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  1. its his wife's business .he mite be told not to do it , and I saw some one make a comment about his pension ,Australia has no agreements with Thailand ,his wife gets nothing when he dies his Daughter get nothing , and what his wife earns here has f all to do with Australia at all , you have a child in Thailand the Australian government give you f all. And he is not budging off any one ,only an <deleted> would say that .
  2. immigration should change the rules , to include the value of property as part of the required 65,000 , many un married Farang ,own condos or live in a house they paid fore in there girlfriends name, and can prove they paid for it , I will give an example , when I last did my retirement visa , due to a big offshore investment in a company ,that was supposed to float, in April ,but didn't I was struggling to show 65,000 a month as the Australian dollar was in free fall , as well that was despite, the fact my condos and other investment in Thailand are worth over ten million baht , plus I made the mistake of putting income in my girlfriends name. I am fixing that now. I could have been kicked out, wont happen next year as now I will have to show the money, a statuary dec ,is not going to be excepted, next year , I am not the only one being told this , many retired people , who own property condos but only have there pensions in Australians cases $22100 a year and no other income , will be kicked out , of the country they have made there home for many years. or forced to sell there condos to comply ,with the laws now in place , this is cruel , the Australian dollar have depreciated from 33 baht to 23 baht , this is a huge drop in income over the last few years , but still way over the amount required to live here ,(42,358 baht a month 508,296 baht a year) so where some one before could show a combined , pension and bank money to facilitate ,the required income value of 65,000 a month ,this for many is now untenable , due to the loss of 17,000 baht a month due to the Australian dollar falling. there pensions were in baht 60,777 baht a month 729,324 baht a year so they only needed under 100,000 baht to cover what was require to keep there retirement visa, now they need to show , 300,000 baht extra ,and meny cant do it, with out selling there condos, making them homeless, and having to chew up there money in rents. this is why condo ownership should be included , say 30 percent of the required income off set against , ownership of a condo , and not hard to prove as deeds have to be in your name, and presented when you get your , renewal every year. also this reduces the amount you require to live as you don't pay rent. Many of these people ,have had to pay the visa companies ,rip off fees ( part bribery money) to stay in Thailand , through no fault of there own. They have there life here they contribute, to the Thai economy ,support businesses ,support many families, are not trouble makers, not the bad guys ,I don't know how this suggestion , can be summited to the government, to save many ,long term , retirees, the visa racket , is coming to an end , so many long term older ,retirees will face, being evicted from Thailand, meny of there people have nothing to go home to, they sold there houses to live here , and would end up in poverty.
  3. government roads , bridges etc to these tourist sites .
  4. not in Thailand, you as a Farang cant clip them around the ear , 40 would come out off the wood work , and attack you , before asking why .
  5. tourist locations ,temples and government offices none of these have I seen , Thai graffiti on , have you ? see a lot off bullshit comments here , I started seeing a lot of western graffiti around club med at Kata beach years ago, and now more and more of it , in tourist spots ,yes there is Thai graffiti in certain areas , where there was none before, idiots copping American gang tags , but those people are caught its just not splashed over the news papers. But when people , tag scribble there crap in tourist caves in national parks , temples walls , government buildings etc , why do morons stand up for them , or are they the same moron who do this shit ? This is not art its vandalizing ,national parks , etc , the Thai people have invested millions , so people can visit there sites not to destroy them ,just <deleted> up retards do that.
  6. to add to my post , Found out because they had ,me registered from , before didn't need the blue book , but I have requested the company get the blue book for me , it , would be so much easier , to have a online reporting of ones movements ,I could tell them online straight away, with the 90 days report , I still travel to my local immigration every 3 months as we always do a big shopping trip . And its always quiet.
  7. Why cant they have a website for this, would save huge hassles for expats and immigration .... PHUKET: The Chief of the Phuket Immigration Office, Col Kathathorn Kumthieng, has confirmed that all foreigners registered as living in Phuket must re-report their address to immigration after being registered as staying in a hotel within Thailand, even for just one night. Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/better-if-you-do-phuket-immigration-chief-urges-foreigners-to-re-register-addresses-even-if-staying-off-island-just-one-night-65744.php#WaOEUdzeSkRVh18U.99
  8. Unbeliever able ,so if you go on a six to ten day camping trip in Thailand , away from you house , you have to report ,every camping place you stay on your holiday every day ? So you spend most of your holiday standing around immigration offices waiting to fill forms in ? Last time I traveled ,I told my local office where I was going and how long for, thinking this was sufficient , to be told no I had to report my arrival , at my destination , to immigration , this was a nightmare company property don't have the blue book , company CEO staying in Northern Thailand company Accountant was in Bangkok , doing business . I report I was staying at the property , they took copy of my pass port , that was it no forms as I couldn't show bluebook ,told me to come back when I had it , ended up going home early .
  9. I believe the Thai, government through immigration should take in account when retires stay here, if they own condos ,are married and live in house they built for there wife/girlfriend , with the high fluctuations of currencies' , over the last few year , I have seen my dollar value go from 33 to 23 baht to the dollar ,I am in a better position, than many , but I could see how some of my country men , would have a major problem staying with there families here . And faced with being kicked out ,don't report , thus become illegals , manly because there income from there pensions have dropped below the required amount ,and they have had to dip into there bank account . and then the single ones ,can no longer show 65,000 baht a month ,even though they live in there own condo ,and have no debts at all. As most have sold there assets in Australia , to retire here , they have nothing to go back to. There only choice is to sell there condo , and put the money in a bank account ,earning nothing , and rent a property , which lowers there standard of living , to be fair , the Thai government should take this into account , before kicking people out because there income ,and pension has fallen through no fault of there own.
  10. thais will and can kill dogs that come on there property , I know a Thai guy here every one know he will kill any dog that comes on his land , and there are about thirty dogs roaming around all the time here, I have a fence to keep them out . there are vicious dog fights, all the time nobody cares at all. I worry about the young babies that play in the street , but never seen a dog touch them.
  11. there is no control of dogs in Thailand, I have been bitten , by a big brut while ridding my bike, owner didn't give a fig , I make friends with this dog , instead of removing it, I have had heaps of soi dogs attempt the same , I find you stop get off you bike and walk at them they all piss of and the next time they leave you alone, the biggest fear I have is the mungral ones that run out ,of no ware in front of you on the road . one hit so far, and about 6 near misses , hate it in the mornings and late afternoon , when I am taking my niece and then stepdaughter to school and picking them up. far to many dogs, on the roads,but I don't agree with what this person has done very cruel .
  12. They have a daughter ,to loss her mother and father this way is so sad.
  13. There are many who see the Thai people one way, how can they not, there not Thai , Thai culture is very different than ours , a dead body is an empty vessel ,death is excepted , as a fact of life , Thais have Dignity (face) the loss of face is huge , to them ,Thais also have more compassion , to each other than any people I have ever seen , in a village some one dies every one gives money ,to the family to help burn the body . Help cook food ,pay respect to the family . Morals this is based a western ideas , of what morals are supposed to be . Thais are very decent , and no matter what you see in Pattaya or other bar areas the same ,bar girls would be most respectful at home and at temples , and not be looked down on ,by anyone in there village at all, many are poor girls , not well educated , and many have a child to look after , and support there family. And yes , Most Thais , I have met , are very decent friendly people.
  14. any Thai can afford an iphone interest free loans , totally my girlfriend brought hers that way .
  15. Unut bts as well the taxi bikes have almost run me down they don't f care expect you to get out of the way. when you are on the footpath.