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  1. Yes the feet take a terrific pounding out here without us really taking notice. I think its one of those aches you learn to ignore, since most of us suffer sore feet from time to time. OP mentioned tip toes, coming downstairs, and tendons so I assumed he meant achilles. Maybe he can clarify? Achilles presents itself as a smarting pain at the top of the heel. Or most likely as a similar ache further up.
  2. I have developed the same, but dont think it is primarily about aircon though that may be a factor. What you are describing are the sort of symptoms associated with chronic achilles tendonitis. It's actually quite a complex area as I'm discovering. It might be that the act of walking downstairs while not fully warmed up is the key factor. In my case I'm now quite sure it was over exercise, and constantly walking barefoot on hard flooring. I find a foot brace/bandaging helps. You can get some great, cheap stuff on ebay or similar. I am also wearing house shoes and a foam heel insert (available from Tesco Lotus). Paradoxically, there are also heel dip exercises that can help. However, I am not hopeful of a cure in my case without something stronger, such as a cast. I am going to the hospital for a consultation.
  3. You have a point, but I'd call it 50/50. Nevertheless, the only thing to be done is to comply in a mature manner.
  4. This is a very good reading, and one might possibly expect readings on the low side for a jogger. My own heart beat can drop to 45, though 55 is about normal. Salt only makes a small difference in the majority of people, as it is the cumulative and compounded effect that causes damage.
  5. A language school teacher would likely be paid around 40k tops, and that hasn't much changed in 15 years. Meanwhile, the cost of living must have increased 50%. He faces more difficulties in obtaining a teaching licence.
  6. Yes. The trouble is that with a broad set of figures like this one can lend any number of interpretations that may or may not be true, and people arent slow in attaching their own prejudices- prejudices that they were going to attach anyway whether the wind was going to blow this way or that when they got up today. It is interesting that problems should have shown such a broad increase. My own prejudice tells me it is likely some error or change in the statistics that has given a new misleading picture. It could also be that misdemeanours are being chased more assertively than before.
  7. I am increasingly coming to the view that the Brexiteers on this forum are not so much wrong as somewhat aloof to real life. Whatever it was that kept them rooted to the ground in their working lives, be it the forces or a respectable career, no longer provides that anchor.
  8. democracy vs governance Some might see a relationship. As I said, the problem with abstraction is....
  9. It's no good getting stuck on rather abstract concepts of democracy; ultimately, it ends up a nonsense argument that ignores the real issues of governance. I'm more concerned with a small power elite in Westminster than the one in Brussels. I see there's been a terrorist attack!
  10. People are putting up 'Strong and stable my arse' signs up across London. Labour enjoys stunning turn around in Wales.
  11. Put it this way - there's a low bar!!!! Best be off and tend to my bleeding heart.
  12. I guess so.. just seems over the top for what is likely tendonitis.
  13. Unfortunately I think the two are inextricably linked: so much so that many regard this as a second referendum. Certainly, May is doing her best to support a mandate for Brexit any way the tories wll it. Thats a fundamentally wrong stance in my viewpoint, as the issue of Brexit should be about what was mandated in the vote itself, and what people really want. It strikes me that people are being worn down with Brexit uncertainty, and to the extent they will agree to anything so far as they perceive a quick resolution, which is a wrongful perception anyway. Likewise they may very well want a stable and strong leader, but this does not mean they really want a hard Brexit. Even half the remainers have a 'lets get it over and done with' attitude.
  14. Honestly, I find this argument the least convincing.