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  1. Deodorant....do it make the air-condition functional? What about lowering the fanfare, i.e. an International airport adapted to the general conditions of the place
  2. Exactly, I have always thought the seals have been a good thing and don't buy water bottles without. But of course easy instead of learn my children to not throw bottle seals any other place than in the garbage bin
  3. Why do so many of the cyclists where a face mask now but not 15 years ago...why do 75% of the population 24/7 sneeze, coughing and seems to carry a flu constantly.......
  4. How to best send a small fee to the Government in Europe for issuance of new passport? Thanks Felt
  5. Once a year (Jan - March) when my sister and brother in law rent a house in Hua Hin (Btw, they rent from a fellow citizen who own the house through his Thai wife). I take the bus over and stay with them a week or sometimes 10 days. The bus is not my favourite way of travel so it happens that I take the return with the airport bus from Hua Hin to Suvarnabhumi and fly back to Phuket. My passport is with me but except when eventually checking in at Suvarnabhumi it stays safe in my bag. What and what for shall I actually report anything.....returning to my address in Phuket where I have lived for 20 years....
  6. 20 + on the same address, same landlord, same wife, same motorbike and I now have to report to Immigration after a trip to Surat Thani ..is this the new make foreigner feel at welcome progress
  7. Great work and good to see some positive news from Phuket for a change....
  8. "It could be said that the 'true measure of society is in the behavior of its traffic"
  9. With good reason, but Abhisit is smart and will of course not speak out to media about what a "Thai - ism democracy" actually include.
  10. Tradition to do so here...it was a nice, however man made park in town , now its a Tivoli
  11. Prepaid Dtac vs True

    Can someone who eventually have experience with both companies enlighten me about their prepaid prices, call prices and general service. I only call with my phone so no need for a data package. Thanks Felt
  12. For the Phuket knockers

    Do not be so modest and reluctant with the words NKM. No one living here full time can deny that "such tourism" directly or indirectly have in one or another way negative effect on their day today living.
  13. Anyone hear or seen in any English news about possible new regulations regarding rental businesses and a cap on charge for electricity and water? https://thestandard.co/office-of-the-consumer-protection-board-announce-water-electricity-bill-dormitory-control/ https://today.line.me/th/pc/article/สคบ+เตรียมออกประกาศ+คุมค่าน้ำ+ค่าไฟหอพัก+คาดมีผล+พ+ค+ปีนี้+ฝ่าฝืนปรับหนัก+1+แสนบาท+สัญญา-2zwGNN
  14. I think this place is excellent http://i1.wp.com/www.bangkokgoodlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/IMG_6745.jpg When that's said its the only thing I like at Suvarnabhumi, but felt at home on Don Muang Airport when it was the main International Airport.
  15. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Yes I agree and in my previous experience afternoon is better for 90 day reports and had actually planned to do it tomorrow afternoon but had time available before noon today so dropped by there about 1045 and was just out again before they closed to lunch.