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  1. Felt 35

    VDSL v Fibre

  2. Felt 35

    VDSL v Fibre

    Not to hijack the tread but I allow me a question about installation of Fibre from 3BB. I have booked installation but have no change to be at the condo when the technicians do the installation (Condo management will open door for them) Do I actually need to be there and /or do the technician need the computer planned to use in the condo? Thanks Felt
  3. Impact on people...eh Rabies have no impact on people in Thailand not
  4. Hmm...wonder who the two pilots was...….
  5. Felt 35

    SURVEY: Big Joke--Is he on the right track?

    I recommend you to read the book "Kingdom of making believe"
  6. Felt 35

    SURVEY: Big Joke--Is he on the right track?

    Well said and the best post I have seen on this subject ever.
  7. What is Immigration saying at this point? Income affidavit(statement) or money in Bank?
  8. ...so following this the one behind this illegal visa thing was a Thai which sold illegal visas to foreigners,. i.e. supply a product in demand, no marked no demand i.e. the Government need a transparent countrywide Immigration system following International standards and not made up at each province Immigration. On another note....prostitution is not legal in Thailand...who are selling it and the masterminds and able to open brothels countrywide.....is it foreigners...don't think so What is this English saying again...clean up your own sh..t before complaining about the yard to your neighbour.....
  9. Felt 35

    Vegetarian Festival

    Thanks for great and welcoming info. Felt
  10. My mother in law support this with here monthly pension of 600,-Thb
  11. Is there someone living in the area who know if the vegetarian festival is celebrated in Chumpon with similar events as in Phuket and Bangkok? Thanks Felt
  12. Felt 35

    New aquarium at central

    Aquarium...we have warm water temperature year around and Andaman sea with all it include of plastic bags, sometimes crocodiles, box jelly and now and then a shark
  13. Its a rare happening now in town. Years back it was weekly in rain season.
  14. Felt 35

    Skin scrape test / Skin biopsy

    Thanks Sheryl. Amazing how much you can be helpful with even only through a online forum. Btw, I'm male. Tick bite...is that common in Thailand? I was a month in Europe back in June/July where we have plenty of them in the summer and was walking /jogging in the forest now and then but not trekking / camping outdoors but lived a bit simple in a cottage on a farm belonging to relatives and had a bite there one night on my hand but it did not look as a tick bite so I did not think so much about it that time. Will book up with Bumrungrad end of week. Thanks again. Felt.