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  1. pagallim

    Loan for Thai national?

    I have no interest in the amount of Thais who default on loans, be they from Farangs or any other source. You are the one painting all Thais as bad risks, though the evidence that you offered were personal knowledge of BG's scamming clients. "She said 20% of first-jobber debtors defaulted on their personal loans, higher than 15% of all Thai debtors who defaulted on their personal loans." So, by inference, 80% and 85% of Thais did not default on their loans. Incidentally, the UK's household debt to GDP has not been less than 85% since 2015. Small Business Owners: Self employed Bar Girls? Working in Middle Management: Bar Cashiers?
  2. A couple of weeks ago, I received my new bank card from my UK bank, and having gone through the online process of activating it, in a moment of madness, cut in half my current SCB card rather than my old UK bank card. So, a visit to SCB was necessary (Chalong Branch) for a new card. Straight forward, new card issued, payed the 100 baht, and no mention or request for a UK address. Re the OP, I would strongly advise against bringing all of your home funds (you quote 17 million baht equivalent), transferring only the amount that you require. It doesn't make sense, particularly at the moment when all the major currencies are poor value against the Baht.
  3. pagallim

    Loan for Thai national?

    You obviously speak from an experience which the majority of us have never had. Pray tell, how much did you lose? Sent from my SM-G965F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. pagallim

    Loan for Thai national?

    Agreed, and the real irony is that farang to farang loans are much more likely to be not repaid.
  5. pagallim

    Nissan GTR

    I've recently seen a Ford Mustang, black, around the Chalong area. I remember a few years ago there was a Korean guy selling a few of these in different colours at stupid money. Could be one of them, brought out of storage. When you consider that a Mini Cooper in the UK is circa 20,000 pounds, or here in Thailand 2,500,000 baht (60,000 pounds approx) where is the sense in that? Forget the imports, unless you want some form of automotive jewellery. Just doesn't make sense. Take a BMW 5 Series here, circa 5 million baht. Sells in the UK for around 35-40 thousand pounds (1.7 million baht). A Honda Accord/Toyota Camry (not saying they have quite the same quality or kerb appeal as the equivalent BMW or Mercedes though both are fine cars) are around the 1.7 million bracket. So, for the price of a BMW 5 Series, you could get a Honda Accord, a Toyota Fortuner, and a Honda Jazz, and probably pay less insurance for all three. The quality is equitable, the difference to the wallet........make your own mind up.
  6. pagallim

    African ladies in Patong discos

  7. pagallim

    long tail boat to koh hey

    Think you will find that long tails will only do round trips. Negotiate the price before you leave, with the price being for the boat, not per person.
  8. pagallim

    African ladies in Patong discos

    Or Soi 13 Sukhumvit, Bangkok.
  9. pagallim

    Snake Identification Please!

    This is an article from November 2017: BANGKOK — Panarat Chaiyaboon was using the toilet in her downstairs bathroom in July when she felt a sharp bite on her thigh. She jumped up to see a scene straight out of a nightmare: an 8-foot python emerging from her toilet. She rushed to the hospital, bleeding heavily, and still bears the marks from eight tooth punctures that were around half an inch deep. That snake was captured. But a week later, Ms. Panarat’s 15-year-old daughter found a second python in the same toilet. The daughter was so shaken, she went to stay with relatives. It could be argued that snakes have always owned this corner of Thailand, and that the people of Bangkok are merely borrowing it from them. The main airport, Suvarnabhumi, was built in a place called Cobra Swamp, and the city itself took shape on the Chao Phraya River delta — a marshy reptile paradise. But this year, the Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department, which removes snakes from homes, has been busier than ever. As of Monday, the department had received 31,801 calls this year for help in removing snakes. That is more calls than for all of last year (29,919), and more than three times the number in 2012 (10,492). On one recent day, the fire department received 173 snake invasion calls, versus five fire alarms. “There’s no way we could survive if there were more fires than snakes,” said Prayul Krongyos, the department’s deputy director. Image
  10. pagallim

    Dog-friendly restaurants

    Really depends on a couple of things, lunch or dinner and of course where you live. We live in the south and typically eat out at lunchtime. For casual eating, the Beach Bar at Khao Kad at Cape Panwa is fine, for a betfer lunch and dinner waterside, the Phuket Yacht Club in Chalong is also great. Both places no problems with dogs, though of course you should always respect the other patrons and the dog must be on a lead and under control at all times. Sent from my SM-G965F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. pagallim

    Phuket: Man arrested for knife rape attack on neighbour

    The only thing sad is your comment. Sent from my SM-G965F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. pagallim

    Seek Cheapest Option to Establish a Utility Account

    Therein lies the problem, if the OP would be a little more explanatory about what she actually needs such a bill for, I'm sure there would be a lot more constructive advice forthcoming.
  13. pagallim

    Seek Cheapest Option to Establish a Utility Account

    I would recommend Pulse TV. You can sign up for one month (1000 baht), though you would have to buy the box to connect to your TV. You would need reasonable internet (minimum 3 Mb download). Read more about it here, with the channels that they offer: https://pulse-tv.net/#how-it-works
  14. pagallim

    Phuket property glut?

    Balance is always good. However, there should also be a degree of honesty on the part of those who choose to use forums such as this as a vehicle for commercial promotion. I'm not talking about advertising per se, merely cherry picking a sector of a particular market that might be lucrative for themselves, leaving an impression that there is a larger market opportunity that in reality isn't there. Trust things are fine with the baby?
  15. pagallim

    Phuket property glut?

    I really can't remember posting on this thread before, so my owning it is not likely and certainly not an aspiration. There are many views here, vis a vis owning verses renting etc. Some of the long term residents (I'm a baby at only 11 years) have experience of both, and typically have knowledge of friends and acquaintances who for whatever reason have been on the property merry go round that's Phuket. With my wife, we own property here and are very happy. Tell us, what are your own circumstances? And the good Mysterion, what's his own? Individuals are giving you real life experiences, and as yet, nothing from those who are purporting to be 'balanced views'? Balance comes from having experience.