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  1. I've been looking for a comfortable Lazy Boy type of reclining arm chair in Buriram but have not been able to locate one. Anyone know where I can get one. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your info. I don't think that I made myself clear. I have been living at my present Thai residence for about a year and have done two 90 day notices so far. But I am planning to move to a new location. If and when I move to a new apt./condo, I am wondering if a need any evidence that I really have been living at my present address. It would seem that Immigration wouldn't require any evidence that I have been living at my present address when moving to a new address because they already have that information. But I want to be fully prepared in any event. I know what documentation is needed for the new address. Thanks again.
  3. When one moves to a new house/apartment/condo does one have present immigration with the appropriate documents/paperwork on the same day one moves into the new dwelling? And does one need to show immigration any evidence that he had been living in his previous dwelling or that he has moved out?Thanks
  4. Ubonjoe, thanks for your excellent advice.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have a Non-B in my passport( for work), not a Non-O. Sorry about the confusion.
  6. Immigration will not be verifying my degree. They want proof that the degree is real so I have to go the the US Embassy and the Embassy will, apparently, attest to its authenticity. For a fee of course. My employer has just warned me that Sri Racha Immigration is now requiring this verification befor they will renew a work visa/extention.
  7. My contract finishes September 30th of this year but I will be resigning on June 31st. Actually, I will have competed one year of work on June 31st, 2017 having started on July 1st, 2016 but the company I work for stipulates that all new contracts must begin on October 1st. So when I started working last year on July 1st, I signed a contract for three months. I then had to sign a new one-year contract the last week of September, This contract was obviously for Oct.1st 2016 to Sept.30th. 2017. Since I am going to resign on June 30th, 2017 I am wondering what my visa extension options are. Can I apply for a retirment visa and how much time do I have. My colleagues told me my employer always returns the work permit to the Labor Department on the day someone resigns. I think I can get a one -week extension. Since I am married to a Thai, registered marriage, and she has a house with a proper house registration I will be moving to live with her on a permanent basis in Buriram. So I will probably apply for the retirement extension in Buriram and submit my proof of address at the same time. But I am afraid of all the rushing around and bot getting everything ready for Buriram Immigration is such short period of time.I am also wondering if it would be easier to apply for the retirment extension in Sir Ratcha as soon as my work permit is returned. But I will no longer be living in Chonburi and Sri Racha Immigration will require a one-year rental agreement. I am also wondering if I can get a 6-month extention for wife support. I don't know much about this extention but it has appeared on this forum. If I do a border crossing into Laos for a possible tourist visa or Non-O based on marriage, will Thai Immigation question me as to why I an cancelling my Non-O work visa/extention before it is completed. One more question. When my work permit is returned on June 30th, and I don't leave the country, I will be here illegally. But I have read on this forum that if you fly out of Thailand instead of making a border crossing, Immigration will not question you as long as you are out before October 1st since my Non-O in my passport is good until September 30th, 2017. So apparently I can stay here for threemore months but not legally. Thanks for reading.
  8. My employer told me that Immigration will need degree verification for my next one-year extention. This is a new requirment at Sri Racha Immigration for our university. My guess is that I take my dgree to the US Embassy and get a document that verifies its authenicity. I am wondering if the US Embassy will require the actual degree of whether a copy is sufficient. And will Immigration accept a copy along with the verification document. For my last one-year extention a copy of my dgree was accepted. Any info/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Can the 400K in the bank requirement be in a joint account with one's legally married Thai wife?
  10. I had True install W-Fi internet at our house in Buriram about a year ago and it has been excellent but last week we got no signal. Called and talked to True people who assured us the problem was being attended to. But it is now over a week that we have not been able to get a signal. We called yesterday and the same response,"we are trying to solve the problem". Anyone have similar problems with their TRUE internet service or know anything about why there hasn't been any service for over a week? Thanks
  11. I am wondering if I can change a toursist visa to a 12 month retirment extension in country. I have more than 800,000 in a Thai bank but it is in a joint account with my Thai wife. I can get a letter from the US embassy ensuring tht I have more that 65K a month coming in. Would I need to leave the country to apply or could I apply locally. Thanks.
  12. maphraw

    Why does my Honda City use so much oil?

    I use 91 gasohol, usually PTT. What kind of fuel should I be using then. My Honda say 91 or 95.
  13. maphraw

    Why does my Honda City use so much oil?

    I use 91 gasohol, usually PTT.
  14. maphraw

    Why does my Honda City use so much oil?

    I am the original OP and to answer 'Anythinleft's question about what kind of oil I have been using. Well, the last time I had an oil change was at a Honda dealer in Jomthien, August 8th and they put in 'SN OW20 1000Lit Honda'. That was the oil type written on my receipt. Last week, October 4th, I went to the mechanic that often changes my oil. The oil left in my car was down to a very low level. He is aware of the problem but doesn't do that l kind of repair work. He put 2 liters of Sunoco Ultra 3 semi 10w40 in my car (this was the oil type written on the receipt) and that filled it up. This was last Monday. Since then, the oil level has remained steady at a full level. But I haven't driven it much since last Monday, only a few hundred Kilometers. Normally I drive about 1,100 kilomters a week, on average. Prior to my last oil change at the Honda dealer, I had the oil changed at the mechanic's place (July 12th)' It was a Sunoco oil but I don't know what the oil type or number was because it was not on the receipt. I will ask them what number oil they normally put in my car when they change the oil next time I go upcountry (the mechanic works in a very large Goodyear tire shop in Buriram). Actually, I can call them and ask them what kind of oil they normally use when I get my oil changed at their place. They keep a history of the car's service on their computer so they should have the oil type and number. Today is Sunday and they are closed so will have to wait until tomorrow.
  15. maphraw

    Why does my Honda City use so much oil?

    Kartman, where can you get Vavoline motor oil in Thailand? Is it readily available. I googled 'Vavoline availability in Thailand' and nothing came up. It got a good write up and was recommened for the kind of problem I have been having. Thanks.