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  1. It's only indirectly a community activity related to Chiang Rai, but worth to be mentioned: The 24 hours of Dubai of last week! The second price for participating clubs went to the gentlemen behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang FR500 GT3, that was flying the flags of the Chao Phya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation in Mae Chan. The Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 of Jeroen Bleekemolen, of the Team Black Falcon, was the winning car with not less than 628 rounds. For the Ford with chassis #002 is was the last race. After Dubai it gets its livery of the 24 hours of Spa 2010 back (there the Mae Chan related text disappears) and it will be on display in the museum of the Circuit of Francorchamps in Stavelot. It was the seventh edition of the race and it had the strongest participation ever. A great homage for this car in its last race! And an enormous performance of its pilots! Gratulations! Limbo
  2. You are certainly not the only foreigner who has that feeling! I recognize it very well! If it is justified or not is another question. What gives me confidence is that ultimately everything is done by the rules and that these offer certain more or less creative possibilities in cases that require a wider interpretation. I remember an 82 year old foreigner, who had endured two strokes that had caused several problems, among which a partly erased memory. He arrived with a prove of income to an amount of 798,000 Baht (800,000 required). The day he presented it the exchange rate had improved and the equivalent of his pension would be well over the required amount. The rules were not bent, his income was simply 2,000 Baht short! He also presented two bankbooks with a total amount of more than 1,200,000 Baht of which more than the required 800,000 had been on it for a period of more than three months. As he shared these accounts with his Thai wife they could not be accepted. The rules were not bent, it was not a personal account! But a solution was found and some months later things were in order again. The only problem were the extra trips to Mae Sai he had to make, a problem that at present day wouldn't exist anymore: a trip to the Central would do! Good to hear that everything was allright Petruchio! Limbo PS: Entering Burma on the 'VIP-pass' would also cost you 500 Baht.
  3. I noticed several times that the staff of the Immigration Office in Mae Sai is very helpfull in finding solutions for problems that foreigners have because of special circumstances, even in those cases when foreigners more or less have to blame themselves.. You left the Kingdom too early and you were back too late. They have, as they promised, been so kind to find a solution for your problem within existing regulations. Don't worry too much and if you read this before you leave: Good luck and have a nice trip! Looking forward to your feedback. Limbo
  4. . . . . . . Good times over? I heard that the regulations concerning the amount of liquids and other goods that can be brought from Burma are taken very serious nowadays by the gentlemen who's task it is to implement them. Unsuspectingly our highly respected friend Mr. A. returned to the Thai side of the border last week and this in the company of a tray containing twelve Bavaria's (Dutch Premium beer). He was informed that he was allowed to import only six of them and was invited to give the other six to the uniformed gentleman himself. The good man clearly didn't know who he was talking to and therefore didn't realize that he was on a mission impossible: beers fall for Mr. A. in the same category as blue suede shoes did for Elvis Presley. He started to drink them on the spot and it was not until he was going to open can number four, that the industrious law servant gave up and waved him trough. It might of course have been a temporary thing related to the New Year celebrations ... Did anybody else notice something unusual lately? Limbo
  5. Meet the winners ! ..................................... The winners of the Chiangrai Hills Stadium 2012 New Year Cup were the players of the team of the Suksa Song Kroh boarding school in Mae Chan. They could take home a beautiful cup and a first prize of not less than 10.000 Baht. Yes, they are happy and they deserve to be! Most of the students of Suksa Song Kroh come from villages high upp in the mountains and live therefore at school. Football is a big thing for them and this prize is not only a great reward for their efforts, but I am sure it will also encourage them for the future. SSK susu! The party afterwards was spectacular, but that's another chapter Limbo PS: The Suksa Song Kroh boarding school offers education to children of nine different ethnic minorities. About twenty percent of the more than thousand students are local Thai children. The school population includes orphans, hiv-positive and disabled children, abused children, children from extremely poor homes and children at risc concerning drugs and prostitution. The Chao Phya Abhai Raja Foundation has facilitated many activities of this school, among which sports and music. The young gentlemen that now manage the Chiangrai Hills Stadium and the Weah Radio station (both initiatives of the foundation) are all former students of the Suksa Song Kroh school.
  6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ...............................................................................................[attachmen Of course it has to be seen as a tryout, but the first time an away game of Chiangrai United was shown live on the big LED screen (5x8 meter) already more than hundred football fans showed up, even more than usually go to the fan clubhouse at Den Ha. It was an initiative of the Orange Power fanclub of Chiangrai United and it was supported by the (hilltribe) manager group of the Chiangrai Hills Stadium. It was a fundraising event and also as such you could call it succesfull: About 12.000 Baht found their way into the coffers of the supporters, to be used for instance to bring down the costs of two bus trips to away games to a level that would be affordable for the average local fan. Most of the 100 Baht tickets (to be exchanged for two cans of Leo) were bought in Chiang Rai town. At least thirty fans, including the Chiang Rai Mini's, couragously defying the cold on their monkey bikes, travelled from Chiang Rai to Mae Chan for the event. .................................................................................... For the local Mae Chan section of the Orange legion, where 'Acharn Damm' is in charge, it was a nice opportunity to host their fellow supporters from Chiang Rai. The atmosphere on the stand during the game was as enthousiastic as it was afterwards in the supporters bar of the stadium. For pictures of events at the Chiangrai Hills Stadium in Mae Chan, including the Rotary Cup and its anniversary celebrations, the Chiangrai United Club Party with the football game with the television soap stars, other actors and musicians, and those taken last night, please see: http://www.chiangrai...vents_intro.htm Limbo The screen last night, Leandro in action in the seventh minute in the game against TOT: .................................................
  7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . During the coming weekend (24 and 25 Dec) the second round of the New Years Cup will take place at the stadium, from approximately 9.30 morning untill 4 afternoon). If you happen to be in Mae Chan, you might be willing to make a pit-stop there for a meal or a refreshing drink. It's a nice atmosphere and a beautiful location. All the sportshops, foodstalls, coffee shops and supporter bars are run by hill-tribe people and all proceeds go to them. The seven-a-side tournament, in which twelve teams participate, is for young players, not older than eightteen. The teams come from schools and villages of which some high in the mountains. Your visit will be appreciated! Welcome! Limbo The first weekend of the Chiangrai Hills Stadium New Years Cup: To get an impression please have a look at this video of last week: Reason for editing: Forgot to mention the location! Coming from Chiang Rai, passing Mae Chan on the superhighway, start moving to the right lane at Tesco Lotus. Two hundred meters further namely, at the traffic-light, you will have to turn right. From the 'super' to the stadium is about two kilometers. You can't miss it. Coming from the north: Turn left opposite the post office of Mae Chan in front of the TOT building with the big satelite disc.
  8. . . . . . Indeed a very good tip! Thanks for the pictures Scorpio! I went there yesterday and certainly didn't regret it. Phu Bhirom Restaurant With Boonrawd Farm we now also have a real nice agro-tourist site in Chiang Rai province. It for sure has the potential to become as succesfull as Chockchai Farm in Nakhon Ratchasima. The mountainbikers among us have known it for years as the International Mountainbike Challenge of Chiang Rai passed through this beautiful area for more than ten editions of it already. It is an enormous farm, comprising three tambons, more than 200 rai land and it has all kinds of crops, not only those related to the brewing of beer. More than a quarter of a million trees, including the rubber trees I suppose. Around the restaurant you see mainly tea plantations. You take the old road to Chiang Mai, pass the villages Nong Moh and Mae Korn and after some kilometers you will see the old Boonrawd shop at the right side of the road. There you can, if you so wish, park your vehicle and proceed to the restaurant by an electric open shuttle bus. You can also pass the open field next to it with the big golden Singha lion and drive to the restaurant yourself. If you want to tour the area you pay 20 Baht (motorbike) or 50 Baht (car). If you visit the restaurant it's free. Limbo The name of the restaurant, Phu Bhirom, derives from the family name of the owners of Boon Rawd (brewer of Singha and Leo). Beer Singha was founded in 1933 by the father of the present Chairman Khun Chamnong Bhirom Bhakdi. On the picture we see the present Vice Chairman of Boon Rawd Brewery, Khun Vapee Bhirom Bhakdi together with the Chairman of the Chao Phya Abhai Raja Foundation in Mae Chan (among others founder of the Chiangrai Hills Stadium). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The farm is great for walking and bicycling! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  9. Christmas culinary ... Also at Rico's, as usual, a Christmas Buffet takes place. If I remember well he limited the number of guests to sixty last year, so those who are interested should pass by one of these days or give him a call. The buffet of Kurt (of the Swiss Deli, but the buffet is elsewhere) is already fully booked Limbo will be there. I'm sure there will be one at Don's restaurant as well. Those who prefer a little bit more of a religious touch to the whole and don't want to celebrate the Birth of Christ by eating too much are welcome at the First Church Friday night, December 23 at 7 pm. Free food and snacks and live music. Among others Khun Chanon will play guitar, accordion, ukelele and violin, supported by the other members of the orchestre of the First Church. Those who prefer the Catholic approach have to take into account that the night mass might start at ten o'clock at Christmas Eve as many of the attendents come from far. This of course at the church at the superhighway next to the Santi school. Limbo The musicians of the First Church, artistic leader khun Chanon at the right: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  10. The 'VR-Restaurant' has a name of its own: "Isarn Inter" And, as could be expected, the lady in charge as well: Khun Chompu She indeed has been learning the finesses of the Mexican and American 'cuisine' under supervision of the owner of Don's Place. As far as I know she worked there until a couple of years ago. As she opened her shop at the opposite side of town about 25 kilometer from her former employer one hardly can say that she competes with him directly. He will feel honored by the fact that his former employe became an employer herself. I think therefore that I speak also on his (and any many of his customers) behalf when I wish Khun Chompu good luck with her restaurant! I shall certainly give it a try one of these days. I'm very curious of the Isarn-Mexican-American fusion Limbo Reason for editing: Just noticed that her sign surprisingly mentions the European instead of the American cuisine. The location is indeed about six kilometers north of the Rajabhat (CRU) at the right side, about hunderd meters before a U-turn.
  11. Absolutely right! My latest discovery is his 'hunting sausage' (Jaegerwurst?). There is a little bit mustard seed in it, if my taste organs don't play games with me. Also the traditional topper, the sliced smoked salmon, is back again! I noticed that many people still have problems finding the Swiss Deli. At least visitors to this forum shouldn't have as Svenivan put the address on the Google restaurant map of Chiang Rai:,99.856834&spn=0.003526,0.006518 Going from the police station to the post office it is a few meters around the corner opposite the temple. Anyhow, I heard that coming from the north (why not Mae Sai?), many foreigners nowadays prefer the VR-restaurant above the splendid cuisine of the Teak House for a nice meal on the way home. Some are even said to drive up there just for its excellent steaks. Coming from the north it is at the left somewhere in the middle between the Mae Fah Luang University and the Chiangrai Rajabhat University. I guess it's about five kilometers north of the Saharot Soup Restaurant that is located in the same building as Angkritgallery and Herebookafe - or the other way around of course). Talking about the Saharot: sadly enough they stopped serving their brilliant Yok egg porridge, but they are thriving very well on Gaw Laow and Guay Tjap. Together with the other two locations with the same name, one about fifty meters west from the new clocktower and the other at the first U-turn south of Mae Korn junction, it is known to every Thai in town. Sometimes you even see one and a half foreigner meditatively scooping a soup there. VR carworkshop/coffeeshop and ...Steakhouse? The VR carbody workshop has been at this location for ages and many foreigners living in Chiang Rai and the north knew to find it. It is known for its reasonable prices and good service. The owner has been living abroad and his English is good. A couple of years ago a friend went there to replace the engine of his old Toyota. They connected one by one three engines to a battery and he could pick his favourite by its sound. Including work they charched something between thirty and forty thousand. The engine still runs smoothly. The workshop is about fifty meters from the side of the superhighway and there is a big light blue sign with the letters VR on it. I was rather surprised to see that they opened a coffee shop along the road about a year ago and now the latest development seems to be a restaurant with the accent on steaks. The interesting thing is that its female cook is said to have been responsible for a couple of years for the steaks in the kitchen of an American restaurant-owner close to town. It is very well possible that her steaks even improved as she has the freedom now to pair American style with local insights and knowledge about processing meat. Worth a try, that's for sure! Limbo
  12. Quick! Quick! Get that arm severed! Limbo
  13. My dear Scorpio, You are stretching it very, very far, but I will forward the question to Kurt anyhow 555! His smoked ham I remember, thin cut and salty, demanding great discipline not to stuff your mouth with, but smoked Gouda? By the way: The Swiss Deli also sells the excellent sauces and other products of 'Pickle Rob', Thaibasco comes to mind, who is doing fine now after laying down with his heavy brother Harley D. last week. I'm very curious to hear about the 'Schweinshaxen'. They are done hanging above charcoal in one of these big Chinese style pots at about 200 degree C. I didn't see any Gouda hanging in the same pot ... Limbo
  14. Exactly Scea, thanks for wording it so brilliantly! I had exactly the same experience, though in my case it was a semi-matured Gouda that did the trick! I immediately had this feeling of recognition. Without any misunderstanding: this was not only the taste of cheese, but also the consistency of its substance. The way it sensationally melted in my mouth brought it all back again. Suddenly the pieces came together: it was the genuine sensation of eating a good cheese! Summarizing: A fantasticly balanced strenght in taste, comfortably embedded in the surprising mildness of its price. That characterizes the cheese of the Swiss Deli! Perfect Sven! Now everybody will know where it is Limbo PS: In two weeks the new sausages of the Swiss Deli are ready and most of them are ordered by 'Chiang Mai'. As everybody already agrees on the fact that you have to go to Chiang Mai for good sausages we better keep it a secret
  15. . . . . Just some culinairy considerations ... For quite a while I hadn't visited the Swiss Deli. As if I got used to live without excellent cheese (Gouda, Edammer, Emmenthaler etc), good meat products (Lyoner, salami's and Bauernschinken) and its excellent smoked salmon. Yes, I was even buying the bread elsewhere. How it happened I don't know exactly, but slowly but sure my own lovely princess steered me into another food pattern, rather predictably more and more leaning Thai. We should never forget that we are living in a country which 'cuisine' is represented all over the world and is considered to be among the finest there are. Yes, lucky us! I think I'm not the only member of this remarcable society who, with all respect, would consider it a serious punishment if I would have to return to my homeland's stews. But this culinary intermezzo more than doubled the joy of 'discovering' the Swiss Deli again, with its raw, as if they were cold climate inspired, straightforward and irresistible courtships of our western palate! Not only to enjoy an old-fashioned genuine Weihenstephaner White, but also for the pleasure of shopping delicious delicacies the Swiss is the place to go whenever you, for instance, have had to pay a visit to the post office. That brings us to its location: Coming out of the Post Office you are not going to the old relocated clocktower or the market, but in opposite direction, to the left thus. At the first crossing, at the traffic light a hundred meters further, you will find the Wat Klang Wiang at your right and almost at the opposite corner the Swiss Deli. Other famous places in its immediate surroundings (within ten meters) are of course the barbershop of the wife of one of our Swedish golfing friends, who probably after the necessary rounds of practising on the latters coiffure developed herself into the local specialist on unruly western hair. She does it quick and painless! And, of course, one of the finest restaurants of Chiang Rai, the Ban Klang Wiang, famous for its superb 'plank' and 'Carl-Gustav' steaks and pizza's. Also here Swedish influence can be tasted: the mastercook of this marvellous restaurant learned his cooking skills in Sweden. This is not the first favorable review in this thread, it is one of the best! The exquise quality of the meat, the careful and expert way of preparing it and last but not least its subtile presentation make the consuming of it to an unknown sensation. So if you need a haircut again ... Limbo PS: The Swiss Deli now also has Schweinshaxe!