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  1. Why not present a basket of bottled water regards worgeordie
  2. worgeordie

    Taking your computer to a 7-11 shop for repair

    They don't actually repair them at 7-11,it is only a collection point, and they forward the laptops to ASUS for repair,just the same when you want to return something to LAZADA,drop it off at 7-11 regards worgeordie
  3. worgeordie

    Do you really like living in Thailand?

    "Sorry for being so long but I have no one to talk with" reading your posts ,i understand why. regards worgeordie
  4. Expect Sanook to be sued over posting these pictures,thats always the first defence here,always shoot the messenger. regards worgeordie
  5. worgeordie

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    I use Slimjet browser,based on Chrome,so should work on all chrome based browser,its available in the app store. regards worgeordie
  6. worgeordie

    What Are These Bugs??

    Try Chaindrite spray,for cockroaches and termites, Mosquito spray might not be strong enough. need a clearer photo to see what they are,cannot even see if they have legs. regards Worgeordie
  7. Giant African snails,are not endemic to Thailand,but Africa as the name suggests. Years ago someone had the bright idea to farm snails,as like the French Thai's also eat them, so they choose the African snail,which grows very big compared to other snails,I don't know what happened,maybe tasted no good,whatever,so they either escaped or were set free,and now are a serious pest,so they have come full circle are farming them again,not for their meat, but for their mucus. regards worgeordie
  8. worgeordie

    SURVEY: The Royal Wedding -- did you watch or not?

    No did not watch,but the wife was very interested in it , has Ladbrokes started taking bets on how long it will last yet ..... regards worgeordie
  9. worgeordie

    Living in an oven

    Thank God ,don't live in a condo,I don't have A/c ,because I don't like it, our house is surrounded by trees and shrubs,with several water features, sleep with windows open,same in daytime downstairs,only wear sarong in the house,very comfortable at the moment,very small fan blowing, best to try and live with what the weather throws at you,than trying to control or fight it,been British was never brought up with A/c's,while Americans they view them as an essential,must have. regards Worgeordie
  10. worgeordie

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    Just some of the best drama series you'll ever see, regards worgeordie
  11. Been there,our tenants did not only leave a mess,but stole,all the curtains,3 teak doors,all remotes for A/C,for the electric gate, the security deposit did not cover the cost to put everything right, so anyone thinking having rental properties ,is just about collecting rent every month,should think again,you are just waiting for the phone call something else has broken,been blocked,etc,etc. regards worgeordie
  12. worgeordie

    Triple Fried Chips

    I just boil,then fry my chips twice, the result ,good and bad depends on type,variety(which you never know),and time of the year. The new season potatoes don't fry as well as later season or old potatoes,the price of onions and potatoes have been expensive for a long time, the price of onions have dropped,16 THB Kg, but potatoes still 33-36 THB kg, in Makro and shops.
  13. worgeordie

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    Thats correct knew I read it somewhere,most likely derelict now, regards Worgeordie
  14. worgeordie

    Dial a friend - But no sex please, were Thai!

    "They will not engage in sex and must not be taken to drink alcohol or do drugs." "No illegal acts, no inappropriate places and nothing in private will be tolerated." That's going to a pretty boring encounter if all the "don'ts" are adhered to. regards worgeordie
  15. "When the police met the girls, they revealed themselves" they must have really been undercover. regards worgeordie