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  1. More likely a drunk real one on his way to have his ego massaged by the 2 ladies in the car!
  2. So they have 100,000 wasps just standing by for such an outbreak....amazing!!
  3. Yes they do, if it cant be burned then any roadside becomes fair game for dumping.
  4. A woman scorned.....a dangerous thing indeed!!!
  5. A few gyms in Ban Chang now. Lots of food options. Lots of Bars. Girls. Lots of nice apartments that dont cost too much. Cant go far wrong in Ban Chang!!
  6. It dries out very quickly in the heat and blows away in the breeze....
  7. Do you routinely stop in a lane with no traffic in front of you just because every other lane is stopped?
  8. There is a huge gap between the end of the black and white barrier and the start of the white barrier, before the lampost, that is where she was heading. big enough to get a car through by the looks of it. Clearly visible from 8 seconds in.
  9. It's not a case of mistaken identity.....its a case of assault and battery and downright thuggery!!!
  10. Red Bull is not the problem here....it's the Thai justice system and those that administer it that is the problem!
  11. Maybe worried she gets attacked by a monk!!
  12. Correct, today was handover day apparently. The lady half of Noot bar's daughter and her elderly foreign husband are now the new owners of the Camel.