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    Keep Fit at Home

    Doc says I need to implement a lifestyle change PDQ. Looking for any recommendation/experience purchasing a spin bike and a treadmill. My budget for the treadmill @25,000 baht. Looking at 3hp motor. 150kg max weight. 15 degree auto incline. 12 programmes. The Ongsa models are foldaway so could be space saving, though not essential. My budget for the spin bike @10,000 baht. Just need to spin and would happily pay less. I have been looking on Lazada but cannot fathom reliability of the brands. I see they most likely are all Chinese in origin but rebranded. Looking in UK online as a comparison has proved fruitless and even the pics don't correspond. Any recent experience or knowledge of local brands such as those at Lazada below would be much appreciated. http://www.lazada.co.th/shop-treadmills/?dir=desc&sort=pricedesc