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  1. Great show and well worth a visit, even if it is just to dream........
  2. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    Just more snouts in the trough!!
  3. They probably removed the noise barrier as the posts were not fit to support it on a windy day!!!! Bacon sandwiches by now!
  4. That motorcyclist without a helmet that arrived a few seconds later should go and buy a lottery ticket!!
  5. If you are stopped by traffic police @ Pattaya

    It will be whatever Somchai the bobby says it is!! But, if you want to help stop the rot...insist on a legitimate ticket!
  6. Exactly right, i cant believe how many people on here are quite happy to believe in imaginary lines or standard misinterpretation of very clear laws just because......."that is the way it is" or "most people think that way" !!
  7. Or go to court and have the motorcyclist fined 1500 Baht!!
  8. Not even a skateboard rider would wai a Mazda...no offence to skateboard riders
  9. This would suggest the bike rider is in the wrong..... The Land Traffic Act B.E. 2522, Section 44 clearly states: When overtaking, the driver shall overtake on the right side, keep safe distance, and return to the left-hand side lane promptly. Section 45 further states: No driver shall overtake another vehicle from the left-side unless: a. the vehicle to be overtaken is making a right turn or has given a signal that he is going to make a right turn b. the roadway is arranged with two or more traffic lanes in the same direction.
  10. I had an almost identical accident a couple of years back - difference was i was indicating, no damage to my vehicle and pretty much the same scrapes to the bike rider as this one, i got out and asked if he was okay and that i would call my insurance to help.......he got up and said "sorry sorry, my fault, i did not see you" picked up his bike and buggered off....correct thing to do IMO!!
  11. Big Storm Heading To Pattaya

    Chucking it down again in Ban Chang right now.
  12. 5 killed, 9 wounded in pickup truck crash

    The daily carnage continues......
  13. Be very interested to see what "measure" can be put in place to stop the Me First, Me First, Me First syndrome!!