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  1. Tottenham Thread

    The current squad has as good a starting 11 as any of the big spending Manchester & London clubs. The only thing lacking is 3 or 4 additions to increase the depth which i think will be addressed in the remaining 8 days of this window.
  2. Tottenham Thread

    Let down by two of our best performers last season, Loris and Wanyama both gave a poor performance. Rarely happens, especially Wanyama who kept giving away possession throughout the match the rest of the team played well. Lloris's distribution was poor, but it's never been his strong point. In hindsight, Poch could have replaced Wanyama for Son instead of taking off Dier who was playing well i thought. Maybe it's cos he was on a yellow. Anyway, still only the second game and encouraged by the overall team performance. Our first Wembley home win needs to come soon though, just to get the media off our backs and take the pressure off the players.
  3. Tottenham Thread

    Not so sure about that, according to latest reports it's £28M with prospective add ons. Looks like Levy has done his usual bargaining negotiations. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2017/08/18/ajax-manager-marcel-keizer-provides-latest-update-on-davinson-sa/ Poch has also been reporting that if possible, he wants 4 new players to arrive by the end of the month, so we could have an interesting next 2 weeks at THFC. https://ninetyminutesonline.com/pochettino-reveals-many-new-signings-wants-tottenham-asked-sanchez/
  4. Will a UK Kodi box work in Thailand

    Kodi is a media player platform that you can download on to any android box therefore any box will work anywhere as long as there's a good internet connection. Hotel wifi around Thailand tend to be hit and miss though, also the tv you connect to will need to have a HDMI input and you'll need a cable as well, therefore downloading Kodi on to your tablet is a good idea as you can have easier mobile access.
  5. Tottenham Thread

    We don't have enough depth in the squad to compete on all fronts we need at least 3-4 additions without letting anyone else go. For me a good window would mean bringing in :- Ryan Sessegnon Davinson Sanchez Ross Barkley Total cost approx £100M Danny Rose can F/O up north next season once Sessegnon has settled.
  6. Tottenham Thread

    Fantastic debut for our new Kyle Walker (junior version) alongside Eriksen, they were both clearly the best players on the pitch. Delli was our game changing match winner.
  7. Tottenham Thread

    Looks like Rose is purposely trying to force himself out of Tottenham FC. This latest ES article states that he's contesting the 2 weeks fine that he's been given. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/danny-rose-takes-on-tottenham-over-130000-fine-as-manchester-united-and-chelsea-monitor-saga-a3609426.html If that's the case, then he's prob being advised by certain outsiders on how to force a move by purposely aggravating the club and making him unplayable. This has become typical behaviour by player power over club and we've seen it all too often at Spurs in the past.
  8. Tottenham Thread

    Highlights of our match yesterday v Juventus at wembley.
  9. Again, thanks for your help, i've now managed to get the fonts folder in the Kodi app on my Android Tv. I ended up using ES File Explorer linked to my computer using the FileZilla program over WiFi, which made the transfer of the files from my laptop to the TV very easy.
  10. Yes this is where i'm stuck as i'm not familiar with Android and in my case the Android TV that i've only purchased a few weeks ago. The Android OS is built in to my TV, i;m not using any set top boxes. Kodi was an app already in the google play store on my TV, so downloading that was easy. Is it possible to download an app, or the font folder to my TV, or to the Kodi app inside my TV, that isn't in google play or in the Android OS already? Could you explain in layman's terms what i need to do step by step, will i need to use an external device connected to my TV ? Right now all this is all new to me, as i've only been using the Android TV a few weeks. Thanks!
  11. jancleas47, after following your advice in the previous post i managed to get the arialuni ttf file to work inside Kodi by opening a fonts folder in media. Thanks for that. Now i've also got Kodi set up on my Sony Android TV which i downloaded from Google Play. Within the Kodi settings i've set up opensubtitles.org to work ok with English subs but not Thai. I still have the issue of how to get the arialuni ttf file to the Kodi system in my TV to allow the Thai subs to show instead of small boxes. Any ideas of whether this can be achieved with my particular set up being an Android TV?
  12. Tottenham Thread

    Here's the highlights of our match against Paris St Germain. Watch out for Eriksen's goal ICC Cup, 23 July 2017. Venue : Orlando Florida.
  13. pulsetv.net

    tugman, I'm interested to know what set top box were you using to run Iview hd and Pulse Tv. Or did you run Pulse Tv through a computer which i believe to be an option that other iptv services can't offer. The reason i'm asking is because i'm currently debating which option to go with. Or if anyone else has tried both services and could share their opinions. Thanks!
  14. Ok guys, i've got the subtitles working fine in English, but when i try and select Thai subs, they always show small squares instead. I've downloaded Arialuni ttf file to my download folder but i can't get it to go to Kodi so is that why it's showing squares? When i follow post 3 i'm not seeing arialuni ttf as an option, only arial ttf. is showing. N.B I'm using a MacBook Pro.
  15. I'm having trouble finding the correct location in Kodi to copy the ArialUnicode ttf file. Where can i find the media/ fonts/ directory ?