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  1. Only one man can sort all that out, and thats a woman
  2. Not North Pattaya, its on the slip road from BigC Extra
  3. London will never lose the financial industry, been reading the Mirror again?, it will be even stronger as an independent city
  4. Been the same for donkeys years and countless treads on the subject, out going to UK round 5 days strangly, better to have it sent DHL or similar if its important
  5. I will make a prediction, Jeremy Corbyn will not lead the Labor party into this election campaign
  6. He is going to end up owning United
  7. $50 million settlement to him is my guess, higher perhaps?
  8. Not being a detective here but, tattoo on his arm is certainly Thai
  9. 120 deaths world wide from death by legionella in the last 17 years 80 everyday on the roads in Thailand
  10. I googled as you say in quotes, it brought up a total of 6 results
  11. Don't believe it, sorry. There has been nothing like this mentioned before about scam bars in SC to this extent, padding yes and big bar fines defiantly . Even the police would have sided with you on this and there are always plenty about around the street, on the whole SC has a good reputation for not scamming punters
  12. If they were serious they would have shut down soi6 sex trade years ago, but to much money being made by Thai's and one or two Farangs
  13. 1964 London convention allows European countries to fish in Britain's waters Theresa May is expected to announce scrapping the deal within weeks In combination with Brexit the move could spell a fresh start for UK fishermen Britain is to pull out of a deal that allows European fishing vessels access to its waters, Theresa May is expected to announce. The move would see the UK taken out of the 1964 London convention, which predates the establishment of the EU, and effectively give the country's fishermen a fresh start after Brexit. Currently the agreement allows vessels from twelve other European countries to fish within six to 12 nautical miles of the British coast. This lady is growing on me everyday, dailymail btw
  14. According to a certain poster on here (not seen recently) they were all going to be bulldozed anyway in January
  15. Will he get a bigger fine for stealing time, as his wife for feeding fish?