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  1. Ok sorry about the poorly worded original post I didn't proof read it before submitting it.....Mea Culpa ! Somebody must have spiked my Lao Khow with Guiness ! I'm referring to current affairs in the UK Parliament, the BBC and Hollywood where the minority cards are being used far, far too much. This excuse is used for not getting that promotion or that job or to destroy people. I'm sure most thinking people know what I mean. Unfortunately it is becoming more and more perilous to give a balanced response on the Internet. Now Thailand has jumped on the bandwagon, I have property and family here with no intention of returning to the UK until I freely want to. Therefore this poster has gone for a long walk (as I alluded to with my mention of Capt. Oates). So let's pretend I'd already gone, but came back for my fags & matches. Hope that helps, and thanks for the smart advice on some of the replies. Bye bye.
  2. What happens when the under achieving minorities get a voice? How do they contribute to the enhancement of the world? Accuse, then accuse then accuse with no corroboration? May God forbid, if we have anything interesting to discuss any more any where. PS I really hope that pooying in Walking Street doesn't sue me for touching her knees last night. Goodbye signed... Capt Oates
  3. Ignore lists -what's the average?

    Hey bazza Man up mate.... Most of them are mates of mods anyway............ Why do you think they can attack posters with impunity?
  4. Should I attempt to reset my BIOS?

    When I rummaged and found a new CR2032 BIOS battery in my drawer this morning I knew I'd be lucky ! Changed it out & booted up... but got the same old message and pressed F1 to complete the boot. I then reset the internet clock and rebooted, this time it went straight to the win desktop. Switched off and repeated to make sure .....and it's all good. delphioricle/ khunbenq/ jenny2017 great tips & thanks for taking the time.
  5. Should I attempt to reset my BIOS?

    Thanks The battery would be a good place for me to start.
  6. Every time I boot up, the process halts and I have to press F1. This is the display - UEFI defaults have been loaded F2 or DEL to run set up F1 to continue This started after cleaning the dust from my PC. Any hints would be appreciated before I go down the google rabbit hole. mobo = AsRock Z87 Extreme 6 UEFI P2.10 ram = Sniper 8Gb 4x2 windows 7
  7. Pattaya Hotel Bugs

    Night Night...don't let the bed bugs bite
  8. Sex Drugs Murder - Life in the Red Light Zone. This is a 13 pt BBC reality type interview of working girls in Leeds . If you ever wondered what 'skank' meant ...watch this. Their customers must be some kinda crazy.
  9. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    Liked ...yikes !! I usually get deleted . Plenty of real likes, from real people, in that real world
  10. I think I'll hang out in this fun area for a wee while. I'm getting too cynical in my old age. Check this out for enthusiasm !!
  11. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    Not knocking - but the best thing about Huay Yai is Soi 27 opposite the Temple. Ten klicks down there will take you to HorseShoe Point an equestrian centre and weekend health getaway for Bkk hiso's with zero tolerance towards crime, soi dogs and farangs Then down the hill, to Mabprachan Lake which is a reservoir and therefore by default a totally green area with woodland jogging paths, dog walks, bicycle lanes, fishing, and picnic areas (no need to take your refuse home-just leave it.... it's all good!) There's even a free fitness and landscaped pleasure park close to a refreshingly expensive gym (where a foreign dude got shot dead in the car park earlier this year) On the other side of the lake you'll find a couple of sauna centres, with mini gyms and wimmin pools, further along there is a yoga+zumba studio full of local beauties. Although sadly separated from Pattaya by the really useful road works on SoiSiam CC there are enough restaurants and bars for every day of the month ... imho polite, discreet and a cut above most, but reviews can be subjective. No dog in the fight... just giving a fellow expat the proverbial nod. Ok coffee break over. Good luck.
  12. Irrespective of who's to blame.... Are those people in the brown uniforms the school janitors? They certainly ain't police or men.
  13. Is the news presented on ThaiVisa verified ? Is the translation certified ? Obviously it's a copy and paste so... Just asking.... 'cos sometimes it's hard to believe. Take this smoking on the beach I mean....... really... 1 year in jail ?
  14. I have difficulty putting on my underpants, the label was always at the rear inside the waistband. However designers e.g. Kalvin Klein moved the label to the front outside. I get confused a lot.
  15. Pattaya-Map Ta Phut motorway nearly half finished

    Some may remember a drone video of the project out at Soi Siam CC. It was posted on here by another member 6 months ago With thanks to the "Pattaya Droner" here is part 2