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  1. What if there wasn't another airline flying from ZRH to BKK at around the same time? And do you really believe that chartering a plane at short notice is as easy as pulling a rabbit out of a hat?
  2. Agreed. And they only ask for a new TM30 in the case of longstay non-immigrants when (and if) they change their addresses.
  3. Well, assuming that he won't complete this task as regards existing overstayers before mid-2019, he might subsequently hope to find rich pickings among Brits who are no longer able to obtain Embassy income letters!
  4. And no doubt the British Embassy will be bending over backwards to provide this Scouse git with whatever "consular services" he might require during any stay in the Bangkok Hilton - completely free of charge, of course. While at the same time throwing those of us needing income confirmation letters to the wolves.
  5. This is precisely how I am planning to proceed since it is now "bye-bye retirement extensions" in my case thanks to the Embassy's decision.
  6. Good to hear that the Embassy are condescendingly "blessing" a few of us with replies to our emails at any rate! And good also to learn that they may now be backtracking on their previous BS statements regarding the acceptability of bank statements in lieu of Embassy letters, now that it may finally have got into their thick skulls that the only alternative in the case of retirement extensions is 800k in the bank. All they need to do now is to correct the website link stated at the end of Ms Peth's reply by removing the what are clearly now in practice incorrect monthly income references.
  7. Signed. Thankfully any attempt which the Embassy might have made to nobble this petition has proved unsuccessful!
  8. And what you (and those in a similar position to yours) must find particularly galling is that the Embassy have been dithering on this whole issue since last May. Had they chosen to announce their decision then you would have had double the amount of time available to make alternative financial arrangements for 2019!
  9. Would be most interested in hearing what you were, in the event, required to provide since I am planning to seek a 60-day extension for the purposes of visiting my Thai wife at Rayong Immigration in due course, so as to buy more time to accumulate and season 400,000 THB in my Thai bank account for my next annual extension where I shall be switching from retirement to marriage thanks to the British Embassy's decision to pull the plug on their income confirmation letters!
  10. So manic behaviour on the part of minivan drivers is not just confined to thundering along Highway 3 at top speed, then.
  11. And these will be magnified from July after we have transitioned completely into the post-income letter era!
  12. But HMPO have not, since 2014, seen any problems with 12-hour trips to Bangkok for passport renewal purposes! That said, I do agree with you that statutory declarations are unlikely to be revived, but more because of the resourcing implications they would raise for the Embassy. They're clearly striving to cut their workload, not increase it!
  13. You appear to be mixing up 90-day reporting and annual extensions of stay, which are 2 quite separate processes. Since it is your latest marriage extension which, I assume, expired on 14th October (meaning that you are now on overstay), you would, I think, be strongly advised to hot-foot it to Savannakhet for a fresh multi-entry non-O visa for marriage and pay the overstay fine (500 THB per day) when exiting Thailand. After you have obtained this new visa, you won't have to worry your little head about 90-day reporting for the next 12 months at least since you will need to do border runs every 90 days until the visa expires in any event.
  14. And despite the British Embassy's contempt of expats, as exemplified by their ridiculous decision to pull the plug on issuing income confirmation letters.