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  1. The new Honda CB300R starting price is 149,800 THB.
  2. That fingerprint session is for verification purposes.
  3. CELTA and Thai Teacher Licence?

  4. CELTA and Thai Teacher Licence?

    B.Sc. - UK, AUS, NZ, IRL, SA B.S. - USA, CDN
  5. CELTA and Thai Teacher Licence?

    Any degree plus CELTA doesn't qualify for the TCT teacher license. A degree in education, any degree plus a post graduate diploma in education/ teaching profession or equivalent does.
  6. Have you got your teacher's license?

    Application Form (KS.02) http://site.ksp.or.th/download-file.php?Action=download&DataID=1244 Qualification Declaration Form (KS.02.10) http://site.ksp.or.th/download-file.php?Action=download&DataID=1245
  7. Have you got your teacher's license?

    Here you are. In a Thai TCT document I read that you should apply for renewal at least 180 days in advance. Requirements - Hold Bachelor’s degree or higher in Education field or - Hold Bachelor’s degree in another field + teaching experience of not less than 5 years or - Hold lower than Bachelor’s degree + teaching experience of not less than 10 years - License holder must supply reasonable documentation of not less than 3 professional development activities during the 5-year validity period of the license - The school director examines the accuracy and approve that the license holder meets the qualification 1. Completed Professional License Renewal Application Form (Form KS. 02) with a 1-inch photo attached; and sign applicants’ name on above line. 2. Completed applicant’s Qualification Declaration Form (Form KS. 02.10). This form must be signed by the applicant on the page 4, and the school director examines the accuracy and approve that the license holder meets the qualification, as well as sign his/her name on the page 5. 3. Copy of documents or evidence of the performance results of professional practice as specified in Section 2, Item 2.1 (pages 2 - 4 of the KS. 02.10 Form) the performance results must include at least 3 different activities and occur during the license’s period of validity 4. Copy of all the used pages of the teacher’s passport; preferably the photo page and present Non-B Visa page 5. Copy of all the used pages of the teacher’s work permit 6. Copy of the current teaching license 7. Copy of educational certificate along with official transcripts 8. Two 1 X 1.25 inch half-length, full face photographs in which the applicant is facing the camera directly; wearing formal clothing without hat and sunglasses; taken against plain, blue or white background and taken within the last six months (Do not wear a t-shirt or tank top, no smile) - Scanned Polaroid and photographs printed on an inkjet printer are unacceptable. - One photograph will be glue to the application form (KS. 02) in the designated space and place another one in a small zippered plastic bag and staple it to the form. 9. Payment receipt for license renewal fee: 200 Baht Remark: All copies of original documents being submitted must be certified as true copies of the original by the applicant or the authorized person. http://site.ksp.or.th/about.php?site=license&SiteMenuID=220
  8. Have you got your teacher's license?

    The teacher I'm learning Thai with doesn't have one. No need. If she would have one for other purposes, she wouldn't give it to me. Why would she?
  9. I bought a black Honda CB150R in October 2017. Currently 2,200 km on the clock. Use it for going to work, about 2 km from home, and driving in the sticks on a nice Sunday. In the past I had Waves, Clicks, Finos en Mooves. Just wanted to have something different. In my younger days in my home country I drove motorcycles. Ages ago the last one was a Honda 400F. The handling and roadholding of the CB150R are great. So are the brakes. The top speed is somewhere between 120 and 135 km/h. Cruising at 90 km/h is good. However, I do have problems with the vibrations of the motorcycle. Specifically the handle bars but also the fuel tank and seat. At my bike they start at about 4,500 revs. Had an expert over from Honda AP Bangkok after my complaints to my dealer in the province. Could even drive another CB150R of which I felt the bike was vibrating at higher revs than mine. i.e. 6,000 revs. Anyways, no acknowledgement from the Honda expert. My bike was fine according to expert. The mechanic changed my shift-light to 4,500 revs as if that would help anything. Guess I have to live with it. If I could do it over again, wouldn't have bought the Honda CB150R.
  10. While my tabien baan was in Bangkok, the NIA arranged the interview at the office of the Provincial Administrative Organisation of the province I was working in.
  11. It's not the language setting. It"s "system locale. Control Panel > Region > Administrative > Change system locale.
  12. Working all functional on my laptop and desktop. Both Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Using Bookmarks '2551 Program Version IV. Don't forget to set your 'system locale' to Thai.
  13. Absolutely! Getting all the required paper work in place can be a pain but eventually your application is accepted by SB and you're in the process.