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  1. Another addition to the burgeoning number of "clerks" in the RTP, then!
  2. Unfortunately, for marriage extension applicants across the whole of Thailand (and not just Rayong Province), it is the case that local offices have been given zero discretion in approving applications which need to be referred to the relevant divisional HQ for this purpose. As ubonjoe has pointed out, Division 3, based in Bangkok, happens to be the relevant HQ to which Maptaput - and, for that matter, Jomtien - report. It could equally be argued, I suppose, that Jomtien might likewise have a strong case for autonomy in approving marriage extension applications on the grounds that they are a major office in their own right serving a large expat community.
  3. Tottenham Thread

    Makes me wonder whether he might have readily indulged in such "exaggeration" had the pitch not been relaid!
  4. Hmm, would not surprise me in the slightest to learn that the British Embassy were bending over backwards to provide Lane with all the "consular assistance" he may need, while leaving his British victim entirely to his own devices.
  5. Therein may lie the common denomimator in this thread, I suspect - in that Maptaput, Jomtien and Phetchaburi all have to refer marriage extension applications to Bangkok for final approval, presumably. It goes without saying, I take it, that Chaengwattana also have a similar witness requirement??
  6. But thankfully not as regards the TM30 requirement, though. Maptaput only want a fresh one if you change your address, whereas Jomtien seem to require a fresh one each and every time you venture more than 5 paces from your front door!
  7. Transposed symbol keys- how to fix?

    Can you not get the hash tag by pressing the backslash key (the one on the extreme right-hand side in the third row down on my keyboard at any rate), like I can do with the hash tag key set to display £?
  8. Probably true. My only reason for singling out the Ban Chang expat community was that its members are far more likely to follow Thai Visa than the non-Western foreign workers on the nearby industrial estate!
  9. "I want to get everything correct before going as you only want to make the journey once for the application." But you've now swapped 1trip for 2 in any case! So I find it puzzling as to why you have opted for marriage over retirement as the reason for your extension if the travelling time to the office is such a major issue for you. "I don't understand why the office isn't in the city near the other administrative offices like the amphor." The office is also on the other side of the city for me. Even so, a big plus for me is that on-street parking is convenient at their present location, whereas it would almost certainly be next to impossible at any alternative location in the city centre. Seeing as I mail in my 90-day reports 1 trip each year for a new retirement extension is really no big deal for me (and never have these extensions proved unduly problematical for me to obtain). You should also bear in mind that the office's present location is convenient for the Ban Chang expat community who, I suspect, form the lion's share of their farang clientele. I'm sure that few of them would welcome a longer drive to the office than at present, followed by spending ages and ages finding somewhere to park which could be a long walk away in any event!!
  10. Strange background noise on Google

    So "relief" should be at hand on 26th February, all being well?
  11. Maybe because the principal of Taimei Elementary School owns a lot of shares in Giorgio Armani??
  12. Out of curiosity how did you find out about this move?
  13. OP - is there not someone in Khon Kaen who could post the report there on your behalf?
  14. But if you're going to deposit 800k in a Thai bank for any length of time you'd be strongly advised IMHO to make out a Thai will - not an issue, of course, if there are any other reasons why you would need such a will, but a matter of personal judgement, I think, as to whether or not making out a will in Thailand solely to cover an 800k deposit for retirement extension purposes would be justified.