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  1. 7by7. Many thanks for that considered post, and I do hope it will be this week. I was counting day one as the date of the Sheffield receipt email. I do hope you are right as I start work at the end of the month (shifts) , and need mum here to take care of our son (already here with me), or I don't know what I will do TBH. Fingers crossed.
  2. Ouch, you were in limbo from 2 June to 13 July. That must have been dreadful. Excellent you finally got a result. Cheers
  3. In my experience it is highly unusual for any Thai employee to be granted 2 months leave, and be guaranteed to have her job back on return.... And the ECO will know this. Sure in some professions a sabbatical can be negotiated, but not sure if a receptionist for the average Thai employer would be considered for such. Here lies your problem. Had it been for 2 weeks, her returning to Thai for work might have been more convincing. if she works for an international brand then unpaid leave would perhaps be possible ....... also in tinglish, the locals often refer to girlfriends who are in a physical relationship as his 'wife'. Your gf will need to be sure about the English she uses the next time. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for sharing. can you please say around what day the Supreme Court letter was receive in the 60 scale? And then how many days or weeks after that was the visa granted? Thanks
  5. 7by7. Just to clarify, my wife has not received that letter. I raised it here just in case one pops along in the post next week! My son is British and already here in UK with me waiting for mum to join. I believe the financial requirement has been fulfilled. I am probably worrying unduly. The letter belongs to a girl who applied on 19 April. She had confirmation from Sheffield that she was in the Queue. The letter arrived out of the blue on 6 July @ day 60
  6. Now the Embassies around the world have centralised ECO's in Sheffield for the purposes of validating Family Settlement Visa's I wondered how many others on this forum were experiencing extended delays. My understanding is the guidelines for a decision is up to 60 working days. I do know the stats for May for Bangkok Applications were 100% processed by Day 60. Unfortunately various stories are emerging of folk being delayed using the February High Court ruling, and it is worrisome that in the future this 'Paused Decision' letter could become widespread. A copy of one found on another forum is attached - this is not my wife. my wife's story is: 17 April. Applied online to Bangkok 27 April. Attended Trendy Building. All docs scanned. Pertinent originals retained. Biometrics done. 4 May. Email received from Sheffield saying Application received and essentially she is in the queue. by my calculation Day 55 is tomorrow. Hoping this thread can be used to perhaps compile a group of folk in the same space, so we can compare notes and experience.
  7. Thanks Mark, that's really useful, unlike some of the other diatribe seen elsewhere. GL with yours. I am praying she gets it this week. My 4yo who is now here in UK with me (we flew ahead mid May) is regularly asking if he will ever see his mummy again. Heartbreaking.
  8. alternatively we could attract posters who are in the current system as we have to abide with the system that has been set up for us - in Sheffield! Any others here able to share CURRENT experience?
  9. which other boards? can you please share? thanks
  10. would be great to hear other experiences. any one else here past Sheffield Day 50 and waiting
  11. we applied 17 April. Biometrics BKK 27 April. Docs confirmed received in Sheffield 4 May. Taking 4 May as day one would mean we are on day 54. and waiting. Very worried by hundreds of reports of backlog. Sheffield simply cannot cope.
  12. I could not have chosen a better time to depart these fair shores. ThaiExpat TV and Sport365 kept me sane, and up to date, especially with UK news, political debate and every Spurs match live. I suspect their are alternatives...... I have had a great 11 years, but now definitely not sorry to leave. I will be getting a season ticket for the new stadium in N17, and wembley will be well frequented next season whenever I can. Good luck!
  13. iancnx


    yep I have full channels back on with Thai Expat TV. However, cannot log onto to 365 Sport TV. No server. Anyone got an update on this please. I did read earlier the 'arrest' story is just a rumour? I'm leaving at the end of next week, so this is perfect timing..... Life back to normal for me in good old blighty.
  14. iancnx


    I think this is my fourth year after ditching CTH. The service has been faultless upto yesterday. WHERE THE FREK IS BBC 2?
  15. I live in a very rural area 5 hours drive from CM. 7 yrs here. My first 3 yrs in CM in the Elite Expat Bubble. I give a truthful account of what I see here. CM and its growth I would suggest merely supports my assertions that the poor really are getting very much poorer, and the Elite, a small minority overall, simply don't give a rats bottom. The day of reckoning will arrive. Some good posts above. Good discussion. Different points of view. For mine, I am living smack bang in the middle of it.