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  1. Jack100

    Buying Gold Jewelry in Thailand

    Photo Jack
  2. Jack100

    Buying Gold Jewelry in Thailand

    Seanbhoy , I got this ( two actually ) made at Master Pui's laser shop at the BIS building , Mahasak Road . As you said it was very reasonable the cost of the gold about 7000 baht and the work only another 1500 baht . Very pleased with the result . Seems it's a gold repair shop, incredibly busy , ask for Bell , she speaks some Englsih . Thanks again.
  3. PHYCOKILLER I bet you don't really mean that and your really an old softie with a big heart ....
  4. How did normally rational and quite wealthy people get sucked into this ? Did the developers have any track record in Thailand ?
  5. The SHOTUS sorry POTUS sends his condolences and prayers - in advance - to the families of the victims of the next school shooting ...................
  6. Actually I have met , just a few , UK speakers in Pattaya who to me - were completely unintelligible ! Somehow , the bar girls get by making a living and coping with many languages and accents - maybe they should all get a certificate too !
  7. Jack100

    Watch Issue Is ‘Over,’ Prawit Insists

    Steve , I take that as meaning you don't like him !
  8. Jack100

    Watch Issue Is ‘Over,’ Prawit Insists

    You got to admire his chutz -pah - hope I spelt that right !
  9. I went to Chonburi I got my IDL last week , the documentation needed is , a residence letter , Thai Licence , passport , + copies of all these plus baht 505 fee. Driving from Pattaya , go through Chonburi city , straight through the main Phamei Nikom turning , past the 14th military circle on the right , under a couple of blue colored pedestrian walkway bridges and you should see it on the right. (do a u turn) There were about 80 people getting normal Thai licences but only two of us getting an IDL. The staff were very helpful, took about 45 minutes.
  10. So Trump was on the side of the angels all this time !
  11. Perhaps someone could key in a list of all the other restaurants who didn't threaten the writer and we could work it out that way . !
  12. Who would ever have thought that Don was just a big softee ..............
  13. Dead men tell no tales , unfortunately Big G did let slip about being suprised at France's hostility when " he elected Sarcozy with our money ' just before he met his end .
  14. Yep , I always wanted a Noddy car when I was a kid ..................
  15. Looks like Abromovitch 's son ...............