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  1. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I think so too. The interim agreement is logical in another way too, in that it allows us to pay our dues and commitments as if we were a member, which then largely negates the need for a final inflated bill. By the time we leave proper, presumably only pension commitments will remain outstanding which can be met by the usual arrangment or similar.
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I think entirely the same way. It is just not a good time to leave.
  3. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I'm inclined to go with the logic you present so well. There is the line of argument that some members enjoy single market status but are not EU members, so the two are not completely intertwined.
  4. This is quite plausible. He could simply have distantly known someone who'd done the same a few years ago. Or it's possible that he only began to formulate the idea of moving the family to UK when work didn't pan out in Thailand. As for his stint in Spain, I can imagine that on arriving back to Blighty he suddenly woke up to the fact that he needed money quickly and a lot of it, so he tried to resurrect his former screen character with the help of a former agent, or long time friend who operates in the club scene. Perhaps it failed, and he returned to UK and then got on with the cabbying with greater intent. Some posters have characterized him as a cynical player of the system who is out to secure as many benefits as he can so he can avoid work and taxes, after all, only fools and horses.... Personally, even if he does duck and dive I find this most unfair. If nothing else, we simply don't know.
  5. On reflection, there seems no place these days for the common man, and this is just one aspect in which this shows. This isn't just about the struggle to get a visa, it's about how difficult it is these days just to earn a fair wage, or even just to muddle through life. It's about ordinary people beating down other ordinary people with standards previously only aimed at high ranking officials, or others with status such as judges, headmasters, etc.
  6. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I've been keeping a low profile lately in order to see if something positive is going to happen. I have accepted we must go regardless of what polls now say, and what I see as the general incompetence shown by Brexiteers thus far. But surely there is a limit. I ask myself: What is the point of leaving?... when perhaps more than 50% want to remain, and there does not appear, nor has there ever been, a cogent plan that does not threaten the economic security of the nation. This is a very troubling situation. I suppose we'll blunder through, as big economies tend to withstrand major blows. But the life of me I can't see the point based on upholding a very flimsy mandate. In law of contract, there is a concept of frustration- when something simply can not be reasonably done. And in politics there is 'heft' which is self explanatory. I just honestly think this is a no-goer. Nevertheless, having accepted we must leave, I really can't see the point in accepting a compromise position that hampers our attempts to rebuild. A transition period that prevents us seeking new opportunities is worthless. It really is a case of in or out. Ultimately, if we want to uphold democracy, then there is only one path.
  7. It is barred. Sorry to be pedantic, but I am a bit of a word nerd. But I do agree a more subtly nuanced word would be better. prevent or forbid the entrance or movement of. "boulders barred her passage" prohibit (someone) from doing something. "journalists had been barred from covering the elections" synonyms: prohibit, debar, preclude, forbid, ban, interdict, inhibit; More exclude, keep out; obstruct, hinder, block; enjoin "I was barred from entering" antonyms: accept, admit forbid (an activity) to someone. "the job she loved had been barred to her" exclude (something) from consideration. "nothing is barred in the crime novel"
  8. Well something is preventing her- I'm not sure what word to use then- effectively she is barred.
  9. 'Barred' then. The point is she can't get in!
  10. There's no replying because you arguments are simply not cogent, so hell bent are you in sullying this guy's reputation. it's rather sad and pathetic. Moreover you don't even deal in the facts raised, choosing instead your own fantastical explanations. Thus, a burst condom necomes the immaculate conception. And a simple gig in Spain becomes evidence of decadence and debauchery. I won't be bothering to reply to any more of your dirges.
  11. Ah, I see, well although I see your point this does not merit casting aspersions on this character. If anything it just reveals that he was out to earn money presumably as the breadwinner so he could afford to bring his wife back to the UK. Presumably it failed, and he reverted back to the cabs where he's been since. What I objected to was the tone of your postings which are heavy on assumption, most of it portraying him in bad light. For instance, take your version of his Spain trip. But yes I did miss the significance of the billboard you posted, it didn't seem that significant to me. The main point is that just about everything he does you cast in a negative light. I mean what's wrong with him trying to doing special gigs in Spain- that's just earning money isn't it? I took the other poster's playing the scene as a comment that he had just been living it up in the south of Spain, chasing the ladies, boozing, etc.
  12. I missed the bit about him having spent time playing the pub and bar scene. But yes, there are ways. Would she have to do the written test or meet any other requirements?
  13. Yes. I agree with you and Kieran on the matter of earnings and suitability to move. One is left rather wringing one's hands. On another matter, he definitely was a career actor. I recognized him instantly. Thinking creatively, his best strategy might be to seek one of the exemptions detailed in 7by7's postings- that they can not be together in his wife's home country. Ironically, his unfortunate inability in respect of earnings in Thailand at least could be put to good use. Taken as a family unit, they are stateless at present.