don't care about the law - and you could be next"
  11. StreetCowboy

    Three people killed by a train in south London

    I don't think the death penalty is appropriate for graffiti. I think a more appropriate view would be that they had no-one to blame but themselves. EDIT: "...three men in their twenties..."; isn't that a bit old for that sort of nonsense? Let's hope they have not left any children behind.
  12. Aye, right. The US spends more than the rest of the world on NATO, not including their spending on their war with the rest of the world. How much did Putin pay you to say that? Don't bother looking for a receipt. This is a different war, and until we understand that we are fighting it, we are unlikely to win it.
  13. To emphasise that point, I would have deleted the post before posting; I know - easily said in retrospect; less easily done in the heat of the moment. I brought all my prejudices here - and top prejudices they are, too, but before I strike up a conversation I hesitate; what if he’s fae Tarnent? If he kens the boys fi the ‘Burgh?
  14. I’m with you. People should only get a vote when they have fought in Imperialist wars; at the end of the war, we’ll decide which side was which. My understanding is that in most countries, the military comes under the civic government, hence you have Commander in Chief Bone-Spurs. I have some sympathy with the view that you have to spend some time in the trenches, or up to your elbows in geriatrics before you can vote, but that is not the way life is, today.