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  1. Sawasdee Khrup, Khun Trujillo, If you send me the code by PM, I'll get the shot, and let you know how it goes. cheers, ~o:37;
  2. Yes, you can have a non-materialistic relationship if you have the money, ~o:37;
  3. orang37

    Promenada -- Sunday, 10 June

    I'd suggest you congratulate yourself for your good taste in being oblivious to this latest bit of ersatz culture from COM (Corporate Occupied Mallburgerland). A mind that is empty of trivia can, perhaps, hear the echoes of the eternal :)(: ~o:37;
  4. Amphur Wat Ket encompasses a very big area; you might narrow it down a bit. cheers, ~o:37;
  5. orang37

    Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    Go outside your house, and get an eye exam. ~o:37;
  6. Do "people" have a hard time comprehending ? Methinks not; perhaps there is a natural feeling of revulsion and disgust at people who publicly flaunt relatively extreme wealth in contexts where relative poverty is salient. The only average person I ever met was so nondescript I can't remember them ~o:37;
  7. Indeed: Chiang Mai CCCC map ~o:37;
  8. With that order, we can super-size, adding a diamond-encrusted Rolex, and several ten-baht gold chain for only another few million baht ! ~o:37;
  9. I'm sure I have poorly transcribed this interesting word, or phrase ... but it has intrigued me for some time. The second "sa" I have heard pronounced more like "ta." The sense I have of its meaning now, which I am sure needs correction, is that it connotes someone out of control, nuts ? berserk ? A chaotic situation / thanks, ~o:37;
  10. Here's a link to the CEC meeting announcement. https://www.chiangmaiexpatsclub.com/events/general-meeting-saturday-26th-may/ My understanding is that a non-member can attend for 300 Baht (I'm not a member). cheers, ~o:37;
  11. Look for stretches of the road that have no road-kill with puddles of grease near the borders. ~o:37;
  12. orang37

    Copy Shop at Kad Suan Kaew Mall ??

    The man running the currently relocated copy shop on the ground floor of KSK, mentioned here, is very friendly, speaks some English, and I am sure can handle files on a flash drive. Ask his advice about your other tasks. ~o:37;
  13. Saturday May 26 at 10:00am Le Meridien Hotel Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Expats Club Meeting Jamie Knapp will speak on: "Thai Money: Discovering the History and Culture of Thailand and Lanna Through its Ancient Coinage." His presentation will be illustrated with slides. Khun Jamie, a physicist by training, is well known in numismatic circles for his scholarship on archaic Greek coins; he is a member of the elite "Society Historia Numorum," a by invitation-only study group of other internationally known numismatists. Now, Khun Jamie is here in Chiang Mai, and is researching Thai, and other S,E, Asian, ancient numismatics. cheers, ~o:37;l
  14. As pointless as your post ? ~o:37;
  15. Search this forum for "Chiang Mai Removals;" they have been highly recommended many times here. They helped me move (within Chiang Mai), and were great. You can send a private message to the owner (British) through ThaiVisa : JohnGreen. cheers, ~o:37;