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  1. And cat person and a holy roller?! I'm out of here.
  2. You're looking down on them? I need a shower after reading your post.
  3. You need wit for both of those. I haven't detected that either.
  4. That was then. This is now. Try to focus on the present.
  5. 45 is not firing missiles over Japan. Duh!
  6. What country are you from? Does it start with an 'R'?
  7. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    It looks like the North Koreans are spamming TVF.
  8. They're 'Google search experts' who live in a black and white world. Usually make a big mess in their pants when they find out differently.
  9. You're wasting your time. But, nice try.
  10. You're probably thinking of Canada.
  11. Who said anything about a 'nuclear war'? Why do we need the U.N. if we have you? Why are you concerned about American tax payers? What's your skin in the game? Are you trying to dazzle us with your brilliance? Where's your concern for the people of NK? They pay a lot more (hunger, executions, etc.) than taxes. Do you think the people of China and Russia have been ripped off by their leadership's military spending? Are you being ripped off by your country?