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  1. Bitcoin trades above $5,000 for first time ever

    wow $100 in bitcoin in 2010 now worth almost $73 million https://www.rt.com/business/389190-bitcoin-historic-price-high/
  2. Meat pies Jomtien.

    Wrong location, never seen it busy, they should open in a shopping mall with foot traffic, lack of customers puts me off, i seem to remember the rent on that place was not cheap
  3. One of the best Indians in the world right here in Bangkok http://eatatgaggan.com/menu.php
  4. Unable to use torrents in Thailand?

    Yify still up and a great site, PM me if you want the link
  5. if you book the night before and pay for it its your room at 8am
  6. http://www.majesticgrande.com/ Under 3K a night, book the night before and you wont be sweating it, and still be under your 6K budget Great hotel right near Nana BTS one stop to interchange MRT
  7. Trump says 'only one thing will work' with North Korea

    I am glad you are not in charge of anything
  8. Very unlikely he was using hash.
  9. Very true, and have you noticed how slowly they are getting popped off, ripped off the wrong people?
  10. More media jumps on the filthy Pattaya beach bandwagon

    That particular beach, being how its positioned does get all the rubbish washed up, always has. Its a bit of a peninsular
  11. Polish suspect re-enacts blowing open ATM

    He was late for work in a gogo
  12. Border Run from Pattaya

    http://www.1stclassvisaruns.com/ Best service i have used, plenty of info on TV about this subject
  13. Cheap cellphone calls to UK?

    If your both on wifi then have you thought about both getting LINE or Whattsapp free crystal clear calls
  14. Trump is playing right into his hand by giving Kim world stage. Name calling is just so childish, ignore him, make your plans and free the poor people of North Korea to the 21st century
  15. Britain to promise 20 billion euros in Brexit bill: FT

    The EU will put it to good use, give it to Greece so they can keep retiring at 60yo or build some more new roads in Spain