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  1. I think you will find there is some method in their madness Chivas, maybe they have other plans for the spaces cleared and relatives to employ .However , I see from your photo you may have other things on your mind.
  2. This supposedly short term pain for long term (?) has lasted a year now , in pound currency terms .? What exactly were we supposed to get in return - I forget .
  3. Hopefully a couple less to zoom down Jomtien beach road ...............................
  4. Seems we live in interesting times .................
  5. Time to sell that condo by the sea and move to .....................?
  6. Mmmm - not sure I believe all this climate stuff but think
  7. Hope they remember to make sure the trams slow down on the beach road , so passengers can have time to fully appreciate the girls at the coconut bar . Better still , this section might be made ' hop on hop off ' Actually , just realized I'm 65 so better just ignore this post . !
  8. Anyone know how I can dispose of (4 ) old car tires ? Tire shop would not take - "no bin " . Thanks
  9. I would like to buy a gold chain and ' name gold pendant '. With either the first initial (E) or the full name ( Emma) written in Thai. Tried Pattaya and failed , can anyone recommend somewhere in Bangkok ? Thanks.
  10. I used Grabtaxi serivce in Malaysia , nice clean cars , polite drivers . On the way to KL I got a taxi from Ekemai Station to my Sukumvit hotel - a filthy old ( springless) Datsun and he dropped me off 200 metres away - said "road closed ' . It is going to be very interesting to see how this all pans out .
  11. sanukjim, if you dont like him why not just come right out and say it !
  12. If I was a voting Democrat based in a ( self styled ) " red shirt ' village I would be pleased the coup took place and looking forward to voting freely without fear in the next election . OK so they still will lose but at least a try and a fail is still a try . !
  13. Reenat , you and 4my sound like a couple of right charmers !
  14. Mmm Trump hotels and resorts apparently bugged - If one day I can afford it , I don't think I'll be staying at any of Donald's properties - unless it's with my legal wife !