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  1. They should be growing cajones........... not bananas.
  2. A new Swedish series now at Ep 02 (subs required but should come within the download. )
  3. JustgrazingThanks for a refreshing balanced post. The usual retort will be that you're using the classic "Apples & oranges comparison". Most of the negativity on here is seeded by the bad experiences foreigners have historicly suffered. After all nobody came here with a dislike of any Thai people. Like many commited foreigners .....married+kids+property+vehicles+ pets+med.ins+acc.ins. etc etc......... Anyway. I could fill a page of khrap encouters dealing with " So-called grown ups" at schools+ tessabans+ amphurs+ police+ other drivers+imm. police+ hospitals+ clinics+lawyers etc etc Not to mention all the effluence accidentally encountered in Pattaya's underbelly. Do the constant Thai apologists have any skin in the game? I doubt it. Some need to get out of the hospitality zone as they don't realise their hosts are paid to pretend to smile and like the falang. PS Apologies 'cos I haven't spent all day cherry picking and editing quotes that suit my agenda. also I haven't used an app. to help me use five dollar words correctly. Off the cuff....It is what it is. yours sincerely dread pirate roberts
  4. The city population is being shafted by the powers that be .... however they can organise complaints about this kind of trivia......... Maybe Pattaya deserves itself.
  5. Welcome to Thailand foreigner..........this is what lurks behind the smiles.
  6. Siam Country Club Road

    If the OP is coming from Bangkok, just enter at Bira Circuit and miss out all the road work on the way to Father Ray's. Hope this helps
  7. Currently I have no sight of the " drag files /choose files" option also the "emoticons" are gone. As the site is under repair.........fair enuff. Thanks for answering my original question guys.
  8. Well I can view some members' avatars e.g. my own which is of course Johnny Rotten. Also I can see yours Jai Dee. However lots are just a coloured background with a letter in the centre. Can't be just me that sees this ? Trying to attach an example but the attachment thingy has disappeared.
  9. I've had a quick look in the Forum Support section and in the IT section and I can't see any information regarding the disappearance of posters' avatars. Is this more censorship?
  10. In the days before smart phones, the local school kids used to regularly "volunteer" to remove the trash from the beach. I'm glad the students wised up eventually as the shameful deck chair cartel just sat around and watched them.
  11. It’s Mobi from Blighty! – 2 June 2017

    We've lost Drummond, Head, and Stick.... as well as your good self Mobi. We hope your blog starts to reflect what free press is all about.
  12. Tracking down and arresting the house owner in the toilet.....toooo funny .
  13. Soi Siam Country Club wrestles with mud

    I hope they continue to block the road for a long, long time. It's actually more pleasant without all the traffic pollution. Soi Siam CC was used (abused) as a rat run from Sukhumvit to Highway 36...... generating a constant stream of ballast trucks, cement trucks, mini buses and generic Hell's Angels. A loss for the business people - but a win for the quiet, natural environment out at Lake Mapbrachan.
  14. Attitude of Shop Owners in Pattaya

    An overly long thread. Much a do about nothing. The advice given on just the second post nailed it. Avoidance !! Vote with your feet. Vote with your wallet. The locals don't like that.