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  1. Liverpool F.c.

    i do. he's a bellend. most posters on here are sound but he's a whopper.
  2. Liverpool F.c.

    think we might see a few rested/rotated tonight. chelsea feels a more important match than sevilla away at this point. bloody half midnight again the chelsea match at the weekend.
  3. Liverpool F.c.

    yeah i didn't know salah had goals like his first at the weekend in him. he's better than i expected him to be, which is great. him making the runs for coutinho's through balls and assists is going to be a continuing theme isn't it. got lallana to come back as another option yet too.
  4. Liverpool F.c.

    what's going on here? have i missed a day? are those the results? is this sunday?
  5. Manchester City

    it's because loads of united fans are dead tory.
  6. Liverpool F.c.

    oh is it? haha, didn't know that.
  7. Liverpool F.c.

    i haven't a bloody clue what they're saying. brummies are weird.
  8. Liverpool F.c.

    i've uploaded it to wetransfer if anyone wants a direct download link for it. looking forward to it.
  9. Liverpool F.c.

    the bill shankly film aired on UK telly last night, is apparently very good. can be watched on bbc iplayer or downloaded from the usual places.
  10. their attacking options are mental. pretty crap not to have holland and italy in a world cup though. chile too to a lesser extent. germany will win it of course like.
  11. Manchester City

    he doesn't. so don't bother engaging with him mate. he's better on ignore.
  12. i don't know what a 'good' choice is for west ham. they're a pretty toxic club with genuinely horrible owners and a white elephant of a stadium they didn't want or really need.
  13. don't think he's got it in him jock. he's not that good and on the back of the debacles at united, sunderland and in spain it'll be hard to get the players to believe in him never mind the fans.
  14. it's a mental appointment. he's clearly not an improvement on bilic and will do that hodgsonesque thing of managing expectations down from the first press conference. hammers fans don't seem at all happy about it and i don't blame them.