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  1. Written in another thread.
  2. Yup. As long as teachers hold a university degree, a TCT temporary teaching permit can be obtained for a maximum of 6 years (latest regulations). When you get a temporary teaching permit, you'll get your extension of stay (Immigration) and your work permit (DOE). All worry-free. Unless you have family in Thailand, foreign teachers generally don't stay longer than 2 to 4 years in Thailand. Because of little info is needed to work legally, Facebook groups give sufficient though sometimes superficial information. No need anymore to set up and maintain an individual discussion board.
  3. My wife was on a tabien baan upcountry while I was on a Bangkok tabien baan. No problems what so ever. Applied in 2009 though.
  4. All info in English is on the SSO website.
  5. I wore a suit and necktie. At that time a deep dark blue one. If I had to do it now, I would wear black. My interview, and that of some other members, was held on 6 November 2013. The publication in the Royal Gazette of me and some other members was on 28 January 2016. The naturalisation papers could be picked up around half February 2016. I obtained my Thai ID in March 2016. While GarryP had to wait only 1 year, several of us had to wait for a bit more than 2 years.
  6. Same here. Happens a lot in the UK educational system. Unheard of in the USA and TH educational systems. Applied for my initial TCT teacher license in September 2011 and received it in November 2011. Applied for my second one in April 2016 and got the new one a month later.
  7. 28 January 2016 announcement in the RG. Sent pictures to SB on 8 February 2016. Picked up my naturalization documents on 18 February 2016.
  8. Congratulations. For your information, after my oath it took a little less than 4 months before it became published in the Royal Gazette. Best of luck.
  9. That Facebook group is a group mostly about teaching jobs only.
  10. I recall that these two universities are or were offering the BA TESOL program specifically for foreign teachers in Thailand without a degree under management of Bruce Velthuisen. Is this program on the 'problematic' list?
  11. Degree in education or a (post) graduate diploma in education/ teaching profession. Follow the link below. 20 pages of info on this course.
  12. Just introduced in Phetchaburi. Modified version though as in Chiang Mai.
  13. The requirements of a degree in education or a graduate diploma exists since 2003 and 2006. From 2007 or 2008 until 2011 applicants could also sit the TCT Professional Knowledge Tests. However, after 11 times, the tests were abandoned. Notthingham PGCEi cost 150,000 THB while the IFUGAO graduate course cost 55,000 THB. After reading your several posts I'm wondering where you got all your incorrect information from. Or is there a language barrier?