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  1. He's British. He'll be ok because you can't get deported from your own country. Appears to be a worker.
  2. He must still be British. He has to be travelling with some sort of passport. I suppose if the Thais chuck him out he'll have to go back to Blighty. At least he'll be ok there for a while.
  3. Well, 99% of normal people seem to think it is rather important! And it is often a big factor in decisions. But ok...what about the 'I haven't done anything wrong argument'? Based on the story anyway.
  4. Provided there is nothing more to this story, then I'd be very surprised if he is not back with his family shortly. Biker gang member or not, this seems one of those absurdities: married, kids, house, job, and no convictions for 25 years!
  5. The truth is he's got a severe addiction to food- to the extent he's now immobilised and without a penny. He can't even get on a plane in his state. I think most of us have addictions which we manage to control. His appears disastrous. I don't want to chuck stones: I don't think he's made a freewill choice- that's the nature of addiction. In truth, I don't feel inclined to offer help either, perhaps that's something I need to work on- I don't know. I really think it's something the authorities need to sort out, although there's no chance of that.
  6. This is what stops me from being a bit more critical of the guy. Anyone who has lived here long enough knows that they're walking a tightrope. Thai families have a habit of throwing up disaster. If any one of us thought it through properly, we'd probably pack a suitcase and head straight back to Blighty, or wherever, but as soon as you have a kid they become your focus.
  7. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    I certainly agree there is no point hauling Thailand over the coals regarding the benchmark safety standard, since most fail. But there are degrees of failure. My angle, though I simply dont know, is that the pm2.5 stands at 150 or so according to the international standard measurement. This may or may not be accurate, but I assume the same equation applies to all places throughout the world. It thus serves as a useful comparison. And, as I say, arguing about stats. really is an abstraction, since it is plain to see that Bangkok has a significant problem.
  8. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    The reality is what you see out of the Bangkok window, and the illness it causes. Stated simply Bangkok is currently one of the most polluted cities in the world. That is reality.
  9. You've done well, but not everyone can be like you, in fact most can't! Other than that you make a valid case for not helping. But where does it lead?
  10. It's based on residence. He would return to UK with the intention of resuming residency. And anyway, he can deny being abroad. However, he may not be fit enough to return anyway. Looks to me that he isn't capable of doing much.
  11. Get on with what? ....die in abject misery. It's not a crime to be poor. He has been providing for his wife and family. Most people find it difficult to make ends meet these days.
  12. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    The reports I have read suggest otherwise: The current Bangkok pollution is mostly city generated pollution mixed with pollution drifting over from the Eastern industrial region!
  13. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    It wasn't an explanation. It isn't really about the math, is it? Given the choice of using the international standard or it's own raw data, the Thai authorities clearly deviated. And I think we can guess why imo? But I apologize for calling you a Thai apologist. I should have waited for your interpretation and opinion.
  14. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    Smog and mirrors! Thai apologists get everywhere.
  15. Bangkok Air Pollution

    No, it's ok Thai authorities have the real figures.