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  1. Yes, they can make up their own numbers.
  2. That would work for me ...
  3. It is quite probable that the US would still be a British colony, if not for the French. And the NASCAR driver would be sitting in the right seat (if NASCAR even existed).
  4. I was referring to the original Nation article and being a bit facetious. I support any effort to clean up the country and dispose of waste appropriately. I do my bit. I am sure that many Thais do also.
  5. In a country where many people just stand up and walk away from the pile of rubbish they just created on the beach, toss their empty drinks containers out of the car window, burn all sorts of plastic in their front yard, and often block the storm drains with their garbage, it seems a bit ambitious to expect them to drive a few km to dispose of their batteries and light bulbs.
  6. To be fair... we know it's not about Thailand because here none of the restaurants would be named - due to fear of the defamation laws. Seems it was a British TV consumer programme that did the testing. It's impossible that such a programme could exist in Thailand. Something that made me smile was the comment from McDonald's "We would therefore welcome the introduction of an agreed standard". Do they need an agreed standard before they are motivated to make sure we are not drinking 5hit with our coke?
  7. Despite the headline, there is nothing in the article to confirm that fecal matter was found in the samples from McDonald's.
  8. If he likes computer games, there are some that are aimed at teaching English ... Google search - "Learn English with computer games" for more choices.
  9. Same sex marriage is not allowed in Thailand. Also, gender can not be reassigned here, so one's wife is definitely a woman - regardless of adam's apple, deep voice, large hands, or ability to lift heavy objects..
  10. I'm guessing you need to call or email to them with details of your shipping needs.
  11. Of course. Stupid of me not to realize that Transferwise do the currency conversion and BKB receive THB. Transferwise fee is proportionate to the amount transferred. For example, a transfer of 25,000GBP would attract a fee of 150GBP. However, the exchange rate offered is around 1THB/GBP better than the Bangkok Bank - thus still a better deal.
  12. The fee charged by BKB is min 200THB and max 500THB ...