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  1. he's scottish. we'll have to wean him off the shortbread and deep-fried mars bars first.
  2. he's ours for £50m plus sakho at this point. wants to leave, wants to play for liverpool and klopp, now it's just a matter of time. he said hopefully. now just need mane to have a word with his mate naby about the benefits of lobbing the toys out of the pram.
  3. not overly happy with this. think he'll score plenty there.
  4. your replies are amazingly, and tiresomely, predictable. are you actually a bot?
  5. looking very likely that four-times-bald human potato wayne rooney will be trundling clumsily around goodison park next season.
  6. paddy power have said they'll pay out now on celtic winning the league. i know it's a PR stunt but still.
  7. agreed. it's changed life in chiang mai hugely. 5 stars every trip from me so far.
  8. alfie adds nothing of value to this football forum and only takes time out of our lives we could be using better. i've had to put him back on ignore after trying to give him the benefit of the doubt for a bit.
  9. talk today that newcastle want sheyi ojo on loan. could be quite good for him to get top flight game time that.
  10. glad to see bettison's name on there. slightly disappointed not to see the FA's.
  11. shut up alfie. they're thick, racist EDL pricks and nothing to do with football. same nationalist morons who go on marches like these shout racist crap and then cheer to the rafters when a black or muslim player scores for their team. they're idiots.
  12. not living in mate, lying in. in my lovely garden. bindipper is one word by the way. again, try harder.
  13. oh i'm naked. it's going on 2am in thailand and i'm in my hammock outdoors. clothes seem superfluous at this point. to quote eric and ernie, it's nice out. oh i'd better get mine out.
  14. you're a bit rubbish at this lad. must try harder.
  15. haha. nicely done.