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  1. HarrySeaman

    Black water empties onto Phuket beach, stuns tourists

    I think you mistyped that. You meant, "But most islands release untreated sewage into the sea". Releasing untreated waste water into the ocean is an old and continuing practice. Run a pipe out into the ocean and pump anything out of it and out of sight, out of mind. Problem solved! It was only a couple of decades ago that Boston, USA was forced to stop pumping untreated mixed rain water and sewage out to sea when it rained. Pattaya only treats about 20% of its sewage, releasing both treated and untreated into the ocean. It still happens in almost any community near the sea anywhere in the world. Why anyone would think that any seaside community in Thailand is only releasing treated waste water into the ocean is beyond me.
  2. Good thing the Thai cops weren't around in the '60's. If they had been things would have been a lot less fun.
  3. When I went to the DLT outside of Pattaya to take my test for my motorcycle license I saw a Thai in a uniform arrive on his motorcycle wearing a cowboy hat, not a helmet. I'll give you one guess at who I saw wearing a helmet later on when demonstrating how to take the driving test.
  4. HarrySeaman

    Rules for Thai Driving license

    There is an English language training video available. You also need to know the road signs and markings on the streets and curbs. The Land Transport Office where you take the test will probably have a poster showing them but you can find them at Wikipedia. Road signs in Thailand Thailand Road Markings and Traffic Lights You can take the written test in English but be sure to wear conservative clothing. When I took the test for my motorcycle license one woman was in shorts and she was forced to go out and buy long pants before they would let her take the test. Men seem to be able to get away with shorts but I wouldn't push it by wearing short cutoff jeans or a tank top. Check YouTube for videos of the "Thailand Driving Test" for car and motorcycle. For motorcycle anyone should be able to weave through the cones (some can't) so the only hard part is the "plank" test. You have to drive slowly down a 10" wide by 60' long "plank" without falling off. Here in Pattaya the plank is made of concrete. Tuck your knees in tight, look at least 20' down the road (NOT right in front of the motorcycle), apply a bit of rear break and rev the engine enough to overcome the small amount of rear breaking (the rear breaking helps stabilize the bike at slow speeds). Don't slow down once you start since slowing will probably make you weave. Practice driving slowly in a straight line lots before the test.
  5. I have seen it totally change over the last four years. The only expats remaining in Sihanoukville are a few with business interests, homes, or those who like to fleece the Chinese gamblers who don't have a clue on how to play poker. Kep and Kampot are the new locations for expats seeking a bit of a quite life.
  6. "TNA said heavily tattooed Mr Makhmali had been innocently buying sweets in the early hours of the morning when he was approached by Vithoune. But the Iranian was not interested in sex - he just wanted something sweet to put in his mouth." Wasn't something sweet to put in his mouth what the lady boy was offering?
  7. And the teachers all said, "Baa, baa, baa.". Now the teachers will be expected to pass on what they learned in this session. (In case you aren't familiar with what that means, it is what sheep say.)
  8. HarrySeaman

    Please answer me this

    Looks a lot nicer than the electric heater I bought my wife's family. I usually go to their home in Central Thailand's Chai Nat district for Chinese New Year and I kept freezing my ass off. I have been offering to buy them a heater for years. They finally agreed to let me get one this year, and of course I couldn't go for Chinese New Year this year. Oh well, at least I won't have to sit around wrapped in a blanket sipping hot coffee in the mornings next year.
  9. I had to sit at an angle, leaning out into the aisle, all the way from Narita, Japan to Rochester, NY once because of the girth of the guy next to me caused him to overlap both arm rests. A nice guy but there just wasn't enough room for his bulk in one seat. Of course there wasn't a spare seat anywhere in the plane. I firmly believe the airlines should make it clear that wide load passengers must buy two seats so they have room to spread out. If they arrive without having two seats reserved then they should have to buy a second seat at a premium price or go on standby for the next available flight with enough room for them.
  10. Water is usually ionized by using a UV lamp. In less than a second after you cause ionization in water any ions produced react to produce ozone, which is a extremely poisonous oxidant. This poisonous ozone kills bacteria just like chlorine but doesn't leave any residue. Any remaining ozone quickly breaks down so by the time the bottle of water reaches the consumer it contains - only water plus a small amount of dissolved air. Please try pulling my other leg with another fake science notion like homeopathy.
  11. At lest we can now see that the power pole is not leaning like the one here in Pattaya. Pattaya Mail - Soi Buakhao’s leaning pole ignored for decade Pattaya Mail - Leaning utility pole replaced on Soi Buakhao
  12. Not being able to eat your Aunt's wonderful Thanksgiving dinner without a table spoon.
  13. I did the motorcycle test a couple of years ago here in Pattaya. I arrived before 8 am and was able to take the physical tests, written tests, and driving test all in one day. The only hard part of the driving test is riding the plank. The plank is a 8" wide, 2" high, 60' long strip of concrete and you are supposed to slowly travel the full length without falling off the plank. Don't look down at the plank right in front of your motorcycle - 10'-15' down the plank, tuck your knees in tight, and apply a bit of rear brake so you have to rev the engine a bit to keep the bike moving. A small amount of rear brake and no front brake helps keep the bike going straight. Practice lots before taking the test. I arrived with all papers I thought I needed but they managed to find a reason to send me across the street for another photocopy of something. Check the documents requirements here: Pattaya City Expats Club - Feb 2018 - CHECKLISTS FOR DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR THAI DRIVING LICENSE The physical tests are for color blindness, depth perception, and reaction time. Be sure to position yourself so you can see others take the tests before you have to take them. The reaction time test uses a fake automobile gas pedal and break pedal - be sure to watch others take this test so you know which light change means to hit the brake. If you fail a test they will probably let you try again if you are polite. Here is a link to the traffic signs. Be sure to check all pages. Thai regulatory traffic signs There are charts on the wall of one classroom with all the traffic signs and what the paint on the street and curbs mean. It is a good idea to study those charts if you have time since a couple of the exam questions were about what they mean. Here are links to the questions on the test so you can study in advance. Thailand Driving License Test Online Thai Driving License Exam Test Questions One more thing. Dress appropriately and conservatively. I saw one woman in shorts forced to go across the street and buy pants to wear before they let her take the tests.
  14. Been like that forever. Is is just part of the charm of China Town.
  15. HarrySeaman

    Alcohol sales banned on Makha Bucha Day

    Probably tastes better than the "fruit wine" sold as Chateau D'Cardboard. I had finally found a simple but drinkable Australian wine that was almost affordable at 249 Bt/bottle or about US $7.50 before the recent tax changes. It is now 349 Bt/bottle, or US $11/bottle. The wines are the Vineyards World Wines sold by Tesco Lotus. Each type has a different colored label with kangaroo image in the lower right corner of the label. I can get better for $3.50-$4.50 in Cambodia but that isn't a good enough reason to move. For those interested in brewing your own, you should know it is illegal in Thailand, but here is all you really need. A large plastic bucket with a lid, the 5-6 gallon size of the large paint bucket, or even a plastic garbage bin with lid. Sterilizer/Cleaner. VWP Steriliser/Cleaner 400g Homebrew Equipment for Wine Cider & Beer Making Kits Yeast. This occurs naturally on grapes so crush some into your grape juice or add some brewer's yeast (NOT bread making yeast) bought from eBay. 5x Youngs Burgundy Red Wine Yeast 5g - treats 23L / 5 Gallon For beer you need flavoring so buy a kit with all the ingredients. A air lock to keep bacteria that can cause spoilage out of the brew. These will do nicely, just drill a hole in the lid so one fits tightly, add water, and start brewing. 2 Pcs S Shape Air Lock Twin Bubble Homebrew Beer Fermentation Wine Making Kit You can tell when the fermentation is finished because the bubbling stops. A hydrometer can tell you the alcohol content. 1/3x 255mm Glass Hydrometer Tester Measure For Homebrew Alcohol Beer Wine Making A siphon to remove the clear wine/beer from above the yeast sediment. 65cm PVC Auto siphon 1/2'' Racking Cane Hose DIY Beer Wine Making Kit Siphoning off the brew will leave a little yeast in the liquid. If bottling beer then add a bit of sugar and the remaining yeast will carbonate the beer. Put in too much sugar and too much carbonation will happen and the bottle can explode. For consistent carbonation of beer you let the yeast eat all the added sugar during fermentation, siphon off the beer into bottles, then add a "carbonation drop", which is just a measured amount of sugar in a tablet. Filtering through a paper coffee filter should remove (most of?) the remaining yeast for a still wine. To be sure you remove the yeast there is a wine filter kit. Wine Filter Kit MK4 - Better Brew for Homebrew wine, Beer & Cider Making New