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  1. HarrySeaman

    PM addresses worries over Chinese in Sihanoukville

    I was in Snooky back in July. There were over 50 casinos already operating and over 50 more being built. The plans for the casino/hotels are made in China. The steel is made and cut to order in China, everything is shipped on Chinese ships. The construction equipment is from China. The construction workers are from China. The hotels, most resorts, restaurants, and many apartment houses or condominiums are owned by and/or totally rented to Chinese. The biggest and best beach, Ochheuteal, had been bought up by the Chinese, all the bars and shops along the beach were gone, and the beach was fenced off. Most of the other beaches are inaccessible since they are now part of a Chinese owned casino and hotel. They have even chewed away a large portion of the mountain that the Leu Pagoda sits on just for landfill. The streets were strewn with trash and the sewers were overflowing - most of the town smelled like a sewer. The Khmer are without work unless they work at minimum wages in one of the Chinese owned sweat shops in the Chinese owned industrial park North of Snooky on the way to PNH. Snooky is totally owned by and for the Chinese. That was my last trip to Snooky.
  2. " BMT said it had been contracted “to recommend submarine-specific engineering management best practice to help the RTN minimize risk during the design phase.” "
  3. HarrySeaman

    Wine Good News/Bad News

    Actually those box wines such as Mont Clair were (are?) "fruit wines", meaning that they are real wine that has been cut with fruit juice. This was done to lower the alcohol content and reduce the taxes. Drink box wine and you just might be getting your grape juice.
  4. Fresh Sato can be very tasty but it can have a fairly high alcohol content so it is wise to not drink too much. Unfortunately the filtered and pasteurized bottled version sold in stores (7-11 for one) tastes only a little like the fresh stuff and one bottle is enough to give you a hangover headache. Now if I could only find a fresh Sato vendor in Pattaya to include me in their regular customers....
  5. HarrySeaman

    Safe or not?

    In the West those two wires would indeed be hot and neutral, just not in SEA. Here they are both hot because the "ground" wire is not grounded but floating. I have tested this in a number of different places in SEA and both wires are hot. Typically one will be around 180-200V, the other the rest of 220V. Either will give you a potentially damaging/deadly shock.
  6. It happened to me once at the Cham Yeam land entry. I didn't notice it until after the 30 days. I went to Immigration and they told me to go back to the border and get it fixed. I asked if there was any other way to fix the problem and the officer told me to sit down for 20 minutes. 20 minutes, a phone call by the officer, and 500 Bt later it was fixed. What I wasn't told is that they noted it as an overstay. An overstay once isn't a problem but more than one and it can get very serious, including the loss of your Non-O visa. Now I have a brightly colored plastic tabs (Amazon.com - Scotch Restickable Mini Tabs) stuck in my passport to mark my Non-O visa stamp and any re-entry permit. I always show those to the immigration officer when entering Thailand then double check that they put in the right date (that for my Non-O visa).
  7. HarrySeaman

    Samut Sakhon pub raided, 123 test positive for drugs

    Remember the Santika Club fire in Bangkok on January 1, 2009? I see two small doors at the far end of the room, one on each side. Can you image what would happen if there was a fire and 800 people tried to get out those two small doors? Damn good thing is being closed, but of course the building will be sold to someone with connections and be opened again in 6 months.
  8. HarrySeaman

    Kitchen food processors in Thailand

    For coleslaw all you need is a Vegetable Shredder Rotary Grater Slicer like the one in the link below. I have one and it works very well. Slicer blade for cabbage, large shredder blade for carrots. The fine grater blade is great for cheese or nuts. Lazada will deliver to your door. Pay by credit card or COD. Lazada - leegoal Vegetable Chopper 3-Blades Spiral Slicer, Vegetable Fruit Cutter Cheese Shredder Rotary Mixer WARNING! Keep your fingers out of the feeder tube - use the pusher or you may come up a bit short.
  9. " As happens after every serious marine accident nationwide, the Marine Department and municipal police checked licenses, boat seaworthiness and life-jacket use at Bali Hai Pier. " I wonder if they checked the gaggle of boats moored off of Pattaya Beach? Wait, they can't be moored off of Pattaya Beach, the city banned that a few months ago. Must have been hallucinating when I saw at least thirty boats moored off Pattaya Beach a couple of days ago.
  10. This isn't simple in Thailand. If you own property or have a bank account you need a will and you need an executor. There can then be two or three visits to a Thai court over up to a year's time before the estate is settled. If you want a foreign relative or someone else to be your executor think about the cost of them traveling to Thailand for up to three visits. Frankly it can be less costly to just abandon what money you have in a Thai bank account or even the value of a condo. Having a Thai executor is obviously best, but they need some incentive such as payment for making the court visits. The bottom line is you need to find a trustworthy Thai lawyer (a Thai reserved occupation) with a foreign advisor that will help you prepare a will. Don't forget about what happens to your body when you die. Without a will the body may be held in storage while your embassy tries to find your legal next of kin and asks what to do with the body. Your government may well force your next of kin to pay for this. If the government sends the body back to your country in a sealed coffin this can be very expensive. I think Thai law requires an autopsy to be performed in Bangkok if you die outside a hospital, and the cost for that is charged to your estate (check with your lawyer about this). Specify in your will what is to be done with your body by your executor and how they are to how to pay for all expenses. I you do die outside a hospital I strongly suggest that your executor get the layer there before the death is reported to the police. Once the lawyer is there with a copy of the will they can call the police then make sure that the police don't confiscate anything. The lawyer and/or executor should also take care of calling for transportation of the body. Make sure the lawyer keeps a copy of your will, make sure the executor has a copy of your will, make sure your next of kin has a copy if you have a Thai executor, and finally see if you can file a copy with your embassy.
  11. HarrySeaman

    AIS 1 yr data subscripotion only 1200 baht

    Am I the only one who bothered to read the AIS ad on their web page? This is a promotion for "New SIM Activation". If you are already a customer you are left out.