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  1. It's unlikely that this building even had a sprinkler system. It's not regulation for high rise residential buildings, but it is for hotels. The emergency service advises to remain inside your flat due to being exposed to smoke inhalation and suffocating while trying to escape a fire in such buildings. The fire in this building was unprecedented due to the speed at which it spread, the majority of flat fires are contained within one flat or only neighbouring units. That's why a public inquiry has been issued to ascertain the reason for the fast spreading of this fire being so unusual.
  2. It's more rewarding to have as many live TV appearances as possible, that's where the bulk of the money is based upon. Saying that though it goes hand in hand that if your at the top 6 end of the table your gonna get more TV coverage, so i would say it's cost effective being in the Top 6 and challenging for the top 4 or title. When you look at the prize + Tv money, Liverpool ended up with the most Tv appearances (29) and received more money than Spurs although they finished 4th. That's cos the battle for 4th went to the last game of the season where as our season had already ended with 4 games to go hence why we had less Tv coverage.
  3. They've probably seen photos of beaches in the US like this and think that is what tourists/ farang like, and we need to copy them. Then even more people will come to holiday here. That's the typical Thai mentality of authorities that have power and money to make decisions unfortunately.
  4. There goes the last remaining shaded beach area left in Jomtien ! Umbrella anyone ?
  5. You keep on reading on the latest gadgets being marketed on the internet and continue to fall in to the consumer trap that is promoted by the use of the internet and keep believing everything a company says regarding their products. These companies need people like you, with little knowledge but great belief. Whilst i'll continue to use the knowledge and experience i've gained working as an auto electrical technician for one of the best car manufacturers in the world with 25years experience. Have a good evening.
  6. And the first page of your layman article shows a picture of a hydrometer being used, funny that isn't it. Also your analogy is somewhat flawed, as the hydrometer can specifically identify each individual cells condition as to whether a battery is serviceable or not. And for your information, i never stated that a hydrometer is all that is required to test a battery, i also mentioned the use of a multimeter, a charger and an Amp/Voltage load tester in my above posts. You need all of these items to work with battery maintenance procedures.
  7. Then you need one of these, Amp load testers/Voltage tester.
  8. Now your just showing how ignorant you are on this topic Since when is a multi meter (which is used by every electrical technician across the world) not a sophisticated piece of equipment ? And a necessary piece of equipment. And to this day, a hydrometer is the only tool that can check each individual cells electrolyte levels. But you keep on believing in your overpriced consumer trap specialist charger that it can do all those things. LOL.
  9. As you can see in the pic, it's charging at just under 3 Amps, it's max is only 6 Amps. Care to explain why you think a low output charger is a battery burner in your mind ? How many Amps do you think an alternator distributes to the battery after a cold engine start ? (Clue) Is it more than 6 Amps ? If, like me, you use a multimeter and a hydrometer to monitor the battery electrolyte while being charged, then there's no reason to spend 4000bt + on a smart charger like you suggest with CTEK. Batteries can be damaged when charged with high output chargers for a prolonged period of time, and also a lack of sulphuric acid in each cell, and i'm talking high outputs of 50 Amps +++
  10. I recently bought a 6 Amp battery charger from a local electrical store that sells car & household hifi equipment, electronics, cables, etc.. I think it's a Thai brand, does the job well, and for only 480bt.
  11. Oh i agree entirely, i wasn't including the manc clubs & Chelski. Although for the rest of the teams, it allows them to have enough funds to bridge the gap so to speak, and make the PL a more balanced competition.
  12. A bit quiet on here today, so i thought i'd post this list of how much each club received from the PL for TV & prize money. Serious money being given out! totalling just under £2.4bn Premier League payment to clubs 2016-17 Club (UK live TV appearances in brackets) Prize money (£s) Total payment (£s) Prize money determined by finishing position - data from Premier League website Chelsea (28) 38,832,180 150,811,183 Spurs (25) 36,890,571 145,461,325 Man City (28) 34,948,962 146,927,965 Liverpool (29) 33,007,353 146,112,439 Arsenal (25) 31,065,744 139,636,498 Man Utd (28) 29,124,135 141,103,138 Everton (18) 27,182,526 127,800,699 Southampton (15) 25,240,917 122,450,841 Bournemouth (13) 23,299,308 118,237,066 West Brom (11) 21,357,699 114,023,291 West Ham (15) 19,416,090 116,626,014 Leicester (16) 17,474,481 115,820,488 Stoke (10) 15,532,872 107,062,381 Crystal Palace (14) 13,591,263 109,665,104 Swansea (10) 11,649,654 103,197,163 Burnley (10) 9,708,045 101,237,554 Watford (13) 7,766,436 102,704,194 Hull (10) 5,824,827 97,354,336 Boro (13) 3,883,218 98,820,976 Sunderland (10) 1,941,609 93,471,118 Total 407,737,890 2,398,515,773
  13. You have to wonder how many are actively in service opposed to the ones that are obsolete? due to the fact that it would be mush easier to just run a new cable instead of finding a faulty one. This is an example of no forward thinking, and once started, no turning back.
  14. It's all about getting the right balance when raising kids. The use of the latest technology is included in that balance but just as importantly is outdoor activities and academic study. I do agree that gaming does become addictive to kids that are allowed to over indulge, that's why a balance should be set in order of priority by the parents.
  15. We all know that there isn't any sport tourism in Pattaya. All that has changed over the last 5 yrs is that western tourism has declined and replaced with Chinese and Russian tourists on cheap package tours, hence the reason Pattaya & Jomtien has turned in to a coach park. All these coaches are a clear indication of what's happening regarding tourism demographics.