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  1. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Including the above post. ~o:37;
  2. Curcumin (Turmeric) in Pill Form ?

    I have not taken cucurmin for 12 years following a major cancer episode (no recurrence in major form requiring chemo/radiation): what does that prove: nothing. I am taking it now : what does that prove: nothing. What does that signify: that I decided, after careful research, that cucurmin is a low-risk supplement, it has been used for millennia in food and medicine, and, it just might have some long-term benefit in strengthening my immune system ... at low cost. Show me a magic-bullet, and I'll bite it :) ~o:37;
  3. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    The on-going characterizations of Thai "farmers," as if they were one homogeneous group, continues to numb the mind. Perhaps, some folks here would care to read David Wyatt's essay on farmers and literacy in Nan (in "Siam in Mind"): yes. that's a long time ago these literate land-owners were checking books out of the Wat libraries. But, the point Wyatt makes is that assumptions about Thai farmers are often not grounded in history. ~o:37;
  4. Amazon purchase

    Time to lower expectations. o:37;
  5. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Gosh, after reading the last two pages of this thread, I had to go and listen to this five times while clicking my heels together and shouting "there's no place like home:" those were the daze ala Yardbirds to stop hearing the screams of the phii preta (hungry ghosts). cheers, ~o:37; p.s. do you know how hard it is to click your heels together barefoot ?
  6. Curcumin (Turmeric) in Pill Form ?

    I received some NatureWise curcumin today (ordered Feb. 1) from iHerb (no duties charged); has piperine that supposedly increases bio-availability. I washed it down with some kaew khriap gung chips dipped in tookay jelly. If I wake up tomorrow and am still myself, I'll know it had no effect. ~o:37;
  7. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Khun Gonzo. All the best writing and living your next chapter in your Book of Life ! ~o:37;l
  8. best shave in town

    Every time I ride my bicycle I get a close shave; if I need blood-letting I go to a Thai men-only cheap barbershop. Otherwise, it's a long hot sauna at the Centara fitness center followed by a new razor. ~o:37;
  9. Coffee Worowat Market

    Hi, I'd appreciate your elaborating on this ... I am aware that Kasem carries Duang Dee, but not aware of what you refer to here. The Duang Dee site seems to show no store location. thanks, ~o:37;
  10. Skype Hacked

    Empathy is ... and thanks for the heads-up, but, it is much more probable that you have been hacked, not Skype. I suggest immediately cancelling any credit cards you have, and getting new ones issued, changing your ATM pin codes, etc. And, review upgrade your AV/AM software. from a recent post on the MS Skype help forum: You ain't alone best wishes, ~o:37;
  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip ! I think that Angkor knock-off near the springs is a commercial property of some sort. Have you visited Wat Tham Tap Tao north of Chiang Dao towards Chai Prakarn ? Wonderful caves, one with a remarkable at least 20 meter high Buddha statue around six-hundred years old (stucco/concrete over brick) in the Chieng Rung classic style. cheers, ~o:37;
  12. Makha Bucha in 2018 is March 1. ~o:37;
  13. Origin of Thai people

    A staggeringly broad generalization that conveniently ignores a few thousand years of history that resulted in the demographics of the modern Thai state being the wonderful melange of ethnicity veneered over with the more recent ascendancy of the economically dominant Chinese-Thai ... it is. But, why bother studying waves of empires, wars, conquest, great S.E. Asian power geo-politics, colonization, and migration (forced and voluntary), raiding for population and deliberate re-settlement of captives, ancient trade routes, western colonial geo-politics ? ~o:37;
  14. Can we compromise, and agree that bigotry and arrogance are not correlated with the altitude, degree, or quality, of education ? Except, of course, when the views of another disagree with our own, or, do not clear the shibbolethic hurdles of whatever flavors of "correctness" we are addicted to. ~o:37;