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  1. They forgot to mention the churches .............................
  2. Buying gold in Thailand - worth it?

    Without mentioning the name , I went to one of the famous old gold shops in Chinatown - it looked real shabby compared with the modern red air conditoned stores down the road . Also , I only saw a few amulets on display , no gold chains etc . Am I missing something here ?
  3. Seems ot me every tourist minister wants to or has to beat the previous years target - this is just the end result . Hope those quality tourists start showing up soon !
  4. Compared with Warren Buffett - his diet is first class healthy - looks like he might be aorund for a while - if he keeps off the Russian roulette ! Think Putin taught him that one .
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Jesus ( save us ) 797 pages and counting - when will this ever end ? Parity for the pound?
  6. I had to interview some women for the managers secretary 's job many years ago . The last interviewee without any warning 'give me a flash" while getting up from her chair . This was in my naïve pre -Pattaya days and frankly I have been having nightmares in the form of flashbacks about it ever since. Who do I contact ?
  7. So the way to clean the beaches is to produce hundreds of plastic , laminate posters and stick them on the trees - hmmm wonder why I havent seen that anywhere else . - bet the marine life love lunching on those little degraded pieces when they eventually get to the ocean .........
  8. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Can I have my old pounds back now please ?
  9. Long-time homeless American deported

    For a homeless down and out , seems he's got quite a following ...11 pages wow ........
  10. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Easy to agree that climate change is happening - however to quote Sarah Palin ( sorry about that ) " you don't have to tell me about climate change - I live in Alaska - where we disagree is whether we think it's possible to do something about it " . Seems to me the first question is easy to answer and we never seem to get to the second part ..................
  11. Granite Stain or Etch Not Coming Out

    I rent a flat in London - the tenant left a horrible brown stain on the carpet -even " professionally cleaned ' couldn't fix it . I eventually found out that it was due to suncream lotion - apparently it's more and more common these days . Just a thought
  12. recommend carpet cleaning service?

    Anyone know a carpet cleaning service in the Pattaya/Jomtien area for ordinary bedroom carpets ? About 40 sq. mt
  13. Seems you don't like the guy hobo
  14. Two weeks to unlock Brexit, EU tells Britain's May

    Oh dear , this is some sort of nightmare - please wake me up ...................back when the pound bought 52.90 bath !