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  1. Do anyone know if a relatively new laptop bought in Thailand is usable in Europe? Thanks Felt
  2. Personally I hope it never takes of .........if it do Hua Hin is soon a copy of Phuket.
  3. .......and the map to your place....at least they kept the one I had with
  4. Maybe, but then again there are plenty of countries which welcome much higher amount of tourists. If they modernise the application procedure and the data system was updated both here and in Embassies/ Consulates abroad I think it will be easier and more transparent for both Thailand and the applicants.
  5. I was there today and it went quick. Back tomorrow for hopefully picking up passport with a granted extension and re-entry application. There was no demand for update of address registration in my case, at least for now.
  6. When my wife go to Europe on a tourist visa she have to prove in advance at the Embassy that she have funds for the period she intend to stay, travel insurance covering all the Schengen States, and a reason to return to Thailand. Why don't Thailand introduce the same system.......
  7. Interesting, what is the form called and do it have a official number?
  8. Can the address registration be a copy of the address I registered last year (not moved any place) or do I need to update the registration? Thanks Felt.
  9. Where did I say it was good because it was done by Western physiotherapists.......?
  10. Of course if the comparison of excellent medical treatment option is done with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam I understand they see them self as medical hub. I have personally got good Physical therapy in Malaysia... done by Dutch and German physiotherapist. That's more than ten years ago. First now the equipment is available in some hospitals here and the expertise to the physiotherapists is still far behind their Western colleague's .
  11. effective there........business here
  12. ''sufficient health insurance'' What is considered sufficient health insurance in Thailand and will it be possible for they interested in the visa option to buy that insurance in Thailand?
  13. Image......well it will for sure not make visa requirements easier
  14. theoretical laws and practice regarding land...no I really dont know and dont want either land or sign for anything I know to little about so this case is closed for me personally.