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  1. worgeordie

    Serious noise problem in the old city

    They will be finished one day,you will just have to put up with till then, I've had the same problem for 3 years they are building 2 rather large houses in front and to the side of me,the actual fitting out of the houses has taken a year so far,the air nail guns are the worse,its also a Cul-de- sac, which fills up with vehicles so you cannot get in or out of your own house most days.but like I said ,one day they will be finished ! regards Worgeordie
  2. worgeordie

    Kelly's Fish and Chips

    Will let you know either way,and if it is good,will you be paying Kelly's a visit ?,or are you only on this thread to waste time. regards worgeordie
  3. worgeordie

    Kelly's Fish and Chips

    Surely it's common sense ,to ask first, it's quite a time since I ate at Kelly's ,it was good then, but has since had two new owners, The worst that could happen is that the meal was not good,that they only offered Pangasius, Just for you,I will pay it a visit,based on a couple of recent positive reviews, which i thank the posters for. regards worgeordie
  4. worgeordie

    IPTV with Australian Channels

    Try firstonetv.eu, its free,have several Oz channels, but don't know how well they stream regards Worgeordie
  5. Sounds you have not been here long enough,if you follow my posts so closely,you will have seen where i try and help people a lot,with questions on just about anything,but in your eyes maybe that does not count,but thanks for letting me know how you feel about me,something i will not lose sleep over,have a nice day. regards worgeordie
  6. How can visa issues be such a big problem ? 1 day at most spent at immigration,4 x 90 days done by post,or even online . It's only a problem if you don't have supporting paperwork,not enough money or are trying to live here doing visa runs. regards worgeordie
  7. No need,it sounded ok to me, and i am sure everyone knew what i meant, this is TV forum, not The Times,but even they make mistakes with syntax . regards worgeordie
  8. worgeordie

    Kelly's Fish and Chips

    Its less the cooking methods,more about the ingredients here , you cannot buy named Potatoes ,so really you cannot buy the variety you need to make good chips,then there's the fish,Atlantic Cod,Haddock,and Whiting are just not available,and if it was would be price prohibitive for Fish & Chips, so it's Pangasius (Dory) ,which is even used by unscrupulous fryers in the UK, As a lad I use to deliver Potatoes to fish and chips shops and I never seen any double fry the chips,I think some of the HiSo Fish shops do that today,as well as use a bigger variety of fish species. Like a lot of things here you will never find everything from your home country,but its surprising what you can get,so you just have to make do with the next best thing,or a good substitute, do without, or have it shipped here yourself,trouble is a small amount of fish would travel well ! Regards Worgeordie
  9. worgeordie

    Mystery Booms in Chiang Mai ?

    In your first post you said you heard a couple of booms ? If 10 in a row,must likely big fireworks at a funeral or other temple festival. I hear them around where I live,low big boom,boom,boom.rattles the windows. regards Worgeordie
  10. America must be really proud to have such a President,who cages children, denies global warming,is taking animals off the threatened list,just so big business can move in and exploit the wilderness, who is a whore monger, woman abuser,a bankrupt,and a hell of a liar,anything I have missed ? regards worgeordie
  11. So expect more brown seats,just make sure you look down, before sitting down, regards Worgeordie
  12. Strange, I thought everything had a price here regards wogeordie
  13. worgeordie

    Mystery Booms in Chiang Mai ?

    Most likely Electrical transformers exploding,happens often when it rains, regards Worgeordie
  14. worgeordie

    Kelly's Fish and Chips

    Was that recently ? regards worgeordie