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  1. In this case Parliament used its prerogative to allow the referendum but it does not have the same moral or constitutional power to confound the result, acceptable to it, or not. Future Parliaments do not have that power either.
  2. EU leaders to clash over post-Brexit budget

    That fois gras definitely has to go then.....and the crystalware with what gets poured! Junker will be bailing out at the right time - no more free piss.
  3. EU leaders to clash over post-Brexit budget

    Fois gras this year, liver sausage next?
  4. I don't think any leavers expected to get out immediately - EU rules (Article 50) and all that - but May took the big job on, then held a needless election with a suicidal manifesto and continues to make a dog's dinner of getting out. If she has a vision it's probably still to stay in!
  5. You missed my sarcasm but never mind. The vision of Brexit is to leave the EU and the direction can be any point of the compass as long as we go far enough to be out.
  6. Silly. The next referendum is due before that.
  7. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    May ready for tough talks over Top Gear!
  8. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Oh I get it! You are a clever chap. Here's some scented bogroll for your hooter anyway.
  9. Hands tied but different result for many. The Euro works well for Germany and that's about it. Much Italian debt has origins pre-dating entry into the Eurozone but this should have meant that it should never have been allowed to join. But as with Greece and others, the EU was too busy with promoting ing its own false status by gathering up new EU and Eurozone members, to worry about following its own rules,
  10. Here's reality. With the Euro Greece and Italy and the rest have their hands tied! Interest rates are controlled by the ECB and debt cannot be relieved easily. Lose your currency and lose control of your economy.
  11. The Euro has damaged all of the southern European economies and sent youth unemployment sky high. Wake up!
  12. Looks like in this case you are ignoring the influence of the EU and the Euro in particular. I used to enjoy Italy too.
  13. Mafia was there long before the EU
  14. Yes, just ignore them. That's easiest!
  15. Only to be exceeded by the EU parliament who rubber stamp a batch of multiple regulations every 15 seconds. They are so efficient!