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  1. There is no denying he has done a great job so far for Americans, second term will be a breeze
  2. So this will be the next major conflict? final battle between Kurds and Turks I favor the Kurds personally
  3. Sukhumvit’s Chuvit Garden To Be Paved Over For Mall

    Your right,I don't think many spend much in them these days anyway, the food courts and cinemas do well, that's about it, and they are good to go in to get out of the heat
  4. EU still open to Britain changing mind on Brexit

    "EU still open to Britain changing mind on Brexit" I bet they are, countries within the EU are already asking for a good deal for the UK, because they know the implication of us not getting a good deal will have on them. The Dutch and the leaders of Italy, Poland, Hungary, Spain and Ireland have all spoken out publicly to call for the EU not to punish the UK for Brexit.
  5. There are only 11 million Greeks living there, how much have they had all together???? just give them all $100,000 each I am sure they would be happy
  6. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    Good job they were not selling E-cigs as well, would have been death sentence for sure
  7. Thanks for the NEO tip, i will take a look
  8. They are all having a great day so far today Ethereum is king for me, many of the other coins run on its blockchain, I am hoping this year it will knock Bitcoin of the top spot and fund my Bangkok penthouse
  9. which color taxi in bangkok? to airport

    Can you still get one from Departures?, I have not tried lately
  10. And they say the UK government is weak
  11. crypto mining machines - used?

    Been a long time since ETH was $90, try $1200, you should have done well getting 6 or 7 a month. They going to be heading a lot higher IMHO
  12. South Korean Minister of Justice Receives Strong Backlash From Lawmakers about Remarks On Closing Down Cryptocurrency Exchanges http://www.blockchainnews.co.kr/news/view.php?idx=533&mcode=m83o8vm# No crash on the Ethereum's I hold , last week they were £695, last month £450, today they are £912, happy days https://www.applancer.co/blog/ethereum-is-surging-again-to-new-record-heights £500 worth of ETH brought last January is now worth £50,00, similar gains are starting already this year Ethereum will over take BC as main currency IMHO
  13. Need a criminal Lawyer Been Scammed

    Simple lesson is never trust anyone in Thailand, a simple search would explain the procedure to transfer ownership, has to be done at a registered office, copies of both passports and certificate of residence plus a fee
  14. Random Urine-testing Returns To Asoke

    Does marijuana use show in the tests, or are they just looking for amphetamine?
  15. BTW https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/27/uk-car-industry-has-its-best-month-in-17-years British car manufacturing enjoyed its best month in 17 years in March fuelled by demand for vehicles from abroad. The number of cars to roll off UK production lines rose by 7.3% last month compared with a year earlier, to 170,691 - the highest number since March 2000.