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  1. I could not have chosen a better time to depart these fair shores. ThaiExpat TV and Sport365 kept me sane, and up to date, especially with UK news, political debate and every Spurs match live. I suspect their are alternatives...... I have had a great 11 years, but now definitely not sorry to leave. I will be getting a season ticket for the new stadium in N17, and wembley will be well frequented next season whenever I can. Good luck!
  2. yep I have full channels back on with Thai Expat TV. However, cannot log onto to 365 Sport TV. No server. Anyone got an update on this please. I did read earlier the 'arrest' story is just a rumour? I'm leaving at the end of next week, so this is perfect timing..... Life back to normal for me in good old blighty.
  3. I think this is my fourth year after ditching CTH. The service has been faultless upto yesterday. WHERE THE FREK IS BBC 2?
  4. I live in a very rural area 5 hours drive from CM. 7 yrs here. My first 3 yrs in CM in the Elite Expat Bubble. I give a truthful account of what I see here. CM and its growth I would suggest merely supports my assertions that the poor really are getting very much poorer, and the Elite, a small minority overall, simply don't give a rats bottom. The day of reckoning will arrive. Some good posts above. Good discussion. Different points of view. For mine, I am living smack bang in the middle of it.
  5. Thanks for the info. Relieved Immigration don't have to give me their express approval!
  6. I bought it brand new; I do recall 10 years ago a protracted process buying it involving immigration and money!. I never sold a car here before. Hence my question if anyone has recent experience? Thanks
  7. I should add that I have been married 7 years on an Annual Extension for those 7 years. 7 years of annual stress of not knowing if I can remain, and reporting every 90 days has taken its toll, of course. I won't dwell on the well rehearsed points........
  8. Its on a Blue Vehicle Registration Book. I have a Thai Buyer. Is there anything I need to do to transfer it to a Thai?. Permission from Immigration perhaps? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Been here nearly 11 years. Travelled far and wide throughout the country. I see the xenophobia getting progressively worse during that period to a point now of being simply unacceptable, and the level of mindless violence akin to British and European football hooligans of the early seventies now prevalent everywhere (if you care to look outside of the expat elite bubble). The minimum wage hike of 50% (200 baht to 300 baht) is filtering through to the rural community whose jobs have been priced out of the market and now have no work. A substantial amount of Bangkok workers are retuning to the provinces in droves also because of no more work in the city - jobs disappeared due to the ridiculous unsustainable minimum wage hike. This past year has seen over half of my local Village area tree's felled for more land to grow crops just so that these folk can eat. The wood turned to new wooden shacks for more accommodation for the returnees, next to the crops, and the waste wood converted to charcoal. The smoke pollution this past year has had a significantly adverse effect on all our family health. 99% of the rural community depend on Govt handouts in one form or another. I don't know one family whose household debt is seeming unsustainable; poor buggahs have it secured against Land Title Deeds. When the Elite come calling to be paid things might get tricky! The level of poverty is starting to look like south Asia/Africa in many rural areas. I have substantive experience of both. My wife is a Thai Govt teacher in English of young adults; she see's the level of educational standard getting worse not better as promised by the ASEAN initiatives which, I believe, will leave Thailand bringing up the rear. The strong Baht will prove a disaster sooner rather than later IMO. Once reality sets in they will try their hardest to turn the super-tanker on a sixpence, but years will be needed to correct a grossly over-valued currency. I guess it all depends on whether you believe the unemployment figures, GDP, and the balance of payments.... I don't! The value of the £ against the baht is killing all Brits I would suggest. How do I see it. A dire situation to be honest which I believe will come to a head sooner or later and the outcome politically cannot possibly be seen as rosey. I am returning to UK at the end of this month with my family as a result and leaving behind a Baht 3m property I built myself, on my wife's land, as I have no chance of selling it. It is my son's inheritance so no axe to grind there. He will have a million more opportunities in life with a British education, even if UK are having to deal with there own set of problems. My wife agrees with me..... clearly. Good luck to all long-termers and I wish you well.
  10. Thanks pgrahamm. I will find it. For those wishing me luck I will be all in black, red rose in my lapel wearing a bowler hat, and I am RED. Cheers!
  11. Triffid and the other sensible replies, thank you. To the idiot who thinks I am going to be robbed, do you honestly believe I meant next week....duhhhhh. I was merely trying to ascertain if I needed to go onto BKK Superrich, and if the 'superrich in CM was the genuine article. did not know about SK. Pgrahmm. Where is the one you prefer? Thanks
  12. I am probably out of date, but there used to be a 'Superrich' operating in CM but I am not certain it was a subsidiary of the main operation in BKK?. I never used them. I now need to change some cash to sterling next week. Is there a Superrich in CM? Or something similar offering better than the banks? 1m Baht to GBP £ is what I need. Thanks for any advice.
  13. I have been here for nearly 11 years, and I am off soon to relocate back to UK. I echo the OP's post. My main reason for leaving is my 4yo son's education, about to start Primary School. I have been far more focussed on the negatives here the last couple of years and how they might impact on him in time, such as the drug dealer next door who has been banged up twice in four years, and his motley crew..... and I live out in the sticks. It is certainly not the Thailand of 11 years ago I am sad to say. OP ATB
  14. 7by7. We have decided to combine the condo income with my pension as the simplest and hopefully quickest option. Thanks for the MAA9. Really useful and can facilitate those requirements. Many thanks for your guidance. Fingers crossed all comes good. One last point. Once the visa is issued, what is the validity? I mean how many weeks /months do we have before she has to use is entering UK for the first time.
  15. I have driven here fully comp insurance for ten years without a claim. Any ideas regarding getting a certificate of no claims from A Thai insurer that would be accepted by a UK insurer? Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.