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  1. As far as the screen question goes, it's not possible to have a screen on the outside unless it is a "slide to open" window. I am in the process of building a small school building and plan on using "tilt to open" windows or swing windows because with a sliding window you can only open 50% of the window. There are devices that are fitted through the inside screens that allow for opening of the windows without removing the screens, or the screens could be hinged to allow them to be opened to access the windows.
  2. yep...you are exactly right and so was UJ
  3. I believe the Retirement Visa is only available at the Royal Consulates or Royal Embassies in the U.S., is it not? I applied for mine and recieved it at LA last year.
  4. Looks like the actions of both are unscrupulous to me, interesting how they separate the person who is putting themselves up to be viewed and the person who is doing the viewing.
  5. Where Do I Find My Parcel?

    The other problem I have had here in NongKhai is that there is another house in our moo ban (neighborhood) with exactly the same address as ours. I sometimes get their mail so I wonder if they get ours. I asked the guys at the post office how to fix this problem and they scratched their heads and said "that would be very hard to fix" Glad you got the item
  6. Where Do I Find My Parcel?

    you had better luck than I, I live in NongKhai and ordered a laptop mainboard on aliexpress. The last time I tracked the shipment it said "cleared Brazil postal customs inspection, out for delivery" ! That was a few months ago.
  7. Actually they can, back in the 90's the ford explorers in America were investigated by officials after it was reported that they had an extraordinarily high amount of rollover accidents. Investigators found that the rollovers were caused not by the vehicles but by the tires, people who were still driving on the factory installed tires once they were badly worn were experiencing blowouts and when the blowout was on the rear at highway speeds the result was that the rear of the vehicle "steered itself" and no matter what the driver did in many cases they lost control and rolled. The result of these findings went against the old idea that a blowout on the rear was better than on the front. The fact is that if a front tire blows out the driver can still steer it. I know all of this because I was a Ford dealer technician then. That said, no matter what the cause may she rest in peace and the others recover well
  8. These days better plan on crossing into Laos before 9pm, I would suggest even earlier to avoid problems on the Lao side. I live here and one night I picked up a couple of backpackers who were walking into town because they couldn't cross, it was just after 9pm. Unless something has changed the bridge is open until 10pm but the Lao Visa on arrival is not. Weekends get really busy, but the flow tends to be Lao out in the morning and then Lao back in come afternoon/evening, Sunday afternoon/evening is especially bad, usually both directions. The other busy times are when the visa buses from Bangkok arrive, maybe someone else is more familiar with those, but from what I have seen they come early in the mornings Mondays through Thursdays, then cross back over on Tuesday through Friday in the afternoons and evenings. Fridays mornings are quiet because most people don't want to apply for their visa on Friday and then wait until Monday to get it. If you don't mind spending a weekend in Laos that works well both border crossing and embassy wise.
  9. "Nok goot" in Thai or Lao I believe,
  10. then the requirements to have the funds in a Thai bank would not have to be met if the visa was applied for in the home country and the applicant had sufficient funds in a bank there
  11. I would be interested if it was available through Royal Consulates and Embassies in my home country.
  12. Wow...the police had reports of foreigners renting a house without notifying them and were investigating? And they had the military come as backup? I didn't realize that was such a serious thing. Makes me glad all of my paperwork is in order.
  13. Agree with this, it may happen a bit more here but it also happens back home. Pull out to pass and people all of the sudden find their accelerator pedal, complete the pass and they stick on your rear for miles. But the problem is also that those are the ones we remember, not the nice polite drivers who yield even when they don't have to..
  14. You can analyze it all you want...unless you make some changes in enforcement and attitudes you're not going to get anywhere.
  15. I live in NongKhai and bought a bike registered in Udon Thani, I didn't have any problems changing the green book over to my name and address but leaving the bike registered in Udon, have been using the bike for over two years and gone through a lot of highway checks with no problems. Not sure on a new bike...never had that pleasure