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  1. I seem to recall the US and Australian embassies saying much the same thing.............
  2. pagallim

    Patong - The Wake

    LiK's properties are well maintained, and his market, for which his tenants (I am not one) I'm sure are grateful, is not pursuing the 'AirBnB'/2 week holiday merry go round. No one wants to live long term with those kind of neighbours, the reality that the long term expat market has diminished, and having properties that are probably 15-20 years old, are debt free and thus gifts that (albeit not as much in baht but convert that to the present lower western currencies probably near equal) keep on giving.
  3. pagallim

    Sour Cream?

    Villa Market in Chalong definitely have it (sour cream that is). I'm just back from there, and saw it next to the Creme Fraiche that I was looking for.
  4. pagallim

    Motorbike Rent

    The Ship Inn at Ao Yon (near the Aquarium) has motorbikes to rent, and supply helmets.
  5. There is really only one reason that will prevent his return to Thailand, and that is if the charge that the Thais detail to the UK government carry Capital Punishment (i.e. death penalty) as a potential punishment if found guilty. This is the same as many other nations.
  6. pagallim

    Restaurant In South Of Phuket

    Thanks Val, We usually eat out twice a week in the mid to late afternoon and are looking for a place with a pleasant outlook and decent food both western and Thai I like Friendship Beach resort but Mrs PCA says the food is to expensive and will not order food there When i point out when we travel on holidays the same type of food is a lot more expensive her answer is, this is Thailand, How can you win Have sent you a PM with a suggestion (because of a link). The place doesn't offer much in the way of western food, but I recommend it for good Thai seafood in a pleasant location, and with more than reasonable prices.
  7. pagallim

    Important Document

    Yup, only way to go for any material which is irreplaceable etc, courier is a no-brainer. Fedex, DHL etc, are both very good, and of course there are others. Typically they will guarantee delivery worldwide within 72 hours. I've used Fedex quite a few times here in Phuket, and their service has been great. Call, they come to the house to pick up, issue tracking number straight away, and from recollection of the last time, less than 2000 baht for a large (A4 size) envelope.
  8. pagallim

    Phuket Crackdown On Motorbike Sidecars

    You've obviously overdosed on a very unusual bad batch of Thai beef. '10 most important things', and you've quoted five. Oh, and where is Thalong?
  9. pagallim

    Would Appreciate Any Advice!

    A few good comments here, though keep in mind that your income isn't going to sustain a 'west coast' lifestyle. Given your skills and experience, future employment shouldn't be a problem. From a perspective of both economical living, variety of employment opportunities, and most essentially affordable social life, I would head towards Phuket Town. 95% of the Thais (and many, many expats) who work in the west coast resorts live in Phuket Town, so there's lots of options for transport. Unless you want to spend all of your wages just socialising, it doesn't make sense to be in places like Laguna with their 'throw a dice' pricing policies. Quality of restaurants, bars, shopping, makes the west coast look like what it is, a rip off. Oh, and some very good accommodation bargains.