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  1. I have no idea why there are so many shophouses in Thailand, but it makes a lot of sense in Bangkok not having to drive or commute to work.
  2. I agree 100%. I registered my child's birth with my embassy immediately after she was born, and applied and received a passport for her. It opens up a whole world of opportunity for your child, an opportunity he or she would not have otherwise.
  3. I'd hate to see a microscopic image of pla ra. Then again, maybe someone should make one, it might save a lot of lives.
  4. The BBC is reporting that she was riding on the back of the motorbike: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lancashire-39842409
  5. I was with a friend who dropped a cigarette butt on Sukhumvit once. All he had was 200 Baht on him at the time, and it was gladly accepted. And yes, they did try to get him to pay the 2000 Baht, before they took the 200 Baht.
  6. Incidents like that makes us Americans feel right at home.
  7. Where I live in Bangkok, someone (I don't know who) has taken the females to vets to be spayed. They've also had the female cats in the neighborhood spayed, one of which we adopted about 5 years ago.
  8. True, but it doesn't make them any less guilty. If they're dumb enough to post the video on social media, they deserve to get caught, and whoever filmed and posted the video sure didn't do anything to help the girl.
  9. I clicked on full article, and I'm sorry I did. I'd hate to see what the other contestants looked like.
  10. Nope. I pass by there often and the front door is chained and padlocked.
  11. If they don't ask, tell them a nearby landmark (I live very close to an embassy). Also be sure to give them a phone number, and since most delivery drivers speak only Thai, be sure that there is someone who can give them more precise information in Thai once they get close if needed.
  12. A life sentence for excessive speeding and high blood alcohol levels? Sounds like something right out of Sharia Law.
  13. Villa Market sells Corona for 138 Baht per bottle. In Bangkok, you can have it delivered for free (with minimum purchase) from Honestbee Delivery: https://honestbee.co.th/en/stores/villa-market/departments/3312/categories/18892
  14. I don't do the Songkran stuff anymore, but do go out a lot here in Bangkok. There's no better time to go to restaurants, malls, etc., the lack of traffic during Songkran is wonderful.
  15. I lived there for a couple of years. It's a beautiful area, but you don't see the sun for about half the year.