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  1. Reserved for Welsh, New Zealanders and Aberdeen FC supporters!!
  2. What is it with these Aussies.....organising Boat orgies now pool orgies!!!!:-)
  3. LennyW

    Disgruntled Ex-pat Homeowner Issues

    Surely that would be yet another reason you cannot shift them then!
  4. LennyW

    Disgruntled Ex-pat Homeowner Issues

    I think having 5 out of 7 owners wanting to sell or rent in the same small lot will do a lot worse for your chances than a few signs.
  5. Load of <deleted>, the international schools in Banchang consistently turn out some of the top students in Asia, not just Thailand. I know many of the teachers personally and they are normal human beings like anyone else, but some are top educators. "and the town is a bit rubbish in general" And what the hell is that supposed to mean?, Banchang is a great place to stay, i think the OP might be the problem, not the schools or teachers or the town!!
  6. Child exploitation alive and well!! Some people think thats cute, i think it's vile!!!
  7. Hope he starts to resist arrest so Jakthip can shoot the <deleted>!!
  8. Most of it is washed down the Chaiophraya river from Bangkok.
  9. LennyW

    Import of plastic waste to Thailand banned

    How are they going to ban the oceans from washing it ashore???
  10. Prayut should.......just run along now!!
  11. I have travelled to a great many countries in the world and by far Japan seems to have the most disciplined and courteous drivers, but there is the problem for Thailand...the drivers are just not Japanese in their mind set, until they get rid of the me first me first attitude , lose face, belief in amulets , things will never change here...with or without Japanese input!
  12. LennyW

    Man killed by freight train in Chon Buri

    Or they could have been travelling in the same direction
  13. These are all very real actually, only thing is most of it bypasses Pattaya.
  14. And it has only just begun......be no beach left by end of October!