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  1. Not only do you have to be looking right and left, front and back here,but looking skyward too. regards worgeordie
  2. 11 passengers injured as bus crashes into tree

    Everybody knows slick tyres are only used for racing in dry weather, he should have returned to the bus garage and had wet weather tyres put on..............can you imagine the carnage if they had snow and black ice here. glad it was not the brakes this time,sick of hearing that excuse. regards worgeordie
  3. They have just got to find a couple of Water Monitor's running about in the garden of Government House,and that will be it. regards worgeordie
  4. Sunderland - sad to see this.

    Very sad,no really,I would like to see them and Boro both in the EPL, not far for the Toon to travel, the supporters in the NE deserve better,I thought it was going to happen,but Boro failed to come up and Sunderland went down. regards worgeordie
  5. I suspect a bigger share goes to the Police,than to the Taxman regards Worgeordie
  6. Mexico,will pay for them, but seriously,what a stupid idea,arm the teachers, instead of greater gun control,why does anyone need to own an assault rifle, the right to bear arms,was meant for musket loaders, the U.S. needs to come to its senses and bite the bullet (pardon the pun), there are just too many guns, automatic weapons in the hands of too many nutters. regards Worgeordie
  7. There is no formula, but anything second hand,seems to be expensive,think they add finance payments on to purchase price and work down from there,instead of the price of a new, anything really, You just have to use your own judgement,and common sense. regards worgeordie
  8. and because its from Japan, Thai people are loving it. looks like shit and probably tastes like it. regards worgeordie
  9. Prawit has two weeks to clarify 25 pricey watches

    In two weeks time, "I have a touch of dementia, watches, what watches " he first said there was a very easy explanation,weeks later still waiting to hear it. regards worgeordie
  10. He will have eaten a penis sandwich,piles of shit, now penises,anything to stretch the case out,for as long as possible,hoping people will forget and there will be no outcry ,when he is handed a few 1000 THB fine. regards worgeordie
  11. Only 5 Centres,better check the rest,as anywhere that taxpayers money is involved,and distributed by the Government,there is bound to be skimming,that's pretty much a given,and nothing is sacred . regards worgeordie
  12. Krabi Abbot calls for justice over allegations

    Smoke,fire.... regards worgeordie
  13. "tourists grabbing sea urchins", they must have very tough hands,the Chinese. regards worgeordie
  14. It's unity in Thailand he should be asking for, but as long as he is around,the country will be divided. How many times does he say that he is finished with politics, only to rear his ugly head again. regards worgeordie
  15. Good Way to Block a Road

    Looks like his brakes failed going uphill, a first for Thailand. regards worgeordie