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  1. glad to see bettison's name on there. slightly disappointed not to see the FA's.
  2. shut up alfie. they're thick, racist EDL pricks and nothing to do with football. same nationalist morons who go on marches like these shout racist crap and then cheer to the rafters when a black or muslim player scores for their team. they're idiots.
  3. not living in mate, lying in. in my lovely garden. bindipper is one word by the way. again, try harder.
  4. oh i'm naked. it's going on 2am in thailand and i'm in my hammock outdoors. clothes seem superfluous at this point. to quote eric and ernie, it's nice out. oh i'd better get mine out.
  5. you're a bit rubbish at this lad. must try harder.
  6. haha. nicely done.
  7. way ahead of you are kid.
  8. this thread is losing it. close season is a sod. hurry back football.
  9. have a cigar, tubby. well done.
  10. nope. hint #2: i never said the two 1980s wembley finals were the FA cup and/or league/milk/rumbelows cup.
  11. the city ground? think they're still in it after more than a hundred years aren't they?
  12. old plough lane? nope.
  13. did they have one? thought they'd always been at vicarage road.
  14. that was the name of cov's ground but that isn't correct.
  15. nope.