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  1. I think beautifying Phuket have been on-going for a long time, now get away the last vegetation and get us some more concrete.......
  2. Hope they keep the colony on that side of the bay....
  3. I would be ok with buying both new and refurbished phone from Lazada but like a new or second hand car it would be a stretch to think its just fine to buy a new or second hand Mazda but with the engine specification of a Lamborghini or a Nissan March! Anyway for me to much headache with have to contact the sellers when buy from Lazada because I expect to get what they sell and IMO a Iphone 5s should be a Iphone 5s either its new or refurbished.
  4. Well I don't know but if I was a local and owned 50% and up of the shares in the island`s car dealers, 10 - 35% of the shares in the Island`s private hospitals then I think status quo with the traffic and transport problems would be just fine.
  5. I will suggest that the expats living here working, retired or have at least one year visa and pay tax in accordance with the Thai law and their own countries tax treaties with Thailand get the opportunity to use the health care here on a equal basis as Thai citizens. Yes I know that Government health care here not necessary are adekvat but its a bit far stretch to expect better care than the citizens of the country. Besides most Thais which in one or another way can afford it also have a insurance and/or are partly covered by another familie members insurance.
  6. You are of course correct and I did not notice the short warranty! But noticed that the lazada phone is heavier than Iphone 5s generally is around the globe included that one for sale on centralonlineshopping (if original spec) How can that be and how can Lazada / seller price one phone which not say refurbished with nearly the same price as the rest of Iphone 5s on Lazadas web which is refurbished?
  7. For the phone specialist`s What about this http://www.lazada.co.th/apple-iphone-5s-16gb-gold-3774535.html?ff=1&setLang=en and this http://www.central.co.th/p/apple-iphone-5s-16gb-รุ่น-mf353th-a-สีเงิน Can this be the same phone , the weight are different....?......and that is more important for me than GB..
  8. I sent my letter yesterday. 70 g, and paid Thb 1080. The clerk said about 5 days so will be interesting to see how this goes. Last time around I used DHL which said 3 working days, but actually took 7 days and the sending, following the receiver was a folded and crushed envelope in the post box.
  9. Thanks, great info. Felt.
  10. http://www.thailandpost.com/index.php?page=article_detail&topic_id=82&group_id=50&addon=product I would be grateful for information if there are anyone with experience using the above EMS service and comment on the reliability. Thanks Felt
  11. .......and the refurbished ones....buy or forget?
  12. Your not implying that there could be a reason to no update for 6 months on the web to http://aqicn.org/map/world/ over Phuket http://aqicn.org/city/thailand/phuket/municipal-health-center-1/ TAT probably have the answer..........
  13. Thanks, great then I will try a refurbished iPhone S5. Felt.
  14. Im thinking about buying a refurbished phone from a well known online shop in Thailand and allow me to ask on Tv if anyone have experience with doing so and their experience and impression of the telephone, i.e., quality etc. Thanks Felt.
  15. The uniform he wear its not a Army uniform and as far I understand he have previously worked as a Director in a technical planning department for the ministry of interior.