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  1. sick of all the drama....just get on with life
  2. Lee4Life

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    According to my understanding of Thai driving laws the horn is only to be used to avoid an accident in the case that the operator of another vehicle is unaware of your vehicle's presence. I do believe that is probably the single most adhered to driving rule in Thailand. Now the real question: "does the fact that people are discouraged from confronting or correcting others contribute to a non-caring attitude?"
  3. Lee4Life

    Couple killed as van hits sidecar

    A motorbike and sidecar loaded with three people "suddenly" changing lanes?.....come on now.
  4. It doesn't actually need to be that special not to be available here, the computers for sale here are way behind as far as specs go. The other day I went to buy a display port cable and after checking at five computer shops in the local mall I gave up, the laptops for sale here all had hdmi ports which have gone by the wayside for a couple of years back home. I tried to find an LED printer also, and all of the computer shops and printer shops thought I was talking about a printer that had an LED screen and had no idea that there were printers that used LED instead of print heads. I'm not knocking the people here, they deal with what they know and sell and many of them are very quick to understand, I'm just explaining why the OP didn't buy here. The other plus is that computers sold back home come with genuine software and not pirated, and it's in the price.
  5. Lee4Life

    I think I ate red ants by mistake.....

    I have eaten a lot of ants and not by mistake, when I pour a cup of coffee in the morning I am not always very alert (therefore the coffee!) and often times there are ants in my coffee cup, I am most certainly not going to waste an otherwise perfectly good cup of java just because there are ants in it, I am also tired of spending the time to fish the little buggers out...so if there are tons of them I just stick the cup of coffee in the microwave and nuke 'em a bit for good measure....then down they go! When I first read your post and you were taking about ant killer, I was worried you were thinking about sending it down after them, but be assured that your stomach acid is probably much more potent so there is no need for the ant killer.
  6. UJ is correct, however I was dropping some of the wives relatives off at the bridge one night at around 9pm and two foreigners asked me for a ride to downtown NongKhai, it seems they were trying to cross the bridge and the Thai authorities would not let them because the Visa on Arrival office on the Lao side was closed. I'm not sure what the Lao Visa on Arrival's normal office hours are, but you will certainly not have any problems at 5 or 6pm
  7. My buddy got nicked by one of the red light cameras here, he was in the correct turning lane and had plenty of time but was cut in front of in the middle of his turn by a bus and several other vehicles turning out of the incorrect lane and when the light changed he was still in the intersection
  8. and all because they arrested a warbling bespectacled encroacher (sorry)
  9. "I took bad advice"....in other words "it wasn't really my fault", reading that really saddened me, it would have been a lot better if he just said he had no excuse.
  10. Also why the Thai name "Blessing" is transliterated Porn...the "r" in the Thai Language is silent yet when they write the name in English they leave it in and by doing so make English speakers mispronounce it (unless they understand). There are many, many more examples along the same lines.
  11. While you have a valid point, my wife and I have taught English to more than a few village kids and the high school aged kids always seem to want to start off with grammar when they don't even have a vocabulary or basic pronunciation down. So how can you learn grammar without a vocabulary? Or an understanding of basic English rules? Where does their idea that learning perfect grammar is the most important thing come from? Is it from their teachers, and/or quite possibly from their "loss of face" fears?
  12. Actually the OP said they were advised to go to the police station", if they were Immigration police they would have said come to the immigration office
  13. Lee4Life

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    My advice would be take your time and do back roads, I have done NongKhai to ChiangMai in one day on a Honda Wave 100 with two people, have also been from the furthest Southern point in Laos to the Furthest North. I moved up to a Honda Phantom 200 and rode that to ChiangMai from NongKhai last year, the 200 was too slow on the big straight highways for me, but the smaller roads and especially the mountain roads were fun. A lot depends on your temperament and what you like.
  14. Lee4Life

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    Must be just a local boom where you live, here in NongKhai and also in Udon it seems like I am seeing more and more shops closing up. Went to Landmark Mall in Udon the other day to find that three of the computer shops and many more cell phone dealers had closed up, the TOPS store is also gone. Went out to the Big C and Tesco stores on the ring road near the airport and found that the food courts hardly have any vendors left. When I asked people at the other shops what's happening they shrug their shoulders and say "nobody's buying anything".