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  1. LennyW

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Also Pizza Company in BC for the last couple of years, although i think it is mostly for take away.
  2. This one has around 300 rooms and was also packed out at the weekend....so yes....build it and they will come!! The staff speak perfect English at this place by the way.
  3. Hopefully other airlines follow this example - be good if they checked the size as well.
  4. I am aware of the term "farmers with hammers" when it comes to house construction here, but "chicken farmers and high speed railways" thats a new one!!
  5. Currently there is a large influx and investment from the Japanese and Korean contingent, many shops, massage places and restaurants have sprung up to cater for them. With the busy night clubs and restaurants on the bypass road it is thriving at nights, yeah, not the same types as previously filled the town, but much busier now than in previous years. Most of the restaurants, action and entertainment these days is between Sukhumvit and the beach, the strip of bars that was previously a bustling area is just a shadow of what it was, there is a couple of bars do well because the owners work hard at them, the rest are overcome with greed and infighting. I guess it all depends on which parts of the town you frequent, but it is growing and thriving rapidly right now, things change for sure, of course anyone who does not actually know the town and uses the faded bar street as a gauge will not see or understand this.
  6. And of course we have Big C and Makro coming to Ban Chang in the new year, ......but that's another story!!
  7. This is correct as you can see by the attached. The 1035 is the current bypass road, as mentioned the proposed new part travels alongside the railway.
  8. That number 8 motorcy driver needs a piss test!!!
  9. LennyW

    7-11 Location

    But on the other hand....look at the amount of new small business' popping up opposite, and i am sure there will be more all around and in the car park!!!
  10. LennyW

    What's Happening In Phla Beach

    And as of today, there is now a new daily market on the corner beside the 7/11 there - traffic will be even more chaotic!!
  11. <deleted>!!! Once the Bar hostess shows some of her Thai male friends the video Mr. Bomber will get his arse well and truly skelpt., let just hope there is a video of that one !!!!!
  12. LennyW

    7-11 Location

    So the signs are up then.....
  13. LennyW

    What's Happening In Phla Beach

    Thats been the word for the last 4 or 5 months, since the tin shed was told to vacate the space, just checked it was back on 31st March i mentioned that on the 7/11 location thread...how time flies!!
  14. LennyW

    Pattaya specific advice, please...

    The OP is a smoker for sure......
  15. The cops are taking a bit of a fancy to his junk!!!!