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  1. The Thai Government don't agree with you and have made a new law and order to the owner (s) of the shower room to make sure that it is soap available there for the tenant.
  2. http://www.khaosodenglish.com/featured/2018/05/16/thai-law-landlord-not-playing-by-new-rules-heres-what-to-do/ https://www.sunbeltasia.com/new-rental-laws-in-thailand
  3. Pay bills double the norm and be happy........
  4. Hmm...it seems they are in between or a staff say that they applied for that licence 6 month ago but have not get a answer from the government yet.... Btw, a Thai/Foreign family had asked the management about the new law regarding electricity and water charges and had pronto get the reply that then they (management) would demand maintenance fees and regulate the monthly rent so the end price actually would be higher than the extra Thb paid for the units pr. today. Well I will soon move, many years here and this have been the "home away from home" due to a natural but central location. However I have done my homework and enough is enough. Top that up with doubtful contracts, lately low maintenance moral, underpaid staff and well known owners, well known for being st...y in the local area
  5. I found this..... A hotel is defined under the Hotel Act 2004 as any business providing paid accommodation for less than a month, irrespectively of the number or capacity of the rooms. Even the smallest villa and a one-bedroom condominium unit can qualify as a hotel under the law. However, the Hotel Act legitimizes ministerial regulations to regulate this otherwise.......now I need to find the Serviced Apartment act which probably not are to be found and most likely the only difference is what they call the place.
  6. Looks like everybody belives it´s just to travel to Thailand and stay as long as they want. Not that I support it but its actually been like that. Who fault is that....they who use the opportunity to do so or..........
  7. www.krisdika.go.th/wps/wcm/connect/49529200422d695a91f09fd23e4afdc... · PDF-fil fil
  8. best to stop there and not go further into what kind of politically policies there are behind the want for quick headlines as "outlaw foreigners"
  9. ah well we can most likely give up ...for those of use in the last stage of life and relatively early visits/settlement in Thailand and who have seen how both Pattaya and Phuket once was around the early/middle 80`s know what we can expect, Its just a question about time......
  10. Thanks for replying. The building have approximately 60 serviced apartments. Previously the place only accepted long time rental with minimum 3 months contracts. Few years ago this start to slide downwards and nowadays more apartments are sold for daily rentals than for long time rentals. I understand from the atmosphere that they (management) struggle to make profit even with added on daily rentals. But from that to make life uncomfortable for people who have rented on the basis with long term contracts and that in principle the place not are used as hotel (short-term rentals) are in my view unfair and I can not see that the building is standardized for that kind of business and I believe the Thai law says something about the legality of what is required for two different types of rental to two different customer types in the same building!
  11. Can some who know what the Thai law says regarding what is considered Serviced Apartment and what is considered hotel and if its legal to operate both under the same roof. The situation is that the owner of the place we stay now have given they of us who rent corner apartments (higher standard and bigger and located on good spots in regard to outdoor surroundings) the choice of staying in the apartments we stay and accept noise from tour groups (guess where from) because they want to renovate/change the smaller apartments on the same floor and use them to pay pr. night customers, mainly tour groups, or we can move up one floor to apartments which is smaller and of much lower standard. People renting this units is mostly elderly retired foreigners but also some younger couples with family and some have stayed here as long as 12 years. I meant to have seen some new regulations/ laws not long ago about similar subject but are not sure about the wording. Personally I thought a owner had to choose between operate on of the two and with that follow laws and regulations thereafter. Any info welcome. Thanks Felt
  12. A new Pattaya / Phuket...not long before the aging tourist / long stayers from Northern Europe are gone then.......
  13. https://th.indeed.com/ http://web.nso.go.th/en/survey/house_seco/data/Executive_Summary2015.pdf https://adecco.co.th/salary-guide/2018
  14. Felt 35

    Phuket named second best beach in the world

    Must be Patong Beach