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  1. You don't know his history,his father left a very valuable plot.of land in Bangkok to his sons,I think there were two brothers,each got approximately 300million Bht,one of them being the man with the 250K Seiko.
  2. Walk away now!! Or you will be sucked dry in the future.. been there done that! T.I.T
  3. Looks like the School Director is tarred with the same brush, allowing her to stay!!! Looks like the whole Thai education system needs reviewed! Too many loose cannons in the news lately!!!
  4. King Power rejects corruption lawsuit

    Same here,after they and the immigration officers scammed my family out of £1000 a few years ago. G
  5. What has that got to do with this?
  6. Been going down for a long time.. with this sort of stuff happening and the Justice system not making an example of the culprits...expats are going to be leaving in droves. T.I.T.
  7. Sick when flying

    Correct...Pop the drums..Works every time for me!! No Meds required!
  8. Sick when flying

    Hello, Been there done that! Its a Barsteward! Its all to do with cabin pressure, I think your getting Sinusitis, along with your horrendous earache, you will probably have a blinding pain across your forehead. A couple of ways that can sort that out when on board the plane: 1.Prior to boarding, start sucking a boiled candy, something that will generate saliva,and keep your face and ear muscles moving. 2.This is what I do if I get a pressure build up...Pinch both nostrils together, keep your mouth closed, and breathe out until your eardrums pop,,this will equalise the pressure, and you will feel instant relief.
  9. I suppose it depends on the size of can you get put in.
  10. Overstay..3 to 8 years..<deleted>...What we're the Immigration Police doing???? Lining their pockets,until an official complaint was made regarding their activities. Their not exactly needle in the haystack material..it's not a better system that's required...It's a SYSTEM!!!! They obviously had nothing,until the women made a complaint.If they couldn't detect these four in a week in Thailand,what chance have they got of finding real criminals..the mind boggles!!! T.I.T.
  11. How about the banks show transparency,and publish the account names,with funds in them of a minimum value of Bht 100.000 >,along with the account holder country of origin. But then again,that would be proactive,and detrimental to their objective,as would be checking with the holders consular official,to ascertain if they are still on Terra Firma,and enable contact of family/heirs through them...T.I.T.
  12. Don't be daft...she gave him the wrong line for the putt.......lol.....T.I.T.