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  1. Advantages of the iPad Pro are better display, integrated keyboard and a pen. Disadvantages of the iPad Pro are price, rapid obsolescence, and not being a 100% replacement for a laptop. There's lots of speculation about how the iPad Pro will undergo dramatic changes next year.
  2. 'Buyer's remorse' will come later...when the economy takes a steep dive and health care costs do a steep climb.
  3. Go near and/or touch a dangling wire on the street. Especially in wet weather.
  4. Don't insult real dogs. Real dogs are not melodramatic, have more sense, not all bark and no bite.
  5. How are you getting to 'photos'? Do you mean 'Pictures' under favorites, in the Finder window?
  6. There are 4 view options on the top left of the finder window. Only the second view option has column headers that can be sorted. Thanks for the pic, I think.
  7. Click on any column header (name, date, kind, etc.) within the dropdown, to re-sort the list from ascending to descending (and vice versa). Or open a Finder window next to Safari and drag/drop the file into the shaded part of the TVF reply box.
  8. It's a scam. https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-8771
  9. He'll still look stupid without the tattoo.
  10. I believe this 'war' between Trump supporters and Trump haters will hurt the image of the U.S. even further. And I very much doubt it will lead to an impeachment.
  11. It sounds like some Trump supporters are digging in for other reasons... http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-donald-trump-supporters-stupid-20170710-story.html A lot of people out there are tired of being called stupid, whether directly to their faces or indirectly with the raised eyebrow of the highbrow. I almost think they can deal with being called racist, sexist or homophobic (which some are, some aren't and who cares anyway, since liberals are exactly the same,) but cannot deal with being ridiculed for their allegedly inferior intellects.
  12. I hope you didn't stay up all these nights trying to formulate a response. Your sanctimonious assumptions are ridiculous and comical. Trump is your fixation, not mine. "get a grip"...that's rich coming from you. Get some rest.