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  1. According to this Daily Star article, his career is over and will be retiring.
  2. So what happens if Man Utd finish 4th and go on to win the Europa Cup? Where does the extra CL place go? Anyone know?
  3. Tropo, If your worried about being stuck on a 1yr contract, why don't you try negotiating a "get out clause" to be inserted in the contract in the event of an emergency? Usually this can be agreed with a 1 month notice of departure working in favour either way for Landlord or Tenant.
  4. I've used Jar furniture maker back in 2007 who did a reasonable job building me a kitchen and was also cheap price. He must be doing something right cos he's still trading at the same location, half way down Thepprasit heading towards the Suk on the right. P.S The owner Jar also knows builders and plumbers that he can refer you to.
  5. Would be a huge mistake to sell any of our first team players to a rival top six team. So far under Poch we've progressed year on year, and the main reason for that is because he's kept all the first team players together (especially the first choice back 4) best defence record for 2 seasons running. Our biggest problem is that we need to add quality to what we already have because we're too dependant on the 12-13 first choice players, if we are to seriously compete for any major honours we need 16-17 who can share the load across a season competing on all fronts. All our rivals already have better quality in depth squads, so we would be shooting ourselves in the foot, on the contrary we need to catch up with the likes of our rivals squads not enhance them. Also 26yrs is not old, players reach their peak performance in body at 28yrs, then slowly decline, so maybe we should sell him in 3 years time.
  6. You could also add that this season Christian Eriksen would be ahead of Silva also, and he is a closer comparison as a player than Dele would be. Dele can play anywhere along the midfield and forward line. Eriksen has had one of his best seasons at Tottenham: 11 Goals in all competitions (7 in EPL) 14 assists in all competitions (12 in EPL)
  7. I had a similar problem on my foot a while back and tried various steroid creams prescribed by a GP but none of them would clear up the rash completely. This continued for 3 months. I eventually went to see a dermatologist at Bankok Pattaya Hospital called Dr Anna, showed her the creams i'd been prescribed, and she discarded all but one of them and additionally prescribed me some tablets to take. The rash went completely only after 2 weeks of taking her prescription. I wish i had gone to her in the first place instead of trying out various creams to no effect.
  8. Chicog, are you still sticking with this prediction ?
  9. For me Toby Alderweireld makes Vertonghen the player that he is, and they fully complement each other's game playing as a pair. That's why it's imperative that Levy gets him on a new long term contract asap.
  10. I don't think that would be the case Ron, If you look at the article link, the ninth paragraph states the following: That would mean potentially moving to Wembley for the 2018-19 campaign, although it is understood the current agreement only applies to next season. Any application for a new time-frame would have to start again from scratch.
  11. My understanding is that Levy will decide at the end of this month whether we will play at Wembley next season or the season after. The new stadium can't be completed without the demolition of WHL first, so either way we will need to play one season away whatever happens. It all depends if the build is on schedule to be completed for the start of the 2018 season or the start of the 2019 season.
  12. Don't get me wrong, i think they're both top top players, but when you look at their stats there not as impressive as other players in similar positions. This season Aguero played 26, goals 17, assists 0. Silva played 30, goals 2, assists 7
  13. Most cams on sale at Lazada are of the cheap to mid price range, although they do a reasonable job they do tend to become unreliable over time and also from overheat exposure.Their daytime recordings are good but most have poor night vision recording. If you want a leading brand Dashcam that has reliability and clear video resolution in all light conditions then i recommend the DOD range: This is their UK website: These are available in Thailand through mail order: If you also want one with built in GPS, then this:
  14. This madness has become ingrained in Thai society and the more motor vehicles sold to the public the more the carnage will continue every year.
  15. Arsene says they are playing for him but he doesn't want to talk about his future. Oh, and here's what the pundits think the Top 4 finish will be, although i think Paul Merson has been on the shandy again.