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  1. skyscanner beware

    Live chat on their FB page, nothing to do with skyscanner i would think https://www.facebook.com/VayamaTravel/
  2. He is a Billionaire, he will always have "friends"
  3. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    Soi 6 is miles from T21? i think not, plenty of tourist walk up it from the beach, presumably that's why its been tighten up down there opening wise Lets see what happens when T21 opens, soi 6 as we know it will be gone IMHO, slam dunk? i don't think so
  4. GOT 7/5 to fast as usual, more friends reunited, still intoxicating stuff
  5. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    Pattaya is changing fast, there will always be sex for sale your right, but not right in your face at 4pm in the afternoon on a main link road from the beach to one of the biggest investments that Pattaya has seen in years, if not ever
  6. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    I reckon Soi 6 as it is will be toast when T21 opens, already under the cosh opening wise, too in your face so close to such a huge investment
  7. I blew a fuse when I saw the beer prices in there
  8. Does Trump realise the people of North Korea are innocent in all this, its haircut boy needs taking out, not millions of its people
  9. The story so far is not an episode, i never even watched that,there have only been 4 so far this season, but i see your point I had been treading that the next 3 might be released by pirates, thought thats where you found episode 5 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0944947/episodes?year=2017&ref_=tt_eps_yr_2017
  10. 5? where did you find that? Only 4 released so far
  11. Chinese tourists arrested after Hitler salutes in Germany

    John Cleese better watch out in Germany
  12. Is it law? or does he just decide?
  13. Don't worry, if we need one we will soon build one, just as we have though history
  14. Good pick Chivas and well done, i had a fantastic ride on GKP a few years back, 7p up to a high of £4.50 worthless now, but i took huge profits off them during their rise. Investing in Serica Energy right now, have a peep, share price is almost equal to cash in bank very steady earnings, good potential upside http://www.serica-energy.com/