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  1. 1. In internet browser search window type 'http://www.google.com and press Enter. 2. You will see a search window under the Google logo and enter 'What is international community.' There will be the definition for you to be found. 3. I assure you, even after BREXIT the UK will remain to be a part of International Community, no need to be upset every time you here EU.
  2. What is unprecedented? They said 200-400. The number of observers depends on the number of polling stations. Elections in Cambodia in July 2018 hosted 220 observers from 52 different countries. Source here https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cambodia-election-monitors/cambodia-says-52-nations-to-send-monitors-for-its-election-idUSKBN1KE1Q0. Looks like there is a lot to hide from international community in upcoming election. That's what.
  3. My suggestion is, since the speakers were invented by Graham Bell only about 130 years ago, that Mosques and Temples should go back to their real tradition, values and culture as it was before speakers were invented. That's it people. How did they do it for centuries without amplifiers and speakers. My humble wish is also to apply this to villages and urban communities where the polluting with sound is endemic. ;) not that anything will change....just saying ...feels good, feels right
  4. Pigeons ...well, it would take to much space on TV to explain everything. Here is the link for anyone interested in the particular world wide problem and I have a humble wish that PM would have the time ( and ability) to read it before spouting cleaver ideas. https://www.pigeoncontrolresourcecentre.org/html/reducing-pigeon-numbers-in-towns.html enjoy the reading ?
  5. nowhereman

    Tourist arrivals on the rise

    Wow and this is in English. I still have a lot to learn.
  6. nowhereman

    PM wants Thai waste reduced

    Making a series of non-reusable plastic banners, most likely figure is in thousands, is a very good start. People up there are just not serious. What a pity for the country and its people, expats included. Taxing plastic and banning it would do miracles along with a proper education. What am I talking about. To early for a century. ;( at list.
  7. Police Man: You must wear a helmet for riding a chair. Suspect: Kraphom.
  8. Get there on Friday, enjoy Vientiane on the weekend and get your visa on Monday. No crows guarantied. I know it's not your present situation but keep it in your mind for the next one. Good luck with your visa.
  9. And people eating sandwiches were arrested on daily bases.
  10. Maybe PM should be reminded that building started when present government took the thrown and gatherings of more than five people were illegal, as they actually still are. But he will never hear my point, but maybe some members here on TV will. Sad times indeed.
  11. Oh dear. Thailand is going backward in the rights of deaf people to be able to drive vehicles. Deaf people can drive in all EU countries, in all US states and here is the link where you can check in which countries deaf people can drive. Thailand is still on the list, but looks like it won't be any longer. Human rights in Thailand don't really mean much. Link: https://axleaddict.com/safety/Deaf-People-Drive . These clowns are very sad clowns. Good luck to all handicapped in the kingdom because the only gear this bunch is familiar with is 'reverse'. I think instead of hearing test they should introduce IQ test, that would sort out almost all problems. Could say a word or two more. No more energy.
  12. Hope help arrives on time . Latest from Dutch media. http://northerntimes.nl/2018/07/06/frisian-company-helping-thai-cave-rescue/