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  1. Samsung Smart TV becomes next to useless over time...

    The problem i found last year with trying to buying just a normal tv these days is that the manufacturers offer very limited options unless you buy a Smart Tv. Non Smart Tv's are being fazed out and the ones that are available are always at the bottom of the range with the lowest grade picture quality and soon to become obsolete. So i'm afraid to say that the future is all tv's will be Smart Tv's.
  2. Thai Drivers License Checklist

    My 5 year renewal is approaching and i remember that the 5 year period is calculated to expire on your birthday. What i can't remember is, depending on the date you actually go to renew will enable an additional year to be added to the 5 year period. I think it is if you renew after the expiration date, you would benefit an extra year rounded off to your birthdate. Can someone just clarify that this is correct?
  3. Samsung Smart TV becomes next to useless over time...

    Last year i looked in to buying a smart tv after my old plasma died. After thoroughly researching the market of LG, Samsung and Sony i decided the Sony Android Smart TV's were the best option, and i couldn't be happier with that choice. With Android O/S built in and Chromecast built in, it's functionality is great for downloading apps and casting from mobile devices. This is where Samsung and LG become a let down due to their lacking individual operating systems.
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Agreed Leicester were the better team, should have scored a few in the first half, and continued to press the Chavs in the second half until they went down to 10 men on 65mins. Clueless Chelsea were still lucky to get a point in this game. Conte has probably been too busy in the gym getting ready for the big fight on the 25th Feb
  5. Toyota Fortuner GPS Update

    I had the same problem with my Honda dealer asking for 9000bt to sell me a map update by which they would download it on to a usb flash drive. I then decided to look online and downloaded it myself for free on a brand new 8gb usb flash drive, inserted it in to my navigator display unit, followed the prompts, and it downloaded the update without any problem. I found this page that could be useful for your Toyota : https://toyota.garmin.com/toyota/#getStarted Otherwise have a good search online as i did and you may get lucky.
  6. Yes this accident happened on Thappraya Rd heading towards Jomtien by Soi 7. Not Beach Rd Pattaya. The Korean pedestrians were crossing from their hotel to 7/11 Unfortunately, i was travelling the same route minutes before it happened and witnessed all the carnage and bodies sprawled along the road. One body was in the bushes on the centre reservation which i believe to be the Korean The first aid vehicles hadn't even arrived when i was there and members of the public were engaged in helping divert the traffic to avoid vehicles running the bodies over, Police and first aid arrived after 10-15mins later.
  7. Tottenham Thread

    Our first bit of transfer business in this window. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42617714 Hopefully we might bring in at least one midfielder for extra cover but i'm not holding my breath. http://www.tottenhamblog.com/2018/01/09/tottenham-target-asks-to-leave-current-club-will-he-join-spurs-this-month/
  8. Mourinho v's Conte

    Here's the latest timeline of events regarding the Mourinho v's Conte feud. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/english-premier-league/23/blog/post/3341129/antonio-conte-and-jose-mourinho-rivalry-a-timeline-of-hate I,m particularly interested in the very last paragraph where Conte has stated : "It will be the opportunity [to clarify things] in the game against United when we go to Old Trafford," he insisted. "Me and him, face to face. I'm ready. I don't know if he's ready." That match will be on Sunday 25th February get the popcorn ready!
  9. Mourinho v's Conte

    I just noticed that Pep needs to find a new tailor, or stop buying his trousers at Tesco
  10. Mourinho v's Conte

    More to the point, i would love to hear what opinions Bobby Charlton and Sir Alex have. With all their love of Man Utd FC, they must be feeling somewhat embarrassed for their head coach to be acting like a childish [email protected]
  11. Mourinho v's Conte

    Here's a BBC article to summarise the continuing feud between the pair so as to keep you all up to date. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42593073 My question is what's the agenda from them to publicly express their continued war of words? Is Mourinho trying to embarrass the Man Utd board so as to sack him, cos he's lost the battle of Manchester against Guardiola ? Or is he so jealous of Conte's success since replacing him at Chelsea that he just can't help himself? Well, whatever the motives are behind these war of words, as a neutral, i'm certainly getting the popcorn ready for the final outcome to all this. Oh, and as Conte has recently called Mourinho out for a one on one meeting in a private room so as to settle this matter once and for all, i'm backing Conte to win the fight. But he needs to watch out for the eye gauging tactics that Mourinho has in his locker.
  12. Manchester United

    Look at it another way, Man City haven't lost a match this season and if i'm correct they've only lost 2 matches in the last year. They would have to lose 5 or 6 matches from now to the end of the season and the chasing pack need to keep on winning. It's never gonna happen! The title is already Man City's. BTW, Mourinho is now saying the £300M he's spent isn't enough for him to compete for the title. Which just about sums him up nicely that he can only buy himself success. LAUGHABLE! http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42488421
  13. Tottenham Thread

    Looks like we've got a new fan I wonder how many he would have scored against that Liverpool defence!
  14. Tottenham Thread

    Bad news being reported for both our central midfield players Wanyama & Dembele, they both remain out injured for the foreseeable future with Wanyama having to go see a knee specialist next week with the club still unsure what is the problem. Dembele has suffered a set back with a new hip problem whilst training in Madrid. It could mean that Dier & Winks will have to continue playing every match for now, unless Sissoko or Dele are used in that role to free up some rest time for them.
  15. Tottenham Thread

    In the pre match interview on BT Sport with Poch, he was asked about Dembele, where he said during the last training session Dembele started to feel pain, that's why he was withdrawn from playing. This is a worry cos if it's the recurring ankle/foot problem then it seems to have become chronic, which could mean he'll have to be carefully managed for the whole season, or even end up needing surgery. Luckily for us, Winks has come back stronger and is proving his worth, but we're short on options in midfield without Wanyama as well. According to reports, Wanyama is back training this week and should feature in some capacity this weekend. http://www.squawka.com/news/victor-wanyama-targeting-liverpool-game-after-resuming-full-tottenham-training/998634#bdS1AEwk17zhHVS5.97 Davies for me, deserves to keep his place if he recovers from his illness to face Liverpool. Rose will probably be eased back slowly coming off the bench to regain match fitness after 10 months out and no pre-season.