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  1. Tracking of suspected criminals or people /groups suspected for planning criminal acts is probably on-going in most countries but from that to read news/statements daily about how we shall track any foreigner in Thailand is a bit over the top and can make both foreign visitors and foreign residents feel unwelcome because what the government put into "tracking" is not necessary the way " the man in the street" understand it when he have been manipu....ed to believe that all foreigners must be put in one basket.
  2. I don't know about Patong but Phuket Town have started to use the same form for residence certificate as for registration of address, i.e. the same form as you have to present them to re-register address if you have been two nights away from your regular premises
  3. Maybe some of the reason to that "totally empty look" could be that outdoor activity often is chosen because of a bit more freedom and space than with similar indoor activity
  4. Felt 35

    Methodist Church

    Anyone who know if there are a Methodist Church here? Thanks Felt
  5. New laws need some time here.....couple of years maybe when we get a front page news story involving some "up there"
  6. What if the owner rent out some rooms as apartments paid pr. month (long stay) and some as short stay accommodation (pr. night) will I then most likely get the answer regarding electricity cost that the place is registered as hotel? Felt
  7. Great, thanks for the information...eh... one more can I also come in on a 30 day visa free stamp and get issued (buy) the Thai Elite visa with a new passport! (Passport are nearly filled up and expire in a years time anyway) Btw, pr.today I hold a retirement visa (extension). Felt.
  8. I allow me a question regarding the Thai Elite visa as follows. Would it still be necessary to do the annual extensions at Immigration on a a similar way as with a retirement visa (extension) if one hold a 20 year Thai Elite Visa? Thanks, Felt
  9. Anyone who know if its possible to have two telephone numbers (two sim cards) with one phone provider in Thailand? Thanks Felt
  10. Oh please stop... don't blame the world, people make the world...even in the small soi`s
  11. Felt 35

    39 Die On 1st ‘Dangerous Day’ Of Songkran

    Songran festival in 2118 on 13 April will probably be a National day of mourning to remember the fallen in the 21st century
  12. As mentioned in another tread this is not to be stressed about, at least so far , and I'm afraid it only will be to our disadvantage to run around and be worried about address registration as soon as we have crossed Sarasin bridge and most likely it will end up with more paperwork for every extension of stay or other tasks where we need a document from Immigration.
  13. Felt 35

    ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Well I was there today and when it went quick even if a lot of people there (IMO, it should do) However the answers on my questions there about this reregistration of address make one think that this is a "one man`s show" which even the IO`s not take to seriously and I hadn't gone if I know the replies I got and anyway had a 90 day report coming up soon.
  14. Felt 35

    ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Very logical 90 day report is okay but who do 90 day report in Phuket if living in Chiang Mai especially when the last address registration slip with your address in Phuket is stapled into passport together with the last 90 day report Anyway thanks for replying.