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  1. Anyone know how I can dispose of (4 ) old car tires ? Tire shop would not take - "no bin " . Thanks
  2. I would like to buy a gold chain and ' name gold pendant '. With either the first initial (E) or the full name ( Emma) written in Thai. Tried Pattaya and failed , can anyone recommend somewhere in Bangkok ? Thanks.
  3. I used Grabtaxi serivce in Malaysia , nice clean cars , polite drivers . On the way to KL I got a taxi from Ekemai Station to my Sukumvit hotel - a filthy old ( springless) Datsun and he dropped me off 200 metres away - said "road closed ' . It is going to be very interesting to see how this all pans out .
  4. sanukjim, if you dont like him why not just come right out and say it !
  5. If I was a voting Democrat based in a ( self styled ) " red shirt ' village I would be pleased the coup took place and looking forward to voting freely without fear in the next election . OK so they still will lose but at least a try and a fail is still a try . !
  6. Reenat , you and 4my sound like a couple of right charmers !
  7. Mmm Trump hotels and resorts apparently bugged - If one day I can afford it , I don't think I'll be staying at any of Donald's properties - unless it's with my legal wife !
  8. ALLTied , not an expert but after spending many years in the Middle East , I was always told it was healthier than normal cigs because you drag through the apple water ! . Turns out , apparently than it is NOT and smoking shisha is like puffing through a pack a minute !
  9. Not sure if it wise for Trump to appoint such a close relative as his adviser . I seem to remember that last time , JFK appointed his brother "Bobby " as his Attorney General , a 31 yr old man who had hardly practised law , That didn't work out well for either of them either .
  10. Disappointed he never kept his election promise to have a VX beer with NKorea Kim !
  11. Perhaps he felt pressured because has some relatives who had some savings in a well known union credit union?
  12. Perhaps he's afraid that someone will question his birthright ..........
  13. I have to admire his SAS style avoid capture and counter warfare tactics ........
  14. I always wondered what it might be like to be born with a silver boot in my mouth . !