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  1. Agreed. I think that we need to await any formal announcement from the Immigration Bureau - presumably in the form of a new directive - before cracking open the bottles of champagne. And, even if the Immigration Bureau were to issue a new directive sanctioning monthly income sighted in a Thai bank account, there would be absolutely no 100% guarantee that each and every immigration office in LOS would comply with its provisions overnight. In this connection, I can distinctly recall a report on here over the past couple of weeks that the Petchaburi Immigration Office, for example, were still refusing to accept Embassy income confirmations more than 3 months old in spite of the Immigration Bureau directive issued in 2013 authorising a maximum validity period of 6 months!
  2. The banks are certainly threatening to charge us for cash obtained at ATM's and their branches, but I didn't get the impression from the following thread that this extended to sticking passbooks into updating machines (whether by us or tellers) to boot:-
  3. Although on the BS scale I don't think that some vague reference to a possible Immigration Bureau announcement ranks as highly as the British Embassy's specific (and totally nonsensical, as things stand) assertion that monthly income sighted in a Thai bank account will be acceptable in the post-income letter/affidavit era!