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  1. That being the case, I would strongly advise you to check with HMPO first whether a deed poll name change would, in fact, do the trick in your case. As I recall, there is certainly some caveat to this effect on the GOV.UK website.
  2. Well, my understanding has always been that the nearest things to a "retirement visa" are either a non-OA visa or a non-O visa issued on the basis of being aged 50 or over. To the best of my knowledge neither can be extended at an immigration office through fresh visas of either of these types. I have always believed that the only visas issued by immigration offices are in one-off situations of non-O conversions. That all said, however, I will readily admit that my ESP skills have never been up to much. I have tried looking on Lazada for a suitably reliable crystal ball to assist me in overcoming my clear deficiencies in this regard (and, in particular, in working out whether there is any hidden meaning to the word "visa" of which I am blissfully unaware), but, sadly, without success.
  3. I was under the impression that one had to travel to Savannakhet, Vientiane or Penang for such a visa.
  4. And were theory, for whatever reason, not to turn out to be practice in the OP's case, he could presumably always apply for a non-O conversion instead to get himself back on the retirement extension road.
  5. The OP may need to be aware that there are potentially at least 3 sound reasons as to why the names stated in his British and Thai passports should be identical:- (1) If he were ever minded to pay an extended visit to his relatives in Thailand on the basis of a one-way flight ticket from LHR to BKK, he would need to present his Thai passport at check-in to prove that he was entitled to stay in Thailand indefinitely without the need for any visa. The check-in assistant would almost certainly notice that the name stated in his flight ticket did not match the one stated in his Thai passport, and could therefore subject him to intensive interrogation before eventually (hopefully) permitting him to board the flight. (2) Likewise, when he eventually exited Thailand for his return flight to the UK, there is a risk of the immigration officer at BKK Departures spotting that the name in his Thai passport did not match that in the boarding pass which he would also need to present to the officer (assuming, of course, that the return flight booking had also been made in his British name). In this connection, he would need to take especial care to avoid disclosing to the officer his dual nationality since Thai immigration officials have, I gather, a tendency to display an antagonistic attitude towards those who, in their eyes, have the temerity and audacity to want to share their Thai nationality with another country’s. (3) Even if he were on this occasion given some special dispensation by HMPO for the name in his British passport to differ from the one in his Thai passport, he could, I would have thought, be faced with the prospect of having to re-prove the case for a further dispensation to be granted at each subsequent British passport renewal. So it would definitely, I think, be best for him to bite the bullet and align the names in his British and Thai passports sooner rather than later.
  6. The only option that I can think of which would be open to you in order to satisfy HMPO's requirement would be to change your name by deed poll so that it exactly matches the one stated in your Thai birth certificate and passport. Details as to how you could go about doing this are to be found at https://www.gov.uk/change-name-deed-poll This whole issue was, however, discussed in the following thread which was originated 15 months ago:-
  7. This is not an official site but one of a bunch of so-called "immigration lawyers" who clearly don't have a clue as to what they are talking about!
  8. @TiagoPT - so, unless you somehow managed to obtain a 90-day extension of stay prior to your permission to stay expiring on 18 July, I am afraid that you are going to be liable to a hefty overstay fine (@ 500 THB per day up to a maximum of 20,000 THB) plus possible lengthy ban from Thailand when you are eventually able to leave the country, regardless of what your lawyer has advised you.
  9. Might be a tad difficult for him to do this, if, as I gather from the final para of his posting at #19, his passport has been seized by the powers-that-be (as is normal for pending court cases):- "My my visa is for 30 days, so have expired at 18 July, but because I have no passport the lawyer and my embassy say I don’t have to pay the overstay because I’m still here on demand of the court."
  10. OJAS


    090 is the area code for Abuja according to your link. But, that said, 0909 is, indeed, a mobile code for 9mobile. A bit confusing for 090 codes to be assigned to both mobile and landline numbers, I think! But, as per the OP, I would have expected any call to have been displayed as +234909.... on my Thai mobile in any event.
  11. OJAS

    French theme park trains crows to pick up attraction's litter

    But the fact that the French have to train crows to pick up litter surely means that they, too, are unable to train humans to perform this task!
  12. Are you referring to a letter from DWP's IPC in Newcastle upon Tyne informing you of your perpetually frozen State Pension rate? If so, then I would strongly advise you to scan a copy since the original is liable to be sent to the UK with your renewal application and end up on some HMPO file there, never to see the light of day ever again in all probability.
  13. For the benefit of any doubting Thomases out there, 90-day extensions are, indeed, possible under para 2.26 of Police Order 327/2557 in cases of litigation or court proceedings:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwNib_gx9zYEYkFjMUNHV1pXdWs/view
  14. And, 9 months further on, they are presumably still cogitating the new procedure. Makes me wonder, therefore, whether BKKB's London branch are now seriously considering withdrawing the facility entirely - even for existing users - just as their New York branch appear to be doing from 1 April 2019:-
  15. Many thanks for the various replies. Apologies if my original post was not sufficiently clear on this point, but this issue relates to accessing Bualang I-Banking via my laptop (as distinct from Bualang M-Banking via my mobile, which I have not signed up to). Thanks to the link provided by @Pib in post #3, I have now succeeded in "disallowing" Bualang I-Banking access to my location in my Chrome browser settings - and will take especial care not to "reallow" it inadvertently when I next log into Bualang I-Banking! EDIT: Thanks also to @NomadRip for the necessary info.