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  1. Test drive a Honda City

    I test drove every car I was interested in when I bought my car. Try a different dealer.
  2. Reminds me of the brainiac who told me, "I would never buy a mobile phone made in China, that's why I buy Apple."
  3. My wife and I have owned our house in Thailand for over 12 years, and except for the noisy farangs across the street, have had no problems at all. And that's a fact.
  4. Buying iPhones at MBK

    i would never buy a phone at MBK, tourist trap that it is. I tried to buy a phone there years ago and got tired of the run-around. After spending 4 hours checking phones and putting up with all the BS, I left and found the phone I wanted for hundreds of Baht less at a Jaymart store.
  5. ...and you can fit more of them into your home fridge too.
  6. What is the VERY BEST thing about living in Thailand??

    I sold my house in the US, bought a new 3-story townhouse here (in wife's name of course), and still had 75% of the money leftover to live on. It would have been 90% if it wasn't for the capital gains taxes.
  7. Music jams in Bangkok?

    Check out Fatty's on Din Daeng Rd., near Ratchadaphisik and Rama IX Rd.. It's owned and run by an American, and they have jams on certain nights. Good food too. https://www.facebook.com/fattysbardiner/
  8. Smart Phone under ฿10,000

    I don't have a Huawei phone, but did find this on the internet: http://9m2aim.blogspot.com/2015/03/change-hwawei-hisuite-language.html
  9. do any pattaya TV providers have ESPN?

    ESPN Asia was bought out by Fox Sports Asia. Both the old ESPN and Fox over here only show (or showed) a college game or two each week, no NFL. Truevisions shows quite a few NFL games each week, both live and repeats during the week. Truevisions also has the Sports Illustrated Channel that airs a college game or two each week. There's also the NFL Game Pass that you can subscribe to and watch any NFL game you want online, both live and/or anytime you want. There's plenty of bootleg streaming sites too, quite of few of them work very well. USTV Now is also good for a limited number of games, you can get a free trial through their website. There's quite a few options out there. I'm a big Am. Football fan and I'm able to watch just about any game I want using a variety of sources.
  10. Russian Woman shot and robbed in Rawai, Phuket

    She didn't die, and the story said they expect her to recover.
  11. AIS spam

    I get at least one or two texts a day from AIS. What I do is to set the ringtone for texts to a one ding tone that I can't hear unless I'm next to my phone. Then I delete them later when I feel like it, along with the other texts from people who are too cheap to call and expect me to call them back.
  12. When duty free isn't.

    Duty free doesn't mean free from high mark-ups. Except for booze and smokes, I find that duty-free shops in most airports are a complete rip-off. There's a lot of truth to the old captive audience theory.
  13. best time to get flue vaccine in Thailand

    Sheryl is right, I just had the flu two weeks ago. Whatever strain I had was fairly mild though.
  14. Prices of US eyewear vs. Bangkok?

    I find the frames to be more expensive in Thailand, but if you have your own frames, the lenses are much less here in Thailand.
  15. Sounds like someone doesn't like your wife. Has she had problems or major disagreements with someone lately? That's who I would for as a likely culprit.