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  1. 01322521959

    TV Mucho

    I was just wondering if anyone who is subscribed to TVMucho is experiencing any buffering problems over the last few days? I'm with TRUE, have 32mb download and 4 upload showing but when showing the stats on TVMucho the buffer just goes down until it hangs. The problems seem to have come just as the monsoon season arrived.
  2. I am a motorcyclist and wouldn't own a car here if you bought it for me. Is the brick thing a general thing here?
  3. Reading all your experiences, I'm damn happy I have my 3 motorbikes and a bicycle to chose from. Said goodbye to all forms of public transport back in 07' and get quite nervous if I have to take a taxi.
  4. Been here 25 years and I certainly don't agree with it. There has to be responsibility and if someones hurt while rolling the cars around whos fault is it? The buck stops with the car owner but he's not there and the only excuse is"IT'S THE WAY WE DO THINGS HERE!"
  5. 01322521959

    Met anybody famous in Thailand?

    I met Jimmy White at immigration in around 2000, didn't have a camera so couldn't get my pic with him.
  6. I know this area. It's on Wippawaddee road near JJ park opposite Central. BIB have done well to choose it, it's a crazy situation as you come off the flyover, you have to get into the left hand lane sharpish as just ahead is the entrance to the toll way. They'll catch a heck of a lot of poor sods going across. Very unfair. Road markings are also very poor on the road here. I'll watch what I'm doing next time I come past here. Very dangerous layout.
  7. Horrible way to go. All due to lack of basic training, no enforcement of the law and .. oh whats the point!!
  8. 01322521959

    Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    Nothing will change. Never taught the basics. Bit of dosh chucked around sort out a license here. Pathetic, and will only get worse as more and more take to the roads. Mai pen lai, not a problem till someone dies.
  9. It's all been said, but really how can Thailand cock a snoot to world scientific proof on this? Pathetic. Just let them go on Youtube to have so many holes shot in their argument that it would end up like a colander and just not hold water.
  10. I'm sick of the blasted things roaming the streets. Ex was bitten, who paid for the inoculations? I'm a realist, not an idealistic liberal.
  11. 01322521959

    Hey guys - don't you know these are the Thai roads!

    They are legal. I think I'm correct in saying you don/t need to wear a helmet when travelling in a side car? I know that you don't in the UK. But oh dear, the rider is illegally riding as shock! Horror! he's not wearing a helmet.
  12. 01322521959

    Two killed as pickup crashes into Krabi shop

    A little rain on the road after a dry period makes it slippery, as a motorcycle rider in the UK I was taught to read the road. They don't do that here or even have the slightest comprehension of what it means.
  13. 01322521959

    Two killed as pickup crashes into Krabi shop

    Driving license?
  14. A reflection, as if we need one, on the despicable state of animal care in this country. Kudos to the two ladies for helping, but the puppies will be back on the street within the next few weeks. I believe in "cruel to be kind" Bad luck that they weren't carrying a potato sack and a river wasn't nearby.
  15. I'm living in a mad house.