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  1. White person claims to be 'transracial,' identifies as Filipino

    Check out the picture using the link. This person isn't fooling anyone regarding race or gender.
  2. Chinese

    Funny how things work, that's exactly the same way I feel about racists.
  3. Repatriating with a Thai wife

    Having lived in Colorado during my college years, never would I live in a cold weather climate again. Then again, I sure wish Thailand was a bit cooler most of the year.
  4. My daughter attends an international school that teaches the British curriculum, and I'm very pleased with the education she's getting. Her school has an 8:1 teacher to student ratio, and students from her school do consistently well in the Cambridge IGCSE testing. In fact, two students from her school ranked #1 in the world in two subjects. The cost is definitely prohibitive, but giving her the best education we can afford, hopefully will be well worth it in the long run. Also, the cost of living in my home country compared to the cost of living (other than the school) here in Thailand, more than makes up for the cost of her education.
  5. I went there about two months ago, and as Ubonjoe said, they combined the queue for Cambodia, Lao and Myanmar citizens with the rest of us. There was about 300 people ahead of me in the queue even though I arrived before the opening time. I was told it would take 4-5 hours to get to my number, I left and went to Chaeng Wattana and was in and out of there in about 45 minutes. I was also told that they would no longer do 90 day reports for non-migrants and to go to Chaeng Wattana next time. I don't know if they are still doing 90 day reports for non-migrants. For me, it doesn't matter, the long waits at Imperial World ends it there for me.
  6. Petchabun Roads and Effluent

    One thing I've learned working and living in Thailand for 12 years, is that no Thai company or government entity ever responds to emails or letters written in English. The only time I ever received a reply to an English query was from the Mitsubishi Corp. (Thailand), I was shocked.
  7. Sure you can. I use a different bank, but rarely ever use the branch where I opened my account. When I use a branch other than the branch where I opened my account, the teller will photocopy my passport and I have to sign the copy. Other than that, there's absolutely no problems. If you want to close the account, you may or may not have to go to your home branch. But that's something you can easily find out at any branch.
  8. Christmas dinner in Bangkok

    Bourbon Street on Ekkamai Rd. (Soi 63) has an American style Xmas buffet for both lunch and dinner. Very good and reasonably priced. I think around 1,000 Baht or so.
  9. My wife is from Kabinburi (Prachin Buri province), so I've been there many times to visit her family. Hopefully someone who lives there can better answer your question, but from what I can tell from the times I've been there, is that there isn't much to do there. I certainly wouldn't want to live there. There is a large industrial zone in Kabinburi, where I would think some expats work, but I can't say that I've ever seen another expat in Kabinburi, except at the hotel I've stayed in. If you should want to visit to get more information, the Kantary Hotel in Kabinburi is a very nice hotel where many working expats stay. Although most of the expats there are Asian, I would think if you were able to chat up a few of the guests or hotel staff there, you could get some good advice. Good luck.
  10. Bang Saen

    The place is a zoo on weekends, but other than holidays is quiet as can be during the week. The Tide Resort is a very nice place to stay, right across from the beach. Just up the road from the beach are many pretty good restaurants. The beach is actually very nice with lots of palm trees, but the water quality isn't the best. Weekdays are normally fine, avoid weekends at all costs unless you like crowds.
  11. When you use a shotgun to shoot your wife, the term "blows away" most likely describes the killing very accurately.
  12. Do all Smart TV's have Wi Fi connectivity?

    There may be, but I don't know of any smart TV's that don't have wifi built in. The model you mentioned definitely does, you can see for yourself under "Tech Specs>Smart TV Features": http://www.lg.com/nz/tvs/lg-49LJ550T-full-hd-tv
  13. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    These men haven't been convicted of anything yet, and will have their chance to prove their innocence. Yet most of the previous posts seem to side with the German pair. Does the story hit a little too close to home for some?
  14. Best seat advice for my flights

    Other than 1st or business class, I like window seats for sleeping. You don't have to get up every time someone in your row needs to use the toilet and you can use the pillow to rest your head against the wall.