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  1. Just there to do extension last Thursday, no need for medical certificate or blue book, everything was the same as last year,only quicker. regards worgeordie
  2. When it started out as a "Common Market", that was a good idea,free trade, now look what's it's morphed into,trying to control everyone's life,while the populations have little say in what happens,I think it's all run for the benefits of the bureaucrats, who are sucking on the tiits of its members,the amount of money that has been wasted through corruption and inefficacy is astounding ! ! When the bureaucrats ,seeking more power and people to control,let the Eastern Bloc countries join, that was a huge mistake, now they are talking that it's going to be very tough for the UK, leaving the mess that is the EU, why are they going to be very tough,because they are insecure and afraid others may be tempted to leave,which would lead to the collapse ,and they would lose their cushy jobs with all the perks. regards worgeordie
  3. "He was named as Burapha Suchart, 32, who described himself as a trader in second hand goods. "AKA a thief. the same profession that Al Capone used on his business cards. regards Worgeordie
  4. Looks like he has competition now,unless they are a double act, regards worgeordie
  5. I think the Pizza Company's thin crust Pizza, is ACTUALLY cardboard. had a Pizza Hut pizza,where instead of tomato they used 1000 island. I think you have to be very hungry or very drunk to eat from either. regards Worgeordie
  6. Still using Wok's I bought 30 years ago,think they were 80 THB, had to make new wooden handles for them over time,they are made of steel,like them as the bottom is flat,use one as a chip pan. regards Worgeordie
  7. I just use an old credit card,or cut down an old rubber flip flop. regards Worgeordie
  8. For myself, I would like to see locally grown Swedes and Parsnips, supplied at a reasonable price, they can grow stuff like Celery, Kohlrabi, so the 2 veg I would like to see should be easy. regards Worgeordie
  9. www.raro.asia he sells cast iron pans,delivered to your door from Pattaya, regards Worgeordie
  10. Does she have a venomous bite ! regards worgeordie
  11. What secrecy,its there for all to see, but better not comment,as you could be up for some A A. regards worgeordie
  12. Its a DEAD, harmless, Sunbeam-or Rainbow snake Xenopeltis unicolor, RIP snake you died for nothing. regards Worgeordie
  13. Both available in Rimping, the Yorkies pork pie,are not too bad, or Central food hall has Melton Mowbray pork pies at a price. regards worgeordie
  14. Actually made in Malaysia, so an import. regards worgeordie
  15. Both available in Rimping,at least the Meechok branch. thats your problem solved regards worgeordie