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  1. When Terminal 21 opens, soi 6 will be toast IMHO
  2. Maybe they should be looking at the future of transport, HYPERLOOP, i believe it will happen
  3. Disgrace to Thailand this case, should have been deported end of story
  4. One big UK investor down there must be feeling the pinch, he seemed to think soi6 was untouchable, but for me, if you were going to try and clean up , that would be the first place you start
  5. Gravy train for one and all MEPs allowed to claim £120,000 in expenses without proof of how money is spent A court heard EU officials don't want to saddle MEPs with an 'administrative burden' which would hamper their freedom
  6. Just found this, staggering the amount they have borrowed and yes Germany a good part of it (54Billion), but billions from EU as well, so that means UK
  8. Keep propping up billions to Greece,Spain Italy and Portugal, the UK has had enough
  9. Lets hear from Danish "man in the street", its not what i am hearing from the Danes I know
  10. Speak to Danish people, they are fed up to the teeth with the EU
  11. I don't get what he means? the British people voted out, without another referendum (unlikely) out we will go one way or the other,deal or no deal
  12. Not exactly low profile.
  13. Good clean of your apartment/house, shower heads soaked in bleach, a/c thoroughly cleaned, bathroom fans cleaned, and change pillows/pillow protector Might not be anything to do with it, but you never know. I was getting terrible blocked nose in the morning, changed to new pillows on advise and they went
  14. Why did you not take him on one side and speak to him? I would draw the line at drinking my beer, are you timid, or was afraid of him??
  15. Trouble with Patrick's is they put all the hot food on cold plates, even if you ask, across the way at Beefeaters you don't even have to ask, hot plates every ime