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  1. Unfortunately, by dint of their appearance the Nigerians should be rather easy to find- particularly at an airport. If that can't be done then I don't know. Of course, the problem is most easily solved much earlier down the line. I doubt BJ wants to tackle the real corruption.
  2. Corbyn is very popular with the youth. Comparisons with Foot are only accurate up to a point. He is a truly radical politiician, and one with conviction. The last election showed that he can cut muster at the polls. The masses are increasingly poor. If Labour do get in to power it will be more of a protest vote against the present administration- surely the worst ever and most particularly lacking any heft or conviction. Ironically, it is the Labour core support that might be his undoing. In the run up to the elections, the media had to be even handed. When people listened to what he said, his popularity soared.
  3. I don't think anyone, not even his rivals, would regard Corbyn as thick. I'd say he is the only real statesman on offer!
  4. These stalls have been around donkey's tears. It just seems the Thai way to make things illegal and then turn a blind eye.
  5. I doubt this very much. Most likely it would need to trade 10-15% lower than today's rate.
  6. The vendors. Vehicles are able to negotiate the street when the vendors are set up, despite it being a pedestrianised zone.
  7. Probably not. But this one would likely be radically different, which would delight some while scaring others. But I would choose anything before this present shower.
  8. True. I don't believe in democracy anymore- I mean if it can bring this about then what's the worth of it? I would say there is a big chance we are heading for a socialist government, which will be some consolation to people like me.
  9. Any Board of any noted organization would undoubtedly vote to shelve an idea that was ill formed, ill defined, and overly expensive -as a matter of sanity and job preservation. End of, period, full stop. For that matter, I rather suspect any normal family would come to the same conclusion regarding a similar domestic matter.
  10. I feel you are spot on in this assessment.
  11. Right, so let's just accept that UK has nothing going for it shall we? That it couldn't possibly recover from a recession? That other countries which start from far more difficult positions can do it, but we can't. That, all the business (most actually) that is not dependent on the EU will evaporate. Remainers are right to point out there would be a severe recession imo, and that alone is enough for me to hit the abort button, but come on will you?
  12. UK is obviously already fully aligned in every respect- right down the line. The argument doesn't cut.
  13. Yeah, and people from the USA only get 33 or so and they do ok... someone else care to explain!!
  14. To quote: Nigel Farage is returning to frontline politics to challenge what he describes as Theresa May's "fraudulent" Brexit plan.