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  1. Could he not wait till he got back home ! regards Worgeordie
  2. Prawit probe must show integrity, says Abhisit

    The truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth,would be fine. regards Worgeordie
  3. Thais to get tougher on drink driving re-offenders

    " up to 2% of these are just going out and repeating the offence." that seems a bit on the low side i would think,its the first time offenders they need to get really tough on,then maybe they would think twice about doing it again,i remember years ago they were trying to pass a bill in Parliament on DUI, but some of the MP's said they would not vote for it because they drink drive ! regards worgeordie
  4. Gen Prawit: Don’t worry I can clarify

    OK,come on then,you have had plenty of time to think of a good excuse. regards Worgeordie
  5. 5 Years !, While farmers and villagers burn farm waste with impunity, while effecting many 1000's of people up here in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, regards worgeordie
  6. POTY -- 2017 -- Poll 1

    It seems some posters are just using the POTY vote,to post one liners of little substance,just to get their post counts up. regards worgeordie
  7. " then see who would be jailed for it." YOU,you stupid man, first for committing arson and letting all the World know and then for lending money regards worgeordie
  8. Yeah, just forget about it,"fake news",never happened,must have been photoshopped, move along nothing to see here,........wonder if he will ever wear it again in public,...longer sleeves. regards Worgeordie
  9. best rat poison.

    They are for sale in Makro,and all supermarkets,DIY stores,,Thai ones are not like the one you show they are bigger, and yes they trap big rats, well what about covering it with a cardboard box with a hole so the rat can get in,thats just for the guy who has them outside,in the rainy season they usually invade the ceilings,so just put some sticky plates up there, rats are the worst of vermin,my wife's father died of leptospirosis,so no sympathy at all for them.hope that makes things clearer for you. regards worgeordie
  10. BB Gun

    Thai man correct. regards Worgeordie
  11. best rat poison.

    I find it best to use the sticky plates,just put some nuts,bread any bait on it cover it with something so other wildlife cannot get in,but the rats can if you use poison.the rat can be eaten by local cats.or just get a cat, thats the best solution,we had the same problem,got a cat and she soon sorted them out. regards worgeordie
  12. Back to the drawing board,for the next bright idea,stolen from the West. regards worgeordie
  13. Riverside bliss

    Advertorial regards Worgeordie
  14. Poster of the Year -Dave2?

    +1,Anyone posting,looking for a location,restaurant,business etc, he was there almost instantly with a photo,which is a great help if you are looking for something,and a picture is worth a 1000 words. regards worgeordie
  15. They are too busy trying to catch someone smoking on the beach !, just imagine the carnage on the roads if they had ice and fog here regards worgeordie