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  1. Despite all of the presidents, commissioners and other layers of EU hierarchy, this just goes to show who really is the fuhrer!
  2. I did too but it wasn't worth zip. Blair doesn't care about the Labour Party, he just wants to try to add yet another roadblock out of the EU. A UK exit out of the EU would further add to his political embarrassment.
  3. What a sad attempt at diversion.
  4. Well, Grouse, you know I have to disagree on Brexit. Blair has caused enough grief and should stay out.
  5. Well Labour seem to be the experts at that!
  6. But then there would be no plan.
  7. Is that Tony Blair with a wig?
  8. Blair should keep out of this as he should have kept of of Iraq.
  9. Just like his reasoning for going into Iraq?
  10. The unprecedented rate of (climate change) is the problem. Any possible solution by people depends on how educated, dedicated and capable they are.
  11. Well said! As usual just more doom-mongering by an EU "Official" without any factual evidence. "Let me tell you that to me all member states are important, equally, because one can be contributing more on some policies than others. But I think our British friends will lose more than what we lose," she said. Well Missy Mogherini, contributions are certainly not equal, so why not think about it some more?
  12. You lost more than just your password.
  13. OK - you said that other politicians said that he would quit if he lost......... another off topic observation and not really a critical one at that! Do you have anything important to say..ever??