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  1. Arsenal

    Yeah, it's officially been stated Wenger is leaving at the end of the season. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/43834283 The question is why have AFC decided to announce it now, is Kroenke pushing him out? Looks that way to me.
  2. Tottenham Thread

    As long as he doesn't play Aurier & Sissoko for the rest of this season then we can see what to do with them come the summer. I also don't want to see Lamela play instead of Son, but i think that's what Poch will do, seeing that Son played the full 90 last night.
  3. Burnley

    Burnley, yes Burnley FC have set themselves up with a great opportunity to qualify for the Europa league if they finish the season in the top 7. They're closest rivals in 8th are Leicester who are currently trailing Burnley 2-0 at HT which could mean the gap could go to 9 points.
  4. Manchester City

    I think it's also worth mentioning that UCL football matches also include 2 additional match officials to make it 5 on the pitch and one on the touchline. It still baffles me as to what exactly are the additional two standing on the side of each goal holding a magic wand exact purpose ? How can that official have missed the Milner touch, he was standing 15 feet away, and why is it that they never seem to interact in any of the matches that i've seen.
  5. Manchester City

    Guardiola has been sent off for complaining to the ref at HT about the disallowed goal.
  6. Tottenham Thread

    Vorm has played in all the previous FA Cup games so i don't see why he shouldn't continue, he's been playing well when selected. Lloris could benefit from being dropped for a few games so he can gather his focus back again, this tactic has worked with keepers before.
  7. No, i don't think it is, it's probably one of the locals who live in the apartment block with her partner. She's pointing at the door entrance of where the attack took place.
  8. Manchester City

    As a Spurs fan, i can only say we wrapped up CL qualification by beating the Chavs last week, up until then, there were 5 teams battling for it. I also agree with you that if City get an early lead next week, panic could set in and Liverpool could crumble, with the way both sides defend, this tie is certainly not over. An away goal could well be needed.
  9. Manchester United

    Smalling said in his post match interview that Mourinho asked his players at HT if they wanted to be the clowns standing & watching the Man City players celebrate winning the title in front of them or not. Credit where credit is due, that probably gave them the impetus they needed.
  10. Tottenham Thread

    On his MOM performance alone, Eriksen deserves to be awarded both goals, even if it did skim off Kanes shoulder, the free kick was already goal bound. A good 3 points, from a solid performance, although Lloris has again gifted the opposition another goal, which is starting to become a little habitual from him lately.
  11. Chelsea Fc Thread

    A true professional and gentleman, played the game for 24yrs, and i grew up watching him for various clubs. A real legend, RIP Ray Wilkins.
  12. Tottenham Thread

    Must Watch This! Hilarious loud mouthed Chav rent boy youtuber! 5mins in he gets very entertaining
  13. Tottenham Thread

    Here's an article from Talksport yesterday, quoting Poch as to why he won't play Toby at this moment in time. https://talksport.com/football/tottenham-hotspur-news-mauricio-pochettino-wont-play-toby-alderweireld-just-help-him-make Note the 8th paragraph down: "Toby in the last four months has struggled with his injury. I am not going to change the system because Toby needs games for the World Cup. As for him being a distraction in the dressing room, i would strongly disagree, purely because he is in full training with the first team squad. That wouldn't be the case if he was a distraction, otherwise Poch would have ordered him to train alone or with the U21's as he did with Townsend when he was frozen out. It's a simple case that he doesn't feature in Poch's long term plans anymore due to the contract stalemate, whereas Sanchez & Vertonghen do, as well as Juan Foyth for next season, and possibly Carter Vickers.
  14. Tottenham Thread

    Unless the rules have changed again, i'm not so sure how you come to that conclusion.
  15. The Worst Divers in EPL

    One for the Liverpool fans on here, Sadio Mane booked for diving v's C.Palace.