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  1. It's a requirement. Without it, the process halts. I applied in August 2009. Received Thai Citizenship in January 2016. When I applied for my Thai ID, the official of the districts office asked me which name I wanted to use for the ID. The reserved Thai name or my foreign name. I chose for my foreign name.
  2. Same here but when I had to submit some extra documents to the regional revenue department, they took a copy of my Thai ID and recorded its data in their system. My employer is still using the old tax ID number though. However, my employer did take care that my SSO number became changed. My SSO number is now the same as my Thai ID number.
  3. I read somewhere on here that this won't work on land borders as your Thai passport hasn't been stamped-in at the Cambodian side. Therefore you can't get a stamped-out. By air the process seems to work.
  4. Krusapa Website for Checking status

    http://www.ksp.or.th/ksp2013/service/index.php?t=2 or this one http://www.ksp.or.th/service/license_search.php
  5. You're lucky, Neeranam. Some foreign teachers get their fifth temporary teaching permit while others can't get more than three.
  6. I think only when you enroll a graduate diploma in teaching/ education course.
  7. http://site.ksp.or.th/about.php?site=license&SiteMenuID=221
  8. 6 Year waiver is up. What can I do?

    That option was abandoned 5 years ago. IFUGAO provides such a graduate diploma in teaching course. One year of study and around 60,000 THB. Two foreign teachers I personally know received the TCT teacher license with this qualification. It costs a 140,000 THB though.
  9. 6 Year waiver is up. What can I do?

    1 year of study and costs about 60,000 THB.
  10. Thanks for your reply, Arkady. Concise as usual. I would hope the IO is not alert on where you're travelling to and the necessity for a visa if applicable.
  11. SB hasn't set any regulations in relation to cancelling the extension of stay the naturalised person had at the moment of naturalisation. However, Section 19 paragraph 2 of the Nationality Act states 'There is evidence to show that he still makes use of his former nationality' which could be a reason for revoking Thai Citizenship. Therefore, I cancelled my extension of stay the moment I got my Thai ID card. It has to be said that the Immigration Officers didn't really know what to do with it as the 'Immigration handbooks' does not describe the procedures in such a case. Several calls with HQ has been made. I didn't get any stamps or receipts in my foreign passport. Anyways, in the computer database record of Immigration is noted that I cancelled my extension of stay. Copies of my ID, naturalisation document and Royal Gazette announcement have been submitted and noted in the database record. However, this is only one part of the story as the person who cancelled the extension of stay, me, has still not formally exited the Kingdom. The Head of the Immigration Office told me that an Immigration Officer at the border might or could be able to cross-link the foreign and Thai passports and stressed that I should take all my naturalisation documents with me when making a trip abroad. This should prevent any issues in regards to 'overstaying' of the naturalised person a.k.a. the foreigner.
  12. 1) SB - 0 2) NIA - + 1 month 3) MOI - + almost 4 years in my case (interview November 2013)
  13. @ tokyoblond - thank you very much for the clarification. Guess what applies to Hua Hin will also apply to Phetchaburi as that Immigration office falls under Hua Hin. Again, thanks for the heads up.
  14. Haven't heard about this 'new' rule for teachers who are going to Hua Hin or Phetchaburi Immigration. Are you sure it's not related to the temporary teaching permit (aka provisional teaching permit aka waiver) from the Teachers' Council of Thailand? Those Immigration Offices are known for not giving extensions of stay based on employment as a teachers, exceeding the expiration date of the teaching permit.