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  1. Exactly what problem are you talking about? Do you really think that the UK is alone with problems? You need to take a better look at the EU (even though it is not a country, mine or anyone else's).
  2. You are very rude, aren't you? I don't particularly take much notice of any of the papers because they all have their own leanings, as obviously do you. As for the EU, my opinion came from extensive research for balanced facts and arguments, with more research to find support or fair opposition for or against those arguments. The EU did not emerge well. Enjoy your "educated" opinions from the Guardian.
  3. Just making a point. By reliable I assume that you mean fair and unbiased news? Just because the Guardian is good for taking up two train seats, it certainly cannot be said to be unbiased; many contributors to the Indy are guilty of bias too. No big budget complaints in the Telewag that I can see but I can't see it all as I'm too cheap to subscribe. The BBC haven't tried to kick Hammond in the crutch, either. Like it or not, the tabloids are as relevant as the rest, probably more relevant.
  4. A broad claim so I just picked the Express out of the hat - no such doom and gloom there - surprise or what? https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/883102/Budget-2017-Brexit-UK-ready-no-deal-Hammond-sets-3billion-budget
  5. This was to tapir but never mind. Yougov's major shareholders are global financial investment companies that are far more liable to have an interest in the preservation of the EU. Just saying.
  6. My comments were honest. So you still trust polls after last year?
  7. You seem to have missed my point completely. You have just proved my point that: the bottom line remains that people who voted out did not have the economy as their No.1 priority and remainers will ignore that fact to the end of time.
  8. Agree. More and more people can now see the ugly face of the EU now becoming exposed for what it really is. I don't know any leavers who have changed their minds since June 2016 but I do know several remain voters that have. The main apprehensions of remainers are economic and these same concerns are also shared by many remainers, But many remainers also factor in the economic risk of actually staying in the EU and this is yet another possibility either not acknowledged or just ignored by EU/Euro lovers. But the bottom line remains that people who voted out did not have the economy as their No.1 priority and remainers will ignore that fact to the end of time.
  9. Well said. I think this is basically the line that government laid out in January and that Davis is trying to follow. All this Hard Brexit nonsense did not originate with Theresa May but has been pushed out as a part of the post-referendum interference by Project Fear & Co. I hope too, that a sensible solution is adopted before too long. Both remainers and the EU itself are spending far too much time making Brexit more difficult than it needs to be - its complicated enough without bickering - the EU would be better off worrying about its newly emerging internal problems.
  10. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Resigned before Zim-EU transfer window closes. Attention, Jean Claude!
  11. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Better to have wet shoes than be clown in circus without tent - Confucius.