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  1. question: "why is there so much garbage everywhere?" answer: "what garbage?" If you have never been educated about it and have lived with it all of your life you become blind to it. I believe the average person thinks that it's the same in every country on earth. How do change a person's worldview?
  2. Thai victims exposed in US human trafficking 

    Your view point is biased because of who and what you expose yourself to, my experience with the people here has been good, largely because of who and what I chose to expose myself to. If you think there are no women here of good character then maybe it's because you only frequent places where there are none, or you listen to those who do such. The other problem is that many of the women who have made poor lifestyle choices have been helped along by men who themselves make poor lifestyle choices. Thanks for providing the excellent example above, except it is biased...you should have really left the "farang" out.
  3. Thai victims exposed in US human trafficking 

    I'm afraid the type of Human Trafficking in this article has nothing to do with the type of scenario you are talking about, they aren't talking about women who use their boyfriends or husbands as a way to get to western countries. They are talking about women who have been tricked into going there on the pretense that they will have lucrative jobs and then end up working in the sex industry.
  4. Thai victims exposed in US human trafficking 

    And you know this how?
  5. Why do you spout such lies? Why don't you back up your "facts" as far as every shopping center having weapons to sell to anyone who wants them? As far as every city having a hidden corner where anyone can buy these weapons...you just described every city in the world. What has the weapon of choice used by terrorists and mass killers been lately? Has it not been vehicles? Why don't you rant and rave about how easy it is to buy or rent them? What this young man did is terrible beyond comprehension, but put the blame where it belongs...on him.
  6. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    While it may seem like a good thing to not have to fill out those pesky arrival/departure cards, be careful about thinking this means that things are "easing up" as far as foreigners are concerned. It appears that this is just one step of many in a new system they are developing to keep tabs on foreigners in the kingdom. You can thank all of the foreigners who come here and commit criminal acts for that!
  7. Can You ID This Mini Pickup?

    No front turn signals that I can see!
  8. There may not be enough empty spaces at times, but I have seen that often times there are and the people just don't want to look for them. Last time it happened to me the vehicle blocking me and another vehicle in was a 4 door pickup and had too much resistance for one person to push.
  9. Paypal business account with Thai bank account

    I have used a Paypal business account linked to my bank in the U.S. for years, but when my wife opened one here in Thailand and we tried to link it to her Thai bank account Paypal froze it. As it didn't have much for funds in it at the time they froze it we just let it go, the steps they gave us to fix it was just not worth the hassle.
  10. Russian Modelling Agency Only Represents Models Over 45-Years-Old

    Then you should be so proud! You look like a model!
  11. Russian Modelling Agency Only Represents Models Over 45-Years-Old

    I doubt if they look like you
  12. Thai insurance I understand...but "sponsor" I don't. Where is your entry point from Laos into Thailand?
  13. Waste water flowing freely onto Krabi’s beaches

    Where I come from "grey water" means sink or shower water, not toilet water. Why would I tell you it has been treated? There is a world of difference, toilet water contains feces and urine and all kinds of harmful stuff. Shower or sink water is also sewage, but is certainly less disease ridden.
  14. The sad truth is that old wooden blocks or pieces of lumber would have worked fine to block the vehicle up. The part in the article about the jack not having an adequate support beam on it's top indicates that either an investigator or a reporter doesn't understand that correct safety measures require blocking and/or jack stands to prevent this type of thing. My wife and I lost a Lao friend back in the states in a similar accident. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends, that it could have been prevented makes it no less tragic.
  15. cool and breezy here in NongKhai, soooo nice!