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  1. Soi Siam Country Club becoming ghost town

    About 5-6 years it was a real pleasure to drive down SCC to the lake and back for lunch , a relief from Pattaya noise and traffic . I went there this year and was staggered as to how much it had changed . Almost a 10 Km continous ' Soi Buakao ' -no pavments , endless shophouses and businesses . I'm sure it's all for the better but................
  2. So we now put faith in a former Gadaffi strongman who was fighting for his country in Chad , got captured and "turned " by the CIA . Heads up an anti Gadaffi " brigade ' based in the USA and after a failed Libya attempted coup attempt lies low . He then turns up as a Libya strongman - after all the heavy fighting has been done by others. Should work out well for the Libyans !
  3. I would imagine in most other places an irate papa or God forbid mother would have something to say. - or probably do about this man.Why not in Thailand?
  4. He's new to the job and maybe he didn't realize those fireside chats over a Perrier water with the Sheik would actually be - actioned - the next day - with fire and fury . Seems the Qatari's needed a bit of a shake down so maybe he's accomplished something "foreign' to make up for the domestic stuff .
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Seems the Brexits who confidently predicted , well over a year ago now , that the sterling drop was just a short term thing ( blame the currency speculators etc ) might have been a tad optimistic .............
  6. I think Donald has finally realized that he has an important base in Qatar , 15,000 troops or whatever and maybe he shouldn't really have started this mess in the first place .
  7. A minor player - 35 billion confiscated - I'd like to hear about the real big boys !
  8. Seems they also confiscated 20 billion from his personal accounts - must say they do it different in Thailand
  9. Not being a billionaire myself , not even once over , I'm not sure how they work but I'm almost sure that to achieve such wealth you are supposed to have , not friends but a series of friendly aquaintances - people you befriend or shun depending on how things are going or how you may think they go in the future. Personally I always preffered having a few beers down the pub with my mates !
  10. Don't you just love this guy . !
  11. I'm sure it's all an unfortunate misunderstanding and some sort of Solomic solution will be found . For a nation who , apparently , hate confrontation they sure like to rough it when it comes to politics .
  12. Due to Trumps brilliant negotiating skills , honed in the cut and thrust of countless New York real estate deals - plus the good cop/bad cop routine with Mcmanus ! Poor Kim never had a chance ................
  13. So the people who voted out were fools? Must have been the same ones who weren't permitted a vote to go in. Into the EEC, that is; not the EC, not the EU. I had an old friend who is rabid anti EU - going so far as to stand as a Referendum party MP years ago , financed by Sir James Goldsmit . He assured me on 25 June 2016 the drop in the pound was just a " temporary thing ' - my answer was that since he's been living in the same house for 45 years in Twickenham and still hadn't managed to install central heating - it would be foolish for me not to believe him .
  14. Hmmm I thought they were all lovely girls and had a heart of gold .....