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  1. In Germany the honorary consulates can issue multi-entry visas again, however the processing time is about 2 weeks.
  2. I am quite sure that it is not possible to get a WP10 for the purpose of building or repairing your own house etc. This WP is restricted to selected professions/ activities, which are "necessary" and "urgent" from a business related, educational or social POV.
  3. For many reasons, but not to be discussed here, Question : why would anyone like to own a car in THL?
  4. Own house= a house/property, where I live and which belongs to me. And if you like to ask - the land belongs to my family since more than 25 years
  5. You are interpreting this law based on your foreign conceptions. How can you work and live here with obviously much fear? MoL,MFA, MoJ, MoI, PM ...to name a few, involved in such policies?
  6. It doesn't make it illegal as well. I am always wondering why foreigners spent their time to read and interpret Thai laws, which are for a good reason were constructed like package inserts of medications. Enjoy your life here. And by the way - due to my profession I had the opportunity in the past to discuss the aspects of building a own house with relevant ministries: no problems with it.
  7. No, he isn't. In my case everyone including police always know that I build my house by myself.
  8. I build me own house about 10 years ago. No issues
  9. Why we can't work in any high income job?? (If you have a WP)
  10. An invitation letter from the organizer stating your expert status is enough for that purpose
  11. Should keep it, but most not do..my wife never had a problem with a new passport issued wherever... but agree to consult a superior in case of such problems
  12. Would agree, but what happens if the exit from Thailand is many years ago? Still in issue? On a Thai passport you fill in a TM6 on exit, but usually not on entry. What about the new e-passport system?
  13. Why does it matters if the Thai passport is issued in the UK or in Thailand ? Both possibly would not have exit stamps..?
  14. Never done a TM28 at CW. The present address indication on the TM47 for the 90 days report was always enough.
  15. I think no problem. I brought all my IT equipment including an Apple display in original packaging with my luggage to Thailand , when I moved here.