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  1. Liverpool F.c.

    the people responsible for getting signings done are incompetent. they need to be fired and replaced with people who are actually capable. the van dijk thing this summer was a farce. that doesn't address the coaching though. we don't practice defending. it's a problem.
  2. Liverpool F.c.

    yep, this exactly. it's too easy to score against us and it's the same problems all the time. gives opponents an absolute gimme when they play us. and it is systemic, the players aren't being coached properly about how to defend. we also lack aggression and nouse all over the place. it needed addressing in the summer. it wasn't. now it's september and it's starting to feel that this season is going to be a nothing one.
  3. Liverpool F.c.

    becoming a bit of a crisis now this. we're just far, far too easy to score against and it's a glaring fault.
  4. Liverpool F.c.

    agreed. he is a tedious trolling bellend.
  5. Liverpool F.c.

    hang on. there are brummie full wits?
  6. Liverpool F.c.

    i was on holiday you meff.
  7. Liverpool F.c.

    1. it was accidental 2. if it had involved any player other than the goalkeeper it would have been a yellow card 3. there's still no such thing as a "disrespectful" challenge
  8. Liverpool F.c.

  9. Liverpool F.c.

    cut himself shaving. to be honest i'd have clouted him for that <deleted> smiley tattoo alone.
  10. Liverpool F.c.

    he was back out on the bench after half time with a plaster on his cheek.
  11. Liverpool F.c.

    there's no such thing as a "disrespectful" challenge. now you're just making things up. and bredbury blue apparently thinks that quoting the daily mail on a liverpool thread is a good idea. not to mention that pompous prick graham poll.
  12. Liverpool F.c.

    except mane didn't use "excessive force" did he? because that implies intent. mane made an honest attempt to get a ball with a clumsy challenge that in the centre circle, and not on a goalkeeper, would have been a yellow card every day of the week. it's moot now but it's still <deleted> annoying. referee ruined the match with a poor decision.
  13. Liverpool F.c.

    Nah. Origi hasn't kicked on at all and hasn't half the intelligence or finishing ability of Sturridge, even given his appalling fitness record.
  14. Liverpool F.c.

    wasn't bad was it? and the way he hit it with that short backlift and dip on the ball reminded me very much of that little turncoat coutinho.
  15. Liverpool F.c.

    i don't believe he's taken an effective £60k a week paycut to move to liverpool. that kind of thing just doesn't happen. there'll be some big signing on fee to cover it or something.