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  1. OJAS

    Error 520

    I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the upkeep of the Thaivisa website has been entrusted to a bunch of technicians with a warped sense of humour who derive considerable pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment from playing silly b***ers with us all!
  2. The problems in our village lately have, irritatingly, been more with <1-second outages which, are, however, still long enough for the TV and wifi modems to go down and then spend what feels like ages re-booting. They always seem to occur whenever there's something interesting on the box or I'm browsing the internet! Who or what causes these micro-outages - PEA engineers with a warped sense of humour playing silly b****rs, maybe??
  3. And not just the anonymous ones either - Fuehrers Juncker and Tusk have equally made clear their determination to this end on several occasions.
  4. @Mike Teavee - where are you planning to settle in Thailand? You should be aware that a non-O conversion is easier said than done in practice to accomplish at certain immigration offices - e.g. Jomtien (Pattaya) and Maptaput (Rayong).
  5. But is there not a second folded piece of paper stapled in your passport - which is the notification slip of the TM30 form submitted by your housemaster? If there is, then your immigration office may now require a fresh TM30 from your housemaster ASAP - although the need for one does vary from office to office. And it most certainly will not be an issue if your local office is Bangkok (Chaengwattana) since they do not enforce the TM30 requirement in any way.
  6. 1,000 THB for a single-(re)entry permit. If you are flying to Laos from BKK or DMK you can obtain one at the airport - otherwise you will need to apply at your local immigration office with a completed TM8 form plus requisite fee.
  7. OJAS


    @lelapin - and don't forget to leg it to Jomtien immediately after your return with a brand new spanking completed TM30!
  8. He stated: "the UK double taxation agreement only applies to Civil Service UK pensions and only to those individuals holding Thai citizenship". Whereas Article 19(2)(a) states: "Any pension paid by the Contracting State or a political subdivision or a local authority thereof to any individual in respect of services of a governmental nature rendered to that State or subdivision or local authority thereof shall be taxable only in that State." In other words, not just Civil Service occupational pensions, but local authority ones as well. Hence my reference to "public sector". And he has completely overlooked the fact that Article 7 covers income generated from UK properties. On the other hand, I am not aware of any provision which specifically restricts the application of the agreement to Thai nationals, as he contends.
  9. A basic read of the OP also reveals that he does not want us to know the identity of the "red tape official back in the UK" who wants his passport to be notarised, or why.
  10. Basically, if you have already been fully taxed in the UK on your UK-generated income, it is possible to reclaim from HMRC subsequent duplicate tax payments to the RD in Thailand, in accordance with procedures set out in HMRC Helpsheet 304, "Non-residents - relief under double taxation agreements":- https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/non-residents-relief-under-double-taxation-agreements-hs304-self-assessment-helpsheet/hs304-non-residents-relief-under-double-taxation-agreements-2018 Item 2.2 specifically covers taxation rate differences.
  11. In the UK's case such an approach would, in practice, only work in the case of those in receipt of a private sector occupational pension and/or the State Pension. And, even then, they would, I gather, still be liable to UK tax based on differences between the relevant UK & Thai tax rates and, presumably, personal allowances as well - thus rendering any switch neutral in taxation terms.
  12. Unlikely, in practice, I quite agree (and would hope). But it would be unwise IMHO to rule out this possibility happening at some future point entirely. Even though the ends (i.e. the additional income generated for the Royal Thai Exchequer, which I have calculated as amounting to around only 9,000 THB per annum in my case) would clearly not justify the means (i.e. the administrative effort on the RD's part), what certainty is there of such a basic consideration impacting the mindset of those in charge at the RD as part of the decision-making process, this being Thailand?
  13. OJAS

    Retirement visa

    That, too, has been generally my experience - up until last week, though, when I received my latest income letter 9 working days after the Embassy had received my application!
  14. And he should not forget that the date of his return to Thailand counts as Day 1 of the 90 - meaning that, in practice, his next 90-day report is due 89 days thereafter.