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  1. The ones that are making the most profit from the rice debacle,are the godown owners,that's where most of the 1 Billion THB p.m. will be going to,and it seems never ending .they would be better giving the rice away free to poor countries,and clear all the backlog,start afresh again,and try and gain Thailand's reputations for quality rice. regards worgeordie
  2. Have they been able to view the DVD yet ,or is it just laying in a draw somewhere, still unable to be viewed . regards worgeordie
  3. That was a huge surprise,normally the courts take a large bail amount, then hope the suspect does a runner,and forfeits the cash. regards worgeordie
  4. Yes,a friend visited there today and advised us not to bother,nothing there, and very expensive,Potatoes 100 THB Kg!.I thought at first it was going to be a Tops Supermarket,they must have pulled out,so the market opened themselves,I think with no experience in running a Supermarket. regards worgeordie
  5. They know every year it's going to happen, BUT wait till it starts raining,then think what to do. regards worgeordie
  6. He will be waiting till the verdict, to see,if its stay or go regards worgeordie
  7. So she's driving straight ,looking to the right,BUT not to the left ,what kind of excuse is that. regards Worgeordie
  8. It was a regular occurrence at a small local hardware shop,the owner trying to short change me,she would just smile and handover the correct change when I challenged her,so in the end I used to wave the 500THB or 1000THB over my head before handing it to her,both laughing as she knew what she was trying to do,but so did I. Always check my change at Makro,Supermarkets,because I always write down my purchases and add total,so if it comes to say 2,352 THB I know exactly how much change to expect,over the years there have been quite a few times they have tried to overcharge,varies between 10 THB, and as much as 537 THB,Makro, they can sometimes,click an item twice in the trolley,by accident or on purpose ,who knows. regards worgeordie
  9. and the Police. regards Worgeordie
  10. When the traffic in Bangkok is stopped by snow drifts. regards worgeordie
  11. Only ever seen replacement fan blades,you could try the distributor of your makes,to see if they will /can supply them,you could try painting them with rust control,(forget the actual name), it's like an acid,paint it on and it eats the rust,then you can spray red oxide,and maybe a finishing coat of white gloss,should last longer. regards Worgeordie
  12. Maybe 6 months ,added for stupid sunglasses, regards worgeordie
  13. How much for a Komodo Dragon ? regards Worgeordie
  14. Yes,better not let the truth get out.! regards worgeordie
  15. Take Evenstevens advice on a decent Agent,as he knows all kinds of agents, There are a lot of agents that do very little to earn their commission,just the other day a friend who has a house for rent,told me, the agent phoned the maid of the house to show people around that he was sending,could not even be bothered to come himself. Just try and place your property with 2-3 different agents,and if you really want to sell,try harder yourself,by posting on any free property sites,like ThaiVisa classifieds, BahtSold, there are also Thai property sites,*,but you may need help posting,and that maybe your best bet,as it's a commercial property and Thais might be your target. We used to use agents to rent out our properties,but we found them to be pretty useless, so just do it ourselves,get quicker results and save money. good luck. * also Thai property news papers,usually free,but have not seen any offered for a while now. How much are you trying to sell for ?,how many floors,etc? regards Worgeordie