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  1. Remind me when 13m for a goalkeeper became not a lot of money?
  2. Probably Rooney wasn't it? Or was Scholes still around then?
  3. Start posting again more often you blue whopper. Your nonsense is missed. And you forgot Alberto Aquilani. Pound for pound I always thought Shevchenko to Chelsea was the biggest transfer flop really.
  4. thanks, i'll give that a go.
  5. thanks, but prefer to buy one here if possible rather than mail order.
  6. Anyone have any idea where I might be able to buy a sit-up bar please? The things that hook under doors, look like this:
  7. i'm concerned at this point, feels like we're really relying on klopp to drag us over the line by sheer force of personality. or a bit of magic from one of the brazilian pair. though even that wasn't enough yesterday. when even neanderthals like allardyce have worked out your achilles heel and can exploit it through the most basic of tactics, it's a bloody major problem. troy deeney is probably rubbing his hands in anticipation. watford are really, really crap and i'm still worried about us getting the three points there.
  8. i hate lovren. he's like skrtel 2.0. we're the top scorers in the division but have only the 6th best number of clean sheets. you don't get anywhere if you can't defend.
  9. It's an ok first XI given the circumstances. But mental a team that might yet finish third is operating with a bench like that on the run in.
  10. Any club that gives us cash for him this summer are mugs. You'd not gamble it given his injury record. Loan offers galore I reckon.
  11. shocker wasn't it? don't know how the ref justifies that one. hull won but they still lose the lad for three games.
  12. type faster grandad.
  13. we've no problem with city far as i'm aware. fans love james milner for example. biggest problem with hart is that he's not noticeably less rick-prone than our current keepers. torino fans apparently over-enamoured of him this season.
  14. yeah, this didn't need video replays. the ref was pretty clearly bloody bent.
  15. hard to say. if you'd asked me four months ago i'd have snatched your hand off. but mignolet appears to have been to see the wizard and has got some courage, heart and brains from somewhere recently. i'd take hart because we need more experienced players and he's a reasonable leader and captain. long as he didn't cost silly money like.