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  1. Boycie

    Sugar Free Sodas/Drinks/Squash?

    I was having a look today in 7-11 and found this in the fridge along with a 'healthy' sticker. Not sure if i am reading the Thai script right, but 1 glass serving of 200ml contains 13grams of sugar!! So this 1 bottle @ 445ml contains about 29grams of sugar? If that is correct, i think i'll skip this healthy drink with Vit B3 + B6 from Pepsi
  2. Boycie

    Sugar Free Sodas/Drinks/Squash?

    A few members mention Coke Light/Diet, but i thought that still contained sugars? But Coke Zero contains no sugars. Is my thinking correct?
  3. Boycie

    video problems

    Although video showing 0.00 the sound is playing but no video is shown. Samsung Tablet using Chrome and same happens on my Samsung phone.
  4. Boycie

    video problems

    Same for me. Been like this for about a month now.
  5. Boycie

    Popular expat in Pattaya in urgent need of blood

    It's been nearly 2 weeks now since 'popular expat in Pattaya in urgent need of blood' Has anyone got an update on how Zac is doing?
  6. I thought Rama VIII was used by pedestrians and cyclists too?
  7. The charity Samaritans is available around the clock for people who want to talk. If you or anyone you know is in need of mental health services, please contact the Samaritans of Thailand at their 24-hour hotline 02-713-6791 (English), 02713-6793 (Thai) or Thai Mental Health Hotline at 1323 (Thai). http://www.samaritansthai.com/news/samaritans-of-thailand-english-hotline/
  8. Boycie

    Popular expat in Pattaya in urgent need of blood

    It's been 6 hours since you posted. Hope you were able to go to the hospital and donate. Please reply back and give us an update.
  9. Boycie

    Whar happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    I'm sure everyone could find a bar/pub today for a pint or three to celebrate https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Beer_Day
  10. Top right = Thai Air Asia Third line = No have money for living? Bottom = Signature of Immigration Officer Did they also ask to see 20,000baht cash as well as a return ticket?
  11. Boycie

    Where can I buy black pudding?

    Ekkamai http://www.londonpiebangkok.com/product-category/sausages/page/3/
  12. If anyone is looking for cheap flights for Christmas this year