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  1. Nothing more than an exhibition of art, i can surely think of many other things that police are much more in the need to be moved to inactive positions!!
  2. Some super hot girlies there displaying their tats and more!!
  3. Kids of 11 years old do not have the mental ability to give "full concent" jeez!!
  4. My thoughts exactly......they are all standing looking at them, they could have let them run!!
  5. How can honey be organic?? the Bees dont know if what they are eating has been sprayed or fertilized?
  6. Indian Mackerel

    If they have a sliced open belly that should give you a clue!!
  7. It was only last September they changed to single ticket.
  8. English food in Rayong

    Not far from Rayong, Ban Chang, excellent shop with everything you could need!!!! And not expensive. Bacon, Sausages, Black pudding, Steaks, Minced Beef, Pies, HP Sauce, Colmans mustard, Beans, Teabags, OXO cubes, Bisto gravy, .....well you get the idea!!! Ban Chang Expat Mart, look out for the red, white & blue frontage. Map on the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/BanChangExpatMart/?ref=bookmarks
  9. According to up to date news it is vehicles in Bangkok that are to blame for the pollution there.
  10. If somebody got murdered everytime someone witnessed shenannagins between punters and girlies in Pattayas bars.....there would be a helluva lot of dead people around!!!
  11. This is only 15th February and 18 school shootings this year so far......wake up America!!
  12. Another poor sucker that has fallen for the hype!! So sad.
  13. More family orientated things to see and do in Pattaya than Chiang Mai and Phuket put together.
  14. This was hardly a "Violent brawl" couple of bitch slaps and a sneaky attempt at a blindsider by a young Thai and everybody on their way again.......more of a scuffle!!