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  1. Money from the US? I have heard that the US gives $3 Billion a year to Israel. I don't know if it is accurate or true. But if so, I wish we would stop helping them while they continue to steal land from Palestine.
  2. I suspect there is a clue to Yingluck's escape/whereabouts/future in the graphic on her son's t-shirt.
  3. This is an incredibly important observation, unfortunately not observed by the Thai people.
  4. Not only would the authorities investigate in the west, there would be a back up system called 'internal affairs' if there was a hint of cover police up, and even the news reporters would dig and dig and do the right thing. News reporters in Thailand are extremely limited in effort. They are either puppets to the money or the fear.
  5. Friends from US asked where in Thailand they should visit. I gave them recommendations of cities and sights, and a strong, graphic warning about Koh Tao. They adjusted their plans accordingly. In a society where daughters are sold into sexual slavery and sons are taught to look the other way from murder, it's the only immediate power we have to do anything.
  6. I have to say, things aren't that much better in the US where I am now. Despite a law against it, I see many people texting and driving every day, and no one uses their blinker (turn signal). They do stop at cross walks, but only for fear of getting a ticket.
  7. Well you have to be careful, if you publicize something like this you are responsible for giving Thailand a bad name! Not the abductor of course.
  8. Taxis in Bangkok go for total revamp

    The rear seat belts don't even work. How is an emergency button expected to!?!?
  9. Taxis in Bangkok go for total revamp

    I do the same: for the non-greedy ones I always over-tip.
  10. Bless the Thai Guys who stepped in and did the right thing ...
  11. Thank God for western news reporters. At least providing some checks and balances. Your money can't buy these people, son!
  12. It appeared blocked for me too, but I just googled the title of the post and the video also appeared on a stickboy website and was able to be viewed.
  13. So, water throwing: banned. Drink driving: mai pen rai!?
  14. The excuses. A nation of children I tell you.
  15. Whenever I went to Khao Yai Nat'l Park, I (american) showed my Thai driver's license, and then they only charged me the Thai price... not sure if same holds true for Samed etc....