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  1. PFA Premier League Team of the Year 2018

    no they don't. also, merlin was tall.
  2. PFA Premier League Team of the Year 2018

    ooh i like this metaphor. sheikh whatshisname is the man behind the curtain?
  3. Burnley

    thread, dude. get down with the kids old timer.
  4. PFA Premier League Team of the Year 2018

    de bruyne will clearly win the player's player. and he has been a joy to watch this season, fantastic footballer. but the vote in january is just daft like. also, merlin? is that david silva? bad nickname that.
  5. Newcastle United

    people do keep underestimating benitez don't they? he's done a great job there and your record since new year is brilliant.
  6. Burnley

    can't have it both ways boj. we spent 75m on a defender sure but klopp's almost literally balanced the books over three years. so credit where it's due. except we don't need credit 'cos we live within our means.
  7. Burnley

    what about clubs with a net spend of £5m since appointing their current manager three years ago?
  8. Burnley

    2001 was a bit silly. houllier won 3 cups that season.
  9. PFA Premier League Team of the Year 2018

    just call him trent. it's less of a mouthful than his surname. and yeah his passing and crossing are fantastic. he's quite reminiscent of steven gerrard at that age really, who also played a bunch of early matches at right-back. think it quite likely trent will become a midfielder in time.
  10. Blimey

    that's assuming they get out of winsford alive. right sh*thole of a place that is.
  11. No VAR for Premier League 2018-19

    i don't mind the goalline one mate, but above that, nah. that doesn't disrupt the match, it's already stopped. but you're right, probably always going to be agree/disagree. until they bring in the drones and robot players and that.
  12. No VAR for Premier League 2018-19

    no, it means VAR isn't needed at all. except by TV companies broadcasting football on the telly. come on boj, if you're in the ground watching the match, you don't really want to see the match delayed by some telly replay crap do you? ooooooh, what's the decision on the big monitor? it's nonsense mate.
  13. No VAR for Premier League 2018-19

    referees get 98% of decisions correct. every fan has gripes they will call up. i know i do. but can we all just agree that VAR is rubbish and it's a very short hop from VAR to drones in top level football and no human referees at all? keep technology out of football as much as possible. thanks. anyone who disagrees with HMHB is a wally by the way.
  14. No VAR for Premier League 2018-19

    yeah i'm fine with 98% of decisions correct in a match. you're the one that's not remember? you're going round in technobabble circles now lid. there's no way VAR makes football more enjoyable to watch or play.
  15. No VAR for Premier League 2018-19

    nobody gets 98% of their salary every month 'cos, you know, taxes. so you'll be selling all those man city players who don't get 98% of their decisions right in a match then? were you stamping your feet when you typed that last bit by the way?