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  1. LennyW

    F1 2018

    The usual predictable procession at Monaco......BORING!!!
  2. You will never ever learn the truth......only what they want you to know and that wont even scratch the surface!! Find another hobby!!
  3. LennyW

    Sunday Roast

    Sunnys on the darkside, Queen Vic Soi 6, Sportsmans Soi 13, so many..........
  4. They have a mirror image at the south end of Pattaya on Sukhumvit as well.........actually pretty much every school!! How can you expect the kids to grow up and be anything but crap drivers.....monkey see monkey do!!
  5. Ha ha, yes, where the police did bugger all the DLT has now taken over on this one.......
  6. LennyW

    4 killed, two injured in Pattaya car crash

    Is this supposed to be some form of excuse???
  7. LennyW

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Tried the Korean restaurant inside the Yurak fitness and Sauna centre last night, very good indeed!!! But be warned.....the portions are massive, normally in places like Singapore, Malaysia etc. if you go in a Korea restaurant they have great pictures in the menu but small portions, not here as we found out after we had ordered 3 dishes.....HUGE!!!! Also have an extensive Thai menu and some Chinese as well. Great taste, good staff, i will be going back there again for sure!!.
  8. LennyW

    Ban Chang

    There is loads of taxis and motorcycle taxis, go up to Tesco and get the number of a few of them, very handy, but i guess for the casual visitor this would not be well known, they are a friendly bunch, ring them to go and get bus tickets, deliver food, go to the bank for change, deliver more food!!!
  9. LennyW

    Ban Chang

    No curfew in place, many new restaurants and bars open away from the small strip especially beach side of Sukhumvit, many places selling San mig light for 65 baht, Guinness 180 baht a pint, Ciders 135 Baht a can, yes Ban Chang has developed over the last few years......in a positive direction! Brand new very modern toilets at the beach. It is raining right now, but not prone to flooding like Pattaya!
  10. No it is not, it is only from Sukhumvit at Baddog nightclub you access the bypass road at that end of Ban Chang, the new short section from the 7 to the bypass road has not been done yet. Traffic coming into Ban Chang will be on Sukhumvit to do U Turn opposite PTT then back up to Baddog nightclub where they turn left on to the bypass road. This will be chaos until the 7 is connected directly as per Steve187's sketch above.
  11. This is not at Mapthaput, this is at Ban Chang which connects to Sukhumvit. The next phase is to link from here to Burapaphat road, (the Ban Chang bypass road), but that is not included in the current construction. It's going to be hectic on Sukhumvit in BC until they do.
  12. Yes, and just south of that flyover is the short link road to the 331.
  13. It does not "connect" with Huay Yai as such, it passes through Huay Yai with one spur road which comes out near Ambassador hotel on Sukhumvit, and one short link road to the 331 which is put in to service the tourist attractions such as Silverlake and Khao Chee Chan to the North of the link as well as Utapao airport to the South.