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  1. Shop - 4k Monitors in Phuket

    Lazada seem to have plenty of different sizes (https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?spm=a2o4m.home.search.1.1125515f7Yb2On&q=4k monitor&_keyori=ss&from=suggest_normal&sugg=4k monitor_0_1). I have used them many, many times, with delivery usually within 2-3 days, plus the option for cash on delivery.
  2. Address registration

    I renewed my Retirement Extension this morning, with my last 90 Day Report happening in February. This after leaving the country for a short break in Malaysia late December. No re-registration of address was required.
  3. Major Accident/Incident Chalong

    Here's another video of the same crash. You can see a car turning right in front of the truck, which then swerves to avoid and ends up with a head-on collision with the small tour bus:
  4. Transportation options

    Phuket is a very diverse island, so depending upon what your needs are for day to day living and socialising, best to choose an area which reduces the amount of travel. A small car would be by far the best option, both for safety and the occasional inclement weather. Unless you're going regularly to the tourist centres such as Patong, Kata and Karon, parking typically isn't such a problem. What makes Phuket stand out from similar places are it's options. Having your own transport maximises those options.
  5. Major Accident/Incident Chalong

    Another one this morning, though not sure exactly where:
  6. Anzac Day 2018

    Great turn out this morning, with the weather being particularly kind, somewhere around 300 people, with events well choreographed by the Australian Consular team. After the commemoration service, a very sociable atmosphere aided by the hard working staff of the PYC. A couple of videos.
  7. Phuket vs. nearby island or beaches

    It's really all about where you are staying. The absolute closest to Coral Island would be Cape Panwa (near the Aquarium), though unless staying close by would be obviously a longer road journey. Chalong Pier is typically for the further island boats, with not so many of the more economical long tails. Rawai has the most long tails for sure. I would also advise that you check the weather for the day(s) you would plan to go. A good forecast is here (WindGuru - Chalong Bay) and you should be looking for wave height/wind speed - the less is best): https://www.windguru.cz/208470 (note, obviously more accurate the closer you are to the intended trip - i.e. 48 hours or less).
  8. Phuket Airport to Khura Buri

    Having cycled out to Sarasin and beyond many times, the nearest 'bus stop' to what is the airport turnoff on the main road going north, is actually about 1 km south of the airport turnoff, opposite a 7/11 (that's also a turnoff that goes to Pa Klok and eventually comes out at Heroines Monument. The other alternative would be to get to Klok Kloi bus station (first town in Phang Nga) about 5 km north of the Sarasin Bridge.
  9. Anzac Day 2018

    Ah, where has the time gone.......
  10. Anzac Day 2018

    A bump for this one. The Australian Consulate are requesting email notification for those wishing to attend, by tomorrow (20th). Details on the OP.
  11. Phuket vs. nearby island or beaches

    Coastal snorkelling means essentially sticking to the west coast, with probably the beach area nearest to Kata being the most accessible. Of course that means staying in the Kata area, which generally commands a premium for room rates and your budget could become a factor. Staying on any of the nearby islands, say Koh Yao Yai/Koh Yao Noi offer better swimming, but their room rates and associated costs (food/drink) are proportionately higher. A factor also is that we are about to enter into the South Western monsoon period (April-ish to October) where the prevailing wind/tides are from the south west, and there is a significant increase in risk through current changes and rip tides, particularly for those inexperienced to local conditions in the western resort areas. Probably the most interesting snorkelling near to Phuket is 'Coral Island', albeit, it's also a haven for Chinese day trippers, though in June this might be slightly less. Quite clear water, and a lot of sea life. Best of all is Mai Thon island, though this would need a private charter and the cost could be quite prohibitive unless in a reasonable group.
  12. Two Norwegian girls arrested in Phuket

    Stopping it? They're selling it.
  13. Two Norwegian girls arrested in Phuket

    OK, I have phoned the emergency number (in Norway) to their consular officials, detailed the circumstances and passed the web page details to them (they were reading what I was reading). What is not satisfactory is that there is no emergency contact detail in the Norwegian Embassy in BKK. For what appears to be a typical Thai Police 'sting' operation to extort money from vulnerable people (forget the rights and wrongs of what they were doing) they need to have representation either selected by themselves (unlikely) or through their Embassy. Hopefully there will be a few levers pulled and stop this crap from going much further. https://www.learn4good.com/travel/norwayembassy-consulates-thailand.htm
  14. Wildlife in Phuket

    This frog took a time out on my garage wall last night.
  15. Phuket’s ‘Smart Bus’ service rolls into action

    If you put together the 'tunnels of love' in Patong, you'd probably reach Krabi, or at least the Sarasin Bridge.