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  1. If that food is pure I choose to stay with my burgers at Fatty`s
  2. Are you in the arrangement committee and counting.......no not fried vegetables?
  3. That why at least I personally choose Thailand
  4. Hope that will be a permanent regulation.
  5. Do you want to go back or is it because your daughter? Give your daughter a good education but think twice about moving back. I have kept my property for 20 years thinking good to have in case...no more, every year 1-3 months back home these years and after a month cant wait to get back to Thailand.....Europe are changed and I feel more as an outsider there than in Thailand. Thailand have a place for everyone if people come there for a better life in the middle lane and not to reach the stars. Btw, most of us now and then speak about unfair treatment and difficult Immigrations laws in Thailand, actually Thailand does nothing else than respond to rules and laws already in place back home......don't start me up on weather, costs and regulations, anyway good luck whatever you choose
  6. "Thai Cabinet give green light to new alcohol, cigarette tax rates" hmm...more people die from Road accidents annually and gasoline is cheap as peanuts and who are most likely to smoke of the citizens and where a cigarette is likely all the pleasure they can afford, most likely they with least income, no hope of better their life and education
  7. I have just come back to home country for selling my house and after 20 years in Thailand I will return to Thailand without a home in Europe and hope to continue to live in Thailand to the end, but plan to stay a month or so in home country annually as long as I at all feel for travel.
  8. Phuket underpass lane closures go ahead

    This no...... its investment.......we can drive faster with or without licence, we need better and stronger car, we make more accidents, we need better insurance and we need more beds at the hospitals....
  9. Phuket: 3 metre crocodile spotted off Laguna

    I think to remember a similar story about three years ago...maybe the same one grown up!
  10. Phuket Town pharmacy crash leaves man dead

    So much for the smart painting they have put on nearly every intersection around Thalang road. Painted asphalt and cobblestones mixed with rain...unbelievable engineering . Btw where was he coming from .....a few degrees more and the car stands in the opposite direction to one way driving down Thepkasatri road!
  11. .........Patong hospital and Phuket Town?
  12. Do I glimpse another cyclist.....mountain bike
  13. I cycle regularly soi 112 and go West. 3-4 hours a Saturday or Sunday morning and just a few cars around. Even midweek and also afternoon its relatively worry free to cycle in that area. (Btw, Its similar to Phuket 15 years ago but not to think about now) But guys/gals keep welcoming tour buses, light rail trams and flights landing in the middle of Hua Hin and yourself and many others are part of squeeze yourself out of Hua Hin eh unless of course soi bintbath is your style I compare with my short experience living 3 years in Bangkok, 15 years in Phuket and now lastely nearly two years on and of in Hua Hin
  14. Amazing........ foreigners have settle in Hua Hin because it up to now have been a bit more quiet and with a bit more slow going and well behaving foreign residents and still many want an relative idyllic town only disturbed by Scandinavians crossing the road to be terrorised by until now a relaxing airport turning nightmare with low fare confused tourist most interested in prices at the food court at Marked Village
  15. Find a monkey island......hmm