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  1. johnnybgood

    When do we get a Fair Go ?

    Great advice. If you ever want to be a winner here in LOS ...... Be independent. Be a prepper. Use your time and intelligence to enhance your property.
  2. johnnybgood

    Radio Stations from all around the World and more..

    That looks interesting O.P. but for just radio shows especially on the phone try radio that is free, simple and light. https://www.mixcloud.com/ You can search by category or by what-ever-is-on-your-mind. Also this can be used on both on pc and phone.
  3. Still Game .....the latest series 8 begins this week. Beautiful Scottish humour at it's best. Maybe visit the Clansman for a pint ?
  4. Would that be photos from underneath the stopped vehicles.... whilst awaiting an ambulance?
  5. Thai tribute to Bill Gates ?
  6. Here is my current list based on positive reviews. May be helpful ?
  7. Here's an edited updated version of one I prepared earlier.......... Then down the hill, to Mabprachan Lake which is a reservoir and therefore by default a totally green area with woodland jogging paths, dog walks, bicycle lanes, fishing, and picnic areas. There's even a free fitness and landscaped pleasure park close to a refreshingly expensive gym shot dead in the car park On the other side of the lake you'll find a couple of sauna centres, with mini gyms and swimmin pools, further along there is a yoga+zumba studio full of local beauties. There are enough restaurants and bars for every day of the month ... imho polite, discreet and a cut above most, but reviews can be subjective. Plenty of resorts renting rooms or bungalows. The main roadworks SoiSiam CC are now completed, and will be probably ok until we get rain. Hope this helps.
  8. In my experience here in LOS there will be a payment by the foreigner...... no matter who's at fault.
  9. Hard to believe after all these years, grown men still wear football tops... as if they were going to be playing somewhere.
  10. johnnybgood

    What ever are they doing to my favorite Soi

    The missus drove us from Sukhumvit to the Lake on Friday. Cement top all the way with drain covers all fitted. Many businesses are still shut however. They should announce it's open.
  11. johnnybgood

    Burn's Night Celebrations in Pattaya?

    oh what a gift the giftie gee us tae see oor selfes as ithers see us
  12. Lots of good advice will emerge on this thread......... "It'll never happen to me" thinkers should take note.
  13. Ok sorry about the poorly worded original post I didn't proof read it before submitting it.....Mea Culpa ! Somebody must have spiked my Lao Khow with Guiness ! I'm referring to current affairs in the UK Parliament, the BBC and Hollywood where the minority cards are being used far, far too much. This excuse is used for not getting that promotion or that job or to destroy people. I'm sure most thinking people know what I mean. Unfortunately it is becoming more and more perilous to give a balanced response on the Internet. Now Thailand has jumped on the bandwagon, I have property and family here with no intention of returning to the UK until I freely want to. Therefore this poster has gone for a long walk (as I alluded to with my mention of Capt. Oates). So let's pretend I'd already gone, but came back for my fags & matches. Hope that helps, and thanks for the smart advice on some of the replies. Bye bye.
  14. What happens when the under achieving minorities get a voice? How do they contribute to the enhancement of the world? Accuse, then accuse then accuse with no corroboration? May God forbid, if we have anything interesting to discuss any more any where. PS I really hope that pooying in Walking Street doesn't sue me for touching her knees last night. Goodbye signed... Capt Oates
  15. johnnybgood

    Ignore lists -what's the average?

    Hey bazza Man up mate.... Most of them are mates of mods anyway............ Why do you think they can attack posters with impunity?