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  1. You can't beat drinking on the steps of 7-11 for a big night out, though.
  2. So long as you're happy, that's all that matters. Nothing beats a positive attitude
  3. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    Great pictures. It looks like great cycling countryside. That's a lot of kilometres. My target is 5,000+ km per year, and that needs going out diligently twice every weekend.
  4. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    I'd planned a not too strenuous ride up and down the highway a few km, detouring through a couple of housing estates - maybe 30 km or so. Unfortunately one of the riders easily goaded me into trying one of the steep little hills that KL has in abundance. Never again! It was like THAT /. Then we came home through the back road, which has a bit of construction site and ditch and unbuilt path to it - maybe that will keep him quiet about the planned plantation adventure for a while...
  5. This thread is useless without pictures
  6. StreetCowboy

    Which bike should I buy?

    Have you bought a bike yet? Can you post a picture? Everyone likes pictures.
  7. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    Yes; but they’re all around Kuala Lumpur, so not so convenient for most of you.
  8. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    I'm trying to find a safe way home from the hills on the far side of the city. A safe way home that doesn't involve going over that ridiculous road we took last time. So today we took a ride down past Gotham City - that would have been worth a photo if I'd thought about it - past the brewery (not particularly photogenic, but a site of special interest nonetheless), wrong turning and along a particularly intimidating highway, then over a footbridge, and back on track along the motorcycle lane to the National Sports Complex, and finally two attempts to ride round the horse-racing track from either direction, but in every case thwarted by diligent security guards. Then back the same way bar not taking the wrong turning... 60 km before breakfast gave us a bit of an appetite as well as a thirst. MJ had to drive home, so I'm not sure he was properly rehydrated, but a short while later I managed to get home before I fell asleep. Anyway, that's half the route, but the harder part is beyond that, in countryside that is sorely afflicted with highways and autocentric retail development. Then beyond that, you're into the hills, and this would be the furthest point of the ride... Photo from last June. I suppose we could come back the way we went, but that is such an anticlimax. And I don't want to take the risk of being tempted to attempt that hill back again...
  9. StreetCowboy

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    Last week’s bike delivery team Agathians’ Shelter; we stopped for a photo-op outside My Bicycle Shop, who kindly donated the bikes, but they’re closed on Sundays Our own bikes are in the background, making sure they’re not forgotten, especially after my cycling buddy going on about what a great bike the orange roadster is...
  10. StreetCowboy

    Live Rugby League

    Very best wishes to Shaun Wayne in Scotland; a perfect send-off forhim, and I’m looking forward to next year’s Grand Final when Warrington might come up trumps. Getting to two Finals is as much as you can reasonably expect, though I’m sure everyone would say they would rather win one than lose two
  11. StreetCowboy

    Live Rugby League

    It's a great game so far... long way to go, though....
  12. StreetCowboy

    Were these Thais trying to steal my bike?

    If I'd left my bike locked up for five hours, I'd be slightly nervous of my ability to ride home safely. When I leave my bike outside the pub, I prefer to sit where I can see it, but otherwise I'll lock it with a fairly ordinary chain lock. If someone goes out to steal a bike they'll have the tools to do the job; I just want to stop the passing hoodlums taking the bike to get home quicker.
  13. Maybe HSBC questioned the people they wanted as customers.
  14. StreetCowboy

    Live Rugby League

    I'm chortling with glee and anticipation and rubbing my hands to boot, looking forward to tonight's game from Old Trafford, if I can manage to stay up for it...
  15. StreetCowboy

    Bicycle mounting survey?

    In the morning I tried pushing off before mounting and felt slightly unsteady. I should've tried to get my leg over while dismounting on the way to the first pub, but caution got the better of me, as I know the ridicule you get when you fall over, either entering or leaving the pub. Particularly if you are reckless enough to clip yourself to your bicycle.