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  1. Good Idea..and good luck. I done it last year,after 14 years in Thailand,and don't regret it.
  2. Jimbo53

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    R.I.P. Condolences to the family
  3. Natchariya’s mother Jirapinya Inthasen, trying her utmost to hold back her tears, said she forgave all those involved and only wished that her daughter's spirit be at peace. Herein lies part of the problem,offenders being forgiven for their heinous acts by the vìctims parent/s,instead of being vilified,does not help intrying tp prevent further incidents of this nature
  4. It was reported that National Police Commissioner Pol General Chakthip Chaijinda, several senior policemen and public prosecutors had already boarded flights from Thailand to interrogate and accept the hand-over of Chamnong Dhammajari.  Another Jolly..... A high ranking Commissioner, and Prosecutors that cant have too much to do,when they can afford the time and money,at the taxpayers expense to perform an excercise that can be done easily on his arrival in Thailand. Why not send Two burly cops to escort him back? TIT. 
  5. Does that mean Walking Street has to go as well???
  6. She What part of the story did you not understand? Making a stupid irrelevant comment like that!
  7. 5 years ago i had 9 family members come to Pattaya for my 60th birthday party,they had a couple of cartons of cigarettes over the allowance,went through the green nothing to declare exit...and were pulled up outside on their way to their transfer bus to the Centara Grand Hotel in Naklua by customs guys,and taken to a room,the scam seemed to be at King Power,the girl puts all the cartons of fags in one bag,and the customs did not take into account that they had all shown a passport for their allowance..to add insult to injury,the thieving barstewards only gave them back TWO cartons,after paying a 42K baht Fine....which initially was 67K,but my gf family member is a high ranking Govt official...and got it reduced....but still a ridiculous and disgusting way to treat tourists,some of them on a first and last trip to Thailand....result is 9 Tourists and their families and friends will never come back to Thailand...TIT.......TAT.
  8. Thailand's road death statistics suggest it is the most dangerous place in the world to drive and many accidents are caused by drunk drivers.  Suggest!!!! Should that not read Confirm?
  9. It looks as though your the one that needs educating, casting a wide brush over children that (at present ) are illiterate,how do you know how they will turn out? Crystal Ball gazing?if they still couldn't read at driving age,they wouldn't be able to get a licence to drive a motor bike taxi!!! Have a look in Google and see some very rich people who succeeded over illiteracy,
  10. They will probably be registered,and operating legally,the issue is with Condo's renting out rooms,and taking away the Hoteliers business.
  11. My mate rented his house out to a Thai bird from Bangkok a few years back, when he came back from a 2 week trip to the UK the house was stripped bard..all A/c's,Kitchen units etc etc..all gone in the back of a removal van,after giving the police details of the registration etc..they said to him they could get his stuff back if he paid 20,000bht...he never paid...and never got it back.
  12. Jimbo53

    Illegal hotel crackdown in Phuket

    Thailand is supposed to be part of the WTO,they enjoy the privileges that membership brings,but then place all manner of prohibitive stipulations on property and business ownership for foreigners,maybe its about time this was made reciprocal by foreign governments in regards to Thai's buying abroad. TIT
  13. Must be a Google translation of Thai...gobbledygook!
  14. Jimbo53

    UK state pension going same way as Australian ?

    In short..If you are not an existing pensioner,you have to jump through more hoops than a Circus performer to have any chance of getting $1 out of them.
  15. Sophon Tv..Channel 40.