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  1. Do you live in Thailand???? Or some other planet!!!Pulled up and sent home for taking a piss..that's rather extreme...the guy was probably bursting at the seams in a traffic jam,do you make these remarks when you see all the Thai motor bike taxi drivers,mobile food vendors etc doing it at the side of.pavements?? T.I.T. PS: It was probably the taxi driver that told him it was ok to jump out n take relief!
  2. Bangkok hit by heaviest rainfall in 25 years: BMA

    Maybe their looking to the future and buying the subs for use in downtown Bangkok...lol
  3. The real impact of this stupidity will be be felt after November 1st if/when someone gets fined,and it's widely publicised worlwide that you are at risk of being fined a substantial amount of money for smoking,that's when most tourists will evaluate and eliminate the risk,and head for alternative stress free destinations that don't have bureaucratic idiots dictating and trying to enforce this sort of nonsense on them....Just another nail in the TAT coffin..TIT.
  4. Better find a better beach in a country without the continual lunacy that abounds in Government Departments here. I'm sure there must be an inter departmental competition running to see which one can outdo the other for a Darwin Award!!!! Unbelievable!!!
  5. Ban Chang is before Maptaphut if your heading from Pattaya to Rayong!!
  6. Same subject matter!!!
  7. Without a doubt,come back to face the wrath of an unelected Military Junta...No thanks!!!
  8. Give yourself time to know if your ready

    Sage advice...Stay where you are!!! And just keep going on holiday.
  9. Good move to bring in the Tourists!!!
  10. New Film on the Horizon...."Knob head Yankee Style", no auditions.....Starring F***wit Guiliano.
  11. Precisely why the owner of The Bodega Bar on Pattaya 2nd Road does not allow hawkers inside the bar,he told me about this problem two years ago. All other bars should follow suit! Problem eliminated!
  12. Australian slits his own throat at Suvarnabhumi airport

    Possibly a LB!!!!!
  13. Australian slits his own throat at Suvarnabhumi airport

    Absolutely correct....I had a friend who had an accident in Pattaya over two years ago,ice was I n ICU at BPH for one month,assistance offered to his family from Oz Embassy in Bangkok...Aud$ 145 from their ' Emergency Fund' Yippeee!!!!! What I think of the Australian Government wouldn't be printed here,you can work 40 years in Australia ,but unless you meet their criteria of being resident in the country for two years,out of the five years prior to applying for the State Pension,then you get nothing,even if you get the pension,it's linked to your passport,and they reduce or stop paying it after a certain amount of weeks out of country,it used to be a great country,but now going to ruin with the introduction of refugees and other bludgers.