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  1. I live next to it and cant hear any noise, unfortunately i do hear the noise from Mouth to Mouth which is about a kilometer away!!
  2. Something not quite right there, the damage is on the left side of the pick up, either they were waaaay at the wrong side of the road, or the pick up driver was not where he should have been.....
  3. Alcohol Tax, any facts yet??

    Facts now from 7/11, so no major drama!!!
  4. New list from 7/11, note the prices for Leo etc, Single big bottle 56, two pack 110 and three pack 164.bottle
  5. Alcohol Tax, any facts yet??

    Bought 10 cases of San Mig light (24 bottles) from the wholesaler last night, only up 10 baht a case so i wont even bother passing that increase on to my customers!
  6. If they were serious about protecting the health of the people then the tax should be on sugar, the amount of sugar consumed here is beyond belief!!
  7. She didnt know they were valuable yet paid people 30,000 to chop them down.....aye, right!!!
  8. Nope, as been stated several times already....taller and slimmer cans but SAME volume.
  9. Pattaya police arrest 12 women from Uganda

    Looks like the same mingers they rounded up last time!!
  10. I would laugh if she popped up soon and thanked all those by name that aided her departure!!
  11. Ghost town

    Wow, is it time for another "Pattaya is dead" thread already!!
  12. They need to plant signs in the bushes that instruct everybody to give way to traffic approaching from the right, in the native language of course.
  13. What an amount of bizarre posts from people trying to defend their own questionable sexuality and repressed desires, enjoy it for what it is......a background into one of the great shows in Pattaya, it's glamour, it's pazaz it's women wi baaz, enjoy or move on!!