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  1. Looks like Abromovitch 's son ...............
  2. Get money ,get money , get money still , Let virtue follow - if she will !
  3. How come when I have 'relations' it cost me in meals , perfume , clothes and paying the actual up country" relations " in farm expenses and even hard cash . When Don has relations it just costs him just a small deposit which he may get to win back many times over ? Am I doing this right ?
  4. Think I'll change my Hotel booking ........it.s the only way.
  5. Well always thought these were just general rules passed down and embellished over hundreds of years . Same as the Muslims , Buddhists and just about every other religion has . Not a bad thing in itself it's just when people take these beliefs too literally ...........wouldn't fancy a stoning just for eyeing someone up !
  6. Well like any normal , rational person , I would mention the good things, donations to churches, family , friends in need and I would present that . You seem to imply that that anyone who doesn't follow your form of religion is going to cop it . Most of us don't buy that , however doesn't mean we are any less of a moral person than you are .
  7. Have heard that it's hard to enter the KOH these days , before , if you took a needle and a camel along with you , it was 100% sure but now , apparently , it takes a substantial brown envelope . Hope he took one with him.
  8. I think he's in Babylon ..............
  9. cactus again.

    Incredible how they grow here in Thailand .
  10. It was Enterprise in the UK that refused to accept the Thai licence - I see they now own quite a few others - Budget etc . Fortunately I personally knew someone else - who owned a tiny UK rental co. and he fixed me up no problem. However for my next trip in April I will get an IDL next week in Chonburi - seems you need the UK passport , Thai licence, residence letter and 2 photos . I 'll let you know if there is anything else .
  11. Can someone please confirm , as an update, the docs required to get a IDL in Chonburi using my Thai licence ? My UK licence ran out and I had problems hiring in the UK , 2 years ago , using just my Thai 10 yr licence to hire a car.
  12. He's just been groping his way around for the first year - I'm sure he will get to grips with the job in 2018...
  13. Pattaya to stink a little while longer

    Can someone tell me why Jomtien has the exact same green rubbish containers on the beach - as when I first came in 2004 ? Also the same old blue Bangkok buses ? Things never need to be replaced in Thailand .
  14. Think I saw him in Pattaya once - he was wearing a T - Shirt that said " God guys go to Heaven .......................
  15. Reputable gold shop Pattaya.

    Think that might be the crossing with the 2nd road - not the 3rd - there are several there , just up from Tops but on the other side ?