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  1. Centipede bite

    They are not deadly, but many say you might wish you were dead because it is so painful. My wife was bitten by one a month or so ago. It was a big one and she was doing some garden work so just used the shovel to cut it into three pieces when she saw it come out of the ground, I had just warned her to be careful of the pieces because they can still crawl around and the head can still bite, when she yelled out that it had bit her on the foot. They do not always inject venom when they bite, in this case the area turned red, hurt and swelled a little in the following days, but it was because one of the little bugger's teeth was still in her foot. One bit the neighbor lady and she was in pretty severe pain for three days.
  2. and that's no bull! (might as well milk this for all it's worth)
  3. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    That's not gonna work friend...I live in the country and don't see it.
  4. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    How about showing us sources for these "facts" you are spouting off ?
  5. Unfortunate, I have noticed quite a difference in treatment when I ride my bicycle around town and stop at shops, often the attitudes towards me are markedly different than when I drive our Fortuner. I have also noticed clerks and cashiers badmouthing customers to each other, thinking the foreigner customer who is standing there does not understand what they are saying, the last time was at one of the aforementioned stores.
  6. Riding in Thailand - any precautions?

    Try not to ride at night if possible, many vehicles which pull over to the shoulders like to rummage around and find big rocks to chock their wheels with, then they often drive away and just leave them there...pretty good sized hazards for a motorbike, you can see them in the daytime but not so easy at night. Always keep an eye out to the rear, especially if you are using the "car lanes". I have left the shoulder or 'bike lane" to pass slower bikes and had cars and trucks come up from behind at a high rate of speed nearly striking me. As far as many of them are concerned you belong on the shoulder if you are riding a motorbike...no matter how fast you are going. Always keep your distance from big trucks, especially the dirt, sand and rock trucks. There may be laws in Western countries which prevent loading the trucks up over the top of the side boards but there don't seem to be any here, I am constantly getting peppered by sand, rock and dirt if I get too close to those trucks.
  7. Whenever I feed one it's not voluntary! I guess I just taste good...or they like foreign food.
  8. No..they run off with money
  9. I'm no phone whiz...but how can you use those apps which all require internet without a sim? Or do you only make and receive calls when you are in range of your home wifi?
  10. Does look like it could be a road rage incident, van passing on oncoming shoulder, the fact that the truck in the collision was being passed by another truck indicates it was going pretty slow. It would be interesting to see how many vehicles were in the backup, not that it makes the van driver any less at fault. Any word on how many passengers or the extent of injuries? Feel bad for them if there were any.
  11. What is it with people that always turn everything around to be the victim's fault anyway? Are you perfect in everyway? Always covered by some type of insurance for any tragedy that may happen? All of the insurance and money in the world would not bring this poor fellows life back nor comfort his family and friends. Show some compassion !
  12. Just depends on the person, if it were me it would be a towel hanger, but I have gone through three sets of tires on my bicycle in the last few years. My wife on the other hand has worn out two treadmills. We won't join gyms because we like the freedom to chose our time and also like our privacy.
  13. enjoy the story? doesn't sound too awful joyful from the description.
  14. Which old sam galaxy s should buy ?

    I really like my S5, had a couple of S3's before that and the wife has an S4 mini. The S3's were good for a couple of years but then just went dark, turns out they have a flawed chip in them that burns and is expensive to replace. The s4 mini has been good too but the S5 has a nicer feel and larger screen. Haven't had the S5 too long, my friends call me "the Bermuda triangle for phones" my luck with phones is so bad, so if it lasts for me it has to be bullet proof. Bought it on e-bay for 136$ new a few months ago.