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  1. thithi

    The Tattoo Thread - Western Names In Thai Script

    I would write Tassanee or Tatsanee. And it means beautiful.
  2. Scratch Dog suk soi 20 and Narz suk soi 23 are the after hour clubs...playing hip-hop ...always the same tunes... and I'm always there. I always do not know why.
  3. thithi

    Five Word International Story

    with the black high heels
  4. thithi

    The Three Word Story!

    on cashew nuts
  5. thithi

    Pattaya Story

    smelly onion kebab
  6. thithi

    Word Association Game

  7. thithi

    They Say You Should Never

    lol nice to know. how'r things?
  8. thithi

    Five Word International Story

    with full moon, it turns
  9. thithi

    Pattaya Story

    sweet apple pie
  10. thithi

    The Three Word Story!

    Wheres my elephant?
  11. thithi

    They Say You Should Never

    i dunno ive been away for so long. anyone misses me?
  12. thithi

    Quite Easy To Live On 30,000 B A Month !

    i spend at least 12k a month and 15k max including accommodation, el and water. Uni fees are excluded [around 30k baht a term] i yam a student, no car, eat good food which are sometimes pricey, shop, hang out and get pissed up often. Still I think it's expensive. In my hometown up north, I would spend 12k in 3 months
  13. thithi

    Pattaya Story

    away away planet
  14. thithi

    Pattaya Story

    eating banana on