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  1. I always looked for Chateau d'Cardboard. The 4 L boxes were always too big anyway so only having 2 L boxes is fine with me. Unfortunately I suspect the cost for a 2L box will be the same as for the older 4 L boxes.
  2. What software do you use for HDR?

    My first try is always Lightroom because the results are a 32-bit DNG RAW file that gives me the maximum ability to tone map the final image. If I don't like the Lightroom results then I try different programs to find the one that gives me the best results. easyHDR Pro (RAW input and 16-bit TIFF output) and Hugin (16-bit TIFF input and output) are good. Microsoft Image Composite Editor (RAW input and 8-bit TIFF output) isn't bad. Didn't care for Autostitch when I tried it. I'll have to give Aurora HDR a try. Thanks for the post.
  3. Brakes failed? Then why can you hear the tires squealing on the pavement as the breaks are applied just before she reached the intersection? The car stopped just the other side of the intersection too, and that is a quite reasonable breaking distance for the speed at which the car was traveling. Simple case of speeding and not paying attention.
  4. I buy US/European items in Thailand only when absolutely needed. Kraft mayo is one since I am too lazy to make my own - which by the way is much tastier but which lasts only a short time in the fridge because it lacks antioxidants and isn't cooked to sterilize it like the commercial stuff. Frenches brown mustard is another item and either French or German mustard with whole seeds (not that Dijon stuff that is flavored with cheap wine). I get my vitamins by mail from iHerb at much lower prices than what is available here. On the other hand Cambodia is a shopper's paradise for imported goods since they don't have import duties. You can buy bottles of US booze for less there than you can in the US. The last time I visited Cambodia I had to buy a plastic fabric bag large enough to bring back the three 18-biskets boxes of Post Shredded Wheat I bought, which cost only about $3 vs about $7 here. The bag carried more things, including medications, a bottle of wine and a jar of natural peanut butter, both wrapped in new $1 t-shirts for myself and my lady. The bag cost less than what I saved on one box of shredded wheat and I'll be able to use it again next trip to bring back more goodies if I can just get my friend from Australia to bring it back - he borrowed it for his last trip home and I haven't seen it since.
  5. Gray squirrels make a fine meat pie or you can grill or fry them nice and crispy on the outside and tender and succulent on the inside. They taste like squirrel, not like chicken.
  6. I had a great time visiting the protests. It was a lot like the "Make love, not war." protests in the '60's in the US, Corner of Sukhumvit and Asoke This was Asoke and this was Sukhumvit. I got some great t-shirts.
  7. Thai Drivers License

    When living in Bangkok I missed the first renewal of my first year auto license by over a year and I had to take the color blindness, reaction time, depth of field, and a peripheral vision tests then take the written test on their antiquated testing machines. Be sure to go back through your answers and make sure the testing machine buttons didn't double or triple tap and record the wrong answer. I failed the test the first time because of that then passed it an hour later by going through the answers enough times to make sure they were recorded correctly. They now make you come back the next day in Pattaya to retake the written test. To renew my 5 year auto driver's license in Pattaya I had I had to watch two boring videos and pay my money - no tests I just renewed my first motorcycle license last Fall at age 75 in Pattaya a month after my birthday. I had to take the color blindness, reaction time, and depth of field test and money to pay for the license - the same as everyone else. I guess the video tape player was broken. I arrived at 8 am (I know this because the King's song started playing as I arrived at the steps to the LTO and was finished by 10am. The new license is good for almost 6 years since it is to the 5th birthday after you take the test. To renew a 5 year license wait until just after when it expires on your birthday. That way when you renew it it is good for 6 years.
  8. Like these that are found at the Soi Baukhao street market?
  9. Best breakfast in Pattaya?

    I serious doubt you will ever find sunny side up eggs like in your pictures in Thailand. The Thai way is to deep fry the eggs in palm oil producing slimy overcooked things with crunchy edges. Scrambled is safest. In most respects Simple Simon's on Jomtiem Soi 5 (same street as Thai Immigration) comes close. The bread is white but they might have whole wheat. The sausages are probably pork, but tasty. Back bacon. Can't remember if they have the mushrooms or not. The beans are, well they are beans in sweet tomatoey sauce just like in your examples. They have prefabricated hashbrowns like in your photos. The coffee is coffee, not barista fufu stuff. Sandbar by the Sea in Jomtiem (Google for the location) cooks the mushrooms and sausage with the beans. You can get prefabricated hash browns instead of real ones or get fried potatoes & oninons. Pick your own bread from their selection and toast it yourself - no good if you are a really lazy person but fine for most. Enless self serve coffee, but again none of that barista fufu stuff. For a descent change of pace try breakfast at Tigglebitties on Regional Land Road in Jomtiem (Google the location). Get the sausage gravy and biscute with a pair of eggs. Once in awhile they actually get sunny side up or over easy eggs right, but again scrambled is safest. For a wilder start to the day try some of their spicy Mexican style breakfasts.
  10. The usual reason commercial freighters collide is that the bridge crew, usually only one man because of cost savings have cut the crew to the absolute minimum, have either turned off the radar alarm or don't hear it because they are asleep.
  11. Die in Thailand

    Do you have a Thai will? If not you absolutely should. I can only speak about US Government requirements. Other governments have different requirements and you need to find out what they are. If you die in a hospital the doctor can certify the cause of death. If you die outside of a hospital the US Government requires that your body be autopsied. This costs money since you must pay for the body to be transported to Bangkok and then you are charged for the autopsy. The cost of the cremation is on top of cost of the autopsy. If you don't have a Thai will you can run into wonderful US Government requirements. The body can be held until the next of kin is contacted and the correct government forms faxed to your Embassy in Thailand giving directions on how to dispose of the body. If it is difficult finding the next of kin the US Government can have your body held in a cooler for up to a year at 1000Bt/day, that will charged to your next of kin when found. If the next of kin won't pay for the funeral the US Government will hold the body for up to a year then ship the body home in a sealed metal casket. They will then put a lean on the next of kin for the total cost. If you don't have a Thai will it can take up to a year and three or four court visits by your next of kin, or whoever they give their power of attorney to, to go through probate. Get a lawyer, preferably a farang who shares a law office with Thais. Have it set up so that someone in Thailand has the power of attorney so they can see to your body and estate. Some law firms can set up a pre-paid package with a funeral home.
  12. Canada Expats

    With all the ridiculous ATM charges by my US credit union and my Thai bank, a $500 limit on each ATM withdrawal, plus a US $65 e-funds transfer charge by by credit union I decided to try transferring money from the US to my Thai bank using my credit card. Transferring in money via my credit card at my Thai bank works perfectly. I can transfer any amount up to $10,000 then to on on-line and pay off the credit card as soon as the charge is recorded in my credit union account. I get Thai bank exchange rate and have never been charged a cash advance fee on my credit card. I have saved a small fortune in ATM charges and transfer fees over the last 10 years.
  13. Simple fix to the law. If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test you should be allowed to immediately get a blood test under police supervision in a hospital. Refuse both and you are presumed to be drunk.
  14. The breaks didn't fail this time, they locked because of a loose nut.
  15. Best fruit wine available locally

    " taste, bouquet, finish, ease on the palate " Forget those terms and substitute, "non-gag inducing" and you get a couple of the chateau d'cardboard fruit wine brands. My current favorite is Mont Clair which I buy in a 2 L bottle, but which also comes in a 4 L box. It lasts for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. The red tastes best at cool room temperature so I warm it in the microwave a few seconds after pouring a glass. Real class act! The Thai produced wines have a yellow tax seal across the top. The imported ones have blue tax seal. If you want something better than the Thai produced fruit wines at a reasonable price (about 3 times a chateau d'cardboard fruit wine) go to Tesco-Lotus and get a bottle of their Australian house brand, which is real wine. The label says Vineyards World Wines. The imported Australian Shiraz I bought had a black and yellow label with a picture of a kangaroo on the yellow part, which I believe you will find on all their wines. The taste was simple but clean and far better than the chateau d'cardboard fruit wines.