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  1. The fine was levied against the hotel operator for failing to report residence. I don't believe they were deported; I think it was an assumption that they would be repatriated since most were up a gum tree at that point. There is something fishy in what they were doing.
  2. There you go again- confusing visa issues with work issues. Banging on about multiple tourist visas, and attempting to make online work synonymous with illegality.
  3. mommysboy

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    I think a good idea would be to return to a conventional diet, which might include all the common sense food so derided on these threads. Right now, I'd say a Big Mac and fries would be a heck of a lot better than black eyed beans. Yoghurt and kefir are good. When I was in a similar position, I got my stomach back together with spuds, white bread, pasties, fish and chips, fried eggs, bacon, chocolate, cookies etc. And of course some of the healthy stuff.
  4. Your argument confuses me- are you talking about visa offences, or a work related offence that you have assumed to be illegal?
  5. Par for the course in Thailand, I'm afraid. It could also be classed as illegal work. Typical killjoy stuff. Keeps prices high too. I guess the point is a condo is not a guest house. How this will apply to the humble house owner who is merely renting out a couple of rooms in a house now and then is anyone's guess. Providing he lives in it, my hunch is there won't be a problem. Enforceability would also be difficult.
  6. Ok. I see your point now, but I don't think we can ever say it was allowed. But, I don't think we can put the issue of online working in the same category. And, yes, ultimately they seem to be able to interpret the law any which way they want.
  7. Well, yes of course it's absolutely illegal, as it's the person that must leave not just his passport. But the point I was making is that working online is not illegal, and I didn't understand why the poster lumped them together.
  8. mommysboy

    UK state pension going same way as Australian ?

    Two major points that came up earlier in the thread: 1. The UK Pension Scheme is largely contributions based as opposed to means tested. 2. It is already restricted when living overseas ,ie, job done. There would be absolutely no legal grounds for stopping overseas payments as the scheme is not based on residency, nor is it a benefits entitlement. The Pension scheme has only just been subject to a major overhaul. It is enshrined in law: Pensions Act (2014). Payment to any qualifying member is not optional; it is mandatory.
  9. I agree. It's an identity thing more than a gender preference/sexual orientation issue imo.
  10. That is why I said as much. It looks like you might benefit from a re-read. Poster wrote:When I first moved to Thailand you could give your passport to a visa company and they would get it stamped in and out.
  11. mommysboy

    THE England thread

    I think Southgate places emphasis on form and fitness, and in not spilling the ball, which is something that even our big stars like Gerrard and Rooney tended to do at times. Wilshere simply isn't fit enough because of constant injury; he's not the player he was, though he has improved both his attitude and aspects of his game. With Shelvey, he hadn't been playing particularly well up until a few weeks ago, and he can be ponderous at times, or used to be anyway. Too often imo, players have been picked when not 100% fit, or on a whim because of a late surge in form. So, I quite admire Southgate for this, but I do think both players have been a little unlucky, and fell short only narrowly.
  12. I meant the practice of staying in the country, and getting someone to take it out of the country, or worse still using false stamps. Yes, visa running in the generic sense is perfectly legal.
  13. mommysboy

    THE England thread

    Blimey! We really are off topic
  14. Chicken feed! A meagre return for all that effort.