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  1. Tropical Crotch Rot

  2. What the heck was he thinking? "He collected so many that he had no place to keep them, so he put them on the wall" - Can't argue with that logic. Regardless of the religious issue, I am racking my brains trying to think of any wall decoration more tasteless and crass than this ... Maybe if he had them spinning or lighting up at night.
  3. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up... Please

    I often feel sorry for the sales people when they encounter Mrs Chickenslegs. She will typically spend 30 minutes or so with 2 or 3 of them gathered around, entertaining her with the latest bedding, towels, cushion covers etc. By the time I get back from the tools department they have half the stock unwrapped and unfolded, and have worked out the discounted price. Sometimes even throwing in a freebie, fully expecting a sale. When I remind her that we only came in for a new saw blade (despite my basket being half full with things I never even knew I needed) - she very politely thanks them and walks away. I always expect them to give her dirty looks, but they invariably smile and wai. If it was me (albeit unlikely to stray into the soft furnishings dept) I would feel obliged to buy a pillow case or two.
  4. Foundations for wooden decking

    For outside decking Shera floor plank should be used. It's a minimum 2.5cm thick and up to 25cm wide. My experience (built one small deck 6 years ago and a larger one 3 years ago) is no cracking or splitting, but the support spacing has to be correct.http://www.sherasolution.com/en/commercial/products/application/floor-application/series/29339/info/125/ I think that some people use the wrong product for their project. Shera make a floor plank which is thinner and meant to be fixed directly to a concrete slab - not suitable for decking. Also, I see many broken fences which have been made with Shera plank (0.8cm thick) or Shera skirting (1.2cm thick). These are really just decorative products and snap very easily. Now I'm starting to sound like a Shera salesman ...
  5. Appetite For Graphic Corn Dogs Climaxes In Moral Outrage

    Following on from his success in reducing the number of hip-thrusts in a morlam show, this is something else that the PM can really sink his teeth into.
  6. We have to hope that this callous medical student will never be allowed to practice on humans.
  7. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    It's about time that everyone stopped feeding the troll "defeedme". He/she just joined TV yesterday and already has 46 posts - All in this topic. IMHO, that is obsessive-compulsive territory.
  8. Foundations for wooden decking

    I replaced a rotten timber deck approx 3m x 5m. I used steel frame (primed and painted) resting on concrete blocks, topped with Shera (cement fibre) decking planks. No worries about rot or termites. Hardly any maintenance - coat of decking paint every couple of years. Shera planks need a little bit more support than similar sized timbers. I have joists every 40cm for my 8" x 1" planks, but the 12" x 1" planks would need less support. I don't have the tools or know-how to make a steel frame, so I had to get help with that, but everything else is fairly easy DIY. I think your BiL is giving good advice.
  9. In 2005 we completed our house build with 4x Panasonic 6kw shower units for the bathrooms, and 1x Stiebel Eltron 6000w multi-point water heater for the kitchen (amongst many other appliances). 12 years later - no issues whatsoever with the showers. The kitchen water heater very occasionally trips off (Mrs CL likes to wash the dishes at nuclear temperatures) but it's an easy re-set. Of course, none of these models are available in 2017 but, based on this experience, I wouldn't hesitate to choose Panasonic or Stiebel Eltron in future. We also have 5x Mitsu Heavy Duty air cons (regularly serviced) which are still going strong since 2005.
  10. Door way beads

    You may find something you like here ... https://www.lazada.co.th/shop-furniture-decor/?spm=a2o4l.search.0.0.QMjVjY&q=bead+curtains