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  1. Significantly high turnout. I'm surprised. I wonder if it'll turn nasty? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/peoples-vote-march-live-updates-brexit-referendum-eu-deal-westminster-london-latest-a8593261.html
  2. Tourism is down because Chinese consumers are beginning to feel the pinch.
  3. mommysboy

    Call to overturn ban on e-cigarettes in Thailand

    Yes, It's not banned in NZ anymore, which has adopted the UK model. Australia is just determined to push through an anti-nicotine agenda- one may or may not agree. It may be banned in other countries, but in many of those it is 'tolerated'. The UK might be said to be promoting vaping, backed by what it claims to be convincing evidence. Trade is regulated. In the UK, most high streets have Vape shops. Thailand claims that vaping is dangerous, and attracts children, who will then adopt smoking. East Timor appears to agree.
  4. All economies need to change and pdq. Unfortunately the Tory Government, more than anyone else in the EU, is based on 19th century dogma, fuelled by turbo charged capitalism- growth at all costs via consumer borrowing. It keeps banging the same old drum. The economic model that has been definitive in shaping most of our lives simply started failing 10 years ago, having had a good run for 30 years or so. Rather than face facts, we chose to blame the EU. Will our problems go away- even lessen- I doubt that, in fact they will probably worsen.
  5. When a deal does go through Tories are going to be hated- I wouldn't be surprised if they're not knocked out of politics for a couple of decades or more, just as Labour in the 70's. Yet, I don't see Labour being so electable because of its very left policies and rather ambiguous stance on Brexit. I wonder if we'll see this in UK as Green issues will dominate in the future: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/19/adults-in-the-room-greens-surge-across-europe-as-centre-left-flounders. I, for one, think Brexit has been a futile, smoke filled exercise to ignore the pressing needs of the day that don't quite fit Tory dogma: failing economic model, the dangers of of over production/consumption, gross wage inequality, and of course, global warming.
  6. There will be a deal. This makes me thinks so: 'In a recent meeting with Jeremy Corbyn, Barnier told the Labour leader that nothing signed today on the future trade deal would tie his hands should there be a general election during a transition period. 'https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/oct/18/juncker-extension-brexit-transition-period-probably-will-happen My guess is there will be a bit of theatre in the Commons, but really there is a done deal. between UK/EU, Con/Lab.
  7. Really, any type of Brexit could work. But the prerequisite was doing it quickly, and efficiently, and with as long a transition period as possible. I wouldn't agree that all the hysteria is coming from the Remain camp only, as demonstrated by resistance to the mere possibility of notionally extending the transition period. The deal above may be ideal in the political sense. But will the Government listen?...No.
  8. This will go down well! No meaningful vote. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-theresa-may-meaningful-vote-commons-conservative-party-tory-clarke-grieve-a8589561.html
  9. You have a fontness for conspiracy theories?
  10. On balance I think it is just about a smart move. It's probably better for people to get high on dope rather than booze, and better for killing pain than opiates. Bit of a money spinner- at the grass roots too (sorry about that. UK should do it. In the UK, it was decriminalised for a while but was not a success for a host of reasons.
  11. A what if timetable: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/oct/18/brexit-endgame-what-happens-next
  12. Not all catholics want unity with Ireland- there are other factors. Likewise not all Irish people south of the border want unification.
  13. mommysboy

    Call to overturn ban on e-cigarettes in Thailand

    We are just left with anecdotes. I can only say that while I know smokers who have moved to vaping, I have never experienced the reverse, and so don't think it is a credible argument. Certainly it has been researched in UK, but I think USA has different beliefs. I understand the logic in thinking that people move from soft to hard drugs, but do all beer drinkers become whisky drinkers? I think the problem with USA teenagers is that there is a possibility that they are becoming hooked on an alternative nicotine addict (albeit one that is not nearly so harmful) I also believe that if someone is a smoker they are a smoker! UK Health authorities believe vaping will save millions of lives.
  14. mommysboy

    Call to overturn ban on e-cigarettes in Thailand

    Well don't believe me then. Juul are the company primarily accused of marketing their products to schoolchildren in the USA. Vaping is great otherwise.
  15. Yes, I pretty much agree with your thinking. I have said all along there are in fact only two options and one choice: single market (soft Brexit), or a simple no deal (for the time being). The one is eminently workable and the other actually quite cunning. The problem is the latter requires the will of the people and a strong government- we simply don't have this. What's more there is a real danger Scotland and N.Ireland would go their own way. The problem with Brexit is not so much the result or the doing of it, but the hysteria that surrounds it, but that hysteria is almost palpable. It won't happen, it can't happen, but the best solution is to ditch Brexit for the time being.