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  1. Well I would love to own or have shares in both some hospitals and a vehicle manufacture / dealer here. Btw, who pockets and where do most of "the cash cow fines" end up...
  2. Positive steps to reduce the number of road accidents will mean that many of the "law makers" will loose money. so no.
  3. A third of Thais believe road carnage is fate, conference told No further comments
  4. Just a new round with bets
  5. To make something similar to Orchard in Singapore is their dream from North to South here. However and as you mention this family seems to deliver quality projects and if my informant is correct they own most of the land they build on! Btw, funny this with waterparks in Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattaya, no one use the natural ocean any more like we did 40-50 +years ago, but the general health decline
  6. Hear hear, truth have to be said and its not so much about driving, fines or Police enforce the law, unfortunately it sit a bit deeper than that
  7. Waiting for green light in a intersection yesterday I see a local women with and IMO a text on the back on here shirt which roughly give a indication of status quo .....surrounded by nuts
  8. ....many things up there on the result list.......
  9. Smallest smartphone

    I can live with the battery life and texting but are there any problems with the use of a Thai sim card in what I suppose is an Chinese made phone? Thanks Felt
  10. I stand corrected. Was a bit quick and did not consider that mostly every long stayer is on a kind of extension probably also many of they who work here!
  11. I hope some in the Visa knowledgeable Tv team can explain which category of extensions will benefit from this because it cant be for retires which can apply one day and get passport back the next or in some places the same day! Hmm......very few places in todays world make it easier for any foreigner to stay whatever visa status so could this mean a whole new process. i.e. application take longer time for every kind of extension and demand of more documentation...... apply one month and check next month...
  12. Smallest smartphone

    I just checked the specs and this would be ideal for me, where do you order it to from? Abroad or in Thailand! Thanks. Felt
  13. Of course the rain season are the problem
  14. Smallest smartphone

    The Iphone 5 and Iphone SE is in similar size but Iphone 5 actually a gram lighter than SE.