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  1. Yes it is pathetic and if the lady was fined 5000 for sitting in in the wrong place and the man was fined for taking a photo 5000 Baht as well, by this logic the Thai poster who took the photo and posted it in media should be fined 5000 as well. Me thinking too mut
  2. Well, I could mention disproportionate punishments when it comes to supposedly wealthy foreigners or turning the country into a bath of cultural virtues disregarding the feeding hand etc. It's true that most of the newcomers unfortunately don't dig deep enough to know more about the country they are visiting. I does help but many just don't. They travel without insurance, renting motorbikes without driving licenses etc. I still believe that in a case as this one a warning and explanation would suffice. But ...ups, someone has to learn English to be able to do that. "YOU 10.000 NOW. YOU YOU!!!
  3. I don't think that it is relevant but just for the accuracy the dominant confession in Serbia is Christian Eastern Orthodoxy of the Serbian Orthodox Church. And I see this story as another nail in the coffin of Thai tourism. I am almost sure that this couple won't ever come back to Thailand. Maybe it was their first day in Bangkok and first time in Asia. They did nothing to deserve such public crucifixion. But what can one expect in the country of submarines.
  4. :) thanks for pointing out my mistake ... funny though
  5. If the Health Ministry would do their jobs, as it is expected from such institution, by collecting the data, analyzing and run statistic they would know there is something wrong long time before there was an outbreak of rabies. But in this society (of no pointing fingers) pointing fingers is the most common thing the bureaucrats resort to, a part from not taking any responsibility. Hypocrisy at its best. Again.
  6. Sorry, my eye site fails me here. I can't see any green or any other color of lights.
  7. Words fail me at this brilliant idea. Here is the video of horiffic accident that happened yesterday on zebra crossing and left a Russian tourist dead. I guess you have to be alive to take pictures.
  8. Hi there. I had the same problem with Bookmark as I've just bought new notebook with window 10 -64. So I contacted the software company and asked them for help. The problem is not the windows 10 -64, but Microsoft Office 64 version. Here are the instructions that I've got from the software maker: Remove your office remove your access runtime restart your computer install access runtime 32 bit install office 32 bit now bookmark program can run So I gave up the idea to use my comp. with Bookmark. I hope this helped. Enjoy your Bookmarking