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  1. Can the confirmation letter from Embassy be as much as one month old before I apply for the extension? Thanks Felt
  2. He probably ment they who travel to South East Asia.
  3. A man from a family I know from the same village I came from back home was here in Phuket on a 3 week holiday for more than 12 years ago, stayed at a beach hotel in Karon and was barely elsewhere. He got deadly sick of JPE here and the hospitals here could not find out what he suffered from and if he had not had family with him who helped him home he had been dead now.
  4. hmm....I.... well sure dumb question but what do I need except downloading on of the VPN providers to my computer and when Im located in Thailand but are 50/50 on webpages here and in the West, using Internetbanking here and there, read and sometimes post on forums both here and there where do I choose server........
  5. There in lies the problem this old players is nowhere to get anymore.....
  6. Thanks that was very informative. Btw, I look for a VPN where in simpel terms others cant see where my IP come from just as its not my neighbours business which movie I choose to see at FC Cinema. Thanks.
  7. If anyone can help or know if there are a company or individual on Phuket who can transfer/copy old VCR films (travelling Thailand ) to CD`s I would be grateful to know. Thanks Felt.
  8. No need for this..there are quit a few experts here already without a special visa, night and day their expertise and investment are to be seen in Pat pong, Patong and walking street.
  9. Got it......Btw, after some research I dont think I need it or want it due to many similar reports as this one http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/06/virtual-private-networks_n_4731731.html
  10. What about Jellyfish?
  11. VPN unlimited seems promising and also Pc magazine give them a good score. Do you know if its compatible with Windows defender and/or Malwarebytes as I use both as Internet security? Thanks.
  12. In my book this is nearly(with some days raining in between) normal June/July but the last years have been unormal. Half month of April, May August, September, October and half month of November is the months I had as standard to not recommend friends to visit because they was nearly always the wettest months.
  13. Is there anyone with experience from using VPN in Thailand who can guide me in choosing best VPN service when user is located here, i.e., for Internet surfing and keep the user anonymous? Thanks Felt
  14. What documents do I need at transport office to sell my motorbike and do both buyer and seller have to be present at transport office? Thanks Felt