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  1. gjoo888

    Buying a small car advice

    I agree with the Toyota or Honda thinking. Toyota's are the #1 selling brand in Thailand, every mechanic knows how to work on them and parts are readily available. That's if it breaks, I have a Toyota that we bought new 12 years ago, and except for a couple of minor problems, it's the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.
  2. Optimizing and "speed-up" programs will clean and remove junk from your computer, some will safely clean the registry as well. But, there's programs like Ccleaner (free version) that do a pretty good job for free. I have a 9-year old Thinkpad that works as good as new, and I've used Ccleaner since I bought it. I also defrag and free up disk space often in the Control Panel of Windows.
  3. They were there 30 years ago when I first went to the Grand Palace. The first thing I tell people that visit the palace is to ignore the touts who tell you it's closed. A friend of mine who visited recently, told me he accepted an offer from one of the tuk-tuk drivers who said the palace was closed, and had a nice half-day tour for 150 Baht and didn't buy anything at the gem shops or tailors that the tuk-tuk driver took him to.
  4. gjoo888

    ISP installers making off with stuff

    "Out of sight, out of mind." I always remove anything of value when people come to work at our house. I did the same at my house in my home country too.
  5. gjoo888

    French Fries. Standard cut or thick cut?

    Real French fries/ pommes frites should be first soaked in water, dried and fried twice with the last fry oil hotter than the first. Works best with fresh potatoes, but I get very good results using the imported frozen potatoes here. I prefer the medium cut ones.
  6. Of all the places he could have set up his act, I wonder why he chose a street gutter? About right for his level of talent.
  7. Truevisions is showing the US Open on Fox Sports, channels 680 and 689. If you don't have access to Truevisions, you can get a free trial account on USTV, or any number of free sports streaming sites.
  8. gjoo888

    US politician pepper sprays himself in call to end school shootings

    Like this idiot, spray yourself in the eyes and the shooter will be laughing too hard to shoot anyone.
  9. gjoo888

    Chinese City Introduces Special Walkway for Smartphone-Using Zombies

    I'd like to see a law passed that allows you to give a "phubber" a gentle open hand to the back of their head. Nothing that would be violent or hurtful, just a clear message to move along or get out of the way.
  10. We had the exterior of our 3-story townhouse painted for 4,000 Baht, excluding the paint and materials. They did a very acceptable job too. Just like most labor intensive jobs here, I can't see any reason to get dirty and sweaty doing it yourself for what it costs to have it done.
  11. gjoo888

    problem with extreme noise

    Nah. If I had a gun, I would have been very tempted to use it.
  12. gjoo888

    problem with extreme noise

    We had a problem with our British neighbors who were partying 2-3 times a week for almost two years in the front yard of their house here in Bangkok. They would party until 2:00-3:00 AM and keep everyone on the block from sleeping due to the loud noise, music and singing (yes singing, bad singing I might add). We tried speaking to them and asked politely if they could keep the noise down, and of course they ignored our requests. Since we live in a gated community, they were told by the moo baan that they must be quiet after 9:00 PM and move their parties inside after that time. Again, they ignored the request. We then started calling the police, who would only come after 11:00 PM since they were not breaking any noise ordinances before that time. The police would come and talk to them, and soon as the police left, they would start up again. We also contacted their Thai landlord who lives in Australia, who did nothing to rectify the situation. We finally contacted an attorney through a government funded legal-aid program. Not only did they take the case, they said we (and the other neighbors) were entitled to be compensated for loss of sleep, being subjected to the constant noise and bad behavior. However, according to the attorney, by Thai law it was the landlord that we had to sue for failing to control their tenants. The threat of being taken to court worked, the landlord cracked down on their tenants and threatened them with eviction should the noise continue, and the tenants haven't had a single late-night party in the past 9 months. We have suspended the lawsuit for now, but will reopen the suit should the neighbors revert to their past ways. Our case mostly doesn't apply to the OP, but for others who think there is nothing they can do, that's not always the case. Btw, more than one person suggested "planting" ya-baa on their property and calling the police, but I didn't want anything to do with that.
  13. Does this mean that these Mercedes taxis can cut off other drivers, never allow you to change lanes in front of them and act like they own the road, like just about every other Merc driver in Thailand does?
  14. I just had some friends come to stay here in Bangkok, Grab was a godsend for them, and myself. No more walking the kilometer to the main street to find a taxi, no more drivers not using their meters, no more picking them up at the MRT station, and best of all, the drivers can find my house which is almost impossible for someone that's never been there, or for a visitor who is unfamiliar with the neighborhood. From now on, anyone that comes to stay at our house will be given a phone with data, and Grab installed.
  15. For her sake, at least she didn't have a ticket that transited through Singapore, KL or Jakarta, although the death penalty might be better than a long stint in a Thai prison.