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  1. Not making any point, just telling it like it is.
  2. Cant believe this crap gets bandwidth, has nobody noticed its been raining heavily lately ?? and these massive storm drains are .....well, draining the water from storms!! Surprise surprise!! And to correct the article, Pollution and excrement is NOT pumped into the sea......the storm water run off carries with it all that is free to move and drains into the sea!!!.
  3. Wow, only a couple of thousand options!
  4. You've been watching too much movies!!!
  5. The Garden also in Ban Chang http://gardenrayong.com/
  6. Ban Chang has all the amenities you need, but a bit quieter than Rayong city it'self. Many dining options, lots of shops, markets, beaches, easy access to motorway which will be even easier soon, U Tapao airport for those short trips around Asia...
  7. East Coast one of the longest standing property companies in Thailand, probably the most accessed website as well, thaiproperty.com,
  8. Need to start with Bangkok, most of the garbage tossed into the Chaiophraya river ends up on the beach in Pattaya due to the tides in the gulf, root cause!!
  9. 40 years accident free = accident waiting to happen!
  10. Go visit China and you will understand.
  11. These are supposed to be normal water drains connected to the city's storm drains, normally only waste water/storm water would run through these and out to sea, this type of drainage system usually needs no further processing before it goes out to sea,this is quite normal in most countries... Problem is, there is so much illegal tie ins to these drains that there is all sorts of shit entering the system, quite literally, not to mention the amount of rubbish that goes down the drain along with cooking oil from all sorts of food vendors...
  12. In yer dreams LOL!!!!
  13. More positive news on the van front!!!