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  1. Back pain injections

    Hi, Khun Rumak, You've gotten lots of good suggestions here, but I wonder what the "context" of your pain/spasm is: occurs what time of day, or night; occurs during what type of activities, or movements, or during/after what types of exercise ? And, the pain is: dull; acute/sharp; shooting; wide-area; specific foci ? Prednisolone: a powerful drug that can affect blood-sugar, lower immune system protection, and, can have mental-state impact, etc. I hope you will only use this with medical supervision. I'm not any kind of back-pain expert, just another person who went through an episode of sciatica: what "saved" me from surgery was ... ice-packs 4x per day 15 minutes per pack. to your health, ~o:37;
  2. Christmas Day Lunch

    Why, yes Four $ea$on$ Re$ort
  3. Tourists .... pfffft!

    I can easily imagine a Thai person perceiving their intimate farang other as "ATM," or "cashier's check," and wai-ing that wi$h-fulfilling aspect of their presence. ~o:37l
  4. Tourists .... pfffft!

    understanding this trouble to me big.
  5. Recommend psychiatrist in Chiang Mai

    I do not mean to offend you, or appear to question the way you have described what you say you want and, possibly, need. I would suggest you examine in great depth the assumptions, and experiences, that have led you to characterize the kind of psychiatry you describe in this way. There are many forms and modalities of psychological and psychiatric services whose focus varies from behavior to "soul," from interpersonal to intrapersonal, from pathology to transcendence. Also worth asking, imho, is: "what makes you believe whatever problems you are experiencing now are more than the problems-in-living that are part of the human condition, that we all face ... loss, grief, loneliness, getting old, getting sick, getting weaker ?" best wishes, ~o:37;
  6. Tourists .... pfffft!

    I try to keep in mind that the modern western concept of a "sacred space" and the behavioral norms associated with it is the western concept of a "sacred space" and the behavioral norms associated with it. But, I often have to keep repeating that to keep it in mind. ~o:37;
  7. War with N Korea. Any impacts on Thailand?

    Kim Chee futures will appreciate exponentially.
  8. Ghost police pickup truck focus of attention

    Is there any other type ?
  9. Trying to find a maid

    Welcome to this forum ! Just ignore the house-horse-flies here; they'll land on anything they think is meat. There are many helpful people here, and lots of good information sharing. Do note you can block posters you do not wish to see comments by. cheers, ~o:37;
  10. Police Check

    Glad to see I'm not the only idealist round these heah parts ! And, thanks for giving me my semantic frisson for the day via your use of "embuggerance" ! Aviso: while this message is written without the use of irony, sarcasm, etc., we do not abjure future use of said rhetorical devices in future in tempore suo, ad reficiendum, et non ad luxuriam. cheers, ~o:37;
  11. Router with built-in VPN client

    Start here: https://www.bestvpn.com/best-vpn-routers/ And, realize that while it's possible to flash (change the internal configuration) of many routers yourself using Tomato, or DD-WRT, to enable hardware optimization with your VPN provider's service ... that is technically complex. I wouldn't try it. Maybe some one on this thread will recommend someone with the arcane technical chops for flashing a router ? You're still going to need a VPN provider (unless you want to try Opera's free one). I use NordVPN, and it's quite effective. ~o:37
  12. Thai Baht - Your take?

    I'll take a stab at guessing the real topic: ... "why is the Baht relatively stronger now against the US$ ?" To put that in perspective, I think you have to ask the question: ... "is the US$ weaker against a wide range of other world-economy significant currencies?" Take a look at OANDA's currency heat-map (check the Baht entry, and China, and other Asian currencies) [1] : heat map link The large number of currencies showing increased relative strength over the US$ (red) suggests to me the Baht's strength is not a significant determinant of the US$ strength ... at this moment. I wonder if in the context of this forum "clear topic" is an oxymoron :)\ [1] Your choice of which countries you compare to is, of course, significant. ~o:37;
  13. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Everybody who likes me is pretending, some with more style than others. For style, I'll drop a few coin. Even liking myself is a role I have more, and more, trouble putting the greasepaint on for. That's why I've relocated 2000 light years from home; the rubes here will applaud anything. :) ~o:37;
  14. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    You are way out beyond the shallow zone near the beach where etiquette means something more than "nothing left to lose: " you have been ensorcelled by the sirens, washed up on Circe's Island where you are well on your way to virtual swinehood. And, when your moolah ceases to flow, you will not see the Amazing Smiles. You are being conned, duped, played for a patsy. Time to sober up, and grow up. ~o:37;