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  1. Miserable Studying Thai in Bangkok

    Can you bring this up to admin at the school? Or a head teacher? Not to the teacher directly. You should be able to talk to someome to talk to her or ask to be assigned a different one-on-one teacher. You could take the approach that you feel you are not the best student for this amazing teacher because you want something a bit more casual-- not focusing on 100% mastery.
  2. Money when you have a baby in Thailand

    The information is on the Thai Social Security website : http://www.sso.go.th/wpr/eng/marternity-benefit.html
  3. This law does not adress the main reason as to why many Thai children are not breastfed. I feel that access to quality, affordable childcare for working moms would greatly increase the rate of breastfeeding. It's nearly impossible to breastfeed when mom is working in Bangkok and baby is being raised by grandma out in one of the provinces somewhere.
  4. Strange. The model we have is intended for newborns and infants up to 10 kilograms. After which, we'll have to get a different model.
  5. My daughter was wrapped in the same cocoon just last year, at a different hospital. We thought the nurses would be able to show us how to use the carseat properly, but instead they tried to buckle her in fully swaddled...then told us to just take her out.
  6. The assistant nurse at the hospital I delivered in here suggested we take our newborn out of the carseat on the way home from the hospital because.. we weren't travelling far and baby didn't seem to like it. This was not a suggestion in passing; she was insistent the whole way from the nursery to the hospital entrance and while waiting for my husband to pull up the car. We did not take her advice. But I was almost made to feel guilty for putting my baby in a carseat.
  7. Where to buy childrens toys?

    We buy a lot of toys and clothes off of Facebook shops. They pop up on my feed from my Internet browsing history. Easier done if you or someone close to you is fluent in Thai. For toys search 'Kidcorner Shop' and 'Hello Mom' For infant clothes search 'Papa&Mom Kid Shop' We also note down shop names at the quarterly Baby Best Buy at Queen Sirikit. You just missed it last weekend. The next one is at the end of August.
  8. My understanding was ways that the engagement ring belongs to the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be wears it to show she agrees to marry. Especially true if the ring is a family heirloom ( on the groom's side). If the wedding is off, I would say it goes back to him.
  9. Also, there may be different requirements for a woman married to a Thai man.
  10. Thai Government Social Insurance, Farangs on...

    Related to an earlier question about changing hospitals.... My husband has changed his SS hospital twice and I have changed mine once by filling out a form and giving it to our work HR. HR sends the form to SS on our behalf. We have always changed hospitals in the beginning of the year, Jan-March.
  11. Baby friendly activities in Chiang Rai?

    We are limiting the temples. While they are interesting, after being in Thailand for a few years, I feel a bit templed out. We might save waterfalls for another trip to Kanchanaburi. Right now it looks like Day 1 will be a night market, but as soon as it opens. The little one usually is put to bed between 7-8pm. Day 2 - main attractions around the city-- White Temple, Black House, Singha Park Day 3- Doi Tung. Is there anything else along the way to this? Mae Ha Salong seems a bit far. We've also crossed off the Golden Triangle. Day 4- lounge around hotel until our early afternoon flight Thanks for the replies, everyone.
  12. Baby friendly activities in Chiang Rai?

    Thanks, Flustered. We are staying at Le Meridien and plan to spend at least some portion of the time lounging around the hotel. We only hope to rent a car for a day, so we are trying to plan a driving route. Will look into the hot springs and waterfalls. ?
  13. Hello... my husband and I are planning our first family vacation to Chiang Rai in May with our 5 month old. Wondering if anyone has advice for activities that are both interesting for us and baby friendly? We fly in on a Sunday so plan to go to the walking street. We are also looking at Singh park, Doi Tung, Doi Mae Salong and White temple. We don't want to have too ambitious a list with the little one in tow but still want to feel like we have explored the area. The hotel we are staying at has a shuttle to the city but we are also considering renting a car while there. Thanks!
  14. Perhaps I can use this as support with my HR here that I should in fact be making 10 times the salary of my Thai peers.
  15. There are more details to this story in the Thai news than in the English news. From what I have gathered, it seems the motivation of the attack was over a relationship with a girl. The group of kids was looking for a boy who wasn't even in the room at the time. The students that were attacked and the student murdered were his roommates and didn't even know the attackers. They just happened to open the door to their room because they it was their friend. The whole thing is so sad.