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  1. NO. where did i mention about them being rich ? They do have money and they stay where they are to be part of a gang and sells drugs. I take it that the white kids who are born there and growing up in that environment are doing just that being as they are not in gangs and killing people.
  2. What poverty are you talking about ? the same poverty that kids have 100 pound training shoes and all the up to date clothes ! education you say, they have the same opportunities as kids throughout the country the fact that they don't want to take them is up to them. If people such as you stopped making excuses for them then we might start getting somewhere. Can you explain how there is a "breakdown of society".
  3. alfieconn

    Manchester United

    Featured is irrelevant, it's minutes that counts as i have explained numerous times
  4. To be fair, calling the attacker an innocent victim and saying RIP and not mentioning the Innocent victim who's life was taken sums up the type of person Simple is. He defends the ethnic minorities but if he ever in the way any of them they wouldn't hesitate in doing him some harm and i suppose he would still defend them.
  5. alfieconn

    Tottenham Thread

    No doubt some would prefer a second hand athletics stadium
  6. alfieconn

    Manchester City

    They do seem to think that they are above the Law Manchester City: Fifa investigate allegations club broke rules on third-party ownership https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46159075
  7. Not one mention of Parents disciplining their children, but obviously it's the authorities fault because they haven't educated young people on the dangers of carrying a knife, i can't stop laughing !!!! why don't the parents educate them ? anyway i don't think they need to be educated as to a knife being dangerous as that is exactly why they are carrying them.
  8. I take it you are saying RIP to the man who got stabbed by the attacker ?
  9. Like any country Auz already has it's fair share of criminals and gangs etc so that's exactly why they don't need even more coming into the country as Immigrants.
  10. So why are ABC only reporting on the Sudanese ? and what has their religion got to do with it ?
  11. Apparently the crime rate in Oz is increasing and guess what is causing it ? Sudanese immigrants, couldn't make it up cud ya. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-17/sudanese-gangs-real-concern-in-melbourne-malcolm-turnbull-says/10002556
  12. Pardon me for asking but what is a black heritage immigrant ?
  13. alfieconn

    Manchester United

    What are you on about now ? i'm sure some people on here live on a different planet. Please explain where you get your info from, i'm intrigued.
  14. Here we go again, it's people like you in high places who haven't got a clue who are partly to blame, blame everything and anyone but do not get to the root of the problem. Kids who are not brought with up any respect and discipline which in turn turns to resentment and couldn't give a fark attitude, who's letting these kids out on the streets ? is it me, you, the police, the government or the parents ?